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Found 34 results

  1. Shuttle Payload Technologies v0.2 This is the development thread for Shuttle Payload Technologies, a mod that I'm currently working on. The main goal is to flesh out the amount of parts available for shuttle payloads. Currently in the plans are: KU Band Antenna Spacehab Weird Shuttle-Salyut module thing Build-your-own LDEF + contracts for it Spacelab Pallet experiments + contracts Probably some satellite mounts Maybe Hubble and it's servicing equipment from the following missions? Anything else people ask for that I agree with! License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License Changelog: Download Spacedock Github Required Mods: Comorant Aeronology DIRECT
  2. @sgt_flyer and myself have been busy beavering away on this, it's not fully complete but we have most major components finished. If you would like to help us test released components, please provide your feedback in this thread. Our version of the ISS has been Kerbalised to 64% scale. All the components and craft are made from stock parts and tested to work together. It is built to be not only an exacting replica but user friendly and performant as well. We will update this thread as components and systems become available. Just a note for those who wish to use MechJeb, we don't recommend it, everything works better manually with just SAS engaged except where it is explicitly stated to use Prograde Hold or some other mode Current dev ISS at 1032 parts (this was hyperedited into orbit briefly for promotional use, we have not progressed this far with launching yet) Introduction Video
  3. Hi, Alpha Gametauri here. Thought about starting a discussion talking about each others Shuttle's, how to improve them, combination of each others ideas, etc. Nothing specific. I was going to upload my Space Shuttle, but i lost it going back to 1.2.2, (reason being there is a Interstellar mod i miss having and trying to find again.) Let's just say my Shuttle handles like a Drunk Rhino on Landing, come down even a tinsy bit too fast and it shatters. She is a little hard on launch, and i probably have enough fuel left over after i dump the ET for a one-way trip to Duna or Eve. I do have a Shuttle Test Bed file, a Shuttle i use for test upgrade/improvising design and see how it flies. I have tried designing an SSTO, all of them fly wonderfully, except i have little fuel left when in orbit, and if i carry too much, i max at 48-52,000M. Can't wait to see what ya'll have to say.
  4. The Great Technicality

    THE GREAT TECHNICALITY A STORY OF MY URGES So, there's something about me that needs explanation. I like to finish everything I start. It's one of my many interesting traits. I wanted to do the space shuttle challenge, but my PC was broken and by the time it was fixed, the challenge as over. Now, the design you are about to see is legal under the challenge, even though it may not seem so. Here is my justification. It doesn't say anything about the orbiter being radially attatched, does it? We have Liftoff! Getting some heat Kessler Syndrome Orbit Insertion Burn We're here Proof An EVA Descent Initiated After that, well, I over shot and entered the night side, where I prompty crashed, with only the cockpit and some other bits surviving. There is no surviving footage of this event. I'm sorry. ATTENTION! REDESIGN IN PROGRESS. SUGGESTIONS WELCOME.
  5. How to Land the Space Shuttle

    Some other day, I saw this video. It's really nice how Brett explains how to land the space shuttle lands in a comprehensible way. Anyone agree? This can also help with ksp if your playing in rss/ro and you're trying to land a shuttle.
  6. Does anyone have a closeup photo of the bipod attach fitting on the shuttle
  7. Hello enginieers. I would like to present you easy, safe way how to earn a lot of $$$$ on turists. NO RISK, NO DEBRIS, NO MESS in space!!! SMART IDEAs: Smart idea with airbrake in space shuttle: you dont need to have dedicated A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.!!!! you can use 4 elvons (2 on each wing), invert them in full deploy mode and set action group to activate/deactivate deploy mode. (look at space shuttle picture bellow, you can see elvon airbrakes on both wings. Smart idea with hover technology: Kerbals developped this idea during building moon space shuttle. By the smart layout of teriers week and light engines in the bottom of the ship, it is posible to land verticaly on moon. Starting hover engines and main engine is by seting start/stop engine in action group. Space shuttle: Hello, this is the example of cheep space shuttle ship. Cheep and easy to build ship can travel up to 4 passengers for mid- high orbit. You do not need to research dedicated space shuttle parts who are avaible in later stage of career. Let's build own cheeper version, this can help to earn more money for "passengers orbital and suborbital flights" because construction allows you to preform maneuvers in high parts of atmosphere and land on runway of the KSP. Luch cost is quite hight but 80% of the ship is recoverabe, so will pay only for boosters How does it work? Ship upload link: Moon shuttle: I would like to show you example of ship which is able to cary 6+1 kerbals to the moon, land there in hover technology, come back to kerbin and land on the runway of the KSP. I have hope that some ideas from my project will inspire you in yours. How does it work? Times and titles: 00:40 setting up position of kerbin and moon 01:20 Ship presentation in VAB 03:20 Take off/lunch 06:25 Adjusting maneuvers to hit the moon (moon gravity breaking) 09:20 Adjusting maneuvers and choosing place to land on the moon 13:10 Prepearing to Land on the moon 15:20 "Hover technology landing" 19:30 Take off from the moon 21:40 How to preform maneuver to come back to home 26:40 Aerodynamic breaking 31:00 Final entry 35:30 Missed approach to rwy 09 - Standard 45/180 Procedure Turn (almost) 41:20 Landing rwy 27 Craft file:
  8. Chibi Shuttle

    Searching this forum for 'chibi' brings up a few tiny shuttle designs, but most are just scaled down, so I set out to build something with "proper" chibi/SD proportions. I quickly gave up trying to make an external tank and solid boosters work, so the orbiter sits on top of a liquid booster instead. Nonetheless, I think the result is kawaii: Shuttle-chan on the pad. Sayonara, Kerbin-san. Stage 1 separation. Circularising. Landing; engine bell hot from burning off excess fuel. Shuttle-chan parked in front of Tower-senpai. Shuttle-chan comes complete with an abort sequence and emergency parachutes: "Baka!" "Geez, Val, no need to get all tsundere." "Bill, you okay back there?" "Um, I guess..." "Bob? Bob! Bob, look at me. Use the bag. No, the bag!" If you're interested in boring technicalities, this next section is for you: The booster fins are too small to achieve static aerodynamic stability in the pitch axis; SAS prograde hold is mandatory during ascent. Planform of the orbiter. Stability is marginal* with full tanks... ...But improves as fuel is consumed. And finally, if you must have a copy of Shuttle-chan for yourself: Download *Not as suicidal as it looks here, thanks to a draggy fuel cell mounted high on the rear bulkhead.
  9. Spaceplane design advice

    hey I don't even have KSP installed yet but I want to be ready. So lets talk spaceplanes. Is there any advantage over rockets? Do you have to land on a runway? Can I put chutes in the cargo bay and just splash down?
  10. I am stumped at making a space-shuttle, all I know is vectors, orange fuel tank, kickbacks, and Mk3 parts, but it tried continually and failed continually. Any help?
  11. I have 2 new aircraft and 1 space plane (A shuttle). F22 Raptor, F35 Lightning, and a space shuttle that gets to orbit. Space shuttle - - Recommend after jettisoning the boosters, and at about 600 - 800 m/s, click the autopilot to go prograde. The shuttle will wobble, but it won't flip out. F35 Lightning II - (+ VTOL mode) Action groups 1 through 4, 1: Toggle main engine, 2 toggle VTOL mode, 3 shut down VTOL, 4 Shut down Main engine) F22 Raptor - - Nothing much special about this. Made it look similar though
  12. space shuttle design

    okay I want to see how a shuttle will perform and I kinda have an idea of what it should look like but I would appreciate your advice
  13. Fully 1.2 compatible! Now features: New for KSP 1.2 Redesigned external Airlock, now seats 7 Kerbals! K-Band Antenna More RCS tweaks Utilizes KSP 1.2 Rigid Attachment options for sturdier construction Space Shuttle "Resolution" The HMS Resolution was one of James Cook’s ships (One of which was Endeavour of course). As well, there was apparently once an enthusiast recreation of the shuttle cockpit that was named Resolution. So I thought it an appropriate for a KSP recreation by another shuttle enthusiast. Download: New 1.2 SSME Fuel flow view! New for this version! Uses new KSP SSMEs Certified to launch 0 to 68T (4 full Ore tanks to 100km!) Vernier engines as well as RCS for maneuvering Redesigned OMS pods now use Fuel+Oxidizer rather than Monoprop. Shares fuel with fuel cells and vernier thrusters. SSME fuel is still isolated from rest of shuttle systems so you can safely burn to ET fuel exhaustion and still have OMS fuel remaining! hybrid boosters (SRB integrated in LRBs to provide a bit of extra thrust and more dramatic exhaust effects) Multiple control points for optimal control during Launch/Orbit/Docking/Re-entry (see details here) Reduced part count! 1.0.x Shuttle still available here: Sample payloads: ISS Replica modules Features: * Does NOT rely on Reaction Wheels to fly! * Ability to perform Single-Engine-Out aborts like STS-51F. Depending on when the engine goes out, you may or may not make orbit! (just like real shuttle!) * Realistic "twang" effect on SSME ignition * Realistic fuel load (Oxidizer above Fuel) * Realistic braking system (main landing gear brakes only, front landing gear steering only) * Braking drogue chute * Action groups allow for OMS assist during launch * Fuel cell powered, use EDO pallet if you want extended duration missions! * Realistic OMS and RCS placement * Removable external airlock (reconfigure based on your cargo size) * Fuel dump ports to help adjust CoG for landing * CoG allows for stable nose-up re-entry up to about 40 degrees! * MechJeb compatible * Compatible with Inigma's Shuttle Mission Pods! i.e. Flight instructions If you can launch a basic rocket in KSP, you can fly this. There are no tricks or "be careful whens" in this craft, it flies exactly as you'd expect and has good control authority throughout the flight profile to authentically replicate a complete real Space Shuttle flight. The simplest way to fly is with MechJeb, since launching the same way a dozen times to build a space station can get tiring! Without MechJeb, I suggest you use the SAS Radial mode during launch and roll maneuver, roll heads down to your desired heading and pull up until your prograde vector points about 10 degrees along your desired heading, then just switch to SAS Prograde mode the rest of the way. Suggested MechJeb settings for authentic launch profile These settings will send you on a launch profile that closely replicates a real shuttle launch. You can see why the shuttle flies upside down on its way to orbit (it helps shield the wings from the airflow), and how it uses a gravity turn to reach orbit. You can also watch the boosters separate and coast to a maximum height before landing back in the ocean for a safe recovery, and how the external tank remains sub-orbital for disposal even after the main engines shut down. Use these numbers as a guideline, you'll have to adapt them depending on your payload and orbit target. For reference, this shuttle has been tested to successfully launch an 18T fuel tank to a 300km 90 degree polar orbit. Orbital Altitude: 100 to 500km Orbital Inclination: 0 to 90 degrees Limit Acceleration to: 40m/s (this is about 3Gs, just to replicate the real shuttle limits) Force Roll: (This replicates the shuttle's roll maneuver after launch) Climb: 180 Turn: 180 (Real shuttle rolled to heads up during the last third of their launch post-1995ish, just change this to 0 when you want to roll to heads up, or leave it at 180 to simulate the earlier launch profile) Corrective Steering: on Autostage: on Pre-Delay: 0 Post-Delay: 0 Stop at stage: 4 Edit Ascent Path: Automatic Altitude Turn: off Turn start altitude: 0.5km Turn start velocity: 100m/s Turn end altitude: 60km Final flight path angle: 8 degrees Turn shape: 66% Action Groups: 1 - Toggle OMS engines 2 - Shut down SSME 3 - Toggle CargoBayDoors/Lights/K-Band Antenna 9 - Toggle OMS fuel dump 10 - Deploy braking chute Here are some "concept" shuttle variations that NASA explored during the Shuttle's golden age. These are all derived from this same shuttle craft file. Shuttle-C version: Changelog: Enjoy! Comments welcome!
