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Found 249 results

  1. Kerbal excrements Program

    Laythe SSTO Follies

    Hello, to anyone who is reading this post. I have ideas for Laythe SSTOs & I need need some help in fixing my crafts so they can live up to my expectations. Feel free to reach out to me & help me on my goals!
  2. I always thought that with the use of ions and gravity assist that an exoplanet mission wasn't too far out of the question. So I gave it a try and... Big thanks to @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures for making the Extrasolar system pack which is used to add the exoplanet into the game. You did a very good job with everything, from the design to the visual enhancements.
  3. Hey there forum goers! My name is of course, SpaceplaneAddict and welcome to Addiction Aerospace, my SSTO repository. If the name and stuff is to RP-ey, then I'll change it, no biggie. Anyway, I'll be posting SSTO's and occaisonaly other junk (A.K.A Failed stuff maybe, plus rockets). Enough talk! The BadS SSTO, featuring everything you need in an LKO SSTO! Anyway, as I said, this is a basics SSTO, has everything needed for LKO, such as RCS, Docking, and a good Delta-V margin along with unmanned capacity. To fly, well, I'll just say it's a mid TWR vessel. I'll have details for flight below somewhere. I forgot, have a download link The Blade, SSTDuna and maybe back! This SSTO here is my first ever interplanetary capable SSTO! Anyway, acsent profile is sort of tricky, but doable if I can orbit it! 10 degree acsent all the way. At 8km pitch up to 15 degrees. At 15km, pitch down to 5 degrees. Slowly rise to 10degrees and hold it there. Light nuke when combined RAPIER thrust is below 180. Switch mode to rocket when total thrust is below 100. Fly to Space! Action groups: 1 - Toggle RAPIERS 2 - Toggle RAPIER modes 3 - Toggle Nukes And I'll take that, to go. The Mercenary, a 1 Kerb Dune Buggy! Well, rovers are self explanatory. Originally designed for the Elcano, beware of high speed turning. Though it has 2 small reaction wheels, turning speed is around 15 m/s. And, you can't argue those looks! Get yours today for only Free thousand Funds! Persistance, two stage to Minmus Spaceplane! As the picture shows, the spaceplane end looks like a normal longb range Nuke-RAPIER combo, but on the nuke, is a decoupler, and a "Thumper" SRB! The SRB is for an orbital kick, shooting you (if shallow acsent if used) to a 50km or so Ap, and pushing T-Apoapsis to a near 1 minute 45 seconds away! No instructions for this one, hehe, just pitch 10 degrees near the lower altitudes. Get yours today, for almost 45 THOUSAND Funds! Pickaxe, a Mk3 Infinirange Mining Spaceplane (SSTO)! Well, as stated, it's a simple trick of carrying a mining kit everywhere you go. Can handle EverythingTM except Eve and Tylo. Flight instructions: None. Pitch according to thrust output. If thrust is increasing, pitch to the point it is barely increasing. Pitch level at "speed run" altitude. Action Groups: 1 Toggle RAPIERS 2 Switch RAPIER mode 3 Toggle Nuclear rocket Buy ten, get 1, COMPLETELY FREE! The Alouette, my competitor to @Rune's White Dart! Space station not included Designed to have the same functionality of the White Dart, it is just as modular, and (probably) as dragless. Power comes from the Whiplash jet, and the dual Thuds, radially mounted, then offset. Flight Instructions: Pitch acording to thrust. Get yours today for about 2 WHOLE FUNDS! WHOOOO! Anyway, that's all for now, hoping to get some newer, an different ones out later. -SPAddict
  4. sevenperforce

