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Found 36 results

  1. Rocketry_Science

    Speed Demon

    Welcome to the speed demon forum. Please submit ships and planes which you think are fast. Kind Regards, Rocketry_Science
  2. Jordan The Wonderer

    Light Speed and Sound Barrier

    Question: When lightning strikes afar off, we see the light almost instantly and the sound waves race at different speeds to us with the shortest wavelengths first (crackle sound) and then the rest in a rolling sound as each frequency reaches the ear one after another with lower and lower pitch until the largest wavelength finally finishes the race. This makes sense because Speed=Distance/Time. The shortest wavelength travels less distance to the ear because it’s journey is closer to a straight line. The largest wavelength travels more distance because it must ascend and descend a good distance before making much forward motion. If the electro-magnetic spectrum includes large wavelength radio waves, medium wavelength visible light, and very short wavelength gamma rays, then why does it not follow that light must travel at varying speeds and not constant. If gamma rays and radio waves both were moving at 186,000mi/sec wouldn’t the radio waves be slower than the gamma rays since Speed=Distance/Time. The radio waves takes a longer journey than the gamma ray because the wavelengths are the photons ascending and descending and not moving purely forward at 186,000mi/sec. If we do observe all of the spectrum being constant at the same speed, wouldn’t that mean that radio waves move faster than gamma rays to make up for the greater ascension and descension? If all light is constant in speed then isn’t all light moving faster than the speed of light because 186,000mi/s (I assume) is the speed of light from point A to point B in a straight line in a vacuum? Light must be traveling faster than that figure to make up the extra distance, right?
  3. I work in aircraft maintenance, and it always fascinates me, how engineers have solved problems of detecting how fast, how high or in which direction an aircraft is moving. In KSP even debris knows exatly it's speed, altitude and a lot more of it's trajectory parameters. But in rocket science, knowing where your craft is going is one of the big challenges. It would add a nice extra insight into rocket building, if a player needs to "invent" speed-o-meters, altimeters or say compasses. This could be implemented in certain probe cores have different sofisticated flight data aquisition or radar tracking can be unlocked by upgrading the tracking station, etc. I don't even know if this is an idea, that would add playability to KSP or if anybody else likes it. Or is there even a mod that already supports my idea, I didn't find anything like it. Thanks, for your consideration. Richy
  4. Why is there a "speed limit" in the universe? According to special relativity, nothing can move faster than light, but Newton's first law states that unless an external force affects it, an object's speed will always stay the same. So, if we find a large space of perfect vacuum, with no force affecting any part of it, and if we had enough fuel and thrust, we could technically go at the speed of light and faster since there would be no external force affecting us, there would be nothing to slow us down.
  5. Hey guys I'm in the middle of a dres mission and a thought /challenge occurred to me,..... Speed records in ksp become kind of arbitrary when on a solar orbit but what's the fastest you can go through the canyon on dres? i e: below the canyon 'top'
  6. sevenperforce

