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Found 204 results

  1. Hello, I come to you all with a dilemma. I have been playing this game for a long time, but I'm having an issue. Prior to the 1.0 update, I had little problem with SSTOs, however, after the changes, I have not had much success. I was able to make a small one-man SSTO work, however, it is not of much use to me as it cannot dock, only has enough fuel for reentry after establishing orbit, and cannot carry any cargo. The main craft I have been working on, however, I cannot get to successfully establish orbit, much less rendezvous with either my station or my refueling station. I have shaved off much of the profile, reduced drag by eliminating excess external components, and played with how much fuel I load, but to no avail. If anyone has any ideas for how I can improve the craft, and hopefully make it work well, it would be greatly appreciated. Images Below
  2. Hi, Alpha Gametauri here. Thought about starting a discussion talking about each others Shuttle's, how to improve them, combination of each others ideas, etc. Nothing specific. I was going to upload my Space Shuttle, but i lost it going back to 1.2.2, (reason being there is a Interstellar mod i miss having and trying to find again.) Let's just say my Shuttle handles like a Drunk Rhino on Landing, come down even a tinsy bit too fast and it shatters. She is a little hard on launch, and i probably have enough fuel left over after i dump the ET for a one-way trip to Duna or Eve. I do have a Shuttle Test Bed file, a Shuttle i use for test upgrade/improvising design and see how it flies. I have tried designing an SSTO, all of them fly wonderfully, except i have little fuel left when in orbit, and if i carry too much, i max at 48-52,000M. Can't wait to see what ya'll have to say.
  3. Already Released! Download Pre Release on Release Thread: *ingame*ingame*ingame*ingame*ingame*ingame *render Hello, Everyone. So, this is my idea, from child, I dream to fly one of these. A flying car. The name is OMICRON! Will be a flying space car with a foot on reality and other in near future. The engine will be in the same principle of Saber Vtol, and will accept stock rocket engines in the back, totally customizable. My attempt is to have the EVA and the IVA all together, i mean, the Kerbals will be visible inside the craft, and all windows/doors will be openable, more likely the stock seat, but inside the craft. The configurations you'll be able to do it, reach VTOL, SSTO. I'm not creating new engines to put on back, only the Vtol SSTO ones that show in the pics, on the side of the craft. Will update the new model pics when they starting get ready, it may be a little different from this ones from the old one. Evolved. List of things i still need to do (for full release): Solar Panel; Ramp to the cargo bay; Back docking port; Airbags & Floaters; IVA; Functional cockpit panel; Ejection system for seats and windows; Wings; Fine tuning parts (crash tolerance, temperatures, etc); My intention, as it is a hobby, is to do with pleasure, no pressure, and happy. Cheers commanders. Omicron by Climberfx is licensed under a Attribution 4.0 International p.s.: Here is the link to the original thread on Forum, but in Portuguese. You still can see the pictures, is more than self explanatory. WIP OMICRON Carro Espacial Criação das Partes
  4. Welcome to Spaceplane Innovations, the online leader in executive Spaceplane sales. Dropping tanks is so yesterday, earn back some self-respect by going fully-reusable today! We have Interplanetary leviathans and nimble Mun Hoppers, Single-stage-to-anywheres and Cargo-carrying brutes. All capable of high crew capacity and total galactic dominance. Shop now, the SSTO of your dreams is just a click away. We also make rockets. View the full catalogue! Click to view the full catalogue! Artemis Class These spaceplanes are the biggest of the bunch (so far), consisting of 3 Mk3 fuselages side-by-side, with the ability to carry an enormous amount of cargo/crew to many different interplanetary destinations. The Archangel is the first of the Artemis line, and has the ability to easily go to Duna or Mun with 60 Kerbals, and pilots who have a good grasp of gravity assists will find further destinations, such as Eeloo, very possible as well! Video - Mun mission Video - Eeloo mission The Artemis is a monstrous spaceplane capable of carrying 124 kerbals to LKO with just over 4,000 m/s of DeltaV to spare. It can't fly quite as far as the Archangel, but it is quite capable of going to Laythe and back without refuelling. Video - Laythe mission Archangel Download Archangel Download Archangel v2 Download Artemis Download Argus Class These spaceplanes are big, brutal, and capable of interplanetary missions without breaking a sweat, independent of mining or refuelling. WARNING: You will need to replace the landing gear on the Argus II and Engadine with larger ones if you're playing in 1.1 or later. The Odyssey will work fine though. The Argus was built as a Bop SSTO, but in the end was mainly used for Duna cargo missions and Eeloo voyages. It doesn't work so great in 1.05, and so is no longer sold by Spaceplane Innovations. Video - Eeloo mission Video - Duna mission The Engadine was the hugely popular