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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, i just read an article on Gamestar und in this video from minute 20 stating that Valve has employed a good portion of the developers of KSP around five to six months ago. I haven't have heard anything of this yet. GameStar is even speculating that maybe Valve bought Squad. The article also states that Valve answered to a request that "they" were hired, not stating if they meant Squad of some of the developers. What do you think about this? I think that maybe squad has employed the teammembers that left Squad not too long ago. Wouldn't such big news have been around for a while if Squad was taken over by Valve? Can maybe @UomoCapra or @Badie shed some light on this?
  2. Will Squad Ever make another Kerbal themed game? that would be . I mean A full on game, no DLC stuff. What I mean is Maybe a sandbox or Sims style game based on Kerbin and kerbals?
  3. After watching the recent KSP News episode by Rapid Viper, which can be viewed here: I couldn't help but feel extreme anger to know that SQUAD has decided to push probe telemetry back to a later update, possibly into 1.2. Viper explains that the functionality of the telemetry is very buggy and just wouldn't be fun to play with. This is understandable, but I can't help but feel as if SQUAD could have just delayed the update a couple weeks or so. I would HAPPILY sit for 2-3 weeks if it meant that the features I've been waiting AGES for would be, in my opinion, in the most hyped update in a while. You may feel differently, and I do NOT intend on throwing any heat at SQUAD; I love Kerbal Space Program, it's one of, if not my most favorite game on Steam. I'm just a little (make that severely) disappointed. Probe telemetry was my most anticipated feature of 1.1, as I was dreaming of making my own version of the TDRS system (reference: ). Now that I got that out of my system, I would like to hear your guy's opinions on the matter. Were you disappointed as I was, or largely unaffected by this delay? If you didn't, feel free to post your thoughts. -Fly safe, Noname115
  4. Hi there, i did update my KSP 1.1.2 install with the patcher.exe in KSP's directory. The one which asks for email and password for kerbal store and then (is supposed to) update everything itself. It works - almost. I'm 90% sure the issues i have got, are due to the patcher not deleting old parts if squad changed folder structure. Somehow my small landing gear mysteriously keeps changing after Launch and revert Flight to medium. Then i discovered (have had this one before!) there are two small landing gears in my install. 1) GameData\Squad\Parts\Wheel\LandingGear\GearSmall.cfg 2) GameData\Squad\Parts\Wheel\SmallGearBay\smallGearBay.cfg please fix the patcher! thought it's an easy way to not update manually but nope (the launcher update did not find any 1.1.3 update too) Now i have to manually reinstall because there is no way to figure out whats new, whats old, and if there are more double parts
  5. I'm not going to describe the entire Squadcast that aired on the 16th, just offer the link and a few comments: Squadcast here Roverdude joined NathanKell and Mu (KSP lead dev) for this squadcast, and much was said about the upcoming telemetry-antenna system in v1.2. In short, it looks to be a mix of parts of Antenna Range and parts of Remote Tech, slotting somewhere in between them. A few notes (there's much more than this): > The whole system will be "on" by default, but it will be able to be turned off > Kerbin will have a built-in Deep Space Network of ground stations, so you won't need to set it up yourself--unless you want to, as it can be set to "zero" so you can set up the antennas yourself. > Science will be able to be transmitted from surface rovers or landers to an orbiting craft. > There is going to be a Module GPS, intended mainly for satellites, providing a latitude and longitude readout, and perhaps biome as well. In 1.1.3 news, NathanKell was running the latest build of 1.1.3 (the version number on the main menu screen confirmed it). No crashes happened as he built a small rocket to head to Minmus. Orbits are indeed now rock-steady, no more decay of Ap and Pe. Ghost-staging in space has been fixed, i.e. no more double-tapping the space bar to stage (better watch out for that, it might come as a rude surprise ). The monolith easter-eggs have been fully restored, including the one on Minmus, and are taller than before. Check out the VOD for the full story
  6. Hello everyone, I'm Captain Nakou and I have a little Youtube channel. I'm not here to advertise my (very little) channel, but because I'm looking for some material : In my episodes, I introduce games, independent or not, and I like to introduce them in context. I talk about what the developers did before, why they've created the game, stuff like that. So that's what I am looking for here : Is there anywhere here, or in the blog, the stories of "How KSP was made?" "How Squad got the idea?" "What push them to make this awesome game?". I can't find those information so I came here in case someone have seen content I can be interested into. Nice Regards CaptainNakou