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  1. Mephisto Metalworks and Aeronautics. The Future is now. Link to Kerbalx-Hangars: XR-Series: Go everywhere - Kerbol Exploratory Latest Version is the XR-06 Ranger Mk III SSTA with attached Javelin Eve Landerfor four Kerbals Older Version is the XR-02 Ranger Mk I Four different crafts in one package: Ranger is a powerful SSTA, Agamemnon is a lightweight Eve lander and ascent vehicle, Tycho is the final stage of the Eve lander and can be docked into Ranger's service bay. Brahe is a moon truck addon for Tycho. Both can fit into Ranger's Service bay. The XR project was built upon results the older X-84 Akkadian / Ishtar project: Fly to every moon and planet in the stock solar system as well as in the outer planets mod and collect science with three Kerbals. The take-off-weight of Ranger SSTA / Agamemnon Eve Lander Combo is 30 t lower than the Akkadian / Ishtar at 120t. XR-01a Tycho Space Sledge XR-01b Brahe Moon Truck XR-02 Ranger XR-03 Ninsianna Eve Lander and Ascent Vehicle (32t, for Beginners) XR-04 Agamemnon Eve Lander and Ascent Vehicle (26t, for advanced Players) XR-01 a/b Tycho / Brahe combo XR-02 Ranger SSTA XR-03 Ninsianna Eve lander with 32t Ascent Vehicle XR-04 Agamemnon Eve Lander with 26t Ascent Vehicle XR-02 /04 Ranger SSTA with Agamemnon Eve Lander - 120t take off weight. Enough oooomph for every planet and moon. XR-08 Behemoth Multi Mission SSTA 30t to Minmus, 10t to Tylo surface and back (with ISRU...) XR-08 Behemoth with Space Station Dolphin Mk V Mini SSTO XS-Series Extra Small to orbit: Small is the new big, thought the marketing guys. Here's to space on a budget. XS-01 Viper - upload pending- Viper is a lightweight, single use crew transfer system with a rapier and an ion stage. At 30 parts and 5.5t take off weight, it brings one Kerbal into orbit with 7.600 m/s dv left. This should suffice for most destinations in the Kerbol system. Fancy stuff like landing gears or parachutes is omitted. Just power up the engine and fly. TWR in orbit for the ion stage is 0.3, which is fairly reasonable. In order to not only bring pilots into space, it has drone core equipped. XS-02 Sparrow - upload pending - Sparrow is a light weight single stage to orbit concept with one rapier and one ion engine. At 6.3t take off weight, it brings one Kerbal to orbit regardless of profession. As the ion engine only has an TWR of 0.07 in low Kerbin orbit, getting somewhere is a game of patience. XS-03 Sparrowhawk An improved version of the Sparrow, the XS-03 Sparrowhawk has significantly greater ranger and twice the thrust in low orbit. Now even with landing gear.The larger battery pack as well as the quad ion engines allow for sustained ion burns of app. 250 m/s. The TWR of 0.12 in LKO is fairly reasonable for ion engines. XS-04 All-Seeing Eye The latest excrements in ore surveillance technology. Also knows your bad habbits and browser history. Comes equipped with ressource scanners, regular and relay antennas as well as repeateable science experiments. Powered by "a excrementsload of batteries and some spare ion engines", as the designers at the Kerbal Space Center put so eloquently. Comes with solar panels. Has roughly 15.000 m/s dV with ion engines, so evading it by moving to Dres or Eeloo seems kind of futile. Better use that incognito mode in your browser more often.... XS-05 Mighty Flea 3t to orbit in a single stage. Kerbal included. No science experiments, no shenanigans. Mephisto. (To infinity and beyond.)
  2. This is poll where i'm wondering if you prefer building rockets, planes, or something else like SSTOs more in Kerbal Space Program.
  3. Já lançado! Para baixar o pre release siga para Thread de lançamento: Fala ai pessoal. Apresento a vocês meu projeto de partes em desenvolvimento. O Omicron, carro voador (ou space car). Meu sonho de consumo desde que eu assistia seriados de ficção quando era criança e continua até hoje. Juro que achava que quando chegasse-mos aos anos 2000, já teríamos desses na rua (no céu). E pelo menos um na garagem. Bom, já que ele ainda não chegou, aqui vai como eu o imagino, e com partes montáveis como cada um achar melhor. Com muitas possibilidades, para o gosto de cada um. List of things i still need to do (for full release): Solar Panel; Back docking port; Airbags & Floaters; IVA; Functional cockpit panel; Ejection system for seats and windows; Wings; Fine tuning parts (crash tolerance, temperatures, etc); Bons voos comandantes! Omicron by Climberfx is licensed under a Attribution 4.0 International
  4. Asclepius v5.0 A new Kopernicus planet (and moon) for KSP! Video by Jacob Plays Some Games If you've been to 1 Island on Laythe, you've been to them all... Do you need a new, fun, and exciting destination for your fleet of SSTO spaceplanes? Look no further my friend. Asclepius is a small, sandy, and fissured world, possessing a very thin oxygen atmosphere that only gets thick enough for planes to fly (or chutes to work ) deep in the canyons. Asclepius is meant to be a "low memory footprint" planet pack that even a potato computer can run. Features: 1 planet (Asclepius) & 1 moon (Kruel) Science definitions included Full career game support 11 unique biomes Stock ore generation supported Asclepius WIKI Check out the Asclepius Wiki for detailed information! Requires Kopernicus Download Options: Download via CKAN ____________________________________________ Github: Asclepius Release Page JUST Asclepius! NO DEPENDENCIES! * Source ____________________________________________ PLEASE BE ADVISED: ASCclouds.cfg requires the original EVE configs to work! IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS GETTING THE PLANET TO LOAD WITH OTHER CONFIGURATIONS, REMOVE ASCclouds.cfg Asclepius includes CUSTOM compatibility patches for the following mods:(see links for D/L) Galactic Neighborhood - Puts Asclepius in orbit of a nearby star called Tyfon! E.V.E - Add clouds! Distant Object Enhancement bis- See planets and orbiting ships! Like real life! FarOut Contract Pack - Adds custom contracts like the Kessler run. (Requires Contract Configurator) Also adds bases to launch stuff from. (requires Kerbal Konstructs, and Kerbin-Side) Contract Configurator - Adds custom contracts, Including Kessler canyon run, and Rescue entire WORKING crafts!, and more! Dmagic Orbital Science - For even MORE custom science! New Horizons - Puts Asclepius on a co-orbital configuration with Laythe. Final Frontier - Ribbons included! Research Bodies - Spend science points to "discover" planets! Planetshine - Adds customized ambient lighting! Give it a try, and let me know your suggestions on how to make it better, and other opinions. Report any bugs here, and I'll do my best to squash them. Enjoy uh-sklee-pee-uh s < Click to hear!
