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Found 2 results

  1. It is Friday in some places, right? Who are you to decide this, I hear you asking, and here's the answer: No one. I am not official in any way, shape, or form. If you're unhappy with my decision, we can work something out. This is just my opinion, since there's no objective way to judge "Quality" of crafts. If anyone feels that their craft is missed because of any kind of time-zone difference, or any kind of difference in when spacecraft fridays is put up, tell me. If your craft is really good and was made before, and someone posts in it within that week, then it will be considered. Just to clarify, I am not encouraging necros for the sake of bumping your craft. Hi! DMSP here. This is my first time doing this and I am a bit excited too! I had a bit of trouble finding crafts, but this is what I have come up with. Sorry that the descriptions aren't that good but I do think the pictures explain themselves. Make sure to give Rep to the creators too! Enjoy! So, we start off with @winged's "Real Airplanes" thread. These planes are really nicely put together and they also look like they fly wonderfully. It's cool to see some of his craft up for download, as he has made many great RSS craft (and missions too). Another very well put together collection of crafts, @SaturnianBlue's "The Battle of Denmark Strait" has 3 ships up and running already (The HMS Hood, Prinz Eugen and the menace herself, the Bismarck), and they are brilliant! There is some great engineering going on there. There is also a Spitfire created for the pack. Then, from @zekes, who should not need an introduction, comes a massive ship that really will knock everything else off. It can probably sink the Bismarck! Those missiles look nasty. I wonder how many parts went into this one... So, now we need something stock. Ok, stock and under reasonable part count. Sector 7 Space Laboratories, under the work of @castille7, has everything you need in one craft! It flies, it's a submarine and it's a VTOL too! What more could you ask! Just strap some wheels on and then it's a car! Wow! And from 77 Industries, @Azimech has put together a Stock Turboprop in 1.1! And now with 1.1, I can actually fly these things! Yay! Go Potato Computer! And lastly, "The Nausicaa" pack by @Red Dwarf. These are some nicely put together craft. From Small to Big, these seem fun to fly! Having some cargo capacity on the Bumblecrow could make it useful transport. And that is all for this week! It was fun to find these craft, and a bit hard, but I hope you all enjoyed and download some of these master creations!
  2. Disclaimer at bottom Ok, its time for another SCF! This week is a collection of craft that happened to catch my eye. It is a little rushed since I didn't know I had been moved up to this week till yesterday. I did find time to do some basic testing of each craft featured though. Anyway enough of my rambling, now for the craft! The Flying Teacup By @waterlubber An interesting little bit of fun. This miniscule craft is great for zipping around the space center. A mere six parts and hilarity and/or frustration will ensue. You will need the Take Command mod to fly this (or add a probe core). Forum Thread B-52 Stratofortress with X-24A Martin Marietta By @sal_vager This craft was amazing to fly! While testing this one I managed to get the Marietta to 35km. The Marietta handles smoothly and can easily touch down on land or in the water. Forum Thread Rolls-Royce Thrust Measuring Rig mk2 By @Majorjim This is a very well done replica. It is a little difficult to fly for the inexperienced (i.e. me). It does respond well to inputs and can even survive a fall from 200m. Forum Thread Nova II - 229 tons to LKO By @Temstar This behemoth of a rocket will throw just about anything you want into LKO. The lifter weighs in at nearly 850 tons and with the proofing payload included in the download tops out at 1065.8 tons. Forum Thread "Bor" - light and cheap spaceplane for 4 kerbonaut/tourists By @Mesklin This small shuttle is superb for those tourist contracts. Capable of reaching LKO, it handles well in the atmosphere. Forum Thread That is it for the featured craft! Congratulations to these builders. Honorable Mentions Alright, that's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed this week's Spacecraft Friday!