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Found 8 results

  1. Now onto this weeks Spacecraft Friday... What could be more awesome than a UFO, well a UFO that is also an SSTO. This UFO by @Signo flyies really well and looks great whilst doing so @Azimech has made a giant helicopter. I did attempt to test it but it 500 or so parts wanted to melt my computer. It looks really well designed and quite reliable too. @david50517 has published quite a few cool crafts this week but I think this one is the best. There was no download link so I couldn't try it but it still looks well built and would be useful to clear the debris from the runway @Consentia Aeronautics has made a great dream chaser inspired space plane. It is a bit twitchy to fly but is still easy to land and with the right launcher could get a decent sized payload into orbit @The Optimist has made a really cool recreation of the star ship enterprise. It has quite a low part count and has plenty of fuel tanks. It even comes with a self destruct mode. That's it for this week. Congratulations to all those featured, and to those who where not. Thanks
  2. Ok, for this week's Spacecraft Friday, we have.... Ray/ Ray HS long-range flying wing by Dr Farnsworth Flies like a dream, and looks awesome. Also a pretty sweet range for a decently small plane. 100% Scale Stock Boeing 777-200ER by Gman_builder Didn't testfly this one much due to it's massive part count, but it's just amazing in both size and looks. KRS Persistence N-S II: Single Stage to Anywhere Rocketship by DarkwarriorJ Low part count and easy to fly, overall a good design. Only thing that's missing is Kerbin return capable. Jool-in-the-Crown - Jool 5 craft by Foxter A well designed craft, it flies really smooth and has lots of dV in case you screw up. Swivel VTOL Plane by evader evader didn't release a craft file for this one so I couldn't testfly it, however a stock tilt engine VTOL SSTO is impressive.
  3. Well, nobody else stepped up, so I guess I've got it this week. I'll be doing this the way I typically do, with what I think are the top five coolest, most innovative, or most creative craft posted to the Exchange within the last week, so without further ado, I give you the craft! Fifth Place An ISS replica takes a lot of work, time, and dedication (Trust me, I've tried and failed before), but to do one in RSS takes even more. @MrMeeb is off to a great start with his Zarya, and I look forward to seeing the rest of his station. Who knows, it may inspire me to try again to build my own ISS! Fourth Place The MiG-25 (and the MiG-31, its descendant) is a truly amazing airplane, and is one of my favorite planes of all time. @selfish_meme used this craft in his film "Cold War Blackbird" and has released it (for the second time, apparently) for download. He has done justice to this Cold War legend, and because of it he's earned a spot on my list. Third Place Making a moving door in KSP can be a difficult task to achieve, but @theeternalpotato has managed to pull it off and use it in a practical manner with his C-5 Galaxy. A plane that can load and carry cargo is always cool to see, and it's even cooler to see one this big. Second Place Hey, it's a U-2! I don't think I've ever seen a replica of this aircraft that's more accurate and detailed than @He_162's. The dimensions are spot-on, and it seems to perform just as its real life counterpart does! Good work, the #3 slot goes to you! First Place Like the title says, this giant walker is 100% stock and is able to move at a face-melting 3 meters per second! I remember way back when this was impossible to do without mods, and to me, that makes this all the more astounding. For the sheer ingenuity and creativity displayed by this beast of a craft, @Redshift OTF receives the first place slot in today's list, and boy, has he earned it! That's all for today, remember, this is only my personal opinion and is in no way official. If you have a dispute with the ordering of this list or the craft chosen, please feel free to let me know and I'll do my best to work something out, provided the complaint is valid and reasonable.
  4. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Standard Disclaimer------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who are you to decide this, I hear you asking, and here's the answer: No one. I am not official in any way, shape, or form. If you're unhappy with my decision, we can work something out. This is just my opinion, since there's no objective way to judge "Quality" of crafts. If anyone feels that their craft is missed because of any kind of time-zone difference, or any kind of difference in when spacecraft fridays is put up, tell me. If your craft is really good and was made before, and someone posts in it within that week, then it will be considered. Just to clarify, I am not encouraging necros for the sake of bumping your craft. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi all! Well it's that time of the week again, welcome to another Spacecraft Friday! Lets get started, In no particular order here we have my selections for this week: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Laythe floating VTOL base (1.0.5+ remake) By @1greywind This unique looking craft includes a launch vehicle to shoot you towards the silver waves of Laythe where it can be easily re-positioned with it's 12 VTOL lift engines! The fairing pads can accommodate four VTOL craft to further explore Laythe. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STS-Pegasus By luizopiloto This stunning looking craft is both a shuttle delivery rocket and an SSTO cargo spacecraft! Need I say more? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kearjet MK-1 by Wageera Aerospace. By @ap0r This deceptively simple looking aircraft is perfect for any 'high flying' Business Kerbal or wealthy tourist. It has been very well balanced and operates under FAR aero as well as stock. Ap0r has done a lot of work to present the aircraft well and has put together a comprehensive PDF flight manual, kudos! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Remembering Atlantis The Final Mission" By Castille7 A working stock shuttle should never be overlooked and this is no exception. Castille7 even put together a full mission profile video! The craft consists of a very capable shuttle launcher and a cute little orbiter with space for two small satellites. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Royal Navy Admiralty M Class WWI Destroyer Replica By SaturnianBlue Working on the water myself and also coming from a long line of sea faring families I am partial to a boat or two. The amount of work that went into this craft and its presentation is impressive. Through the use of various mods SaturnianBlue has made working deck guns, torpedo tubes, smoke screen and even a fire hose! Very important for any sea going vessel. I highly recommend checking out the original forum post for more pics and GIFs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Antinormal Aeronautics - an aircraft anthology By Evanitis This thread contains so equally amazing and insane looking craft, a very Kerbal collection, and a little overlooked. I recommend you check out the main thread for more awesome craziness like the craft below. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plate flinger By Mad Rocket Scientist In true Kerbal spirit MRS has invented a way to put structural panels into a very low ap orbit! That or it could be used to power a Kerbal lift or.. Well that's up to you! Download it and have some fun! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shuttle Bus-and others By Cupcake As a builder Cupcake needs no introduction. His craft are as frugal as they are aesthetically pleasing. I have not seen many of his creations in SCF so it is about time! Feast your eyes and peruse his latest creations in his Odds N Sods thread. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Orca SSTO - And others By Rune Another builder that needs little introduction and oft overlooked in SCF is the master of SSTO simplicity and aesthetics, Rune! I did not have time to test any of his creations but to be honest I would not be able to do them justice. Just spend a few minutes looking over his large collection of capable and beautiful craft! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And that's it for this week! I hope I did not overlook anyone. I chose a few craft that whilst posted over a week ago had new posts in them and I felt deserved a second look. Thanks all! MJ out.
  5. Let us begin! First off, we have the B-17 replica by kapteenipirk! I din't test this one due to part count though. Next, we have the Arrow chemical SSTO by Rune! A pleasant thing to fly, plus a nice-looking design. Next, we have the Arado 234 by He_162! I had fun flying this one round KSC. Next, we have the Bismarck by SaturnianBlue! Didn't test this one due to mods. Lat but not least, we have the Wind Turbine by Dfthu! I picked this one due to the interesting idea. Thanks for reading!
  6. Okay, I have to admit, there were many ships that I didn't quite test.. Sorry, guys. Also, as the title says, it was pretty procrastinated too, me just browsing the entire Spacecraft Exchange today. Also, sorry if I submitted this a little early.. This was made while watching "Battle of Britain." Not that that would have an effect, but here we go! @TedwinKnockman66's Polikrapov I-16 Although this same plane has admittedly destroyed me a lot of times in War Thunder, he really nailed the job with this one. Usually I more or less prefer custom-made cockpits instead of the default one's but I think it was just appropriate in this replica. Also, the engines blend really well with the aircraft, despite it being modded. Well done yet simple! @Angorek's Soyuz Rocket Yes, it's old and revived by a necro, but it doesn't mean it's any less glorious. I mean, look at it. It's not a surprise that it needs mods for something like this. I think it needs more attention, too. How long must it have taken to engineer such a beauty! @Kerban Aircraft Industries's Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner I think this replica used the Mk3 Expansion really well. I mean, those wings! Much curve! And who doesn't love commercial airliners? @castille7's Scuba Do Submarine Low part count, well-obstructed engines and a lot of functions.. What can I say? The video on this really demonstrates all it's functions well. Nicely done! On ships like these, simplicity yet function is key. @Planetfall's Dragonfly What a fascinating little thing! Who doesn't love flying around small Dragonfly-ish machines on Minmus? The green lights add a really nice touch to the ship too. (Also, Valentina looks like she's biting the RCS tank or something..) And last, but by far not the least, we have.. @Yukon0009 Say all you want about things needing hack gravity and infinite fuel to function, these things are still glorious machines. Yukon0009 posted a lot about it in the Work-In-Progress Design Thread, and all his hard work seems to have paid off. Also, his ships do function quite well, with the X-Wing having functional S-foils (which in itself deserves a mention.) And have you seen his Trade Federation Battleship? That thing's 1700 parts! Honestly, that was pretty tedious to do. Everyone worked hard this week with the Spacecraft Exchange bustling, and it was hard to decide between the ships! Great works linger around these forums, waiting to be seen. Das ist alles!