    ARCA Expendable Smallsat SSTO

    This had been discussed on the forums a few years ago, but now ARCA (a rather odd company that doesn't seem to know what its market is) has released a glitzy CGI video of its "Haas 2CAJ" smallsat SSTO launcher. While the company's track record isn't very good, the combination of technologies and solutions in their idea seems solid enough. Here's a bunch of specs on it. It's a 16-meter-high smallsat SSTO burning RP-1 and HTP with a projected payload of 100 kg to LEO, using a rather large linear aerospike engine and a composite frame/tank with common bulkheads. Claimed launch price is just $1 million. As these things go, it's not a bad idea. HTP/RP-1 is about the only non-exotic prop combo with a higher impulse density than kerolox, and it also permits higher thrust than kerolox, which helps make up for the lower TWR of linear aerospike engines. It's pressure-fed, which would typically be the death knell for an SSTO, but since the linear aerospike engine doesn't require a high chamber pressure it's not a bad idea. Pressure-fed engines also typically have very poor tankage ratios, but the composite tanks can handle higher pressures. The pressurant is liquid helium that is passed through an engine heat exchanger, simultaneously cooling the big aerospike engine and saving on the weight of a turbopump, which further mitigates the low TWR of the aerospike. The linear aerospike allows for roll, pitch, and yaw authority through differential throttling alone, which saves on the mass of a gimbal system. The use of HTP comes with its own set of handling challenges, but it is cheaper than LOX, requires no insulation, and requires less demanding materials specifications than LOX. All in all, not a bad concept. Whether they will pull it off or not, I don't know. They fuss and fret over the horrors of staging, but honestly this could be very competitive if it was offered with the option of COTS parallel SRBs. Base configuration for smallsats, a couple of SRBs for larger LEO comsats, or a quad of SRBs for big LEO comsats or GTO smallsats. Better than trying to fuss with a second stage.
  5. Welcome to Spaceplane Innovations, the online leader in executive Spaceplane sales. Dropping tanks is so yesterday, earn back some self-respect by going fully-reusable today! We have Interplanetary leviathans and nimble Mun Hoppers, Single-stage-to-anywheres and Cargo-carrying brutes. All capable of high crew capacity and total galactic dominance. Shop now, the SSTO of your dreams is just a click away. We also make rockets. View the full catalogue! Click to view the full catalogue! Artemis Class These spaceplanes are the biggest of the bunch (so far), consisting of 3 Mk3 fuselages side-by-side, with the ability to carry an enormous amount of cargo/crew to many different interplanetary destinations. The Archangel is the first of the Artemis line, and has the ability to easily go to Duna or Mun with 60 Kerbals, and pilots who have a good grasp of gravity assists will find further destinations, such as Eeloo, very possible as well! Video - Mun mission Video - Eeloo mission The Artemis is a monstrous spaceplane capable of carrying 124 kerbals to LKO with just over 4,000 m/s of DeltaV to spare. It can't fly quite as far as the Archangel, but it is quite capable of going to Laythe and back without refuelling. Video - Laythe mission Archangel Download Archangel Download Archangel v2 Download Artemis Download Argus Class These spaceplanes are big, brutal, and capable of interplanetary missions without breaking a sweat, independent of mining or refuelling. WARNING: You will need to replace the landing gear on the Argus II and Engadine with larger ones if you're playing in 1.1 or later. The Odyssey will work fine though. The Argus was built as a Bop SSTO, but in the end was mainly used for Duna cargo missions and Eeloo voyages. It doesn't work so great in 1.05, and so is no longer sold by Spaceplane Innovations. Video - Eeloo mission Video - Duna mission The Engadine was the hugely popular successor to the Argus, packing more DeltaV and a massive 20 Kerbal capacity. So far it has only been used for Mun landings, but we at Spaceplane Innovations believe it could easily be used for Duna returns too. Video The Argus II was built following the success of the Engadine as an ultra-long-range SSTO. It has more m/s of DeltaV in LKO than any other SSTO produced by Spaceplane Innovations. Video The Odyssey was built to replace the legendary Engadine. doubling its crew capacity while retaining its high range. Duna and Gilly missions are well within its capabilities, as well as Eeloo and Jool for those who have mastered the fine art of gravity assists. Video - Mun mission Make no mistake: these planes are unruly, bulky, unbalanced and difficult to tame. They are therefore best suited to more adept pilots who understand gravity assists and how to efficiently ascend from Kerbin. They're hard to master, but for those with the patience to learn their functions the pay-off is huge. Argus II Download Engadine Download Odyssey Download Acacius Class Acacius ships have an IRSU on board and are capable of refuelling themselves using mining equipment. These are at the forefront of exploration, and are the best "single-stage-to-anywhere" planes we offer! Only one model is currently available for consumers: The Acacius 2 is the first