    Torchship Speedrun

    Kerbals have unlocked the secret to the Infinity Torch -- a special module which taps energy from an alternate dimension and allows any engine to perform at 100% thrust with no propellant at all. (This module can be enabled by selecting Alt+F12 and checking "Infinite Fuel"). With this came the rise of torchships -- vehicles capable of performing Brachistochrone trajectories, accelerating constantly from Kerbin's SOI toward their destination and then turning around and accelerating in the opposite direction until they arrive. Space travel has grown exponentially, and it's time for you to make your entry into the interplanetary transport market. The challenge: Build an Executive Torchship transport suitable for Brachistochrone transfers. Fastest possible round-trip time wins. Rules: SSTO, obviously. No need to stage when the rocket equation is broken. Your vehicle must not take damage at any point during the mission. All stock. You need to be able to take off and land in style, on any surface, so it must have separate VTOL landing engines. You need crossrange capability, so your craft must be aerodynamic enough to fly to your landing site using aerodynamic control surfaces before engaging its VTOL engines. This also will allow for a survivable crash-landing if you suffer engine failure. Torch drives can be finicky, so you need to carry at least enough propellant to make your final landing without Infinite Fuel turned on, just in case. Kerbin doesn't yet have inertial dampening technology, so for your executive passengers' comfort you must keep your total gees below 8 at all times. You must carry at least four passengers and at least one pilot; command seats are not allowed. Round-trip mission time is any amount of time during which the vehicle is moving. So you can land at your destination and wait as long as you want for an opportune launch window; it won't count against your mission time. Entry levels (will have separate leaderboards): Torchship Jockey. Take off from Kerbin, land on both the Mun and Minmus, and return to any place on Kerbin (no splashdowns). Torchship Navigator. Take off from Kerbin, land on Duna, and return to Kerbin within sight of the KSC. Torchship Pilot. Take off from Kerbin, land on Eve, and return to a landing on the runway at KSC. Torchship Commander. Take off from Kerbin, land on Laythe, and return to a landing on the helipad on top of the VAB. Torchship Master. Use your torchship for a Grand Tour, landing on every body in KSP other than Jool. I'll put together some cool badges once we have entries and can award them. Good luck!
  7. -=BLACKBIRD=- Designed for: Sharpness (visible) Speed (140+ m/s) Dark in design & Color DOWNLOAD : COMPLETELY STOCK, NO MODS NEEDED, KSP 1.3 It stands alone among the rest, it flies through the night, and seizes victory! -=BLACKHAWK=- Designed for: Smoothness (visible) Speed (132 m/s) Dark in design & Color DOWNLOAD : COMPLETELY STOCK, NO MODS NEEDED, KSP 1.3 It stands alone among the rest, it flies through the night, and seizes victory!
  8. So it's no secret we've all stuck a mainsail on a metal plate and shot it to infinity and beyond, Here is a challenge for you that lets you sorta do that, You can make the fastest Land, Sea or Air vehicle (that means rockets too ) Simple right? How hard can it be to strap a massive engine to something? We'll this isn't the hobby engineer challenge is it? Your craft must be a e t h s e t i c as well as fast. How is the leader board ran Kenji? I will do it based on raw speed! The faster the vehicle and the faster the acceleration then the higher you go on the board, simple. Just post your craft here via image or video, video is better. Anyone can have a go can't hurt can it? Now I hear you scream "This is most likely been done" Well I am looking to see some World Records set here! Rules are easy stock only no mods scrubs! Mods are for the weak! unless it's BDA Flight assist mods are okay I guess, I will let it slide. Remember its not just raw power, looks count as well! If its just a engine strapped to something 0% thought, then its likely your not going to make a appearance, I will Message the individuals in question should it occur, doubt it though. Here is my aircraft entry, XCV SoundProject, I won't count myself in the leader boards that's just sad XCV SoundProject - Flight - Looks healthy - Type of images I would like to prove speed - It has a pitiful top speed of....... 1,406 m/s You guys can beat that! My secret is Pink Guy - Pink Season As the entries come in I will make the leader boards Good Luck! Kenji! PLANE RECORDS : @Toastie_Buns The Sombrero at 1643 m/s! SEA RECORDS : @Cunjo Carl The SubSubSub at 50 m/s!
  9. Dman0829

    Slowest Aircraft

    Slowest Aircraft Challenge The era of Jeb flying supersonic spaceplanes is in its prime, but the new generation of pilots are a little less, well thrill seeking. Your challenge is to design the slowest possible aircraft, without leaving the atmosphere, and maintaining this speed for at least 30 seconds, and be able to land! Rules: Remain below 70,000 m Sustain flight for 30 seconds to qualify No rocket engines Stock parts only No autopilots Engines must be running at full speed during 30 second testing, and have a stable-ish speed. Must provide video proof of feat, launching from ksp, to landing (OBS Studio is free) Must be decently controllable Must have a prograde at horizon No Hovering Scoring: Lowest speed during 30 second testing multiplied by average altitude during 30 second testing Lowest score wins Bonus scores are divided by 2 Bonus: Preform at eve! Must fly to eve from Kerbin(rocket engines are allowed during transfer)
  10. Presenting my first mod for Kerbal Space Program. Well, almost my, because it is too much inspired by SpeedUnitChanger by @lttito What it does: noting complicated. No configuration, no buttons, it just changes your Surface speed indicator to this one: Why? IAS is what I'm missing so much in all mods. But no mod show it together with true speed, even FAR. And it is very interesting to know IAS when you play with planes very often. Also I added km/h display to somehow rely on IRL performances without doing simple arithmetics all the time. It is quite small display, probably, so I'm open to any suggestions how to improve it while keeping all information visible to player. Currently it is unknown if it is working with Ferram Aerospace Research properly (in terms of IAS value). GitHub: Releases page (GitHub): License: GPLv3 (derived)
  11. Hello fellow Kerbonauts today i want to show you guys my stock Formula One Car. I have found a couple of stock KSP F1 cars on the internet but i wasn't quit happy so i attempted to build one myself. This is what i came up with. My Car is a replica of the 2016 Mercedes Benz F1 Car which won the Drivers-and Constructors World Championsship with the drivers Rosberg (WDC) and Hamilton. My version is 5.9m long, 1.7m high and 2.6m wide. It has a docking port on the back end, so you can dock it to spaceshis. I tried to get it as close to the real W08 size as possible. It weights 3.699 tons. Thats actually a lot more than the original ). In the on KerbalX uploaded version i added a Mk1 Command Pod to the rear docking port, so the size and mass data looks different in the download version. Technically it has eight-wheel-drive. I added extra wheels to make them look thicker, and more F1-like. Electric Power is provided by a radioisotope generator (no solar panels). It has fuel celles, but only for optic purposes. The car has liquid fuel tanks but I left them empty for weight purposses. You can obviously fill them up and use the fuel sells too. It is the most stable an manouverable rover i have ever built in KSP (Eight Wheels i guess). The way the spoilers are addes i think it provides downforce too. It is safely drivable on the Mun also. Though, the spoilers obviously don’t provide any downforce there. If you wan to download it, heres a link: And here are some photos:
  12. Challenge: Build a boat that goes as fast as you can make it travel. Rules: -Must have at least one kerbal in it (this can be in anything as long as the kerbal is secured to the vehicle, the kerbal can't be holding on to it) -Must have at least one part under the surface of the water -Must have at least a net total of 0.25 tons under the surface of the water (you can estimate this) -Must be intact and not break any parts (planned staging is okay as long as it still applies to the rules above) -Must provide screenshot and/or video evidence of the attempt -Highest speed will be counted as the highest speed measured for 3 seconds as long as the boat applies to the rules above -Have fun (Side note: vesselmover or similar mods are acceptable to get the vessel into the water) Scoring: -Each kerbal on the boat is worth 10 points -Speed is divided by thrust, then multiplied by the weight, that is then multiplied by 5, finally your amount of kerbals is multiplied by 10, and added to the total. -The equation for points is this: -((m/s)/kN)*5t+(10)K OR -((meters/sec) / (available thrust)) * (5 * mass in tons) + (10 * Kerbals onboard) Example: -500m/s top speed, 390kN (3 panthers in wet mode), 12 tons, 3 kerbals -((500/390)*(5*12)+30=106.92 points Scoreboard: - - - - -
  13. rockets-don't-make-toast

    three minute challenge reboot.