  14. These things don't belong in SSTO threads because they aren't single stage, nor do they even come close to it. But they represent a significant challenge to construct, especially in the stock game. Feel free to post your creations. I'm not going to impose any restrictions because for one, I'm not sure what defines a "shuttle" type vehicle. Partially, but not highly reusable, wings, solid rocket boosters, and a lack of airbreathing engines? How easy is yours to fly ? How well does it perform ? How close to the real thing have you managed to get (if that was your aim?) In terms of cost to launch and tech required, would it remotely make sense to use in a career game? To get things started, this is my Kolumbia III. Now that I finally figured out the Mk3 Engine Mount is supposed to have three 1.25m engines and one 2.5m to avoid open node drag , I built a shuttle around the part. I wanted it to be stable and easy to fly, so I compromised on visual similarity by going with a symmetrical arrangement of four boosters & internal fuel with no external tank. The Vector engines may look exactly like the RS-25 but are a bit too powerful for the job and much, much too heavy. They give a CG that is far to the rear. The shuttle wing planform, which I kept, also has CoL far to the rear, but that means all the cargo and fuel is ahead of CG, making it excessively nose heavy when loaded and excessively unstable empty. So, I went with the much lighter combo of 3 Terriers and a Poodle. I still needed some way to shift the CG up a little more. I also had this unused LF capacity in the wings that it pained me to just ignore. So I ended up mounting a pair of NERVs to the wing strakes and panelling them in with wing segments so their presence isn't too obvious. Looks good from this angle. Hey Jeb, you seem to have put the boosters on the wrong side.. Like a good plumber, I boxed in those unsightly NERVs. You'll never realise they're there. Hopefully everyone is too distracted by the majestic booster separation to notice we have twice as many exhaust plumes as there should be. Maybe if I launch in the day it won't be so obvious, but then people are more likely to notice the extra SRBs. . I would say successful payload delivery, but the lab module has no rcs, no power, and no probe core, so it's more a case of "fly tipping" in space.
  15. The space island group

    In the 1980s and 90s, the was an organization known as the space island group. they intended to build and operate there own fleet of space shuttles, and to bring the fuel tanks to orbit. how credible is the idea of a fuel tank station, or using tanks for on-orbit infrastructure? What if we could bring SLS fuel tanks to orbit? how economical would this be compared to inflatables? How would we design a rocket if we wanted to bring the tanks to orbit?
  16. Stock Space Shuttle Series

    The first 9 episodes are up for viewing! I build and crew a space station using only a stock space shuttle.
  17. Is it true that a shuttle stack was held down by just eight bolts at the bottom of the SRBs? The whole thing? Orbiter and payload. By these bolts that sheer (spelling of that?) when the SRBs are lit? Soyuz stacks are held up by those four towers. How are other rocket stacks held to the ground/launch-platform?
  18. A little replica of two Space shuttles: Celt( Columbia) and Berkut( Buran). Mk1 sized Screenshots: Celt: Berkut: Files: (Celt) Celt v2.craft?dl=0 . (Berkut) Columbia and Celt Buran and Berkut
  19. So I just watched this: Video bashing the space shuttle. I never knew it was such a poor design. I was wondering what y'all think. Also how does the space shuttle design fair in KSP? it seems like it would be ridiculously difficult to design one. I used the Dynawing stock craft a few times. It was fun but really hard just to get into the lowest orbit. Required pretty efficient profile. I think the ease of SSTO'S in stock make the space shuttle design pretty much null and void outside of for the heck of it.
  20. Hello everyone ! This the first time I post something on this forum and it's the first I try to do Space Shuttle/ a replica in KSP and I think I did pretty well ! So here it is, the abandonned Russia space shuttle with her lifter, Buran and Energia ! NOTE : The plane from the first image is this one from this post of @Scientia1423 WARNING: - Don't fly it with MecJeb Smart A.S.S, ascent guidance or any sort of autopilots ! Some flight advices/instructions : - Enable soft control at launch ( CapsLock ) and disable it when jettisoning the first boosters - After the jettison of the 4 boosters, set the vector's glimbal limits to 100 and DON'T go full thrust - If you lose control at this point ( the ship try to go upward ) : Cut all engines and/or TimeWarp Craft File Hope you'll enjoy
  21. In the event someone wants to ask, yes I plan to release this to KerbalX once I'm satisfied it's ready. For now, I'm still working out transitioning from Orbital to Atmospheric flight without going into a spin. I use Kramax Auopilot and MechJeb because flying with a keyboard is like shooting pool with a rope. First orbital flight, pretty much the same as Buran's - IE no crew, up to orbit and down to land at KSC. KTS-1 Guidance MODS: (Thanks to LinuxGuruGamer, the mod below has an unofficial 1.1.2 release): Other MODS seen in these shots:
  22. Now that summer is upon us, and the end of school is nigh, I might be starting up my previously promised (If anybody saw that) STS style mission series, maybe(Depends on my schedule IRL). Just a set of mission reports detailing some as-accurate-as-I-can-get replica 80's and 90's Space Shuttle missions, as well as a few alt-universe ones. I might drop some craft files as well, if I get requests for them. You can follow along, or you can not, I'm just trying this out. It seems a shame for me to put a lot of time and effort into my stupidly detailed craft if only I get to see and use them. This may go somewhere and get popular it may not, I'll just try it and see if people like it. See you on launch day! A taste of what's to come. (STS-41B if you're wondering, and you probably aren't)
  23. MODS: SpaceY Heavy Lifters HISTORY The SpaceY program started the ISSP many years ago with Space Shuttle Kulas, A large cargo spacecraft used for satellite deployment at a lower cost than traditional rockets. It would launch at a 85° angle, then ride a large 5M LF+O tank with 2 LF+O Boosters and SRBs mounted on them, until the boosters emptied all fuel into the main tank. Then it would drop the boosters and ride the 5M tank into orbit, use RCS thrusters to move away, and use internal fuel to power the 3 main engines. once in the correct orbit, it would deploy the satellite. Then it would perform a retrograde burn, bringing the periapsis down to around 12,000m and parachuting into the ocean. SPACE SHUTTLE KULAS Kulas is seen orbiting Kerbin THE ACSS PROJECT The Advanced Communication Satellite System (ACSS), Also known as "SatCom", was a project funded by the Kessna Aerospace Company to launch 7 satellites into an orbit of around 300,000m. They would serve as a communication relay system for the several munar rovers and/or ground communication. Kulas launched all 7 SatCom satellites over the course of 2 years. Satellite names/purpose: SatCom 1, 2 - Munar communication relay (ACSS MR-1, 2) SatCom 3 - Spacecraft Communication (ACSS SC-1) SatCom 4, 5, 6 - Ground Communication (ACSS GR-1, 2, 3) SatCom Polar - Polar orbit spacecraft communication (ACSS PO-1) THE OXYGEN INCIDENT On the 9th mission of Kulas (SSM-9), an oxygen pipe exploded for unknown reasons, leaving the crew with only 7 hours of oxygen left. A Kalos-1B rocket was waiting on the launch pad to send the Kraken-2 spacecraft into high Kerbin orbit, and once the KSC found out about the oxygen problem they quickly re-purposed the mission to rescue the kerbalnauts. within 2 hours the Kalos-1B had launched, and within 4 hours had docked with the Kulas. Kraken-2 30 seconds from docking But they had a problem. The Kraken-2 spacecraft could only hold 3 kerbalnauts. One of them had to stay behind. Pilot Philwell Kerman choose to stay aboard the ship. At T+ 2 days, 4 hours, and 22 seconds Philwell Kerman passed away. A tower was constructed outside the astronaut complex in memory of him. The Philwell Kerman Memorial Tower 4 days later a team of kerbalnauts was sent to repair the shuttle and de-orbit it. After 22 hours the shuttle had been repaired, and the crew splashed down into the ocean. The ISSP had been grounded and Kulas never flew again. A NEW ERA 2 years later, the United States of Kerbin took on a project to build a large space station for science and refueling. The only problem? They had no way to build it. The Newton Aerospace Company took on the problem with help from SpaceY, to create a more modern and advanced spacecraft. This new shuttle would have more powerful engines, a better launch vehicle, 2 extra seats, a low wing configuration, and it would be capable of landing on a runway. They choose to name it after the mythical god of rockets and engineering. SPACE SHUTTLE VON BRAUN Von Braun on the launchpad, T- 42 minutes KERBAL SPACE STATION PHASE 1 The core of the KSS was launched into orbit by the Kalos-C Heavy rocket, and so far Von Braun has made 4 trips to the space station, each bringing new parts and crew. The purpose of the KSS is mainly to study how things work in microgravity, but also to supply fuel to craft going to the Mun and beyond. in phase 1, Von Braun added 2 solar panel modules, 2 docking adapters, and a large storage module. Von Braun docked with the KSS KERBAL SPACE STATION PHASE 2 Early into construction The Peek Spacecraft Company started funding a project to build a small munar base, and have kerbalnauts live in for 3 years. They didn't have a launch vehicle powerful enough to launch the base, so they used Von Braun. Von Braun would send a new module that would serve as a utility room, and the core of the base would dock with it. THE CORE The Tylo-1 Munar Base Core, docked with the KSS NO MORE UPDATES FOR THE WEEK Sorry, but I'm going on a road trip and will not have my gaming computer with me, but I can still talk with you!