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Found 1 result

  1. Hi I've looked around the forums. I've watched the Scott Manley basic tutorials and then the Mark Thrimm SSTO video. I've seen Matt Lowne land bricks. However I can't seem to build a spaceplane I can actually land. I find getting to orbit easy. Re-entry is hit and miss but if I can make it to below 600m/s things generally survive that bit. It's landing I can't seem to manage. I've included 2 links. One is a crew plane (called 14 man but I think I dropped it 10) and another is supposed to lift an 18t fuel tank. Both can get to orbit with ease. Both re-enter if you're lucky. One lands on a good day, the other mostly explodes. Problems are: 1) The small plane just won't manoeuvre despite using large control surfaces. If you come in perfectly straight and hit the chutes at the right time I've managed to land it but normally it hits too hard. 2) The big plane has far too great an angle of attack. If I add wings further forward it flips out on re-entry and is not recoverable (well, you can get it going straight with a quick blast in closed cycle mode but it won't turn even gently). It also has a habit of ripping its own wings off when decelerating. Action group 1 switches the intakes and the rapiers. MODS: There may be a SETI Probe Parts pod in the big plane. I think the small one is fully stock. Any help or pointers would be much appreciated! Thanks.