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Found 1 result

  1. Hey forumers! Glad to see you click on this post (unless you finger slipped when trying to open "ksp memes megathread", dont blame ya!) For a while (well, for a few days) I have been doing a xenobiolgy project on a forum for speculative evolution and its well received. So I though to expand my audience The project is centered on a planet called Sudarium, its a gas drawf rocky planet with a thick atmosphere of nitrogen and helium (originally hydrogen and helium) and a large percentage of oxygen. The atmosphere and higher gravity push life to evolve into crazy and weird aliens totally different from ours (though some may have attributes that look similar to our plants and animals.) Too give a taste of how alien the ecosystem is, one large group of bacteria is the slime`s, a group descendant of a prehistoric water colony of microscopic bacterium that evolved to dominate the land. The most dominant of the group is the creeping slime, a black unicellular plant that live in pools of its own species (and sometimes other slimes) covering the landscape with a average thickness of 1cm and a width of 10cm (largest one discovered is 56cm deep and 4m in width.) You can read more here!: