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Found 117 results

  1. Old thread merged with the BO and Orion thread. This is the new one. Useful links: r/SpaceX Wiki Long list of acronyms
  2. Tundra's Space Center After a long wait, I can finally share you my version of some historic real life launchpads! To set it up, put the TundraSpaceCenter folder into your GameData, open the KK menu (ctrl + k) and place it anywhere you want! After that convert it into a launchpad and you are good to go! Statics: LC-39A/B - LC-41 - LC-40 - LC-19 - LC-46 In-game pics: Current parts TLC-39A/B TLC-41 TLC-40 TLC-19 TLC-46 Additionally, you can get the Titan II launch clamps if you have AdvancedTextures installed Planned features More launchpads A more stockalike version of SpaceX's Boca Chica launchsite Known issues Some statics have collider issues, will be fixed! Required Mods Kerbal Konstruct Recommended Mods Tundra Exploration Kerbin Side Remastered Omega's SpaceX landing pad Bluedog Design Bureau A very special thanks to @Beale, @Eskandare and @Omega482 for the help and advise they gave me to make something awesome. But a very very special thanks to @Ger_space for spending the time with me getting the final touches working. Changelog: Any of the configs are distributed under CC-NC-SA-4.0 License. All Textures/models are distributed under All Rights Reserved License. CKAN is NOT supported. Follow me on Reddit! /u/damonvv
  3. Falcon 9 Block V Textures for SpaceX Launchers Pack. (Currently if you want realism, use KRE's Legs and grid-fins, as I have not made Legs 2.0 yet and kartoffel does not have titanium gridfins. However, burnt textures will not match with the legs, I will release an update to accomodate for KRE's legs soon.) Features: - Easy Installation - Updated constantly to match the real Block V. - F9/H Logos on BOTH sides of the booster for realism. - Doesn't override old textures. Installation: - Download and unpack. - Drag the files into the KSP Directory and replace all (scripts to enable the textures) - If you already have custom textures for fairings (which I've included some of mine) add them manually to the fairing .cfg file. Download: SpaceDock CurseForge Source: GitHub (Kinda defunct at this point.) Dependencies: This texture mod is an official(!) add-on to @Kartoffelkuchen's SpaceX Launchers Pack. It Must be installed to work properly. You can download it here. Also, if you are downloading 1.2 and below for use with KSP 1.3, firespitter is required for texture changes. All Credits for the original pack go to Kartoffel. Pictures: Media:
  4. SpaceX Pack Falcon 1 (Merlin 1Ci, Kestrel) Falcon 9 1.0 "Block 1" (Merlin 1C, Merlin 1CV, Dragon Cargo Demonstrator as used on Falcon 9 Launch 1) Falcon 9 1.1 (Merlin 1D, Merlin 1DV, landing legs, Gridfins) Falcon 9 Full Thrust "Block 3 & 4" (Uprated Merlin 1D and 1DV, gridfins, landing legs same as on 1.1) Falcon Heavy Different textures: Normal & Worn textures for Falcon 9 first stage Payload Fairing Textures (White, ABS-3A/Eutelsat 115 West B, America, AsiaSat 6/Thaicom 7, CASSIOPE, DSCOVR, Orbcomm OG2, SES 8, Thaicom 6, Tuerkenaelem 52E/MonacoSat 1, Jason 3, JCSAT 14, IridiumNEXT, Echostar 23, NROL(-76), Inmarsat(-5-F4), BulgariaSat-1, Intelsat35e, FormoSat-5) Also includes a "stockalike" version of the Block 1 Fully Reusable Falcon 9 as seen in this animation from SpaceX * Note: The texture for the Formosat-5 payload fairing was found here and I simply copied that onto my fairing template. All credit for that texture goes to the original creator of the image found on the linked website. Hope I won't get sued for that lol. Thanks