SSTO produced by Spaceplane Innovations to feature the "Single Stage to Everywhere" guarantee. Doesn't do Tylo. Or Eve. Or Jool. These craft are ideal for beginners who want to get to grips with gravity assists or the Jool system, without having to worry about fuel. WARNING: You may need to replace the landing gear with larger ones if you're playing in 1.1 or later. Video Acacius 2 Download Dune Class Before the Argus class, there was the Dune class. The second oldest class of spaceplane made by Spaceplane innovations (after the discontinued Revenge class), these are lightweight, agile, and pack enough DeltaV for Duna, Minmus, Mun and Gilly. Flybys of planets further out are also possible. Dune 3 is the latest and greatest in this class, sporting 3 seats and a cosy interior. These are moderately difficult to use, but experienced pilots shouldn't have too much trouble. WARNING: You may need to replace the landing gear with larger ones if you're playing in 1.1 or later. Video Dune 3 Download Phantom Class These SSTOs are the little-brothers of the Argus Class, and are slightly larger than the Dune class. WARNING: You may need to replace the landing gear with larger ones if you're playing in 1.1 or later. With room for 6 kerbals, the Phantom class is currently offers 3 models: The Minmus Trainer is the easiest-to-use SSTO sold by Spaceplane Innovations, and was specifically designed to train budding kerbalnauts in the fine art of Minmus SSTO-ing. Only the instructions are available for purchase, so that pilots can also learn how to build an SSTO too! Video (SSTO Tutorial) The Mun Phantom was the first Phantom Class SSTO packing enough DeltaV for Mun and Gilly landings, in addition to being able to do Duna flybys. Video The Mun Phantom 2 is a modified version of the Duna Phantom, packing a spacious cargo bay for all your rover carrying needs! Video The Duna Phantom is able to carry 6 kerbals to Duna and back, all in a sleek Mk2 fuselage! Video Video (SSTO Tutorial) The Laythe Phantom is capable of taking 2 kerbals to Laythe and back without refuelling! Craft file has been altered so that it won't enter a flat spin when the fuel tanks are empty now Video Mun Phantom Download Mun Phantom 2 Download Duna Phantom Download Laythe Phantom Download Vulture Class These SSTOs are designed purely for LKO missions. Vulture 1 is the first publicly available model in the Vulture class, capable of carrying 6 Kerbals comfortably to either a polar or equatorial orbit. Vulture 1 download Matlon Laboratories Matlon Laboratories is a new company, designing cutting-edge rockets, shuttles, stations, bases, rovers, and much more! SSTOs are still very-much exclusive to Spaceplane Innovations, but for anything else, Matlon has you covered! Brutus is a high-capacity Space Shuttle, and uses Solid Fuel boosters and 3 Vectoring engines to lift the orbiter into space. Played a key-role in the construction of the SkyBase Space Station, which was commissioned following the destruction of SpaceLab during the Duna Attacks strikes Video Sparrow is a seaplane packing every science experiment unit in the game, in addition to communications tech and a deployable mini-sub! Video Monolith Station aims to bring stations to the masses, being a space station capable of being fully assembled in 1 Launch Brutus Download Sparrow Download Monolith Station Download
  6. Já lançado! Para baixar o pre release siga para Thread de lançamento: Fala ai pessoal. Apresento a vocês meu projeto de partes em desenvolvimento. O Omicron, carro voador (ou space car). Meu sonho de consumo desde que eu assistia seriados de ficção quando era criança e continua até hoje. Juro que achava que quando chegasse-mos aos anos 2000, já teríamos desses na rua (no céu). E pelo menos um na garagem. Bom, já que ele ainda não chegou, aqui vai como eu o imagino, e com partes montáveis como cada um achar melhor. Com muitas possibilidades, para o gosto de cada um. List of things i still need to do (for full release): Solar Panel; Back docking port; Airbags & Floaters; IVA; Functional cockpit panel; Ejection system for seats and windows; Wings; Fine tuning parts (crash tolerance, temperatures, etc); Bons voos comandantes! Omicron by Climberfx is licensed under a Attribution 4.0 International
  7. After days reserching the space center history our reserchers found this forgoten spacecrafts some of them are prototipes that never flow ! Heres the hangar were the spacecraft blueprints are: In this thread i wil present you crafts i used and crafts that im currently using. Old crafts will be marked with a and newer will be with a All the crafts from in research to the ones that have blueprints I will try to upload at least one new craft every weak. all pictures were taken from game no post procesin was used only the ones from mods for more photos and other descriptions visit Kerbal X P.S. plese mind my inglish im acctually spanish so dont expect perfect englis I do try my best If you want to make a sugestion for more spacecraft`s or to update an existing spacecrafts comment below!
  8. MODS: KSPIE, KJR, Space Y, B9+legacy packs, SVE, scatterer, navhud, kerbal engineer, procedural parts, procedural wing, nebula decals, kerbal foundries continued, simple construction, TAC fuel ballancer, TAC life support, hangar extender, distant object enhancer, DiRT (for changing the skybox get it!)
  9. EndTraveler

