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Found 1 result

  1. War is on the horizon. The nations of Kerbin are angry with each other, and the conflicts have hit a breaking point. You, a designer and flight tester for the KSC, have been contracted to design, build, and fly a supersonic fighter jet, capable of high maneuverability and fast speeds. Good Luck. Rules Plane Requirements 1. The plane must have Mk. 1 parts only.* 2. The craft can have a maximum of 2 engines.* (Except in VTOL category, which is allowed 3 engines.) 2a. The engines must be air-breathing.* 3. Only Stock engines are allowed.* 4. Mods can be used only if it does not affect the performance of the craft. 5. It has to reach above Mach 1 (343 m/s) 6. Cheats to use: Infinite fuel, Infinite Electricity, Infinite RCS, Ignore Max Temp, Unbreakable Joints** 7. No turning off gravity, drag, or anything else.* 8. The plane is limited to 75 Parts.*** 9. Have fun. Leaderboard 1. The scoring is based off of a system of speed, maneuverability, and used cheats. (Speed + Highest G's + 5 for no cheats = Score) 2. A person can have two or more entries, but only 2 per category MAXIMUM. If a person does 3 or more, then the jet with the lowest score will be taken off. 2a. A person can also have entries in multiple categories. *- If not followed, instant disqualification is warranted. **- Optional ***- Points penalty