to reddit user u/soldato_fantasma for linking it More images:[ [This Mod is by default not compatible with RO/RSS. If you have any questions or problems with this mod regarding Realism Overhaul, please post in the RO thread] Download from Spacedock Block 5 textures for Falcon 9 and Heavy by @SpaceBirb Realplume configs for every engine by @SpaceEnthusiast23 Various payload fairing textures by @MrPacmanCo Not compatible with v.5.2, requires firespitter to work Launch Towers Pack by @sciencepanda Changes in the latest update (v.5.2) Removed firespitter as dependency (KSP 1.4 introduced "part variants" which lets you select different model types / textures for one part) Fixed landing leg texture bug Included F9 Demo craft file Atlas Pack Includes: Atlas V Rocket 400 & 500 series (3 Payload fairings for each version) Centaur with RL-10 Payload interfaces (C13, C15, C22, C25, C29, A937S, B1194) Requires Old School Fairings , BD Animation Module Recommended Editor Extensions KSP Version 1.1.3 Version 2.0 (Released September 9 2016) Download SpaceDock Realism Overhaul configs are included in the RO mod Real Plume config provided by @Hysterrics , downloadable here License All rights reserved
  5. Beta versions on GitHub Including New Horizons, Rosetta + Philae, LADEE and soon many more! Join me on Discord! (Special Gojira Guide HERE) (More pics) Planned features Roadmap Known issues IVA's on dragon and Gojira are still missing. Coming in 1.4 (I found a mod called "MAS IVAs" and that basically screwed up my planning for my IVAs... sorry!) AFT part create a lot of lift during landing. Fix is coming Required Mods Kerbal Reusability Expansion (For the F9 legs and grid fins) B9 Part Switch (For part switching) Near Future Solar (For the Solar Panel plugin) Kerbal Actuators (For multiple engine modes on F9) Animated Decouplers (For FH sideboosters decoupler) RetractableLiftingSurface (For actuating fins on BFR) Module manager (For all your module manager needs) Advanced Textures (For the strongback) Recommended Mods Smokescreen Flight Manager for Reusable Stages (For landing your BFR/F9 first stage) Omega482's Stockalike Structures NTR (For your Ghidorah and Gojira landing needs) Basic DeltaV - Basic Orbit by DMagic (For better understanding of how much fuel you have to land all your crafts safely back) Tundra's Space Center (To launch from LC-40!) Video by @Nessus_ A very special thanks to @Beale, @CobaltWolf and @Nertea for the help and advise they give me to make something awesome. And @DiscoSlelge for creating those awesome patches! And a massive thanks to @Rock3tman_, @Nessus_, @JadeOfMaar, @Starwaster and @Infinite Monkeys for the help of balancing some of the rockets for a better gameplay! Changelog: Any of the configs are distributed under CC-NC-SA-4.0 License. All Textures/models are distributed under CC BY_NC-ND. Near Future Solar plugin licensed by Nertea. ModuleDockingNodeStageable plugin licensed by Sarbian. B9 Part Switch plugin is licensed by blowfish. KerbalActuators plugin is licensed by Angel-125 CKAN is NOT supported by me, any problems with it is not on me. (kinda) Follow me on Reddit! /u/damonvv
  6. My Rockets 99% Mods, 1% Stock So these are some of my rocket recreations of real world rockets. These are just some of the recreations I do, the crafts I make use a few mods. Falcon 1 Boeing Starliner Soyuz MS Falcon 9 1.1 Falcon 9 FT Falcon 9 Block 5 Falcon Heavy Blue Origin New Shepard Mercury Redstone X-15 + B-52 If you've got any ideas on what else I should make, leave a comment! (They will be recreated and uploaded to my YouTube Channel) Thanks for reading!
  7. DylanSemrau

