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Found 1 result

  1. KerbalEDU Mission: Principia Mun "Free Return" FlyBy Why Use this KerbalEdu Scenario History: Apollo 13 Plan your 1km Sunset crater FlyOver: (a.k.a Expensive Real Near Future Space Tourism) Burt Rutan TED Talk Big Falcon Rocket Learn Principia: tinker with an already created flight plan Explore Plotting Reference Frames Principia uses delta-V sliders rather than maneuver nodes. adjust maneuver to fly lower through canyon add maneuver to enter Mun orbit add maneuver to slingshot to Mimus Free Return Trajectory Fun...try to (or not to) skip off the atmosphere on return! Scenario Requirements & Credits: REQUIRES x64 version of KerbalEDU Principia: @eggrobin & @pleroy Principia Mun Tutorial: @eggrobin IMPORTANT: DRAFT Principia Mun Flight Plan Saves KerbalEDU x64 1.3.1 : 'New Mun" canyon approach save file: Closer2Mun.sfs "Dark Side" approach save file: Day15QtrMun PracticeShipReturn2Kerbin.sfs KerbalEDU x64 1.4.5: use the current Principia build for 1.4.5 & above .sfs made in 1.3.1 work just fine also in 1.4.5 the .craft files: PrincipiaMun.craft PrincipiaMunEDU.craft Instructions: some ways to use the .sfs save file... Mission Draft Ideas, Issues, Etc.: You are welcome to post suggestions in comments! NO KerbalEDU Mission Editor event triggers have been added yet as craft & 'free return trajectory' timing are still being edited Vessel has added EDUtools so the .sfs files fail to load the craft in regular KSP note EDU force indicator in 1.3.1 experiences drag: Experiment with various re-entries: Mun approach angle considerations: lit crescent approach celestial timing: easier Mimus "add maneuver" transfer option More Images: Change Log: 2019 June: updated links for the final Principia release that supports 1.3.1 & 1.4.5 2018 Dec 14: verified the .sfs files work fine in KerbalEdu x64 1.4.5 & revised images 2018 Dec 7: added .craft files 2018 Oct 26: clarified x64 KerbalEDU required 2018 Oct 8: Created Post & added initial KSP 1.3.1 draft WIP .sfs files