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Found 2 results

  1. This is a thread for those who appreciate the creation, enjoyment, or inspiration of cars in KSP. If you enjoy making cars feel free to share and post pictures of your creations here. You can also share your knowledge of creating cars and various methods you may use to help others improve. For those who are interested in getting started with making cars then why not begin now, this is a side of the game with plenty of room to grow.
  2. Rules 1. Entries must use only stock parts, textures will not matter. 2. RCS and reaction wheels will not be allowed. 3. Entries will be judged on performance by lap times and speed while fun, flexibility, and looks will be judged trough polls. Categories Fun The idea of this category is pretty much what it sounds like, how much fun is car to drive around the KSC or across the terrain of Kerbin. Flexibility This category will test how flexible a cars applications are. For instance, if a car is designed for the track only and will easily be damaged or destroyed on rough terrain, it is not very flexible. Performance This will test how the cars perform around a track and in a straight line. For the track I will be using the Kurburgring. Straight line performance will test how quickly a car can pass the SPH on the runway without the engines being allowed to spool up. Looks This basically judges craft on whether or not they look good. Stages Since this challenge will have multiple aspects I've decided to split things up into three main categories. Entry Submissions During this stage entries will be submitted for the competition. Judging In this stage the cars will be tested to evaluate their performance and judged through polls in the other categories. For lap times I will require a video or a screenshot on every other corner. For straight line speed I will need a screenshot of the car at the point of the runway I have marked with a red line. Results In this stage an overall winner will be chosen and I will type up a story about the competition staring Jeb and Val. While this is a competition where the winner will be the most well rounded car I don't necessarily want to see an entry trying to achieve that at a cost. What I would love to see are entries that show how you make cars in KSP, that use every bit of knowledge you know to make a car excel in certain areas, that are created the way you want. I don't want anyone to surrender their strong suits and preferred methods just to have a better chance at winning, If you like making cars that are a joy to drive but aren't that fast, then make your entry as fun to play with as possible. Current Entries @Dark Lion Essar Bean @Azimech Citroen CX @LABenterprises Destiny EsnianMetalWorks E.M.W Storm X-1 Performance Data Kurburgring Lap Straight Line Speed Straight Line Time L.A.B. Destiny 1:01 83.9 mps 0:22 sec E.M.W Storm X-1 1:05 81.0 mps 0:25 sec Essar Bean 2:04 28.2 mps 0:44 sec Citroen CX Rally 1:55 117.4 mps 0:19 sec Performance Winner: L.A.B. Destiny Flexibility Winner: Essar Bean