    (WIP) SpaceX Starhopper

    It's about time someone added this mediocre flying water tower into the game! This is just a real quick add-on that adds SpaceX's Starhopper into the game. Images:
  8. harrisjosh2711

    Kerbalized SpaceX

    Kerbalized SpaceX for KSP1.3.X Want to build the SpaceX BFR crew/cargo, Falcon 9, falcon heavy, etc.... This mod is for you! This mod is designed to help you save on part count big time. Be it docking ports to cargo bay's- every part is integrated with something (or multiple somethings) to help you lower your parts count. HOW TO RE-ENTER WITH THE "BFR" -Kill 98% of velocity on a 55 ton vehicle with aerodynamics only-. (I took a steep angle of attack, and experienced very high G's, with good piloting skills and a lower angle of attack you can limit the amount to under 5g's. This happens during the flip maneuver(You will see). Includes: Pods- Dragon, Dragon V2, ITS Titan, Space Bug, BFR crew & cargo variation. Rockets- Falcon 9 Ft, Falcon 9, BFR Engines- *31 raptor cluster, *3 raptor cluster, *4 raptor vacuum cluster, *9 merlin engine cluster, merlin vacuum, merlin atmospheric. Misc: Dragon 1 trunk, Dragon V2 trunk, Dragon nose cone, Dragon panel Covers, Heat shield, Falcon Legs, Aero Fins. Downloads: Spacedock: SpaceX Curse: Real plume config: (Currently not working because new engines) Dependencies: Retractable lifting surfaces for aero fins (included in download) Requires "near future solar" for the solar panels on the trunk to work. RPM and Asset Props are required for any functionality in the V2's IVA. Recommendations: Kerbal joint re-enforcement will make ur life much easier playing with the BFR. Appreciation Section: Thanks to @Mecripp for converting all the textures to .dds and for his help in various other areas. Thanks to @mrtagnan For taking the time to provide some beautiful new engine plumes using the Real Plume mod Thanks to all my followers for helping me keep the ambition to continue the development of this mod! I likely would have stopped with the V2 if it wasn't for you guys. Disclaimer: All rights reserved. 1.3 Compatible
  9. Starman's Tesla Roadster On February 6th, 2018 this very Tesla Roadster along with an assortment of other things began their billion year journey around the Sun. Fortunately, the Kerbals discovered this amazing piece of history and brought it back to their homeworld of Kerbin. Now you can control the launch, and send Starman to whichever planet or moon you desire. Features: Detailed model of Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster and Starman based off of the real car. Craft file for the stand with the car pre-mounted. (Fixed as of 2.1.1) Don't Panic sign. This mod was designed purely for entertainment and has no real functionality yet. Changes in latest update v2.1.1: The craft a file has been updated and added back to the mod. Changes in latest update v2.1: Removed rearview mirror and windshield wiper. They are not on the real car. Fixed the side reflector colors. They now appear orange and red like they are supposed to. Slightly adjusted the tires. About 2% larger and fit nicer in the wheel well. Completely new Starman model and other visual improvements are on the way in a future update. Download from SpaceDock Download from CurseForge Requires: SpaceX Launch Vehicles by @Kartoffelkuchen HullcamVDS by @Albert VDS; @linuxgurugamer
  10. Alcentar