    ssto questions

    ok, here goes. 2. is the "reach mach 1, reach 10 km, reach orbit" or the "reach mach 3 at 150 meters or below, pitch up to 10 or 15 degrees, reach orbit" ascent profile better for heavy cargo ssto? 5. is 1 whiplash and the rest nuclear engines and rapiers better than just rapiers and nuclear engines all help is appreciated .
  10. X-84 Akkadian at KerbalX The X-84 Akkadian is my attempt at the Ultimate Challenge: Visit every body and moon in the Kerbol system. As a bonus: visit also every planet and Moon in the Outer Planets mod. The vessel consists of three parts: - X-84 Akkadian SSTO - X-84a Ishtar Eve Lander - X84b Traveller Probe core The Akkadian is the workhorse of the mission: It is able to lift itself and the Eve lander into low Kerbin orbit. It has enough delta V to reach Moho from Eve. Enough thrust to land and take off from Tylo or Slate. And, it is sufficiently aerodynamic to land and take off from Tekto. Three Kerbals can travel comfortly and collect science from almost everywhere, except Eve. The Ishtar Eve lander is being lifted to orbit and carried through space by the Akkadian. All is needed are four additional Whiplash Engines and some wings. In order to save some weight, the lander is only equipped with a command chair for one Kerbal as well as some basic science experiments. Also on board is the Traveller probe core. The Traveller probe core is the key to fullfill the Ultimate Challenge: the contract requires a command module or probe core to land on every single planet and moon. As the Akkadian cannot land and take off from eve, and the Ishtar is not built to travel to every other body, the Traveller Probe core is the solution inbetween. It will land on Eve with the Lander. After reaching orbit again, the small probe will dock with the SSTO for the remainder of the voyage. The vessel is surprisingly cheap: the whole package costs under 300.000 Bucks. Take-Off weight from the runway is under 150t. And, practically no clipping was involved. Some specifics for the Akkadian Maximum mass: 109t Max Liquid Fuel: 10180 Max Oxidiser: 4620 Crew capacity: 3 Krew Range and Fuel Profiles: Max Range (10180 LF / 0 Ox): 7023 m/s dV Low Ox (10180 LF / 1000 Ox): 6400 m/s dV Max High Thrust, Chemical Rockets only (3892 LF / 4620 Ox): 2592 m/s dV Use Max Range, if target has low gravity suitable for Nerv only landing (Gilly, Ike, Bop, Pol, etc.) Use Low Ox Range, if target has medium gravity and Nervs require assist from Aerospikes / Rapiers (Moho, Duna, etc.) Use Max High Thrust for landing and take-off from Tylo. Remember to pack additional LF (800-1000 LF) for take-off from Tylo and transfer to Pol. Engines 3x Rapiers (Action Group 1 to toggle, AG 2 to switch mode 2x Nerv (AG3) for interplanetary travel 2x Aerospike to provide additional thrust for high-G landings (Tylo) or more efficient Oxidizer use. Aerospikes have 340 sec vacuum ISP vs. 305 sec from Rapiers in rocket mode. Also, it has 4 detachable Whiplash Engines to lift the Ishtar Eve Lander into Orbit. Ishtar Eve Lander The Ishtar Eve Lander is built to be lifted in front of the Akkadian into Orbit. For this, it has a detachable set of wings and control surfaces. To provide the necessary thrust for ascent, the Akkadian has four detachable Whiplash ram jets. The Ishtar has a first stage with one Vector engine and six asparagus-staging drop tanks, the first two with additional Aerospikes. The second stage is powered by one Terrier and two drop tanks with Sparks. The whole ascent vehicle has enough delta V to reach orbit from sea level with moderate skills. (You’ll have to know the atmospheric properties and general Eve ascent profiles, though. When in doubt, search the KSP forums or watch Eve ascent videos on Youtube.) Maximum mass: 56t with wings, 49t lander only Science Complement: 4x basic experiments (Thermometer, Accelerometer, Barometer, Gravioli Detector) Electricity: 2x solar panels in the Traveler Probe, 2x fuel cells on landing legs.
  11. I built this Andromeda class SSTO the other week, the intended use being space station components, which are bulky but light. I tested it with a 2.5m Xenon powered ship as the heaviest plausible payload (18t), because if your lifter is NERV powered, why would you go back down to chemical ISP for the deep space part? But the gold standard for a mk3 SSTO is an orange tank (36T) , so it had to be done... A design like this lives or dies by it's lift/drag ratio, namely you must stay as close to prograde as possible to minimise drag from the cargo bay. Aerodynamically, it's designed to do that when empty, and i've added trim flaps on action groups 1-3 to nudge the angle of attack a few degrees higher or lower so you can adjust the flight path. However, the positioning of the cargo can upset this. The orange tank caused it's AoA in Neutral trim to shift to almost 2 degrees nose down , due to the cargo being slightly too far forward. I was able to work around this by operating with nose up trim most of the flight and tweaking the deployment angle of the trim flap, as i'm sure you could if you had the luxury of an analog stick ! In future though, i'd recommend test flying with the payload before shooting for orbit, and see where the natural AoA goes to so you can see if the cargo needs to move at all. Or just get a fancy-ass analog joystick ! Is it the smallest thing to ever lift an orange tank?
  12. Hi all, first post here! So, I'm in career mode, with the majority of the tech tree unlocked (rapiers etc, but no MK3 spaceplane parts yet...) I have a rather large assembly plan for a rather large multi purpose space station. SoI need a cost effective (hopefully reusable for realism) LKO capable vehicle with the largest cargo capacity possible. Any ideas? Options thus far and their problems: 1. SSTO - probably with rapiers, but these are hard to design, and cargo capacity seems limited unless I go massive, and I mean massive 2. Recoverable booster (spacex style) - design wise this should be easier, with optimal cargo capacity, however landing the damn thing is a fair task... I have a mechjeb available (landing guidance) which could work, but surely I would need a mod to fly multiple ships at the same time. I'm willing to try my hand at KOS if it would work? Which of my two options is the best way forward, and how best to implement this in ship and mission design and execution? Or is there an option I haven't though of?
  13. Lt. Alex Kerman