  7. Hello and welcome to the next edition of Spacecraft Friday! I absolutely love seeing amazing stock craft that both look good and do good. This week features some stunning looking craft as well as some WIP designs, just to be a bit different! So without further ado, please sit back and enjoy the feature craft of the week. NOTE: Don't sit back to far or you won't be able to reach the mouse. _____________________________________________________ | KDS Junco Bush Plane | by @RixKillian First up, a very clean and rather beautifully designed bush plane by RixKillian. The parts all line up beautifully and it's flight characteristics are very much like what I would imagine the real life plane to have. RixKillian also included a design that has skis. Perfect for the lands of Antractica! __________________________________________________ ____________________ | Stock Tank Track WIP | by @Majorjim Now this is definitely an unusual feature in that it is a work in progress design. This is certainly a KSP first, using ONLY stock parts to make a working tank tread. Using his own Thermometer bearing, Majorjim made individual tread "links" and put them into one big chain! He is currently working on making them move reliably. Nice one MJ! (See thread for a video) __________________________________________________ ____________________ |Functional LCVP (Landing Craft) Replica| By @RixKillian This one caught my attention because of the great looks and clever functions. The craft has a working stock landing ramp, using MajorJim's thermometer bearing, that allows you load and offload vehicles like his own jeep. This is an excellent piece of KSP engineering and the second featured craft from RixKillian this week! You're on a roll Rix! _____________________________________________________________________ | Heinkel 219 Uhu | By @Azimech This is an amazing craft from Azimech. It is very well built and designed and packs loads of features including detailed engines (with cowlings) and a beautifully modeled cockpit. Kudos Azimech! _______________________________________________ ____________________ | US Army Jeep | by @selfish_meme Now, I don't normally go for rovers or cars. But this US Army Jeep by selfish_meme really gets me. The aesthetics are absolutely bang on and it is a really great example of how beautiful KSP can be. The latest version includes a gun to blow everything up. (NOTE: Working gun not included) Well done selfish_meme! _________________________________________________________ | Axial/Swashplate Piston Engines | By @Azimech (again ) Although still a WIP, Azimech's piston engines just couldn't be left out of this SCF. This thing is an absolute marvel of engineering and must have taken ages to build! Well done Azi for your second feature this week! ____________________________________________________ | USS Monitor and CSS Virginia | By @pTrevTrevs And now onto the final craft. Well, it's actually two but hey... pTrevTrevs has done an exceptional job re-creating these vintage ironclad ships, and I bet his computer loves him now too. Very nice work pTrevTrevs! ___________________________________________ So there we have it. Another excellent week in the Spacecraft Exchange. Thankyou all for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have enjoyed looking at all the amazing craft showcased here today. Please let me know what you think of this edition, and if there is anything that you think could be improved, please kindly let me know. Thanks to all of the builders who's craft made it here, and to those who may not have made it in. These choices were my personal opinion and the ones that I thought deserved to be showcased. Thanks again and HAPPY FLYING! YargJay9991
  8. OK! It's time for another edition of Space Craft Friday! I decided to skip the standard disclaimer as I think everyone knows what it says. This week was tricky, a lot of showcase threads were added to the SCE due to the Rocket Builders going away, so finding individual craft was a bit of a challenge! Never the less, I pushed on and found a few little goodies hidden around the SCE. Please enjoy! Let's get started! |Mini VTOL - Minute| By castille7 This little VTOL is probably the cutest thing I've seen! The wing design is quite unique and everything else on the plane looks very nice. It kind of looks like a butterfly! LINK TO FORUM THREAD _________________________________________________ |Buran 11F35 Kerbal I| By Speeding Mullet Now, I know there are quite a few NASA Space Shuttle replicas on the forums, but not a lot of replicas of the Buran Shuttle (AFAIK;)). This shuttle is quite beautiful for it's low(ish) part count and it even comes with an Energia launcher! Check out the forum page for more pics and info. Speeding Mullet really went into detail! _________________________________________________ |T-10 Jet Strike Fighter| By ghostbuzzer7 If you're into stock KSP warfare, then this jet's for you. The T-10 is a very nice aircraft both aesthetically and... uh well... (I didn't actually test this)... Anyway! I chose this plane for the SCF because of it's simplicity. We don't see enough simple things on the forums these days, it's all about gears and bearings and really complicated things that I can only dream of building. So I decided to remind everyone of how beautiful simplicity can be. Well done ghostbuzzer7. LINK TO FORUM THREAD _________________________________________________ |Cypher - High Performance Dropship/Prospector| By Cupcake... I don't play with drop ships that much, but this one was just too pretty to ignore. As you may know, Cupcake is well known for his drop ships in KSP, but I didn't think any of his creations had been featured on SCF. This is a very clean and simple design, I just love that cockpit! LINK TO FORUM THREAD _________________________________________________ |WWII Avro Lancaster Replicas| By Columbia These two replicas of the famous WWII bombers are both very nice models. Just look at those wings! These beauties also pack a massive punch in the form of explosives with each plane carrying a massive load of bombs. Time to bust some dams! (I think it's the same plane...) LINK TO FORUM THREAD _________________________________________________ |WWI Medium Bomber| By Azimech To finish off this week's showcase, a remarkable aircraft based on bombers from WWI. Built by Azimech, this amazing aircraft is very well built and uses very clever techniques to produce the final product. If you like flying classic aircraft, then this one's for you! LINK TO FORUM THREAD _________________________________________________ So there we have it. Another excellent week in the Kerbal Spacecraft Exchange. Thankyou for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have enjoyed looking at all the amazing craft showcased here today. Please let me know what you think of this edition, and if there is anything that you think could be improved, please kindly let me know. Thanks to all of the builders who's craft made it here, and to those who may not have made it in. These choices were my personal opinion, and I don't mean to leave anyone out on purpose. Thanks again and HAPPY FLYING! YargJay9991