    BFR by Alcentar V1.2

    I decided to post my work on BFR, it is not finalized and does not have a connection to RO, since I do not sit in the KSP at all, but maybe he'll need somebody. The package includes: 1. Simplified engines Raptor 2. Two versions of the BFS ship, cargo and manned 3. BFR rocket 4. fins and RCS for BFR 5. Solar panels for BFS 6. Docking port for BFS The manned version of BFS has 4 compartments for the exit the Kerbonauts, two in the payload compartment, one for the EVA (main), another with a built-in ladder, it also has built-in landing legs, a docking port for connecting two BFS ships, and animation glow of windows. The cargo version also has a built-in docking port. All the textures in the .png format, so that every newcomer to Photoshop can change them at will. V1.2 1. Added evelons for BFR 2. Added RO Patch Ship file in VAB works only with RSS/RO. DOWNLOAD:
  11. Hello there people! Today I have yet another blender render for ya'll, this time I created Elon Musk in the shape of a fellow kerblad. I took a still image from the Behind-the-Scenes video made by National Geographics and tried to recreate the looks of Mr. Stark, all of which I did in Blender. This is what I came up with: You can use this as a desktop wallpaper if you want. Yours sincerely Roartal
  12. You could have made the same argument about any colonization or exploration people have ever made in the past. And it would be wrong in almost every case.
  13. I'm happy to share with you the first public release of this mod. Most of the parts are done and ready to use and you can now properly replay the Mars colonization mission in KSP. IMPORTANT NOTICE: This mod is absolutely overpowered for the stock game. The engine performance and ship stats are as close to their real counterparts as I could make them, and as of now it works just fine in RSS with FAR and RealHeat installed. You don't need RO for this to work 'realistically' in terms of performance, except the fact that the fuel is not right (liquid fuel/oxidizer instead of liquid methane/oxygen) and engines don't suffer from ullage and other great features that RO brings. DeltaV stats, Isp, masses and all related parameters are nevertheless more or less correct. PARTS Crew Transport Ship with 4 crew and 100 passenger capacity. Tanker Ship for orbital refueling. Reusable Booster with attachable fins and gridfins. Built-in decoupler, probe core and antenna. Dedicated shielded side docking port. Matches stock senior docking port. Raptor engines for atmospheric and vacuum use. Ship landing legs Deployable Gridfins that act as control surfaces and airbrakes Booster fins Solar Panels, RCS etc. FEATURES Booster has a built-in decoupler for stage separation. Built-in docking ports can be activated in config files (as an alternative). Currently uses Liquid Fuel/Oxidizer mixture but with correct masses for the ship and booster Engine Isp and thrust are set to values given by Elon Musk in his presentation All sizes are as accurate as I could estimate Ship and booster masses are as specified by Elon Musk. Raptor engine mass is estimated based on Merlin mass Tested in KSP 1.2. Backwards compatibility for KSP 1.1.3 and some extra config files for RSS are available on GITHUB Landing legs are missing landing leg module. They are still animated and act as landing legs, and are by default activated by Gears action group. They cannot overstress. CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT Internals IRSU module RSS/RO configuration for proper fuel usage - partly done Configuration for stock KSP that is not game-breaking Split body flaps for the ship VIDEOS! A quick video I made how to assemble the ship: Kottabos review: DOWNLOADS: SPACEDOCK CURSE GITHUB - Backwards compatibility and extra configs are available here. DEVELOPMENT THREAD is where all the important updates and future features, as well as current issues (there are some) are discussed. I hope you will enjoy this mod! It took me a long time to (sort of) finish and I wasn't even sure if I could do it. Because of that, I'm even more excited to share it with you! A big THANK YOU to Marcus House for the support and testing, as well as config adjustments!
  14. Ultimate Steve

    SpaceX-ish Dream Thread

    This probably doesn't belong here, but I don't know where else it would go and I want to share it. So I had this weird dream last night. I don't remember how it started, all I know is that I was travelling through countries. One day, however, this gigantic spaceship that looks like BFR (but is way bigger on the inside and has slightly larger delta wings) appears (but without the booster, and it has VTOL and is launched at a 45 degree angle) and the public is invited onboard (for free!) for the first point to point test flights. So naturally, I go, I think I went from France to Peru. The aisles were in groups of 2-3-2 with lots of windows and a surprising amount of room per seat. Also SpaceX invented artificial gravity and it's only disabled in the very front of the ship. And the crew compartment was surprisingly long. And the engines were RS-25's. And the landing was horizontal-ish in a cradle. And you're free to walk around once you're in space. This system (more than one BFR) was available for free for one day, and there was only one failure, a forward cabin depressurization that did not result in any fatalities. And then the spaceships disappear. I went to the headquarters of some big business, navigated a complex array of elevators and floors (actually it was just 1 elevator but it was really weird) and got to the desk of this old bald guy. I asked him when this would be back online (with payment though) and he said "these things never work, I'd give it 8 years" and I was like "Bro, it did work, didn't you see it? I was in space 3 times!" and he was like "optimism is evil, get out of my office." Also it's a bit weird when people you know IRL show up in your dreams despite you not thinking about them that much, I sat next to a loose friend I met recently on one of my point to point hops. Yeah it's not SpaceX related that much, but the point is that I had a dream about BFR.
  15. tater

    Humble Gin (IMHO & GIF)

    That's what it meant when it started being used, ages ago. GIF is pronounced like "gin," too.
  16. amankd

    Space X drone barge

    ever wondered how hard it REALLY is to land on a barge? now you can! this barge is added using kerbal konstructs and can be plased anywhere using the ctrl K menu
  17. MrPacmanCo