    this challenge used to be on the very first page of the challenges list. it is where you have three minutes from launch to get as far away from kerbin as possible. 1. no cheats or mods 2. its counted as how far in height from kerbin you get in three minutes. since I doubt that anyone without cheats or modes could get out of kerbins soi in three minutes. 3. proof, pic of stock in-game clock at three minutes and the altitude. videos also accepted, even wanted. 4. if exploited, please say how. seperate if you need more info then just ask. need to watch dog, post my attempt tomorrow. leader board: 1. thomas h. with 1318 km 2. cunjo carl with 1134 km 3. man eating ape with 830 km
  14. Hello everyone! Today I was wondering how one can know the speed of a craft orbiting a planet, after a certain amount of time. For example, if I'm at the periapsis, what would be my speed after 2min? If I'm going at 1500km on a certain orbit, what would be my speed after 5min? It would be easy if the speed would change linearly while going from the apoapsis to the periapsis or from the periapsis to the apoapsis, but I feel like it doesn't work that way. Bonus question: How does the speed change in an elliptical orbit?
  15. HELLO EVERYONE! So, a few months back, I held a "Fighter Jet Speed challenge", in which many participated. Well, after about a month of nothing going on in it, I have decided to sort of re-make the challenge. With some new rules, I'm sure that this challenge is going to be just as fun as the first! Rules 1.0 You can use whatever Mk. parts you want. Mk. 2, and Mk. 1 are allowed, as is Mk. 3 (Good luck!), but modded Mk. parts will be put into another category. 2.0 Scoring is the same as the old thread; Max Speed + Maximum G's + 5 points for no cheats (optional) + (-) 75-100 for part limit violation. 3.0 Part limit is 75. 3.1 You can have as many engines as you want. 3.1a The engines must be air breathing. 3.1b RAPIER's are allowed, but they have to be locked into the air-breathing mode. 4.0 The ship MUST be crewed. 5.0 Have fun! Leaderboard Rules 1.0 A person can have two or more entries, but only 2 per category MAXIMUM. If a person does 3 or more, then the jet with the lowest score will be taken off. 1.0a A person can also have entries in multiple categories. So as you can see, these rules are a lot more lax compared to the original thread, so I hope this'll open up the thread for more competition, and more fun Hope you all enjoy the show. (Here are the old rules if you're just interested) LEADERBOARD Stock 1. @Eidahlil with 2048.5 points using the 'Screamy 4' 2. @foamyesque with 1961 points using the 'Very Fast' 3. @Eidahlil with 1934.4 points using the 'Screamy 2' 4. @NotAnAimbot with 1845 points using the 'X-1 High Speed Testing Vehicle' 5. @TheEpicSquared with 1633.3 points using the 'MOAR POWAH!!!' Honorable mentions - @swjr-swis with 1618.7 points using the 'SpeedFighter6' - @TheEpicSquared with 1552.2 points using the 'Fasty McGoFast Mk.2' - @swjr-swis with with 1526.4 points using the 'SpeedFighter-05' - @tjsnh with 1462.5 points using the 'SpeedSingle' - @dragonaether with 1024 points using the 'Heat Dart' Modded 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Honorable mentions - - - - -
  16. Thanks for all your help guys. I've managed to build the craft i was looking for. Thanks for explaining the fundamentals so well. I've been building fast crafts of all shapes and sizes now. Hi, I'm having trouble building the plane i want. I've not much experience with planes at all, only ever built a couple of ssto's and even then i cheated the .cfg's . So i've started with the stock Mk4 Revenspear. None of my design attempts could reach more than 300m/s and this stock craft can reach 820m/s so i went with it. I need it to do as close to 1000m/s and have a range of 800km. This is the distance to my second base where i plan to eventually launch all my Kerbin rockets from and for shuttling crew and small payloads i need the speed, my big cargo plane takes 1hr10min to get there and that's far too long to do often. I also need a small cargo bay for the payloads. I've unlocked all plane science nodes. Here's the craft. The problem i'm running into is the range, every time i add more fuel and gain range, i need more thrust, i add more thrust and I've lost the gained range. I find i need a certain amount of thrust to get to around 360m/s before it seems to just run away with itself up to 800ish if i can't get to 360m/s it's a long slow journey. If i get the 360 i always then quickly get to 800 but fall short on the range every time. I've tried all sorts of different altitudes but not been able to squeeze out more than a few minutes extra flight time. This has a range of about 550km and can just about get the to the 360 tip over point. The ultimate goal would be to have a range of 1600km so i could air drop supply payloads instead of needing to land and refuel for the return journey. I also tried drop tanks but any side tank made reaching any sort of speed immpossible. If you can help me i'd really appreciate it.
  17. Omegagoldfish

    The Ion Express

    After an "unfortunate accident", all of the liquid fuel tanks at the KSC were ruptured by angry gophers. While, inexplicably capable of functioning in atmosphere, these tanks will violently explode once they reach orbit. Sadly, however, a Mun mission is scheduled, and the tourists don't want to wait for things like "supplies". However, an intern found that the helium supply for the balloons was actually xenon. With no other option, the mission must go on. THE RULES: Once you reach LKO, you cannot use any liquid fuel or solid fuel engines. Monopropellant is only allowed for RCS systems. Orbit the Mun and return in as little time as possible, and bring a minimum of two kerbals with you.
  18. Interested in starting a post about speed challenges, for example, who can get to the mun and back fastest. Upload a video of your fastest times and let the competition begin!
  19. Stock Super Speed Jets What is this challenge you may be wondering my fellow kerbal comrades. Well it is.... basically just go fast and not die under 30,000m using stock parts provide screenshots Do you dare to accept First Place: Second Place: Third Place:
  20. shipuploader

