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Found 2 results

  1. This is a continuation of Stock Size Real Solar System, Originally by @sDaZe and myself. I pics, no clicks, but that's what you guys are for! Big thank you to @OhioBob for all of the help with atmospheres and other sciency things I don't understand! This makes RSS, well, you guessed it, stock size! Change Log: v0.0.3.0 Update for latest scatterer v0.0320b A few more patch fixes for RSS and 1.3 Removed Volumetric clouds on Venus and Titan until Scatterer can fix its black cloud issue New sun flare Added sun light intensity curve (bodies get darker as they get further from the sun) If you don't like it, or think its too dark, just delete the SunCurve.cfg in SSRSS/configs folder DOWNLOAD INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS for SSRSS 1. Download and install Kopernicus: LINK 2. Download and install RSS: LINK (ONLY install the RealSolarSystem folder. The bundled Kopernicus and ModularFlightIntegrator is outdated) 3. Download and install RSS TEXTURES: LINK 4. Install Sigma Dimensions: LINK 5. Install the SSRSS folder into your GameData folder 6. For proper day length, install Kronometer LINK To replace the sun flare, you must replace the textures that come with SSRSS located in GameData\SSRSS\visuals\scatterer\SunFlares\Sun with the sun flare of your choosing OPTIONAL: Kronometer, EVE, Scatterer, Distant Objects Enhancements, PlanetShine all have support. Thread links below. just download and install. DO NOT INSTALL RSSVE OR ANY OTHER VISUAL PACK FOR RSS. THEY WILL NOT WORK. -Kronometer - Highly recommended to get the correct time in game -Environmental Visual Enhancements (do not install the configs) -Scatterer: -Distant Object Enhancements -PlanetShine And a little extra, cool stuff for everyone: Use this to get high detail terrain with SSRSS. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! (I even included pictures) High Detail Preset Every time you donate, a puppy gets adopted...ok, not really but it does keep my motivation strong and my coffee cup filled! This mods is licensed by Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND
  2. Hey everyone, First of all, from everything that I've read I can ascertain that the majority of you are helpful, kindhearted individuals; I want to say thank you for that. That being said, I feel as if I may be asking the wrong questions. So instead of posting where all the developers are posting, (and asking stupid questions), I'm going to ask this question here -- where my newbishness is assumed and expected. KSP 1.3 Game Data Screen Shot: (all mods are up to date) I've tried to install the SSRSS (Kerbin sized real solar system) after reading the entirety of the latest thread for the mod -- which contains very specific instructions, updates along the way, and countless confirmations that it's working properly on 1.3. However, all three times I haven't been able to get anything to work. Now I'm wondering if there's some mod out there that I've just never happened upon; that no one talks about, that's sort of an "Oh, you didn't know you needed that? EVERYONE knows that", type thing. I've posted on that thread but my question seems to stick out in a bad way and feel stupid posting there due to my ignorance of how all of this really works. Anyway, I'm in no rush and appreciate any support someone is willing to give me.