  5. Hello I decided to build a space station and send it to duna in order to finish my science tree in career mode. I already had a shuttle built, so I wanted to build the station in multiple parts and transfer the whole thing to duna rather sending one giant station. First part was the science module which consisted of only two mobile processing labs. The next part was electrical (batteries and solar panels) as well as the main engine and mono propellant (so no command module). After decoupling from the shuttle, it is being shown as debries and I can no longer track it to dock with it or to at least destroy it! Is there anything I can do to save that or is it a lost cause?
  6. Hello! As you might have known, yesterday i made my first SSTO ever. And i thought i could do better, this is the result. Please tell me suggestions in the comments about how to design a better SSTO.
  7. Hello, i made my first SSTO today! (yes it's an awful desing, but i dont know how to do better) Here's the link to the image collection= And yes, it has a parachute but i didn't use it. (It's a drogue one) Also note that one of the white tanks is a LFO tank with the white skin, not a only-LF tank. Please send me tips on the comments so i can make a better SSTO next time. See ya soon!
  8. I present to you fine spaceplane enthusiasts... the Kerbal Wind Tunnel mod! We all build spaceplanes to fly faster and higher, but how do you know how fast or how high your current design can go? In the real world of aircraft design, engineers calculate the flight envelope for their aircraft before the first test flight rolls out. This mod runs your spaceplane through a virtual wind tunnel while still in the SPH and predicts its engine and flight performance at every speed and altitude. It also gives you a readout of various performance curves, plotting against angle of attack: ... and velocity: Try it out and start building even better spaceplanes today! You can even output the data to a CSV file to incorporate knowledge of the performance data into a KOS script or the like! Check out this Imgur album for more details on these images and more: Download it from GitHub: Or SpaceDock: Wind Tunnel Source: Released under the MIT License (with sub-components under their own license). P.S. This mod incorporates a pretty sweet graph-drawing library I made. If anyone's interested in super-simple graphing of data, hit me up.
  9. Just built a large SSTO with 6 Turbojets, 4 Rapiers, and 4 Aerospikes weighing in at around 132t fully loaded. It managed to escape Kerbin atmosphere on multiple tests with very few Issues. in atmosphere at around 2km above sea level it could easily cruise at 700+m/s with the turbojets thrust capping out somewhere around 250-300. I saved my game and left my computer for an hour to go run some errands and when I got back the SSTO's engine performance for some reason changed drastically. At 2000m above sea level the engines can't even achieve a thrust above 190 and the SSTO struggles to get past 300m/s. I have made no changes to the craft prior to its successful test flights and the weight in the editor has remained unchanged. Is this some sort of bug?
  10. Welcome to Spaceplane Innovations, the online leader in executive Spaceplane sales. Dropping tanks is so yesterday, earn back some self-respect by going fully-reusable today! We have Interplanetary leviathans and nimble Mun Hoppers, Single-stage-to-anywheres and Cargo-carrying brutes. All capable of high crew capacity and total galactic dominance. Shop now, the SSTO of your dreams is just a click away. We also make rockets. View the full catalogue! Click to view the full catalogue! Artemis Class These spaceplanes are the biggest of the bunch (so far), consisting of 3 Mk3 fuselages side-by-side, with the ability to carry an enormous amount of cargo/crew to many different interplanetary destinations. The Archangel is the first of the Artemis line, and has the ability to easily go to Duna or Mun with 60 Kerbals, and pilots who have a good grasp of gravity assists will find further destinations, such as Eeloo, very possible as well! Video - Mun mission Video - Eeloo mission The Artemis is a monstrous spaceplane capable of carrying 124 kerbals to LKO with just over 4,000 m/s of DeltaV to spare. It can't fly quite as far as the Archangel, but it is quite capable of going to Laythe and back without refuelling. Video - Laythe mission Archangel Download Archangel Download Archangel v2 Download Artemis Download Argus Class These spaceplanes are big, brutal, and capable of interplanetary missions without breaking a sweat, independent of mining or refuelling. WARNING: You will need to replace the landing gear on the Argus II and Engadine with larger ones if you're playing in 1.1 or later. The Odyssey will work fine though. The Argus was built as a Bop SSTO, but in the end was mainly used for Duna cargo missions and Eeloo voyages. It doesn't work so great in 1.05, and so is no longer sold by Spaceplane Innovations. Video - Eeloo mission Video - Duna mission The Engadine was the hugely popular successor to the Argus, packing more DeltaV and a massive 20 Kerbal capacity. So far it has only been used for Mun landings, but we at Spaceplane Innovations believe it could easily be used for Duna returns too. Video The Argus II was built following the success of the Engadine as an ultra-long-range SSTO. It has more m/s of DeltaV in LKO than any other SSTO produced by Spaceplane Innovations. Video The Odyssey was built to replace the legendary Engadine. doubling its crew capacity while retaining its high range. Duna and Gilly missions are well within its capabilities, as well as Eeloo and Jool for those who have mastered the fine art of gravity assists. Video - Mun mission Make no mistake: these planes are unruly, bulky, unbalanced and difficult to tame. They are therefore best suited to more adept pilots who understand gravity assists and how to efficiently ascend from Kerbin. They're hard to master, but for those with the patience to learn their functions the pay-off is huge. Argus II Download Engadine Download Odyssey Download Acacius Class Acacius ships have an IRSU on board and are capable of refuelling themselves using mining equipment. These are at the forefront of exploration, and are the best "single-stage-to-anywhere" planes we offer! Only one model is currently available for consumers: The Acacius 2 is the first SSTO produced by Spaceplane Innovations to feature the "Single Stage to Everywhere" guarantee. Doesn't do Tylo. Or Eve. Or Jool. These craft are ideal for beginners who want to get to grips with gravity assists or the Jool system, without having to worry about fuel. WARNING: You may need to replace the landing gear with larger ones if you're playing in 1.1 or later. Video Acacius 2 Download Dune Class Before the Argus class, there was the Dune class. The second oldest class of spaceplane made by Spaceplane innovations (after the discontinued Revenge class), these are lightweight, agile, and pack enough DeltaV for Duna, Minmus, Mun and Gilly. Flybys of planets further out are also possible. Dune 3 is the latest and greatest in this class, sporting 3 seats and a cosy interior. These are moderately difficult to use, but experienced pilots shouldn't have too much trouble. WARNING: You may need to replace the landing gear with larger ones if you're playing in 1.1 or later. Video Dune 3 Download Phantom Class These SSTOs are the little-brothers of the Argus Class, and are slightly larger than the Dune class. WARNING: You may need to replace the landing gear with larger ones if you're playing in 1.1 or later. With room for 6 kerbals, the Phantom class is currently offers 3 models: The Minmus Trainer is the easiest-to-use SSTO sold by Spaceplane Innovations, and was specifically designed to train budding kerbalnauts in the fine art of Minmus SSTO-ing. Only the instructions are available for purchase, so that pilots can also learn how to build an SSTO too! Video (SSTO Tutorial) The Mun Phantom was the first Phantom Class SSTO packing enough DeltaV for Mun and Gilly landings, in addition to being able to do Duna flybys. Video The Mun Phantom 2 is a modified version of the Duna Phantom, packing a spacious cargo bay for all your rover carrying needs! Video The Duna Phantom is able to carry 6 kerbals to Duna and back, all in a sleek Mk2 fuselage! Video Video (SSTO Tutorial) The Laythe Phantom is capable of taking 2 kerbals to Laythe and back without refuelling! Craft file has been altered so that it won't enter a flat spin when the fuel tanks are empty now Video Mun Phantom Download Mun Phantom 2 Download Duna Phantom Download Laythe Phantom Download Vulture Class These SSTOs are designed purely for LKO missions. Vulture 1 is the first publicly available model in the Vulture class, capable of carrying 6 Kerbals comfortably to either a polar or equatorial orbit. Vulture 1 download Matlon Laboratories Matlon Laboratories is a new company, designing cutting-edge rockets, shuttles, stations, bases, rovers, and much more! SSTOs are still very-much exclusive to Spaceplane Innovations, but for anything else, Matlon has you covered! Brutus is a high-capacity Space Shuttle, and uses Solid Fuel boosters and 3 Vectoring engines to lift the orbiter into space. Played a key-role in the construction of the SkyBase Space Station, which was commissioned following the destruction of SpaceLab during the Duna Attacks strikes Video Sparrow is a seaplane packing every science experiment unit in the game, in addition to communications tech and a deployable mini-sub! Video Monolith Station aims to bring stations to the masses, being a space station capable of being fully assembled in 1 Launch Brutus Download Sparrow Download Monolith Station Download
  11. AFAIK, the X-30 SSTO/TAV was supposed to just use air-breathing engines to reach Mach 25 and orbit, while the similar HOTOL SSTO/TAV would use both air-breathing and rocket engines, which makes sense to me because air-breathing engines are useless in space. so, how was the X-30 supposed to work?
  12. Please rate my GT SSTO Craft file:
  13. The KSP is developing a new extremely lightweight SSTO design. They need your help to create one! (I know this is probably a common challenge but it would be nice to revive it) Rules: 1. The SSTO can take off from the runway or the launchpad, but not from anywhere else (this will be noted in your entry) 2. The SSTO can be manned or unmanned (there will be two leaderboards for this) 3. The score is solely based on mass (the size of the craft doesn't matter) 4. No Kraken drives, use of eva packs (this counts as a second stage) or other cheaty methods 5. The apoapsis and periapsis of the orbit must be above the Karman line 6. The SSTO doesn't have to be able to deorbit and land itself 7. If it wasn't already extremely obvious, it is a Kerbin SSTO 8. As evidence, you must have a video or screenshots of key events in the mission with fuel gauges left visible (leave the UI on) 9. If there's anything you think I should add to the rules tell me (criticism and feedback will be greatly appreciated) Smallest Manned SSTO Smallest Unmanned SSTO 1. TheFlyingKerman (3.687t) 1. TheFlyingKerman (0.985t) 2. Vyznev (3.984t) 2. 3. 3. 4. 4. I will start to design a craft of my own soon!
  14. using only rover wheels get into orbit around any body, secondary thrusters can be used to keep the craft on the ground longer but not to increase the craft's acceleration directly. the tiers are: easy: use rover wheels on a moon to get into orbit around a planet medium: use rover wheels on a planet or moon with atmosphere to get into orbit hard: use rover wheels to generate enough speed to get into orbit around the sun good luck to all, this challenge may be impossible.
  15. MODS: KSPIE, KJR, Space Y, B9+legacy packs, SVE, scatterer, navhud, kerbal engineer, procedural parts, procedural wing, nebula decals, kerbal foundries continued, simple construction, TAC fuel ballancer, TAC life support, hangar extender, distant object enhancer, DiRT (for changing the skybox get it!)
  16. Welcome, ladies, gentlemen, and anyone else who happened to stumble upon this forum topic, to... Here, you will find a blooming aerospace program, just starting to get a foothold in the market that consists of vehicles able to transport you to space! Shop now, and a round-trip ticket to Kerbin Orbit and beyond is just around the corner! Come take a look at our inventory... NOTE: Some craft flags and names might be inaccurate if the screenshots were taken before the mass class reorganization. SEE THE GALLERY HERE SPACEPLANES Note: Only spaceplane classes Angel through Power are available at this time. Higher-class spaceplanes will be added as they're created.) DOWNLOADS AND ACTION GROUPS Third Triad (Eleven spaceplanes) (Class 9: Angel) FS-A Gardia The result of when an team of engineers decided to strap RAPIERs onto a fighter jet and partially fill it with rocket fuel. Gardia is surprisingly orbit-capable, fit to be a trainer vehicle for young spaceplane pilots. Note: Ejector seats were swapped out for normal seats in the name of weight savings; pilots have to bail out manually in case of an spin-out they can't recover from. FS-A Angel The next step up from Gardia, Angel is a Mk2 spaceplane that has roughly the same range as her elder, smaller sister. Additionally, she has a cargo bay with space for a small space probe, so possibilities are prone to increasing exponentially. FS-A Tyrfing When plans to make a sword-shaped SSTO were first revealed, people thought AAAE's engineers were crazy. "Are you nuts? A giant sword could never make it into orbit, let alone in a single stage!" they said. Oh, they were so wrong. Not only that, FS-A Tyrfing, with its aggressive ascent profile and docking capability, quickly became the go to luxury SSTO for most daring of pilots in transit to kerbin space stations. NOTE: Like with Apollo, take special care when reentering Kerbin's atmosphere. (Class 8: Archangel) FS-A Mystletainn An SSTO spaceplane capable of carrying an orbital missile to low orbit and then deorbiting once the missile has hit its target. She has attained her rank due to her stylish looks and rapid response time. FS-AA Archangel The first Mk3 spaceplane, designed straight after FS-A Angel, and later on redesigned following numerous failures with returning subsequent prototype MK3 SSTOs from orbit. Like with all MK3 SSTOs listed after her, land with care. FS-AA Ferrybot Jr The younger sister of Archangel-Class Spaceplane FS-AA Ferrybot. Ferrybot Jr comes equipped with a docking port, RCS, twin nuclear engines, and capacity for 8 kerbals. She requires speeding up to 440+m/s at sea level due to heavy weight at takeoff, but is incredibly maneuverable, capable of even recovering from a spinout when almost dry. FS-AA Ferrybot Ferrybot Jr's aforementioned elder sister. She is capable of sending 32 kerbals to space stations in Low Kerbin Orbit. Check regularly for signs of sentience. (Class 7: Principality) The first class of spaceplanes to presently lack a spaceplane named after the class itself, instead having a reusable rocket having the class and name. (listed after spaceplanes). FS-PR Spectre When Spectre was first built, she was not granted a classification or a name because the head engineer thought he was building a Minmus Trainer. Luckily, this error was corrected when a plucky intern informed him of its landing legs, rover cargo bay, and "twin tail fins". The intern would later correct a head scientist when he first discovered Laythe, but mistook it for Kerbin. FS-PR Journeystar An ambitious SSTO built with a mining and ISRU rig pre-installed. She is capable of munar landings, but consumers may want to have engineers install extra batteries depending on their electricity needs. After first successful test runs, she received additional tuning from an SSTO manufacturer called Arctic Aerospace (headed by Arctica Frostbite, forum account link unknown.) FS-PR Wyvern A magnificent beast with an interesting wing design, Wyvern is tested and confirmed for the ability to send a small rover to the Mun and return safely to Kerbin. Wyvern might also potentially be capable of Minmus returns, though she wasn't designed and built with Minmus in mind. FS-PR Apollo Returning to the MK1 cross-section, Apollo is the first of AAAE's spaceplanes able to take a round trip to the mun. Dissatisfied consumers suggested renaming her "Icarus", but our engineers insist on not being afraid to use Apollo's on-board RCS and/or focus intensely on not letting her blow up on final reentry. Second Triad (Seven Spaceplanes) (Class 6: Power) FS-PO Ancile Vaguely shield-shaped (but not really), Ancile has sufficient delta-v for Minmus landings and interplanetary flybys and returns. With an additional front docking port, she also is capable of docking to Tyrfing, the sword-shaped SSTO, because why not? FS-PO Phoenix Following the revamp of a previous iteration of this craft by AA, AAAE was still determined to make a version not heavily modified by AA. And thus a couple iterations later, under the codename of Mystletainn, Phoenix finally rose from the ashes of AAAE's failed attempts. Their engineers insist it should be able to get to Duna and back if flown correctly. PS-PO Perseus A cargo SSTO designed to carry ten tons of cargo to either the Mun or Minmus, drop the off, and return safely to Kerbin. With her surplus fuel, her range can potentially extend to other bodies, given that she's refueled somewhere along the way. FS-PO Heracles The prototypes of Heracles, first of the three successful Power-Class SSTOs, were met with crash after crash when test pilots found themselves unable to regain flight control. With contractors and investors furious, AAAE turned to Arctic Aerospace - who would later offer slight tweaks to the Journeystar - for help, and so with major redesigning and tuning, the first successful version of Heracles was engineered, tested, and ultimately landed successfully by even AAAE's remaining pilots following the previous disasters. Heracles is capable of sending a full orange tank to Low Kerbin Orbit, and comes equipped with a single NERV for extended range. FS-PO Aegis Weeks after the failed landing of the yet-unreleased FS-PO Phoenix's first prototype, and during extensive testing and reiterating of further prototypes thereof, AAAE's backup engineers thought it would be a good idea to create a heavier cargo SSTO so FS-PO Heracles wouldn't be so alone in the Power SSTO class. After one prototype failed to get off the ground and another's wings fell off on the runway, the Aegis was born. Currently the heaviest cargo SSTO, and bearing a similar nose design to her little sister, Aegis is able to carry 78.8 tons' worth of payload into LKO and return to Kerbin safely following the release of said payload into space. She even has a built-in docking port in her cargo bay so she can rendezvous and dock with space stations. You know, so she doesn't drift off while her cargo is being re-positioned and docked. (Class 7: Virtue) FS-V Phoenix Anger The Phoenix Anger is the superior successor craft to Phoenix. With over 5,200 m/s of Delta V in Low Kerbin Orbit, our engineers have projected round trips to Laythe to easily be within reach of skilled pilots! Comes complete with capacity for 6 kerbals and the .95 ton "Virtue" rover. FS-V Iris After the success of Ferrybots Sr. and Jr. and the failures of various Duna SSTOs, AAAE felt like they needed more practice, and, furthermore, an additional means of staying afloat. And so Iris, codename Minmus Rex, was built with one mission in mind: Ferry a substantial amount of kerbals to Minmus and back. Luckily, she can easily do just that, though a round trip to the Mun might require slight refueling, if not only excessive aerobraking on the trip home. REUSABLE ROCKET "Rocket" instead of "rockets" because we only have one vehicle at the moment. DOWNLOADS FSR-PR Principality Principality is the sole reusable rocket sold by AAAE. Capable of reaching and returning from LKO like all of AAAE's current spaceplanes, she has been projected to be able to lift up to 30 tons worth of payload to low orbit, and potentially serve as an ascent stage for heavier payloads with their own propulsion. Note: Factor the payload's fairing into the payload's total weight. FLAGS: The classification flags currently in use, along with two versions of AAAE's company flag, can be found HERE. UPCOMING SPACECRAFT: Short-Range VTOL SSTO (LKO) Long-Range VTOL SSTO (Mun/Gilly(?)) ...Duna Cargo SSTO? REQUESTS: CLOSED, BUT SUGGESTIONS ARE OPEN  Mystic Labs A new subdivision of AAAE that focuses on less conventional forms of transport in general, from Jet Rovers to Weird Shuttles, and to more conventional forms of space transport such as tried and true rockets! While SSTO Spaceplanes are still mostly found in AAAE, Mystic Labs will cover anything else... just as long as you don't mind the inherent flaws in wackier craft. GALLERY CRAFT FOLDER Ursa Major - An SSTO spaceplane with an experimental two-stage design - the first stage is designed to carry you into orbit, while the second stage undocks from the main ship and is able to go anywhere in Kerbin's satellite system and return to the main ship afterwards. It tends to torque upwards in RAPIER mode in a vacuum, and in both modes in high time warp, so, watch for that. Be sure to shift all remaining fuel to the front of the spaceplane when returning to Kerbin! SSTO-11 Twintails - A private SSTO with capacity for 3 crew, but with two rather pointless plane tails in the back, hence the name. She was designed when two drunken engineers moved to Mystic Labs decided to poke fun at Fox Kerman's seeming obsession with vulpines. Launch Vehicles Colt and Pony - An super-ultralight reusable and a light semi-reusable launch vehicle, respectively. While Colt is only really useful for sending small probes into orbit, Pony can send payloads of up to around four-and-a-half to eight tons to low orbit and still be able to land its center stage. Mustang - A medium reusable launch vehicle that was built with sending orange tanks to orbit in mind. SSTO and landing capable like the Colt! Note: Fire up the engines to point retrograde during late re-descent due to on-board vernors and airbrakes giving insufficient control. Integrity - A Minmus rover previously only available by purchasing/downloading FS-PR Spectre. Virtue - A prototype Laythe rover previously only available by purchasing/downloading FS-V Phoenix Anger. Expeditioner Duna - Not just a titan of a rover, but a fully-functional base on wheels at 98 parts. Launch and transfer vehicles sold separately. As always, thank you for browsing through and potentially even ordering some of our craft for replication and delivery. We hope to see you again soon, as the number of available craft is bound to increase further overtime.
  17. The Mindri is a cute little SSTO I made a few months ago that can haul 30t to LKO in a Mk 3 form factor. Due to an optimized design, it uses only four Rapier engines, which helps keep the cost down. The Mindri had no crew accommodations, relying instead on a probe core for control. It handles well in flight and is quite controllable during reentry and landing. Attitude control on orbit requires planning, since the onboard reaction wheel is quite small and the RCS system is intentionally under-powered in order to keep propellant requirements down. The Mindri has no provisions for docking to a space station or fuel depot, but it can be used to recover hardware with either a Clamp-o-tron or Clamp-o-tron Sr., as long as it fits in the cargo bay and isn't too heavy. The max downmass for this design has not been tested, although it should do fine with anything less than 15t. KerbalX link
  18. I was thinking that it would be good if there were more stock engines like the R.A.P.I.E.R or even and engine that could use Liquid Fuel and Air Intake or just Liquid Fuel or maybe an Atmospheric Nuclear Engine, Oxidizer only Engine for using up excess Oxidizer. If you have more engine ideas please put them below and maybe a Modder will reach out to us.
  19. Hearts Chevron 96 [EHEV] *STOCK* Extra Heavy Extra Volumetric Cargo Lifter. [Carries ~12.5m wide and 60meter length cargo. Can lift ~1495 Ton into LKO/~1.5Kiloton @ 28.5Ton per rapier.] For only 368 Parts which includes stock cargo! Includes flight instructions below and on KerbalX 1. Front side. 2. Belly with 2x3.75m fuel tank cargo setup. 3. From above. 4. Using the 2x5m wide fairing setup. 5. Takeoff. 6. On it's way to orbit. 7. From below 8. Nearing Orbit Introduction The name "Hearts Chevron" relates to the exotic rapier engine blocks. "The" Engine block on one of either sides is a 3x5meter engine mount each holding 16 rapier engines (48 total) on either side (makes 96) In view of them they look either like a "heart" or a "chevron" (depending on ones viewpoint) In flight they distribute that unique engine exhaust effect in it's contrails. The 2375MC version for reference comes with only 368 parts, but mind you, that includes the 1450 Ton payload itself. Explanation I have been trying to build the largest, most part and aerodynamic efficient Rapier based cargo SSTO that can haul very heavy and very large payloads into LKO. Most SSTO's are limited to cargo size either due to the space planes setup or being limited by cargo bays due to CoM, CoT and cargo width/length limits. Usually people like myself build specific space planes for different cargo types for destined destinations. Typically a space plane can never carry more then a specific type of cargo weight or by volume based on the layout of the space plane or the cargo hold parts available in the game. While this space plane can have unique restrictions it should be able to haul anything into orbit that you could desire. Even if the payload should consisted of drag inducing outer parts that couldn't be faired the native engine thrust should be able to accelerate past 400m/s. I require 96 Rapier engines to accelerate to Takeoff speed using the length of the level 3 runway at MTOW. But that amount of Rapiers is more then the required thrust required to break past 400m/s. In theory/practice the space plane can always achieve past 400m/s even if it were to climb at 10° at MTOW so some minor drag shouldn't be an issue. To meet it's specifications I tried to make a layout that can carry universal payloads both in weight and volume/dimension. I reiterated this design many times. Each wing segment is placed locally so it can absorb the greatest aerodynamic stress. All elements of flight on all 3 versions are tested and the space plane can perform all the requested takeoff and landing procedures you'd expect from a decent SSTO. Directly under it's belly it can fit a 12.5m width rocket or space plane, even wider if it can stick out down below the outer mk3 fuel tanks until as wide as the closest engine block while being 60m long. This space plane can be used with reasonable frame rates depending on amount of parts added as cargo assuming you use a modern computer. Parts in fairings will not be succumb to drag and will ignore many aerodynamic physics calculations. You should be able to carry a several hundred part payload along with it on most modern computers when it's shielded inside a fairing. I made this space plane so I can effectively haul very massive and heavy cargo for a very high fuel and cost efficiency to haul mother ship parts or fuel depot parts into orbit.When payload is properly faired it can carry 1495 Ton into orbit. For reference, in total it can carry 17 x Kerbodyne S3-14400 fuel tanks on the 2375MC version. I have already created this space plane some time ago and have further optimized it's design characteristics and made 3 versions with several cargo attachment points. I consider these cargo attachment setups reasonable for most cargo weights and sizes.Tell me if you got any cargo you are unable to haul and I'll see if I can optimize the space plane further. Why would I need such a space plane you'd ask? You'd say lesser efficient or less heavier space planes can haul the required cargo to orbit also! However, if you want to build fuel stations, send space stations into orbit or haul ssto's into orbit using another ssto then this vessel should be able to do that. Physical Time Warp You cannot only use but are advised to use Physical timewarp. I'd suggest to use 3x physical timewarp during takeoff roll (change back to 1x during takeoff itself) Use 2 to 3x physical timewarp until reaching orbit (depending on computer hardware) If your computer is faster 3x should be the choice. Instructions Important *If you use no mechjeb or any other autopilot you want to use pitch trim so the space plane wants to stay level. As speed increases the nose wants to pitch up in the thicker parts of the atmosphere so you want to adjust trim for this. *In the upper atmosphere the CoT can be unbalanced with payloads that shift the CoM down. You can toggle on/off engines on the engine blocks with the action groups 2 through 6. This can be necessary if the weight of the cargo is further down when using a lower attached and/or wider shaped cargo. The combinations of action group 2 through 6 offers several dozen variations of engine setups. It's at your own leisure to find out the variety of engine combinations using a combination of action group 2 through 6 to be able to find the right balance. For most payloads the natural setup of all 96 engines should be centered so that you can maintain orientation up until the upper atmosphere in most cases. If your cargo's mass is hanging low though it is often better to find a better engine setup by toggling one, two or more sections on/off using the action group keys. *Use mechjeb *Stock SAS can be a bit wonky in the lower atmosphere due to natural pitching moment at higher speeds, the pitching moment can be to great under SAS input or very draggy cargo may succumb the pitching moment. If this happens there are 2 options. Firstly try to figure out which engine group to shut down using the action groups to re-balance the center of thrust at higher speeds to negate this effect in the upper atmosphere. If this happens in the lower atmosphere use action group 7 to toggle front spoilers for aerodynamic re-balance. If you do not remedy this when this occurrence occurs it can cause a RUD when pitching to great at higher speeds while carrying the heavier payloads at speeds above 500m/s. This shouldn't be troublesome as above 500m/s the rapiers have gained enough speed so that you do not need to have them running all at once. Above 10km you can turn all engines back on as the atmospheric stress is much less at this altitude and this problem shouldn't appear mostly. *Know that it is important that you know how to attach your cargo properly. Action groups. 1. Switches modes on all engines. 2 through 6. toggles different engines on either side for CoT rebalance. RCS toggles the fuel cells to generate electric charge (if you need it) 7 Toggles front spoilers for aerodynamic rebalance past 400m/s (isn't necessarily required but depend on cargo drag and weight) Facts: Make sure payload is centered so that the Com is centered at the CoL. Version 1 carrying a 7.5m wide center fairing. Version 2 carrying 16 x S3-14400 3.75m tanks in parallel formation with a 50.5% payload fraction. Version 3 carrying 2 x 5.5m(11m total) fairings next to one another. Make sure the payload across both sides is evenly matched. If your payload can't be distributed such way you should add dummy weight on one of either sides. NOTE: I would be happy if people could point out complaints or ways to improve the vessel. Happy flying
  20. The history of Eve SSTOs and reusables For a long time it was said, Eve SSTOs are impossible. Even going there and back reusable was unthinkable. But then a hand full of brave Kerbonauts put all their efforts in proving this wrong. This is their story. 03.09.2015 - V1.0.4 - First SSTO plane from Eve's surface to Orbit @astrobond was the first to do the impossible. He created this SSTO which was capable of getting from surface to orbit using stock parts and physics. To stay in the narrow margin, the control was given to KOS. 05.07.2016 - V1.1.3(?) - First reusable trip from Kerbin to Eve's surface and back @Stratzenblitz75 was the first who managed to do the entire trip from Kerbin to Eve's surface and back completely reusable. He is using a spectacular and never seen before suborbital catch of the lander, as well as massive SSTO launch systems. 19.08.2016 - V1.1.3 - SSTO rocket from Eve's surface to Orbit @Kergarin (I) was inspired and motivated by @astrobond's SSTO to start playing around with different SSTO designs. Coming to the conclusion, that SSTO rockets actually seem to work better than planes, giving a larger margin and payload. 23.08.2016 - V1.1.3 - First SSTO Lander from Eve's orbit to surface and back @Kergarin (I) was then able to scale it up to a bigger version, with enough payload to equip it with isru and seats for all our 4 brave Kerbals. Resulting in the first ever SSTO wich can not only launch from Eve but also land on its own in one piece. By being refuelled in low Eve orbit, this craft could have done the entire trip Kerbin to Eve and back reusable. My plan was, to do a reusable trip to all landable bodys in the Kerbol system based on this lander plus an orbiter, but this plan should be crossed soon... 11.10.2016 - KSP 1.2 release - an increase in Eve's atmospheric pressure changes the rules The pressure of Eve's atmosphere was increased, resulting in even higher drag and giving all engines lower thrust and Isp, making Eve SSTOs even harder... it seemed. The change in the Mammoth engine thrust for example: For reference Eve's atmospheric pressure in 1.2.2: After this change my SSTO lander stopped working, at least with the needed payload for ISRU. While the change in pressure made SSTO rockets harder, it will soon turn out that SSTO planes now work better again. 29.10.2016 - V1.2.2 - the first asteroid refuelling assisted SSTO plane from Kerbin to Eve's surface and back @EvermoreAlpaca built this craft initially in 1.1.3., and when 1.2 came out, this plane worked even better, opposed to SSTO rockets. This craft can get from Kerbin to Eve's surface and back to Eve's orbit independent. It then needs orbital refuelling, to get back to kerbin, which is realized by the craft itself moving an asteroid to low Eve orbit in before, which is then used for ISRU refuelling. 28.01.2017 - V1.2.2 - SSTO rocket from Eve's surface to orbit achieved again @Kergarin (I) managed to make my small SSTO rocket work again in 1.2.2. But scaling it up did not work as good as back in previous versions. The ISRU lander would have become unhandleable large. So I cancelled this concept. 20.05.2017 - V1.2.2 - infinitely reusable trip to Eve (and first ever to everywhere else) and back Since my Eve SSTO lander doesn't work in 1.2.2 anymore (and I didn't want to do this in an old version), I adoptet @Stratzenblitz75's concept of suborbital docking and developed it to a single ISRU ship wich splits in two for the Eve landing with his friendly permission (thanks again!). (Creating the first ever ship which can independently and forever travel between all 14 landable bodys. But that's on another page.) Skip to 3:40 for Eve landing (caution: flickering scenes in fast forward) 07.03.2018 - V1.3.1 - smallest ever SSTO plane from Eve's surface to orbit @astrobond the creator of the first ever Eve SSTO comes back to the game. Presenting us the smallest ever seen Eve SSTO. Also it's the first not to use the Mammoth engine, but the Vector with a slightly lower twr. 11.06.2018 - V1.3.1 - reusable two stage plane from Eve's surface to orbit and back to surface @OHara created this reusable two stage plane, which can be used for crew rotations of 4 Kerbals per flight. It launches horizontal and then transitions to vertical ascend pushing the ap far above Eve's atmosphere. The second stage then undocks and accelerates to orbital speed before the first stage reenters and glides back to its starting position. The second stage can also be landed and then redocked to the first stage. The craft then needs some external refueling to be reused. 29.10.2018 - V1.5 - First completely independent SSTO plane from Kerbin to Eve and back SSTOs to Eve's surface and back to orbit were now proven to be possible, and they seemed to be the limit of possibilities. All of them need some kind of orbital refuelling or catch to escape from low Eve orbit. But then @EvermoreAlpaca did the unthinkable. A massive independent SSTO from Kerbin to Eve's surface and back to Kerbin. He managed to raise the payload on Eve ascend that much, that there was enough margin to fit an ion drive with enough dV to escape Eve's gravity and then send the ship back to Kerbin using some gravity assists, without any dependencys. 04.12.2018 - V1.5 - First stock electric prop SSTO plane from Eve's orbit to sea level and back to orbit (plus from and to Kerbin by external refuelling) @EvermoreAlpaca continues doing the impossible by presenting us this stock electric propeller assisted Eve sea level SSTO. It ascends from sea level to above 19km sole on electric props, then continues its way to orbit on conventional rocket engines. It can also launch and land at Kerbin, but needs external refueling to do so. (youtube doesn't allow embedding this clip?) This far Kerbalkind conquered the purple monster as of the beginning of 2019. Can they go even further? Disclaimer:
  21. So, I just created a new SSTO that has about 5,000 meters per seconds of deltaV, but I can't get it into orbit. It goes well until I hit the higher atmosphere, and then it screws up. Can someone please help? Craft Image
