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Found 9 results

  1. Today's Squadcast with @NathanKell, @Arsonide and @KasperVld at last had an Experimentals build of 1.2 ( to be exact ). I won't describe the whole thing here, just a few comments and screenshots; resolution is mine, not KSP's. New loading screen: New option in the general settings: Ease In Gravity, which from what NathanKell briefly said, sounds like the physics-loading easing that KJR does. CommNet settings, if it is enabled from the Difficulty Options screen: Some of the new antennas, plus an example of the level of KerbNet functionality on a probe core: CommNet has changed, no longer is all of Kerbin an antenna (seriously? ), thanks to @Mu there are now three equidistant ground stations on Kerbin--actual objects too: Another new feature: Now you can focus the camera on any part via the right-click menu ("Aim Camera"), i.e. Camera Focus Changer is now stock This is an example of aiming the camera at the big dish antenna:
  2. Nando


    Were a squadcast last week? I thought it was announced on Twitter, but I can't find on twitch last broadcasts. The squadcast time is usually much to late for me.
  3. Today's Squadcast, with @NathanKell, @Mu and @Arsonide was a most pleasant surprise: The first look at 1.2! Not the release build of course, not even experimentals, but the latest (I'm assuming) dev build. There were some technical issues with Mu's audio until they switched to Skype, and Arsonide's internet had problems so he was mostly active in chat. NathanKell had the Unity profiler running as well, so you could see the various performance stats, and at the start he showed the difference between 1.1.3 under Unity 5.2.4 and 1.2 under Unity 5.4, using some example member-submitted stress tests like @Monsterlunch's 500-vessel save and @Azimech's stock turboprop plane. Big difference in performance between 1.1.3 and 1.2, especially with garbage production (the "GC Alloc" column in the Unity Profiler window); 1.2 at most produced a few kilobytes of garbage, much of the time is was zero. Other highlights were the the new fuel-flow priority toggles, @Claw's reworked SAS, the new fonts and the new debug menu with the orbit-setting and create-a-Kerbal screens.
  4. I'm not going to describe the entire Squadcast that aired on the 16th, just offer the link and a few comments: Squadcast here Roverdude joined NathanKell and Mu (KSP lead dev) for this squadcast, and much was said about the upcoming telemetry-antenna system in v1.2. In short, it looks to be a mix of parts of Antenna Range and parts of Remote Tech, slotting somewhere in between them. A few notes (there's much more than this): > The whole system will be "on" by default, but it will be able to be turned off > Kerbin will have a built-in Deep Space Network of ground stations, so you won't need to set it up yourself--unless you want to, as it can be set to "zero" so you can set up the antennas yourself. > Science will be able to be transmitted from surface rovers or landers to an orbiting craft. > There is going to be a Module GPS, intended mainly for satellites, providing a latitude and longitude readout, and perhaps biome as well. In 1.1.3 news, NathanKell was running the latest build of 1.1.3 (the version number on the main menu screen confirmed it). No crashes happened as he built a small rocket to head to Minmus. Orbits are indeed now rock-steady, no more decay of Ap and Pe. Ghost-staging in space has been fixed, i.e. no more double-tapping the space bar to stage (better watch out for that, it might come as a rude surprise ). The monolith easter-eggs have been fully restored, including the one on Minmus, and are taller than before. Check out the VOD for the full story
  5. Late in writing this up because of other commitments, the hype has been flowing around this squadcast for a couple of days now and with good cause. If you watch one squadcast, this would be the one to watch. The archived stream can be found at and is split in two - the first at ~40m long, the second (due to a midstream reboot) at ~30m. Squadcast this week featured Kasper, DrTurkey, and regular KSPTV streamer EJ. Stream One 3m first sight of v1.1.0.1164 (x64) in the wild 5m settings screen has been rejigged, looks like more controller options. Sandbox, Science, or Career remain the three modes. 5m stream starting a new sandbox save 6m Main mission control view now has icon shortcuts to buildings (although mission control icon may be missing - chat notes that mission control is closed in sandbox) 8m first sight of the asteroid day probe core, solar panels and antenna in stock 1.1 11m some KSPTV streamers will be allowed from Saturday (today) to begin livestreaming 1.1 11m in the VAB we see (I think) a slightly different engine shroud on skipper engine? No sign of deltav calculation. 