    SSTO gallery

    post SSTO's here post modded SSTOs can use stock parts, just no 100% stock
  14. Put the most S4-512 fuel tanks from Making History into orbit at one time using an SSTO Rules - No cheating - Stock and Making History parts allowed - No part mods - S4-512 tank must actually be full of fuel - SSTO must return to Kerbin (KSC landing optional but preferred) - Most S4-512 fuel tanks launched wins - Must take off horizontally, it would be too easy to simply add a bunch of Saturn Vs to boost the thing into orbit. Leaderboard 1. @JacobJHC - 1 fuel tank 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. My entry to prove it is doable:
  15. (I've posted this before, but that was a long time ago, and I want to get back into the community, so here goes. Sorry if I shouldn't post this again). The Grus III is a long-range SSTO capable of Mun landings, though according to my Delta V calculations it can easily go well beyond that. It can get into orbit very easily due to its high TWR while using its Rapier engines. Its (roughly) estimated Delta V in LKO is about 4,150 m/s (usually a little less). Specifications: Part Count: 97 Mass: 80.545t Height: 5.8m Width: 22.8m Length: 25.6m Here it is on The Mun. It can make the trip easily as it was designed for bigger missions. It is also equipped with four science experiments, located on the belly of the craft. Here it is in the SPH. Some (kinda) strange features are its extra pair of engines. While very helpful during the initial ascent, extra reaction wheels are needed in space to prevent the Grus III from flipping all over the place due to the weird Center of Thrust. (At least this isn't the case with the nukes, though. That would be bad.) The Grus III completed the Mun trip with quite a bit of fuel left over. I've also taken it to Minmus, and Duna orbit (landing it was to hard to bother). Download here:
  16. NepalRAWR