successor to the Argus, packing more DeltaV and a massive 20 Kerbal capacity. So far it has only been used for Mun landings, but we at Spaceplane Innovations believe it could easily be used for Duna returns too. Video The Argus II was built following the success of the Engadine as an ultra-long-range SSTO. It has more m/s of DeltaV in LKO than any other SSTO produced by Spaceplane Innovations. Video The Odyssey was built to replace the legendary Engadine. doubling its crew capacity while retaining its high range. Duna and Gilly missions are well within its capabilities, as well as Eeloo and Jool for those who have mastered the fine art of gravity assists. Video - Mun mission Make no mistake: these planes are unruly, bulky, unbalanced and difficult to tame. They are therefore best suited to more adept pilots who understand gravity assists and how to efficiently ascend from Kerbin. They're hard to master, but for those with the patience to learn their functions the pay-off is huge. Argus II Download Engadine Download Odyssey Download Acacius Class Acacius ships have an IRSU on board and are capable of refuelling themselves using mining equipment. These are at the forefront of exploration, and are the best "single-stage-to-anywhere" planes we offer! Only one model is currently available for consumers: The Acacius 2 is the first SSTO produced by Spaceplane Innovations to feature the "Single Stage to Everywhere" guarantee. Doesn't do Tylo. Or Eve. Or Jool. These craft are ideal for beginners who want to get to grips with gravity assists or the Jool system, without having to worry about fuel. WARNING: You may need to replace the landing gear with larger ones if you're playing in 1.1 or later. Video Acacius 2 Download Dune Class Before the Argus class, there was the Dune class. The second oldest class of spaceplane made by Spaceplane innovations (after the discontinued Revenge class), these are lightweight, agile, and pack enough DeltaV for Duna, Minmus, Mun and Gilly. Flybys of planets further out are also possible. Dune 3 is the latest and greatest in this class, sporting 3 seats and a cosy interior. These are moderately difficult to use, but experienced pilots shouldn't have too much trouble. WARNING: You may need to replace the landing gear with larger ones if you're playing in 1.1 or later. Video Dune 3 Download Phantom Class These SSTOs are the little-brothers of the Argus Class, and are slightly larger than the Dune class. WARNING: You may need to replace the landing gear with larger ones if you're playing in 1.1 or later. With room for 6 kerbals, the Phantom class is currently offers 3 models: The Minmus Trainer is the easiest-to-use SSTO sold by Spaceplane Innovations, and was specifically designed to train budding kerbalnauts in the fine art of Minmus SSTO-ing. Only the instructions are available for purchase, so that pilots can also learn how to build an SSTO too! Video (SSTO Tutorial) The Mun Phantom was the first Phantom Class SSTO packing enough DeltaV for Mun and Gilly landings, in addition to being able to do Duna flybys. Video The Mun Phantom 2 is a modified version of the Duna Phantom, packing a spacious cargo bay for all your rover carrying needs! Video The Duna Phantom is able to carry 6 kerbals to Duna and back, all in a sleek Mk2 fuselage! Video Video (SSTO Tutorial) The Laythe Phantom is capable of taking 2 kerbals to Laythe and back without refuelling! Craft file has been altered so that it won't enter a flat spin when the fuel tanks are empty now Video Mun Phantom Download Mun Phantom 2 Download Duna Phantom Download Laythe Phantom Download Vulture Class These SSTOs are designed purely for LKO missions. Vulture 1 is the first publicly available model in the Vulture class, capable of carrying 6 Kerbals comfortably to either a polar or equatorial orbit. Vulture 1 download Matlon Laboratories Matlon Laboratories is a new company, designing cutting-edge rockets, shuttles, stations, bases, rovers, and much more! SSTOs are still very-much exclusive to Spaceplane Innovations, but for anything else, Matlon has you covered! Brutus is a high-capacity Space Shuttle, and uses Solid Fuel boosters and 3 Vectoring engines to lift the orbiter into space. Played a key-role in the construction of the SkyBase Space Station, which was commissioned following the destruction of SpaceLab during the Duna Attacks strikes Video Sparrow is a seaplane packing every science experiment unit in the game, in addition to communications tech and a deployable mini-sub! Video Monolith Station aims to bring stations to the masses, being a space station capable of being fully assembled in 1 Launch Brutus Download Sparrow Download Monolith Station Download
  5. My original plan was to create a cargo SSTO that could carry 4 large Mk2 bays worth of cargo, land at Mün, and return to Kerbin. This turned out to be a much bigger challenge than I though it would be! As the plane got bigger, it needed more engines, more fuel, then it couldn't land anymore, so needed more engines, more fuel, etc. So I tried going simpler with only 2 large Mk2 bays. Still took quite a bit of trial and error, but I finally did it. As a craft, it's a delicate balance of size, mass, fuel, cargo, and power. 76 tons, 3.5k - 4k ∆v after reaching LKO. How did I do?
  6. What seemed straightforward to me when I was using a rocket was to give each module RCS thrusters, a bit of mono (or more), a probe core and MechJeb, as I detached each module I'd fly them close and then have Jeb dock them. Worked fine. However I'm now trying to use an OPT spaceplane, and when I try to take off with three modules in the bays bound for the station, I start the spaceplane engines and the throttle goes instantly to zero; engines on but zero thrust and the throttle won't respond to any command. If I take the HECS/OKTO units off all of the modules, the spaceplane now starts and takes off normally. I'm assuming for some reason with the probe cores in place (one of which has a Terrier for later Kerbin return), it's getting confused as to which vehicle is the master and which ones are just being carried. What's the best way to do this? TIA
  7. The SSTO Base Challenge: The SSTO base challenge is a challenge in which you will need to make a manned MK3 plane SSTO, and have a 2.5m permanent land base as cargo; And return the SSTO back to Kerbin safely! The ship can cost up to 150,000 (including base) , and the base has to be over 5 tonnes. The SSTO can only have RAPIERS or Nuke engines (or any for Eve); you are allowed to drop fuel tanks in cargo bay. The Base has to have at least 1 antenna, 2 docking ports and 3 solar panels. This is a fun challenge. You are allowed to use mods such as KWRocketry, TweakScale, and KER. Easy: 4 kerbals to Duna. Medium: 5 kerbals to Laythe. Hard: 7 kerbals to Dres. IMPOSSIBLE: 15 kerbals to Eve. EXTRA: Land the SSTO at runway Badge:
  8. SSTO Question

    I was wondering if i could do a SSTO to laythe while refueling in the middle of the mission. like, i would have a tanker ship orbiting dres.
  9. ARCA Expendable Smallsat SSTO

    This had been discussed on the forums a few years ago, but now ARCA (a rather odd company that doesn't seem to know what its market is) has released a glitzy CGI video of its "Haas 2CAJ" smallsat SSTO launcher. While the company's track record isn't very good, the combination of technologies and solutions in their idea seems solid enough. Here's a bunch of specs on it. It's a 16-meter-high smallsat SSTO burning RP-1 and HTP with a projected payload of 100 kg to LEO, using a rather large linear aerospike engine and a composite frame/tank with common bulkheads. Claimed launch price is just $1 million. As these things go, it's not a bad idea. HTP/RP-1 is about the only non-exotic prop combo with a higher impulse density than kerolox, and it also permits higher thrust than kerolox, which helps make up for the lower TWR of linear aerospike engines. It's pressure-fed, which would typically be the death knell for an SSTO, but since the linear aerospike engine doesn't require a high chamber pressure it's not a bad idea. Pressure-fed engines also typically have very poor tankage ratios, but the composite tanks can handle higher pressures. The pressurant is liquid helium that is passed through an engine heat exchanger, simultaneously cooling the big aerospike engine and saving on the weight of a turbopump, which further mitigates the low TWR of the aerospike. The linear aerospike allows for roll, pitch, and yaw authority through differential throttling alone, which saves on the mass of a gimbal system. The use of HTP comes with its own set of handling challenges, but it is cheaper than LOX, requires no insulation, and requires less demanding materials specifications than LOX. All in all, not a bad concept. Whether they will pull it off or not, I don't know. They fuss and fret over the horrors of staging, but honestly this could be very competitive if it was offered with the option of COTS parallel SRBs. Base configuration for smallsats, a couple of SRBs for larger LEO comsats, or a quad of SRBs for big LEO comsats or GTO smallsats. Better than trying to fuss with a second stage.
  10. SSTO to Eeloo

    Here's my SSTO to Eeloo with some passengers. I hope you guys enjoy. For mission planning and getting that K-E-K-K-J transfer, I used Flyby Finder and followed @PLAD's posts about Eeloo and Jool (without Mun assist or Jool aerobrake). For Kerbin ejection burns I used Precomputed Low-TWR Interplanetary Transfer Burns by @Red Iron Crown. Thank you both!
  11. In a feat of Kerbal engineering, the boys at the SPH have devised a way to make fully stock hinges and pivots! Using this breakthrough, the technology has been incorporated into the design of a new SSTO to give it VTOL capabilities, as well as enough fuel to go to Laythe and back without refueling or need for mining! In order to rotate the wings, the tilt-wing section un-docks to become a separate craft that can move independently of the main ship. It's held in place by two rings of cubic octagonal struts around some of those Oscar-B fuel tanks as a sort of axle. Torque wheels are used to rotate the wing and lock it into position using the 'radial out' marker on the navball. Finally, 4 small docking ports lock the section back in place- rejoining it with the rest of the craft fairly securely in a quadruple seal! As a lot of you have found out, in order to get the craft working as intended the nuclear and RAPIER engines had to be modified by altering their config files. Here's the video I made that I have had in the works for a while now. A lot of time and effort went into making this but I am really happy with it so I hope you enjoy watching it!
  12. Stumbled about this on NSFF and since it sounds cool i just drop it here:;topic=43344.0;attach=1438419;sess=0 Basicly it is a combination of a termal nuclear rocket feeding linear aerospike nozzels sitting on the turbine-fans of a turbojet-engine... or something like that XD Have fun with it ;-) PS: i want it for KSP!!! PPS: the guy who designed it was senior engineer for the Raptor engine...
  13. As one can tell, Matt Lowne did a video showcasing a Laythe SSTO with 4025 m/s dV in LKO. So my challenge will be, can you do better? Could you make the most out of as little dV as possible? Here are the rules: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) No dirty cheating alpacas (no debug menu) 2) You must have either a video or a full album of the mission 3) KER must be installed 4) No mods (besides KER) 5) You must show the Resource Tab always if you make a video 6) You must bring at least 10 passengers with 2 pilots to Laythe and back 7) Finally, you have to have clear knowledge of gravity assists ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leaderboard: 1st place: @herbal space program, 3390 m/s (Yay, you get your first badge) 2nd place: @Matt Lowne, 4025 m/s 3rd place: @Firemetal, 6250 m/s ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So build away, intrepid builders. May the Best SSTO win! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh yeah, anyone who at least beat Matt's score gets a badge (WIP).
  14. KCS Saber SSTO

    Download Craft File This thing's designed to take 10 kerbals to LKO and back. All stock parts. No LV-N's or Rapiers, because I haven't unlocked those parts yet. The first picture is an earlier version than the following pictures. It never made it to space because it would start to tumble uncontrollably at 20kM. I fixed the problem by shortening the overall length of the plane and adding extra reaction wheels. The Final verion with some alterations. The performance has improved significantly. I shifted some things around to make it less nose heavy, increased the battery capacity, and exchanged the twin swivel engines for a vector engine. Download Craft File
  15. Pytheas Class Explorer This is a fully function SSTO capable of a vertical take off and landing, and weighs a total of 558.445 tons. This is by far my largest successful SSTO, let alone VTOL Album Download
  16. My first proper SSTO

  17. SEAPLANE TO ORBIT - THE 1.3.X PARTY THREAD This challenge is a revised and updated version (with permission) of @Mikki's Seaplane to Orbit 1.05 challenge. UPDATES ****CHALLENGE CREATED 03.07.2017**** RULES - PLEASE READ THESE BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE CHALLENGE The Seaplane to Orbit challenge is inclusive and I'm usually willing to have rules stretched to the nth degree, so get creative and join the party board or gatecrash: 1. Stock and Modded are permitted (Modded is defined as using modded engines, lifting parts, fuel tanks etc). 2. The craft may not lose any parts in flight (unless the award category allows it) 3. The craft run must start from water, reach orbit (PE > 70km) and land intact on water or land. It is accepted that you load your craft on the runway. 4. You may not cheat in any way - Test my leniency sure, but no classic cheating please. 5. All missions require either an album showing each stage of the flight, or a video showing all stages of the flight. 6. Once you have completed a mission, please post your proof in this thread for my review including a breakdown of your score and some basic information about your craft including mods used. AWARDS - IF YOU DO SOMETHING WORTHY I WILL ADD A NEW AWARD CATEGORY AT MY DISCRETION Use modded parts - Nonconformist Use stock only parts - Purist Decouple landing gear after launch from runway - Footloose Submerge and become an submarine - Crashdive Park your seaplane in the KSC Pool - Poolguest - blame @WhiteKnuckle Transfer from water to land after orbit - Beached Use only Liquid fuel (Rocket) engines - Sponsored by Kerbodyne Use only SRB's - Light that candle Have an Engineer inspect your vessel by swimming - Wet Have an Engineer inspect your vessel by foot - Booty Smallest seaplane by weight - Minimalist Largest seaplane by weight - Maximalist Visit another bodies orbit - Traveler PARTYBOARD MK1 SEAPLANES MK2 SEAPLANES MK3 SEAPLANES GATECRASHERS Get your badge here
  18. For the first time ever, I took an SSTO to mine for ore on Minmus. I had to refuel once in LKO and once on the surface of Minmus. I then flew to the North Pole to mine. Once full of ore, I flew back to Kerbin, and somehow landed on the runway too. Mods: -tweakscale -mj -p-tanks -mk2 expansion Enjoy.
  19. So I've been working on this SSTO for quite a while now ('bout tow hours at this point) and I just can't get it into space. I reckon I could if I could just break the sound barrier (and keep accelerating). Can someone who actually knows what they're doing give me some help? It's not that I'm bad at planes, I've been building planes for about a year and a half now. I just suck at SSTOs. In this case, it's probably aerodynamics, but I've done everything I can in that department; the nose used to be a shielded docking port, the nose cones clipping into the cargo bay were occluded intakes, and the wings were 45 deltas instead of slim deltas Here, take the .craft file - Also, you might want to try a few of my other crafts, just for fun
  20. W.T.F. SSTO (KSP 1.2)

    I designed an SSTO that uses an Orion engine which can easily land on any planet or moon in the game. It has a docking port and RCS thrusters which enable it to dock with space stations. I edited the .cfg file for the inflatable heat shield to make it able to deflate, so that the what SSTO can even land on & return from EVE. It has an ore tank and an ISRU that has been modified to also create fuel for the Orion engine. I use Ubio Welding to prevent my FPS from dropping (Great mod fyi), so make sure to copy that file if you want the craft to work. By the way, I know that using the Orion engine kind of defeats the purpose of an SSTO, but it's still fun. Below is a link to my KSP Google Drive that has the SSTO file, screenshots, and my entire game data file. If you like it, check out my youtube channel because I am getting into making KSP videos. I will post a video from my channel at the bottom of the page. Google Drive link: Pictures: As I mentioned earlier, here is one of my youtube videos:
  21. The Grus III is a long-range SSTO capable of Mun landings, though according to my Delta V calculations it can easily go well beyond that. It can get into orbit very easily due to its high TWR while using its Rapier engines. Its (roughly) estimated Delta V in LKO is about 4,270 m/s. Specifications: Part Count: 97 Mass: 80.545t Height: 5.8m Width: 22.8m Length: 25.6m Here it is on The Mun. It can make the trip easily as it was designed for bigger missions. It is also equipped with four science experiments, located on the belly of the craft. Here it is in the SPH. Some (kinda) strange features are its extra pair of engines. While very helpful during the initial ascent, extra reaction wheels are needed in space to prevent the Grus III from flipping all over the place due to the weird Center of Thrust. (At least this isn't the case with the nukes, though. That would be bad.) The Grus III completed the Mun trip with quite a bit of fuel left over. I am currently taking it to Duna, and I plan on finding out just how far I can take it. (Gravity assists, here I come!) Download here:
  22. Yeah I'm back in stock KSP. I enjoyed RO a lot but my it slows my computer down to the speed of an Ion engine which subtracts a lot of the fun from it. So my first mission back in stock was a Mun SSTO. I built this because 1, SSTOs are very fun to build and fly, and 2, I heard rumors about some parts' heat resistance was buffed and I wanted to test that. Here are some pictures. So once I'd landed, (This took multiple tries, darn you small landing legs!) I decided that I'm not going to recover reusable things. I'm just going to leave them at the space center and refuel them when I want to use them again. If they don't land at the space center, then I'll bring them to the space center. So onto the mission. I have attempted this many times before. But I always ran short of DV and couldn't enter Kerbin's atmosphere without burning within seconds after reaching 70km. So I eventually quit and went on to things like Jool V and Eve landing and returning. (Which I did both) Anyway. I decided to try it again. I made a similar space plane to the one that I took to the Mun, only bigger, better cockpit, quadrupled the batteries, doubled the power generation and added reaction wheels. (I'll add the craft files for both SSTOs if anyone wants me to) So it was a simple ascent. Getting off the runway was tough because this thing really wanted to swerve to the left so in the end I just let it and went off the runway before taking off but luckily I wasn't damaged at 80 m/s and was able to take off soon after. I probably should have added more oxidizer and wasted fuel when I passed the apoapsis and started falling again. I made it up to around 2000 m/s so I was able to accelerate to the point at which the plane was going so fast, it starts ascending again, even with a low TWR. So I decided to use the Eve-Kerbin-Kerbin-Jool gravity assist method and this went well. I got a Jool encounter right after the 2nd Kerbin assist and was able to use Laythe to get into a nice low Jool orbit. This is where things went south. I thought I was going slow enough to aero-break at Laythe but I wasn't. There is a thin line between too fast and too slow for some reason and I was just passed too fast. I then spent 400 m/s to get a better encounter in which I was going way slower than before. About two or three passes and I was ready to land. Landing was smooth and on the first try. Better than when I tried to land my Jool V Laythe Spaceplane on Laythe. That was a disaster! Jeb got out and stretched his legs, planted a flag and then got into the plane again and took off. Since no oxidizer is needed at all on Laythe, getting into orbit was nothing compared to Kerbin. Now here I decided to try and do what all the cool kids do and try a Tylo gravity assist back to Kerbin. This didn't go very well and I ended up in a high orbit around Kerbol. Thank Kraken for F9! So I ended up using my 1000 m/s direct return to Kerbin technique which worked out way better than the Tylo assist. Now comes the part where previous missions have failed. Return to Kerbin. Here you have to reverse the gravity assists going to Jool to bring you down to a low enough speed to enter Kerbin's atmosphere. I had 1000 m/s of DV left from the 6200 m/s I had left in LKO at the start. So I got a Kerbin assist for 200 m/s.and then after that, an Eve assist for pretty much the same cost. This brought my Apoapsis to just touching Kerbin's orbit and my Periapsis to just under Eve's orbit. This wasn't ideal but it worked. Things got to about 70-80% critical heat, but nothing exploded and after a small burn to capture, we were back in LKO... with about 350 m/s left. I was literally running on fumes. After that, I did another pass and had about a 150 m/s plane change and then I had only one more pass to do... Only I misjudged it and... ended up dropping my periapsis into the ocean west of the KSC. Luckily, it was just off the coast of the desert west of KSC and I managed to change my course stalling only 3 times and came down for a bumpy, 1st try landing, in the desert. Jeb got out and was recovered but I'm sticking to that rule. That plane stays in the desert until I find a way to get it back to the KSC. So anyways, I conquered the one thing I was never able to do, and then landed in the desert. Now Jeb is sitting comfortably in the astronaut complex and his plane is sitting out in the desert awaiting rescue... To be continued I think... But that's all for now. Fire
  23. Hey everyone, I'm sure the SSTO hype in the community has passed but I'm getting into a bit of an SSTO phase here. I've had success building several SSTO capable of Minmus missions (with mining) and returned to Kerbal. I find this challenge very rewarding and was wondering if there was a lighter alternative to the Nerv rocket. I've done some browsing and can't really seem to find anything as efficient but is lighter and produces more thrust. Of course, it's possible I've been over thinking things and the Nerv rocket is actually quite OP. At any rate -- I'd like to play around with what ever is available. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  24. For a long time in Kerbal Space Program, I have been wondering, is it possible to get into orbit in an SSTO in Real Solar System? I have done it myself with some certain mods, and I think that it is possible, but just barely. RULES: No Alt+F12, No Hyperedit, No editing the Save file Vacuum TWR cannot be greater than 0.8 for all possible engine combinations. (I want you to use Jet engines to get into space) Must Have Apoapsis and Periapsis above 140Km. Solid Rocket Boosters are allowed, but only to get you off the launchpad You may also have up to six radially detachable fuel tanks, but they must be decoupled before leaving the atmosphere. Proof that it is possible to get into Space in RSS with a plane SSTO: Edit: I actually have made it into orbit before with this, I just had some problems with it this time around. SCORING: 500 Points - Getting Into Orbit 300 Points - Bringing a Payload Into Orbit which weighs more than 1/3 Ton 500 Points - Bringing a Kerbal Into Orbit -400 Points - Dropped any parts over the course of the mission (An SSTO should not have any staging) 200 Points - Landing again +100 Points - Landed within 100 Km. of KSC +500 Points - Landed on Runway 500 Points - Getting into "High" Orbit 400 Points - Flyby of moon 1000 Points - Landing on moon +600 Points - Returning From Moon +700 Points - Planting Flag on Moon 300 Points - Escaping Kerbin's SOI 1000 Points - Per other Planet's Soi Entered 2000 Points Landing on another Planet +1000 Points Returning from another Planet 400 Points - Using Realism Overhaul Parts (The whole package including limited Ignitions) 601 Points - Using FAR (Aerodynamic failures are a hard workaround) 1000 Points - Using Stock Balanced Parts 2500 Points - Not having any mods except RSS If you do anything else that I consider point worthy on your mission, I will give you a variable amount of points based on how hard what you did was. HIGH SCORE BOARD: Me: 100 points MODS ALLOWED: RSS or any other planet packs that add to RSS (Duh) Realism Overhaul and all parts that come with it (Don't use it with other part mods though) Instell Incorporated Experimental Technologies B9 Aerospace Firespitter (Like you'd Need it) Mech Jeb or Kerbal Engineer (Flight Guidance is allowed on Mech Jeb) Venn's Stock Revamp Tweak Scale RLA Continued Raster Prop Monitor (Used For Iva Runs) KW Rocketry All Near Future Mods Ferram Aerospace Research Any other Part mod that is Stock balanced, and doesn't add any engines or fuel tanks that are more efficient than already existing parts. NOTICE: If you think any of the Rules should be changed, or that a new mod should be added to the list post it with your reply.
  25. Eeloo SSTO

    Dear Everyone, I am wondering how to get to eeloo, I have made SSTOs that can make it to orbit with 6,900 meters a second in orbit, some with even over 7,000. The problem is landing, some of these crafts weigh around 350 or 400 tons, some 300 ton SSTOs have 3 nervas. The crafts I have created can't land on the Mun, what should I do to guarantee that the next SSTO I make will land on Eeloo. But another question I have is do I have to sacrifice delta V to land on Eeloo? Also I if you are wondering why I am using Mk3 parts, there is two reasons, the first reason is the mk3 cargo bay, it can carry rovers with wheels with decent wheels that are not made of space tooth picks or scraps from bouncy houses, the second reason is in my name, I LOVE THE MK3 PARTS, they hold lots of fuel and are just generally big, also making Mk3 SSTOs are easier for me than mk2 or mk1 sstos. Here is the SSTO Craft File: Sincerely, Mk3 Maniac