12m clamshell fairing option demonstrated, number of sides can be set for 2/3/4 leaf clamshells 13m confirmation that cargo inside fairings is invisibly autostrutted 13m launch of a 2.5m rocket, no fins, carrying a satellite largely made up of asteroid day parts 14m KSPedia has an icon in the VAB 15m aero overlay shows fairing bug seems fixed. Rocket begins flipping out, but not as much as one might expect for an unfinned similar rocket in 1.0.5 16m against all Squadcast tradition kasper shows extreme piloting skills to recover the flip and carries on his trajectory 20m orbit splines show thicker before the craft than in front 21m note tweaked atmospheric shaders - nathan has been doing a lot of work here 22m performance seems good considering kasper says stream is running from a laptop with a gazzilion other tabs open 23m probe enters Mun SOI and Kasper sets up for a polar orbit 23m talk about the antenna range rework delayed and not in 1.1, EJ: "we know that got moved to the next update... potentially next update, I'm not saying for certain" 25m kasper deploys narrow band scanner, but as no survey scan has been performed no data is available 27m the stock rover+skycrane is loaded up (sans skycrane) to demo the new wheels 28m rover seems less flip happy than I'd expect. Wheel options are extensive 29m confirmation the twin boar engine now provides roll control 30m confirmation tutorials have been rewritten and new ones added 31m now launching a new stock plane (Mallard) to show wheel suspension on a heavier vehicle 32m cockpit cutaways demonstrated 32m hovering over crew portraits gives info on specialisation and skill levels, can customise number of portraits to display 34m safe to assume that pretty much every mod will need updating 35m extensive running at 4x physical warp and plane looked steady, not as wobbly and eratic as I would expect 35m coming into land on island runway 36m buzzes the island tower which now seems to have a light 37m turns around makes landing... of sorts. There were survivors. 38m nose landing gear failed to extend on landing (there was some lag with it compared to rears on takeoff) 39m believe that antennas can now be manually extended (previously after data transmission they couldn't), but not 100% sure on that 40m mobile labs have been overhauled (think arsonide went into detail on this in an earlier devnotes) 41m frame rates suffering due to other laptop issues, kasper is going to reboot and start a new stream. Stream Two 0m ANOTHER SQUAD DOGGIE! (EJ's I think) makes a mic appearance 1m launching the stock dynawing and showing 85fps on the launchpad 3m at 7500m showing 95fps, SQUAD DOGGIE 2 barks approval 4m EJ is sending over a monster .craft file to show performance ~500 parts 6m ~500 parts on launchpad, on a laptop, running 35fps 7m 25fps at launch with a LOT of boosters firing 10m 60km up, 110+fps 13m now loading up a 629part monster in the VAB, 53fps 14m taking a while to load onto launchpad though 15m actually may have crashed KSP, so restart 17m yeah, this craft file looks to have crashed KSP a second time 18m nope, it's loaded! 19m launch is.... laggy. 19m Kasper to EJ "you have really sabotaged our attempt to show off 1.1!" 20m launch! - and it looks quite smooth, lag may be related to seperation of craft (ie in this instance multi hundred part launch tower and multi hundred part rocket) into seperate threads 23m laptop specs this is being run on: i7-6700hq, 2.6ghz, nvidia gtx960m gpu w/4gb vram, 16gb ram 25m ~40fps at 70km, still several hundred parts 27m re release time frame.... don't have an exact time frame, but this saturday KSPTV live streamers are allowed to show 1.1 28m so no release date yet, but progress 31m fin
  6. This week's squadcast (last week's was cancelled) saw Kasper, DrTurkey & Porkjet explore national stereotypes whilst sending a crewed mission to Duna. Before I risk a forum wide flame war divided along national boundaries, let me confirm that this was the good natured poking of national stereotypes among friends and no reason to take offence. We find in the end that despite a Germanic predilection for perfection, the Mexican work ethic, and flat out Dutch weirdness, three nations can successfully put little green men on the red planet. This squadcast is not the source of hype fuel you may have been looking for. The archived stream can be viewed at and due to an early stream crash is split in two, the first part being ~5 minutes long, the second a more meaty ~45 minutes. As ever, this is just one person's interpretation of the stream and should not be taken as authoritative or even particularly accurate. Stream One 1m Joe/Dr Turkey is on via phone, in a car (as passenger) on way to super secret meeting 2m Porkjet is feeling perfect - DrTurkey: "when a german says he's perfect you've got to start feeling alarmed" 3m Confirmation we're playing v1.0.5, today we're going to Duna, large 3.5m rocket on launchpad 4m stream dies Stream Two 2m Chris/Porkjet has been working on the IVA masks that DasValdez revealed earlier to better get existing IVA assets working in 3D 3m Porkjet's german accent sees him encouraged to make a passable Terminator impression. His protestations that Germany & Austria are actually two different countries fall on deaf ears. 4m Fillipe/Harvester is working hard on wheels, some collider issues are persistent. Looks like pre-release shouldn't "be too long". 