  22. Hey there forum goers! My name is of course, SpaceplaneAddict and welcome to Addiction Aerospace, my SSTO repository. If the name and stuff is to RP-ey, then I'll change it, no biggie. Anyway, I'll be posting SSTO's and occaisonaly other junk (A.K.A Failed stuff maybe, plus rockets). Enough talk! The BadS SSTO, featuring everything you need in an LKO SSTO! Anyway, as I said, this is a basics SSTO, has everything needed for LKO, such as RCS, Docking, and a good Delta-V margin along with unmanned capacity. To fly, well, I'll just say it's a mid TWR vessel. I'll have details for flight below somewhere. I forgot, have a download link The Blade, SSTDuna and maybe back! This SSTO here is my first ever interplanetary capable SSTO! Anyway, acsent profile is sort of tricky, but doable if I can orbit it! 10 degree acsent all the way. At 8km pitch up to 15 degrees. At 15km, pitch down to 5 degrees. Slowly rise to 10degrees and hold it there. Light nuke when combined RAPIER thrust is below 180. Switch mode to rocket when total thrust is below 100. Fly to Space! Action groups: 1 - Toggle RAPIERS 2 - Toggle RAPIER modes 3 - Toggle Nukes And I'll take that, to go. The Mercenary, a 1 Kerb Dune Buggy! Well, rovers are self explanatory. Originally designed for the Elcano, beware of high speed turning. Though it has 2 small reaction wheels, turning speed is around 15 m/s. And, you can't argue those looks! Get yours today for only Free thousand Funds! Persistance, two stage to Minmus Spaceplane! As the picture shows, the spaceplane end looks like a normal longb range Nuke-RAPIER combo, but on the nuke, is a decoupler, and a "Thumper" SRB! The SRB is for an orbital kick, shooting you (if shallow acsent if used) to a 50km or so Ap, and pushing T-Apoapsis to a near 1 minute 45 seconds away! No instructions for this one, hehe, just pitch 10 degrees near the lower altitudes. Get yours today, for almost 45 THOUSAND Funds! Pickaxe, a Mk3 Infinirange Mining Spaceplane (SSTO)! Well, as stated, it's a simple trick of carrying a mining kit everywhere you go. Can handle EverythingTM except Eve and Tylo. Flight instructions: None. Pitch according to thrust output. If thrust is increasing, pitch to the point it is barely increasing. Pitch level at "speed run" altitude. Action Groups: 1 Toggle RAPIERS 2 Switch RAPIER mode 3 Toggle Nuclear rocket Buy ten, get 1, COMPLETELY FREE! The Alouette, my competitor to @Rune's White Dart! Space station not included Designed to have the same functionality of the White Dart, it is just as modular, and (probably) as dragless. Power comes from the Whiplash jet, and the dual Thuds, radially mounted, then offset. Flight Instructions: Pitch acording to thrust. Get yours today for about 2 WHOLE FUNDS! WHOOOO! Anyway, that's all for now, hoping to get some newer, an different ones out later. -SPAddict
  23. Can anyone give me some tips on how to build a successful ssto? I have tryed in the past but i run into certain fuel problems, (rip jeb) sometimes its oxidizer, other times its fuel in general. All tips are appreciated!
  24. Hi folks, it's been a while since I've been on. For a little background, I'm a senior in high school. I've been in a program for three years now called Science Research, where students are given the opportunity to conduct original research, culminating in the writing of a research paper, as well as a variety of science fairs. For my project, I've been working on a design study for a single stage to orbit spaceplane (big surprise) that uses three modes of propulsion to get into orbit and back onto the ground. Here's an excerpt of my paper, to give a description of the craft itself: "The concept of this spaceplane is a hybrid three mode aircraft based on the design of the SR-71 aircraft. The aircraft is already optimized aerodynamically and structurally for high mach flights, and are proven designs. While it’s the basis for the design, the only visual commonality between the spy plane and spaceplane will be the bird’s-eye profile. From the side view of the SR-71, the design of the spaceplane will be different both above and below the chine of the fuselage. Below the chine, the fuselage will be squared, and covered with heat protective tiles. This has three purposes: one, to simplify the process of applying the tiles; two, to create a lifting body effect on the fuselage; and three, to increase the area inside of the fuselage for fuel. The wings will be lowered and thickened slightly, in order to meet the bottom of the fuselage, and provide more area for fuel. Additionally, the lift from the body will allow the wings to be shortened width-wise, creating a slimmer profile for more efficient high-mach flight. On the wings, housed in the nacelles of the Pratt & Whitney J28 engines used on the SR-71 will be pre-cooled turbojet engines, build to take the spacecraft from the ground to mach 6 and 20,000 meters. Halfway down the bottom of the spacecraft will be the intake for the scramjet, which will take the spacecraft from mach 6 to mach 17, and 70,000 meters. The scramjet will exhaust from the bottom rear of the spacecraft, with the engine also covered in protective tiles. Above the chine, the body of the spacecraft will be radically changed. The cockpit will be removed, along with the rest of the upper body of the Blackbird. In its place will be a large conformal tank, with a fuel and an oxidizer tank within. Between these two tanks will be a small cargo bay, with a 5,000 kg capacity. At the end of the conformal tank will be two Aerojet Rocketdyne AJ10 engines, proven as reliable vacuum engines over the past 60 years. (May be switched to one Merlin 1D vacuum engine)" I have the technology and math covered- what I need to do now is create a printable 3d model of it, both solid and cutaway. The images of the craft in KSP included are what amount to a rough sketch for me, as I have no skills in actual sketching on paper. (I don't remember how to embed albums, oh well). I'd really appreciate it if y'all could help me create models of this craft, as it would both aid my presentations at fairs, and provide a really nice final product for all the work I put into my research over the past three years. Thanks!
  25. Hello everyone, It's Trekkie148 here, I'm just wondering on how to make my space shuttle stable, get to orbit, rendezvous, docking with an object, maybe mun orbit, and mostly mk2 and mainly mk3. I am using the mod Kerbal Engineer Redux and for visual Planet Shine to see the ship from the dark side of a celestial body. When ever I make a orbiter that looks like and supposed to act like the NASA space shuttle and I also empty out the tanks of the orbiter and put on the CoM and CoL indicators and sometimes CoT all standing for Center of Mass, Center of Lift, Center of Thrust, and I try to make the CoL closer to the CoM, I seriously do not know about what is happening what is happening with my design because it keeps on flipping my spacecraft either while landing or Reentry. This thread will be updated tomorrow on Thursday November 22 2018. Stay tuned, But do tend to give me help and reply. This helps out a lot. Thank you everyone. Also Happy Thanks Giving!