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Found 11 results

  1. Features: Bundled mod: Module Manager v2.8.1, by sarbian Firespitter Plugin, v7.4.X, by Snjo IVA required Mod: (no longer bundled) RasterPropMonitor, by Mihara, MOARdV ASET Prop pack, by alexustas ASET Avionics, by alexustas Supported mod: Community Category Kit, by Roverdude Connected Living Space, by Papa_Joe Ferram Aerospace Research (FAR), by ferram4; Please download this patch USI Life Support, by Roverdude, please use the OPT_USI patch created by @JadeOfMaar Recommended mod: Distant Object Enhancement, by Rubber Ducky Scatterer, by Blackrack Planet Shine, by Valerian Installation Guide: Download Links: Albums: Videos: Change Log: Bug Fixes and Extra Downloads: Common Questions and Answers: OPT Legacy: Credits: Original Creator: @K.Yeon Maintenance/Test team while i was away: @stali79, @Spanksh, @Starwaster, @Stone Blue, @Mycroft, @M_Ouellette Contributors: (everyone above), @Winchester @Flashblade @JadeOfMaar -to be added- And thanks to anyone who made a bug report and suggestion, thank you all for helping me making this mod better! Support this project if you like This mod is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  2. Hello all! Im new here on the forums, but I have been playing KSP on and of since the first releases. I'm not particulary good at the game but I enjoy it! Nice to meet you all! I'm enjoying building space planes allot lately, and I try to come up with some cool designs. After playing around and combining parts I came up with an idea for mk2A parts (or something). I realy like the MK2, but would also like to go bigger, but dont like the MK3 shapes too much. So i took out the wacom and made some concept sketches of a larger MK2-like plane. Here's what I came up with for now: I'm happy with the cockpit so far. I think this could go somewhere but I need some help! I'm a professional 3d animator, modeler, texturer, but it would be nice to have some tech realism suggestions while making it look as stock-alike as much as possible. Also I'm new to modding KSP, so I have no clue yet on how to make all parts work. Perhaps Someone (more expirienced) on this forum would like to give me a hand and join me making these awesome plane parts!
  3. I have a simple little question about space plane design that I think might inspire some discussion around here today, it may be obvious for some but for people like me it really isn't, which is why i'm asking. Because I'm one of those weirdos who doesn't enjoy building rockets as big as they can be! I prefer more compact -pocket sized rocket- spacecraft. In order to do this many of my spaceplanes incorporate drop pods in their construction to assist with accent. Basically just a fuel tank on a decoupler bolted to the belly of the aircraft which is jettisoned when empty, usually while still in the upper atmopsphere My question is to ask you out there weather or not drop pods affect the inherent SSTO nature of a spaceplane or not. Given that hitting the stage function would eject the pods giving the vehicle more than one stage, it does not really change much about the spaceplane's configuration. Drop pods are actually used by fighter jets IRL when traveling long distances, its pretty far fetched to think about a fighter jet with drop pod fuel tanks as a two stage vehicle. don't you think? I want to know if you think that drop pods would make a spaceplane multi-stage?
  4. Hi I've watched countless youtube videos, read a whole bunch of tutorials, but I just can't get my space plane into orbit with enough fuel left. I've only got the whiplash engine at this stage...On launch I'm at 10-15 pitch until the jet engines starts losing thrust, then I engage the dart engines pitching up to about 45 and jettison the jet engines when they flame out. My goal is to land on the moon and return, short of refueling in orbit what am I doing wrong or what can I improve?
  5. So, I've had my career going for about a week now and i have unlocked most of the tech up to the 500 limit that a level 2 research. This has unlocked a bunch of plane parts that i have noticed on a lot of the designs people come up with, But i will be honest i suck at building planes and my rockets are all asparagus launched and the average cost to me is 130k. The module im returning with is only worth 6k, I losing alot in my launch staging. Anyone know how i can help with that will SSTO or space planes help that much with recoverable costs? I'm trying to save up for the Research level upgrade but its slow going when any contracts i take up i need 130k to get me in the air. If you have a guide on building SSTO or maybe even how to save my twin boar asparagus rockets would be good cause that where alot of my money goes. I have 4 Twin boars at 17k a unit. Then a main sail and Rockomax 64 tanks which gets me mostly circular before i have to use a Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank or Rockomax X200-8 Fuel Tank depending on my mission (mun or Minmus) this teams to a Skipper or poodle engine (Again whatever i think is more efficient for the mission). (i will post a pic when i get home). This may be overkill really but i tend to use up alot of DV especially when i go to the Mun. (its the landing stage that i struggle with. Although MechJeb has helped ( i don't crash as often). SO yeah y'all Kerbonauts, Any helpful tips or tricks?