    SSTO Crash

    It is a normal routine mission for the fist SSTO of Kerbin, there are important Kerbals on the plane, but something doesnt go as planned... Can you save the crew and the SSTO? Or will they die in a huge explosion? This is my first try with the mission builder. Download (Google Drive) Hints:
  17. ">View post on">Album will appear when post is submitted apparently i also need help figuring out how to put an imgur album in here
  18. I created an SSTO which works fine in Kerbin atmosphere, has plenty of fuel to get into orbit, however, when trying to circularise the orbit and using the nuclear engines in orbit, the SSTO keeps on pitching up, even when all control surfaces are turned off. Any help please? The SSTO has a mass of 56.3k kg, 4900 units of liquid fuel and 880 units of oxidiser, with 4 rapier engines and 2 nuclear.
  19. In the interest of creating a proper VTOL similar to the F-35C or Harrier, I've been trying to work on creating a powered, locking hinge assembly that would allow an engine to be undocked, rotated 90 degrees, and redocked, reversibly and repeatedly, using only action groups. I've worked on it for quite a while and I've never been able to get it perfect. Here's the closest I've come: So the challenge is this: create a rotating assembly, in stock, that uses action groups to complete a powered 90-degree rotation that can be repeated indefinitely. Level 1: Create and demonstrate only the assembly. Level 2. Demonstrate that engines can be affixed to your assembly. Level 3. Build a VTOL aircraft around your assembly and demonstrate liftoff, hovering, transition, translation, and vertical landing. Level 4. Build a VTOL SSTO around your assembly and demonstrate liftoff, hovering, transition, ascent, orbit, deorbit, re-entry, and vertical landing. Lowest-mass hinge assembly wins.
  20. If you are playing a career game there are things that matters: cost, research, safety, effectiveness. In my game I imposed myself to make crew rotations on long term station, to minimize cost you need ssto but effective SSTO will come with R.A.P.I.E.R. engines that are very expensive engine. This SSTO is my answer. It flies almost 20/30 times and this is the perfected version. Is cheap and does need high research elements such as R.A.P.I.E.R. engine but still perfect in its role mission task: safely bring a 3 member crew to/from any Orbital Kerbin station without refuelling. It reach 100/100 LKO with remaining 1300 ms of DV enough to reach also any Mün or Minmus station. Safe. the orbiting ascend is made in only four manoeuvres: a) take off rotation to 10° ascend angle, b) switch to aereospike at 1380 ms c) shutdown engine when reached your goal apoapsis d) circularise . Safe on reentry: once you made your preferred deorbit burn just set your VSO to orbit RAD+ with 0 rotation and wait unti il speed slow down, once you regain a correct flying asset you will bless it's almost perfect balanced flying performance: that will allow you to safe land your crew on runaway. Commands: 1 toggle ramjet 2 toggle aereospike 5 toggle cargo doors, antenna and docking Imgur image album Craft File Project
  21. JacobJHC

    Loki SSTO from GPP

    Some things to mention - SSTO can barely land without fuel - Aerodynamically unstable without fuel - Is a noodle without Kerbal Joint Reinforcement
  22. The Chausiku Kibowen class of heavy lifter spaceplane is an attempt at squaring the circle: combining the simplicity of a rocket with the efficiency and recoverability of a spaceplane. While that may be impossible, the Chausiku Kibowen comes close. It takes off easily, flies to orbit easily, re-enters easily, and lands easily. Craft file: The payload fits in a wide 3.75 metre fairing between twin fuselages. There's room to flare out the fairing a fair bit. Because it's in the centre, it minimises CoM shift issues, and the fairing keeps it aerodynamically efficient. Most of the body is structural: it is not intended to fly with full fuel load. The supplied craft file has plenty to get into orbit with the payload. To fly up, lift off at about 100 m/s, and once you’re at about 200 m/s, point the nose up at just under 20 degrees. Then do nothing at all until the jets start to flare out: at this point you should be still climbing healthily at about 25 km altitude, going at around 1400 m/s. Then hit 2 to toggle mode and start the tail engine, and fly yourself to orbit. To return, hold attitude between 45 and 60 degrees until transition to normal flight. If you have any fuel left, it helps to pump it towards the nose, as in very balanced regimes it may want to get into a flat spin when you hit thick air. To get out of it, apply thrust. Approach and landing are extremely easy. It touches down below 40 m/s at a reasonable angle.
  23. Hello, and this is my first post here! I hope this is not too much of a noob question, but is there anything like a VOR to help landing an aircraft, SSTO, or shuttle? If there is then I missed it, if there isn't then what else can I use to help make landing a bit easier? Is that too many questions? Any and all advice will be gratefully accepted. It is needed. Thanks you in advance, but I must attend to my clockwork band.