    Air Speed callenge

    Gene Kerman watched The Si-fi X-15 North American. So she wanted to have a plane go over 2020 m/s. The challenge is to make a rocket powered plane still in the Atmosphere and get over the speed. You can upload and show a vid if you want to.
  21. I thought about doing a Land Speed Record for 1.1.x. With the new wheel physics, this should be FUN. RULES: No part/gameplay affecting mods allowed. KER/MechJeb allowed, however. So is eye candy... No ALT+F12, cheating, or HyperEdit. Rocket/jet/MonoProp/Nuclear(?) engines allowed. Entries must be submitted as screenshots or videos, with at least one of the F3 screen at the end of the run. Run must be completed at end of the runway. Let's see how this goes.
  22. First challenge I've made. Don't even have a way to reward a winner. *Leaderboards will be updated weekly.* Goal: Highest speed achieved on the runway at KSC. Must start, from where the game starts you on the runway(no backing up into the grass), and stop on the runway, flight is not allowed. All parts present at the beginning must be attached at the finish, parachutes excluded. Manned vehicle only. Multi-stage is allowed. Mods: SpaceY and KW Rocketry allowed, along with any that don't enhance ground based vehicles, such as Stage Recovery etc. Mechjeb can be used to get initial DeltaV figured, but must be removed for the run. Submit screenshot of both beginning and ending ship, along with a 3rd showing the flight results screen to prove speed. There is no time limit from launch to finish. Distance limit of 3600 meters or so, whatever the length of the runway is. I think that covers everything. I'll post my results here once I complete this again.
  23. This challenge is called the Air Speed Record, you build the fastest stock aircraft you can and put your submission in the comments below through video or screenshot. Video is preferred over screenshot It's pretty straight forward however there are some rules to make sure this challenge is fair for everyone! Rules No rocket engines of any sort with the exception of rapier engines! No SRB's (Solid rocket boosters)! NO cheats! It must all be stock (no mods)! You may not use more than 8 engines. You may not go above 30,000 meters. It all must be in one stage, no seperatrons, decouplers, etc. It must be on Kerbin. It must be manned (No drones). Submissions are taken through screenshots and video but video is much more appreciated. It must take off from the runway. Have fun, and don't get discouraged. It must be a plane, not a rocket with a bunch of jet engines attached. This must be in KSP version 1.0.5 or later! Provide aircraft name! Down here is the leaderboard where the current record holder's are displayed. Leaderboard Radieur Ng - 3056 M/S "Pointy McGoFast" JW2016 - 3276 M/S "JW2016-02-17" Potatto 2729 M/S "Speed-O-Bust" Spudrotuskutarsu - 2628 M/S "DS X1 Shooting Star" Triop - 2493 M/S Chocolat Oreos - 2100 M/S "The Swifty Monster" evader - 2082 M/S "liquid fuel only production mkII prorokbmx - 1873 M/S AquaAlmond - 1778 M/S "SB-3 Peregrine" Gojira1000 - 1690 M/S "x-2" My Submission The plane is called the SB-3 Peregrine the third plane in the SB series, named after the Peregrine Falcon the world's fastest bird. It reaches a top speed of 1778 M/S in this video. Recommended Recording Software OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Free, no watermark, customizable recording settings. Fraps (Good quality recording software, but costs money, wouldn't buy it for this challenge if you don't already have it.) Bandicam Trial (Free, good quality video but there is a watermark) Recommended Editing Software Obviously you don't need to edit the video but it will make the quality of the video better. Lightworks (Free video editing software with lots of features, but it can take a while to learn to use. Option to upgrade, upgrade provides more features) Windows Movie Maker / iMovie (Depending on what OS you have this will be included, free, simple, easy to use but don't expect much out of it) Once again don't get discouraged and have fun and make sure to follow the rules Put submissions below in the comments Video is preferred over screenshot
  24. Hello everybody, until now, I thought the contract system is very reasonable and helps me learning the game step by step. But I think this is not ture; especially after investigating about my current "problem". Does anyone have an idea how to fulfill the following contract? Test TR-2C stack separator -Kerbin -Flying -Alt: 0m to 4,000m -Spd: 1,310.0m/s to 1,680.0m/s The best I achieved so far was about 1,100m/s after dashing into Kerbin with 3,000m/s and fireing an additional solid fule thruster on like 10km above ground. But at this point my rocket starts to overheat and explode even with heat protectors.
  25. eepu

    Speed craft

    SPEED CRAFT Max speed is unknown but min speed is 0 m/s ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well as name says this is just craft and idea for it was from great guy and starting youtuber Jolly Roger Aerospace. Please support him. He is really doing great job and videos are great ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some pictures/screenshots ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTALL: l hope all know how to install crafts to the KerbalSpaceProgram (KSP). If no than there comes Read me file with the craft so don't worry And if you want more info to install crafts for KSP go here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Works only with 1.1 for now maybe when 1.2 come out someday it will work for it maybe... l can't see into future DOWNLOAD: github -------------------------- Have a nice day Eepu