  6. Mountain Thrust Aerospace presents: THE SCAVENGER'S DAUGHTER A single-crewed micro-SSTO composed of only 17 parts, the Scavenger's Daughter is: Cheap! Cute! Easy and fun to fly! Composed of only 17 parts! Cute! Capable! Composed of only 17 parts! Did I mention cute? What about the part count? Did I tell you about the part count?! In the image below, you can see the Daughter in a 70km x 70km orbit and still has over a kilometer per second of delta-V in the tank. The craft's excellent range and uncrewed flight capability make her perfect for LKO rescue missions... and not a great deal else to be honest. But look how cute she is! Nnnggaaawwwwww! Vital statistics are given in the groovy schematic: Flight Manual: Ach, it's not that hard, to be honest. I'm sure you guys can manage. Just try not to explode on the way up. Action Groups: 1. Toggle RAPIER 2. Switch RAPIER mode/toggle intake CRAFT FILE: kerbalX: direct download
  7. Base Challenge: Suborbital Laythe Aerocapture Space planes are hard! Ready to learn? Now, with SSTO as tricky as ever, the suborbital milestone is a critical step in the path to building space planes. Unfortunately, it’s also a boring one :). This challenge gives it some zest, enough to realize that you (yes you!) can build a space plane good enough to go somewhere. By putting Laythe into LKO, you can fly into a suborbital trajectory and aerocapture into 'orbit' simply by flying to and landing on the big pretty gem in the sky. Rules: 1. Take off from Kerbin. 2. After takeoff, fly up to 14km using only air breathers 3. Lift your Apogee a bit beyond 85km. 4. Aerocapture in to Laythe and land on it. Parachutes are OK! Hang on, that sounds easy! Well, the devil’s in the details, and it’s those details this gives you an excuse to learn. Good luck! Tricky Challenge: Suborbital Russian Doll If you’re already an old-hat at space planes, we’ll add a twist: Use space planes to launch smaller space planes, and see how deep you can make the Russian doll go. Rules: 1. Take off from Kerbin. 2. Fly up to 14km using only air breathers 3. Fly beyond 70km, and separate your payload plane ** For the first plane only, Quicksave, Land the launcher back on Kerbin, then reload your quicksave to switch back to the payload plane. 4. Bring the payload plane under 20km on Laythe. 5. Fly the payload plane back to Kerbin and land. Using your payload plane as the new launcher, Repeat. You don’t need to launch from where you landed, you can start a new one from the air strip, but please make sure to remove any fuel used during the return trip. You can connect the launcher plane and payload plane(s) in any way you like- they can even share a fuselage. However, both must be able to land back on Kerbin (parachutes OK!), and none of the payload’s engines can be used until after is separates. Also, there must be a Kerbal somewhere within the payload plane(s), but that Kerbal doesn't necessarily need to be the pilot. Good luck! Other Rules Mods are OK, but please make a note of which part/physics mods you use so I can put them next to your entry. For posting, anything goes- text, pics or video. Tell us how it goes! How to use Hyperedit To put Laythe into Kerbin’s orbit, you can use Hyperedit. The mod is free and very useful for testing ships (like Eve landers) before launching them. Download Hyperedit from this link, unzip it, open the "GameData" folder inside, and drag "Kerbaltek" into the "GameData" folder in KSP. You’ll probably find KSP's game data folder in C:\Steam Library\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData. After that, Simply launch KSP, and press Alt+H to access Hyperedit at any point. On the title screen, press Alt+H and select Orbit Editor. Select Laythe and then Kerbin as the reference body. Set the orbit distance to 660000, and press apply. Now click the planet editor button, set the gravity to 0.2 and press apply . You may also turn off tidal locking, and set the rotation to -17000 to make Laythe spin backwards. I like it, but it's not necessary for the challenge. Finally, click "Save planet to config file." As a note, Hyperedit will edit Laythe for all of your save files, but it can reset the default values at the click of a button. Since Laythe will gobble up any uncontrolled ships that enters its SOI, it’s best to not load your main save file. Instead, make a new sandbox for this challenge or load this save file, which has convenient satellites marking the SOI and atmosphere boundaries. Also, if you’d rather not risk altering KSP, you can actually copy-paste the entire KSP folder and run this challenge from your copied KSP instead. Badges Silly Introductory Video Leader Board Base Challenge: 1 Payload: 2 Payloads (?): 3 Payloads (??): 4 Payloads (???):
  8. Hello, I'm trying to recreate some real-life aircrafts in KSP, and I'm having an odd problem: my biplane won't turn and barrels extremely slowly. Here's what it looks like: Everything else appears to work fine, it can tilt up and down, and such. It's just that the back fin appears to not work. When I am turning on the ground, the controls are reversed as well, though that's not my main issue. I'm new to this forum, so I apologize if this is in the wrong place.
  9. I've never had good luck with winged re-entry, but this little shuttle is coming along really nicely. It lifts up to 22 ton payload to 100km (barely, and only if flown very carefully) and can bring down 11 tons. This performance is very close to the real space shuttle, which was quite a lot larger than the Kerbal one.. By my math, my shuttle is about 60% the size of a real one. It will comfortably throw 11 tons into orbit and if done well, it has enough Dv onboard to go on to anywhere in Kerbin's SOI (although might not come back). Anyhow, I'm pretty proud of it. Pardon the audio drop out during the fast forwarded bits...
  10. Greetings! I have been working hard to try to make a space plane that can reach Minmus but I am having multiple problems and am looking for some suggestions. Optionally, if someone has a working space plane that can reach Minmus LKO, dock with a station to deliver crew and return to Kerbin and land I would appreciate the opportunity to see it so I can better understand what I am doing wrong in my own designs. Basically the issues I am having are: 1. The aircraft can get into Kerbin LKO, however, it has no where near enough Delta V to get to Minmus, let alone back. For a rocket I'd add more fuel and engines, however, I feel like the plane really starts losing any semblance of "looking good", not to mention its flight characteristics begin to suffer. 2. Landing is another issue, every attempt to de-orbit the current design I've been working on has resulted in the the plane exploding in the atmosphere due to heat. It was suggested I hold a 20 degree AoA and I tried this, but the plane fought me the whole way and never really got above a 10 degree AoA. I really appreciate the help!