6m scrappy transfer to Duna arranged 7m Chris confirms working on refreshing all rocket part appearance whilst maintaining unique manufacturer design cues. 8m Duna mission is reverted as it transpires the crew are still back at base 9m Duna mission lander is 4 mk1 lander cans stapled together, a lot of drogues & full chutes, twitch radial engines. 10m NathanKell joins the chat stream 12m Kasper has been talking to NASA this week, nothing ready to be publicly revealed. Won't be about something in game though will be cool. Kerbal plushie freefall indicator is mooted in chat. 14m Relaunched Duna mission sees a shallow launch angle come very close to overheating the payload fairing 18m DrTurkey is on way to pick up his car after repair. Car doors are surprisingly expensive. Kasper sympathises, noting motorbike fairings similarly run into hundreds of euros for little bits of plastic - and they don't even have doors. Compulsory third party insurance, common across Europe, is evidence of "european weirdness". International relations take a hit as national stereotypes are played out in full: "is a mexican really going to lecture me about hard work?". During the motorbike fairing conversation, Porket disappointingly fails to demand "your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle". 21m confirmation the earlier teased "secret meeting" is DrTurkey picking up the TurkeyMobile after repairs necessitated by an earlier car crash. 25m chat about the benefits of "mundane" games, eurotruck simulator / farming simulator get a nod 27m Mission is captured around, and de-orbits Duna. Kasper briefly believes he's been hit by a bug as he's unable to retract solar panels before being informed that he's selected the lighter non-retractable solar panels for his mission rather than the retractable shielded variant. Quickly he reserves a couple of batteries to ensure some spare juice. 28m pre-release date is "still not here yet", some bugs they want to get nailed, sounds like "little less than a dozen" are serious enough that they'd be repeatedly reported. 29m nathankell & fillipe have been working on a couple of really annoying persistent bugs that evolve and seem possessed by cunning intelligence. 30m drogues deploy 31m landed on duna in one piece (sans solar panels). DrTurkey, as he's on the phone and can't see the stream, can't believe the successful landing (trust a european?!) and requests confirmation Porkjet (also european) that the landing hasn't been faked. 32m nod to exomars mission - europeans can do space! 35m confirmation that fairing lift bug is fixed (this was confirmed in the last squadcast too) 36m the only publicly available screenshots so far are the IVA ones DasValdez revealed a while back 37m rocket refresh visuals are confirmed for 1.2. Porkjet seemed very enthusiastic in his confirmation of this point, once he'd worked out his mute button. 37m comms network rework is slated for 1.2 (seemed, perhaps, a little less confident on this point) 38m Porkjet: "I don't think so" when asked if there were any new parts in 1.1 besides the already revealed inflatable heatshield and new landing wheels 39m plan is for console to have parity with PC moving forward whilst noting the certification process will likely add some lag to the console releases 40m no Kerbal Engineer Redux style deltav readouts in 1.1. "Is there any DV readout in 1.1?" asks Kasper of Porkjet DrTurkey? "Don't know, think later" - sounds like there are serious plans to get a dv readout of some sort in stock and relatively soon. 41m Porkjet clarifies the 1.1 new parts note (38 minutes) by noting some of the asteroid day stock mod parts are in 1.1 (but not the core asteroid scanning functionality) 43m fin Finally, a quick note about dates. I use Y/M/D format for squadcast summary dates. Largely because that's what 5thHorseman always used, secondly because I'm an IT bod by nature and that format makes most sense in code (the largest number is always the later date), thirdly because I'm a european, and hence weird, and finally because the american habit of M/D/Y confuses the hell out of the rest of the world who use D/M/Y (apart from China, Japan, a few others). Americans are weird. Anyway, Y/M/D seems least prone to international confusion, and as this squadcast has amply demonstrated, we're all about international cooperation in KSP. Even if all those other countries are weird. Oh, and the day may or may not be out by one because Thursday in Mexico may well be Friday in Europe. Timezones: also weird.
  7. I did mention previously that I wouldn't get chance to do these very often - everyone else welcome to hop in at any stage. 5thHorseman & OWK (was it Owl or OWK? Might have been OWK) before him were much better custodians of this slot than me. I did actually get to see most of last week's squadcast too, but other than the news that SQUAD DOGGIE likes apples it was rather light on news. Anyway, with exciting developments coming thick and fast I figured this week's Squadcast would definitely be one to watch. This week's squadcast, with Kasper, Nathan, and Roverdude will be of great interest to modders and those who use mods with a lot of interesting chat. A good chunk of technical chat about new hooks and handles, from which mere mortals can discern the mods most likely to require significant work to make 1.1 compatible (tl;dr: anything with wheels, anything UI, anything at all really) and some new possibilities afforded by the new interfaces. As ever, this broadcast archive can be found at and twitch now archives the chat stream too (though still requires flash, so you know, be careful, update flash / run it in a VM / set flash to click-to-play etc). And as ever, this is just one person's interpretation of a stream and is in no way authoritative or even accurate. (1) We're running v1.0.5, setting up to launch a small dummy payload into orbit. (2) "it's quite a difference" responds Kasper when asked in chat what it's like going back to 1.0.5 after playing 1.1 (3) talk of extra event handles in the code* expanding on the interesting coolant talk going on in this weeks devnotes between Red Iron Crown & Nathan (fix to ensure heat is transferred with fuel when moved around a vessel opens up pumped coolant possibilities) (5) re existing mods anything with wheels will almost certainly need changing, UI mods will see significant changes, new asset bundles. After launch, talk of doing a special UI building KSP livestream. Meanwhile the craft on the launchpad jettisons it's fairing as it's first order of business, hasty revert to re-arrange staging. (6) not talking specific performance numbers until experimental data is in, "crap ton of optimisations" performing a lot better. Deep mods will need to change bindings as some old hooks are no longer there. OnGUI code should still be backwards compatible. (7) rocket has launched but is extra bendy, revert to VAB. (8) unity 5 setup is a lot easier to work with (9) sas/torque calculations have been reworked a little in 1.1 so can now ref new iTorque property rather than checking through reaction wheels. Should help with autopilot mods. (11) Re the KSP store v steam distribution for pre-release launch (after experimentals, before proper launch). Always looking at options, but rough calc at 70tb of traffic over two weeks would really stretch KSP servers / CDN costs so for now likely to be a steam exclusive. (15) Rocket redesign as still too bendy. MOAR STRUTS. (20) warning to steam pre-release, and some small compensation to KSP store owners - pre-release phase will almost certainly be buggy and save trashing. Bug finding power of thousands of steam customers dwarfs that achievable by even regimented QA/experimentals testing regimes. Steam customers are not "getting 1.1 early", they've the option of playing what will very likely be a buggy save trashing release. (21) No electric juice on rocket has now resulted in dead almost-orbital rocket. Redesign to add MOAR JUICE. (23) Innovative staging on launch is pretty but explosive - what happens if we fire ALL THE STAGES AT ONCE? Revert. (24) At least Max got into orbit, Kasper admits (26) stream/video NDA rights on pre-release likely to be pragmatic and open (27) no plans to DRM pre-release, we've never had DRM in KSP, no plans to add at this stage. Nod to the Spintires DRM-lite clustertruck. (30) Discussion on the KerbalStuff situation to nail some wilder revisionist theories. Status is, was, remains as officially communicated. (31) We have orbit! (35) Realism Overhaul (RP0) mod discussion (37) De-orbited payload, now launching the Blackbird-like atmospheric jet designed in last week's squadcast. (40) Unstable flight dynamics result in a water.... landing, let's call it a landing. Nathan knows his flight dynamics and educates the stream on Blackbird lift. (42) Roverdude talking about streaming the work on his colonisation mods (mods, we're not talking about integrating this into stock) (43) Now launching the Juno powered stock seaplane (45) Successful sea landing, Valentina goes out for a swim. But is swimming backwards. At speed. Curious drag coefficient differences between a kerbal and a seaplane. Relaunch. (48) Kasper talks about his mod making attempts. (52) Now "landing" on the island runway, well, any one you walk away from. (53) No plans for new parachutes in this update. Future is future. (57) confirmation that fairing lift bug in 1.0.5 has been fixed in 1.1 - lift will now be applied at the root of the fairing. (58) We leave Valentina at the top of the island control tower, and end the stream (59) Fin * whenever I hear "the code" I can't help but internally correct: "it's more what you'd call guidelines"
  8. Look forward to 5thHorseman (and Owl before him) writing up the Squadcasts each week but I think he's been busy the last couple. As this week I found myself uncharacteristically in possession of free time I thought I'd jump on in as a one time deal. This won't be as good as 5thHorseman's writeups, and I'm very unlikely to be able to writeup again in future. I'm a bit lax with timestamps, video can be found at Squadcast was an hour and fifteen minutes, hosted this week by DasValdez. Guests were Dr Turkey & Kasper. AND THE SQUAD DOG. DasValdez is making a Dreamchaser in stock KSP. Squad dog says hello in the background. Sounds bigger than a terrier, smaller than a retriever. Also sounds very happy. And sounds like someone hid his squeaky toy. DasValdez has a general appreciation for hinges and moving parts, think he's making some unsubtle hints to get more infernal robotics style bits in squad stock. Nasa can make hinges he notes. Squad reps note that Nasa budget has more zeros at the end. Dr Turkey notes that KSP got a bad steam review! The reviewer gave (I think) 4/20 score due to a lack of cats in the game. It's all about the dogs here mate. Roverdude apparently has plans on a cat(apult) powered craft propulsion mod. (24 mins) Unity 5 QA is ongoing and different to 1.1 QA Everybody's crunching (27 mins) 1.1 is running on Unity5 - they're just two different QA streams. Release version will be 1.1, running on U5 (29 mins) Significant boost to gamespeed is anticipated due to rewrite (30 mins) KSP development expected to continue, no plans otherwise, but clearly at somepoint before heat death of universe it will stop 1.1 will not be out next week "No VR plans yet, but would be cool, would be fantastic. Resource/benefit ratio not yet there to throw dev time at it." (33 mins) Extra localisation is planned, no ETA yet, working on a framework. (35 mins) System spec requirements not thought to change. Console work doesn't limit PC branch. Console work has helped PC branch by "forcing" better work practices & clean up/optimisation of code. Console & PC are two seperate builds, one won't limit the other. Dreamchaser build is looking *pretty* (clippy, but pretty). (40 mins) Multiplayer is coming, working on it, it's hard backend work (sounds like it's a way off, not 1.1) Hiring professionals for translations. Nod to Prison Architect, it's great. (it is) Dreamchaser made it to the runway without exploding. Balance is going to be a bit whacked. (45 mins) Squad do most builds. Edu & console builds are worked on by seperate companies. Hiring talented modders has been a success for Squad. Dreamchaser engine clipping on cargo bay prevented their firing. (48 mins) Question on PhysX support - unsure, if U5 runs PhysX then KSP 1.1 will have PhysX Dreamchaser now exploding out it's fairing. 1.1 will have auto invisible strutting inside fairings (think this was mentioned in devnotes) (52 mins) Steam achievments - developing an achievements system for console, arguments on either side as to whether to take this to Steam - sounds like no decision made either way yet (57 mins) Bug on fairing drag in 1.0.5 being applied in front of fairing - unsure if that's fixed in 1.1 There exist KSP bumper stickers. (1h 6mins) - back on acheivements, making the console ones as fun as possible (ie. not kill 1000 rats), still open either way on Steam implementation, welcoming feedback Dreamchaser booster stage took out the spaceplane hangar in spectacular fasion. (1h 10mins) Squad doggy barks goodbye. Doc Turkey & Kasper depart. (1h 15mins) Fin. No new screenshots or any particularly groundbreaking game news, but SQUAD DOG! Edit: Whilst we wait for the all important SQUAD DOG news, have my very own Kerbal Kitten:
  9. Every 15 minutes I drop a time stamp, so if you can find a spot in the video more easily. Descriptions of gameplay are in green. "Something in quotes means it was directly said." If you want to watch the episode yourself, you can find it at Squadcast was just under an hour, and is posted in 3 parts. I ignored the first 2 as they were only a few minutes long each. 0:00 Lots in the studio. Mike. Nathan. And Chris. No Kasper this week. He has a contract to test a parachute still. He accepts another to test a radial decoupler. He builds a ship with the chute and the decoupler. And a heat shield even though he's not even going into space. Turkey offers for people to expand on Devnotes Nathan discussed moduleengines and the sound fix. Why fix moduleengines when everything is going to moduleenginesfx? Becuase there are a lot of legacy parts that still use it, and lots of mods also use it. "We shouldn't go out of our way to break old stuff." It was a quick fix, too. He launches with Phoicca Kerman at the helm, with a lot of help from Nathan to hopefully make the ship fly well. The moment the rocket gets to half fuel (and the top tank empties) it flips. He lands okay but loses a lot of his craft due to staging shenanigans, and completes none of his contracts. Throughout this, they discuss the Casper movie, and the differences between Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton. 15:00 Nathan helps him more, getting all the cruft of of the rocket. But it's still going to be bottom heavy with that huge engine. Then he adds fins. 2 of them. So they won't help. You need 3 or more for stability to actually work. He launches. He flips. He's high enough that he could fix it, and kind of does but not really. Mostly he just left the engine running even when facing down. He runs out of fuel way too soon and doesn't get the height or speed for the decouplers. He's also coming down like a lawn dart. He pulls the chutes the SECOND they turn yellow, and somehow they don't shear off. Phoicca lives for another day. More help from Nathan, he puts on 4 fins and shifts them down. After a surprising amount of difficulty with the widges and snap mode. "Nathan, save me from myself." I don't think he can. Another launch! They start talking about Star Wars, so Dr_Turkey misses... He accelerates the whole way up, meaning he's going over the maximum 920m/s 10km below the minimum altitude of 34km. When he reaches 34km, he's going over 1.3km/s He runs out of fuel at 40km, going 1.5km/s straight up. In a lawn dart. "Maybe on the re-entry it'll be okay" followed by: "This is not going to end well I don't think." On Nathan's advice, he starts tumbling. He hits the atmosphere. He MAY have survived if he put the parachutes into 3 stages. as it was, the 3 chutes slowed him down to about 250-300m/s before shearing off. If they'd gone one by one, maybe one of them would have stayed on. But that did not happen. Dr_Turkey kills Phoicca and blames Nathan for it. Like any good Space Program director. 30:00 Nathan suggests a 45 degree angle of launch, and actually paying attention during launch this time. His rocket falls over on the pad, so he launches. I don't know why he's having these issues with rockets falling over. I have to work to get them to do that. Valentina dies. "It started to tumble." No it didn't. It fell over. On the launch pad. When physics loaded. I think that's a bug. That should never happen. Especially on Squadcast where the game is being showcased. He decides to add a decoupler and heat shield. At least the Kerbal will live. Probably. It falls over again. Seriously it's not "tumble"ing. It's falling. Tumbling implies it's moving at the time. That rocket is perfectly symmetrical. It should never, ever fall over just sitting on the pad. And that happens to every rocket it seems. That is not the way the game works. "People are laughing at me at the office." "Not just at the office." While true, I stand by that there is something fundamentally wrong with Dr_Turkey's install. He decides to start over, and build a new rocket "My way. My way or the highway." Dr_Turkey's way is one of the smallest ships possible, launched into the air with 4 RT-10 SRBs at max thrust. And somewhat ironically they're not enough. He manages somewhat impressively to kill Bill by pulling the chute too early. He's out of cash, and almost out of Kerbals. And surprisingly his rep is decent. But he ends the career in shame. 45:00 Nathan convinces him to try to cancel his contracts and accept the "orbit" contract to get some cash. He'll try that next time. Mike(?) on devnotes: He's redoing the settings screen. Better controller support. Input classes behind the scenes, to tie the input together. New screen, platform specific and controller specific. Steam controller would have its own screen for example. And moddable. Chris: He can't spoil it. He's making things pretty. Dr_Turkey: He's looking through feedback from the PS4 version that was shown this week. Some people complained about the controls, but they're changing those. Things are "less complicated" using the PS4 controller. Dr_Turkey prefers it.