    TESS Satellite

    TESS for KSP i have recreate the TESS satellite for ksp you can download it here : Download (SpaceDock) - Satellite License - WTFPL if you have any problem tell me, i will do my best for resolve it ! (sorry for English mistake i am french ^^)
  18. For the first time a SpaceX project on Lego Ideas is about to finally hit 10,000 supporters. At which time it will go in front of a Lego review board to be green-lighted. Elon Musk will also have to give it his blessing. It only has a few hundred supporters to go. Check out the updates tab to see the upgrades (including the FH Block 5). The creator is a STEM teacher who built the set to inspire his students. Let's support him and get him the rest of the way!
  19. Hey, I've been really interested in SpaceX and its live streams. I was fascinated by their speedometer and altimeter in the top right, and I really want a mod that can do this, and I'm sure others have been wanting something like it as well. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about this thing If you take the time to make it, thank you so much!
  20. DocBones

    Dragon Analog

    Just something I needed:) A drogon V2 analog. Enjoy. Requires Firespitter. Added some stuff, spacedock seems to having issues at the moment so I'll upload there later on- Added 3.75 m parts Added attach node to inner part of the trunk trunk also hollow now Seems I managed to get it up on spacedock. Download there.
  21. macktruck6666

    SpaceX BFR Missions

    I'm a fan of KSP, I'm also a fan of SpaceX. I like challenges. So I challenged myself to create a SpaceX BFR mission in Realism Overhaul with publicly available information. 4,400 tons at launch and ends with only 5 tons of fuel. Other spacex related videos are on my channel.
  22. Kape Kerman, Kerbin the scene was set for history or an almighty explosion the Jebediah 9 waited on the pad for what was to be a test of a little system Elon Kerman liked to call "Hitting a postage stamp with a rock on a lake" also known as, Landing on a boat! the KerbX Jebediah 9 was 10 minutes from either making history or Failure, KSA and the KSAF range were there to suport this unusual event with safety checks and technological help as this was to be what may be the first orbital class rocket to be landed back on Kerbin nevermind a ship in the waters of the Kerblinca Ocean. Elon was nervous no doubt everyone was. Launch (next spoiler contains a spoiler which doesnt contain a spoiler because it contains the landing?) Next Launch: Chez Sat I - Jebediah 9 Mission Info: Recovery: yes Recovery type: Experemental landing at LZ1 Objectives: place Chez Sat I into a GTO orbit around kerbin, recover the first stage back at LZ1 soon™ (acctualy incidently my script is better at recovering on a drone ship than a Landing Zone which is confusing right?) Hmmm i wonder if i could recover a fairing... update: Chez Sat I deemed to be too risky to do an RTLS recovery, KerbX will be attempting a drone ship recovery once again on Just Read The Instructions in the Kerblinca Ocean regards to the next launch, will be the hardest landing yet, yes i have added Throttle limiter Extended and used it to add some dificulty to landing boosters! Yes throttle limitation (not so enthusiastic with getting it to land however) also will be launching a satilite to monitor the Universe, yes its called the Elon Kerman Space Telescope! Manifest
  23. Hi all, first post here! So, I'm in career mode, with the majority of the tech tree unlocked (rapiers etc, but no MK3 spaceplane parts yet...) I have a rather large assembly plan for a rather large multi purpose space station. SoI need a cost effective (hopefully reusable for realism) LKO capable vehicle with the largest cargo capacity possible. Any ideas? Options thus far and their problems: 1. SSTO - probably with rapiers, but these are hard to design, and cargo capacity seems limited unless I go massive, and I mean massive 2. Recoverable booster (spacex style) - design wise this should be easier, with optimal cargo capacity, however landing the damn thing is a fair task... I have a mechjeb available (landing guidance) which could work, but surely I would need a mod to fly multiple ships at the same time. I'm willing to try my hand at KOS if it would work? Which of my two options is the best way forward, and how best to implement this in ship and mission design and execution? Or is there an option I haven't though of?
  24. HB Stratos

    "This is SpaceX" [Kerbal Style]

    I just finished working on my first Video on YouTube after two months of work and I want to share it here (If this is the wrong (Sub)Forum please correct me... I´m new here)