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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, novice kerbonaut here. I've successfully designed and created multiple SSTOs of all classes that are Mun and Minus capable, thanks to many of the topics here and KSP tubers. Some important tips are: 1. Low drag is better than high thrust (Thank you GoSlash27 and Warzouz) 2. Control surface placement is key (Thanks to physics) 3. Centre of mass ahead of centre of lift (Just try and see what happens if not) 4. Static incidence in wings, i.e. tilt your wings to include a little angle of attack while level so that thrust in prograde can still generate positive climb without control surface drag losses.(GoSlash27 at God level IMO) 5. Try to ensure dry center of mass remains within 5% deviation from its initial position (preferably at the center for maximum aerodynamic control authority) Tip number 5 is where I struggle with. I try optimising my vehicles by messing around with fuel placement, but can never seem to keep track centre of mass within those limits. (Sorry, will not be attaching craft files just yet). Most of the time, this shift is unavoidable until I use radially placed fuel tanks and engines, which comes into direct contradiction of tip 1, and tip 1 always gets more preference for efficiency purposes. So to conclude, I'm asking for tips about how my designs can incorporate that last shred of increased efficiency through smooth control.