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Found 216 results

  1. Trying to work on Eve SSTO, realized that it's impossible. Although, in this process I got a single stage (stock) propeller plane with rockets equipped capable of orbit. It ascends to the edge of the stratosphere only with propellers, and get into orbit with rockets. Album will appear when post is submitted So propeller plane can get to stable orbit, if enough rocket engines and fuel are provided. Then, a new question arose. How far can a propeller plane go? Rules: 1. No cheating, No Alt+F12 cheats in flight. (Visible bits are allowed) + No mods with gameplay effects. (Again, visible mods are allowed) 2. Only rocket engines and stock propellers are allowed on the entire flight. No airbreathers, no infiniglides, no gyroscope drive, etc. 3. The plane should be able to take off and fly around fully-fueled with propeller-only. 4. Propellers should be able to be re-docked to the craft, to ensure the completeness of the craft on orbit after physics load. 5. It shouldn't take over an hour for a craft to get to orbit. 6. At least a kerbal should be on board. Score is the dv left on orbit. The destination of the plane can be noted on the leaderboard. Leaderboard: + All rocket engines allowed 1. @Reusables 0m/s + Propeller-Nerv SSTO 1. + Propeller-Ion SSTO 1. + Propeller Passenger Plane (contains Mk3 Passenger Module) 1.
  2. Hello Kerbonauts, My name is SLAMOVNIK989 and I am declaring Long-Range SSTO Championship, where best of the best SSTOs will compete, which can fly the biggest distance possible. Rules: Only Stock parts allowed, to be fair. No Cheats or Mods (including Delta-V calculation and flight status mods) are allowed. Video of entire flight of vessel must be published on YouTube with public access to viewers. There are 3 categories: NRF (No Refuel), OPRF (Outpost Refuel), MRF (Mining Refuel). Spaceplane must takeoff horizontally, cannot use engines larger than 2.5 meters in diameter and must return back to Kerbin. Interplanetary transfers allowed. Point System: Transfer to Mun/Minmus from Kerbin: 80 points; Transfer to Eve/Moho and/or their satellites from Kerbin: 150 points; Transfer to Duna from Kerbin: 300 points; Transfer to Jool and/or its satellites: 800 points; any other Transfer: 300 points; Landing on any surface of Planet or its satellites, that is not Kerbin: 250 points; Taking Surface Sample/ Performing any science experiment at orbit/surface of any planet or its satellite that is not Kerbin: 100 points; Crew Report/Transfer of experiments/Reports to Kerbin: 50 points; Returning to Kerbin with plane weight higher than during takeoff: 150 points; Orbital Transfer from Jool to Moho or opposite: 1200 points Obtainable awards: Lightest spaceplane - 300 points bonus; Heaviest airplane - 200 points bonus; 1 engine type only spaceplane - 500 points bonus; 1 circle around planet with atmosphere - 250 points bonus (this award can stack); Cargo/Fuel supplier - 300 points (this award can stack); Cargo/Fuel dropper - 500 points (this award can stack); Expert of Failure Flight/Landing - Fly or Land an airplane while damaged or any of system failed - 600 points; Orbital Cargo Deployer: 400 points (this award can stack) Note to awards: Cargo or Fuel must be transfered to Space Station, or land at distance of 300 meters max from Surface Outpost/Base. Schedule: Championship declaration + Competitors registration start: November 19th; Competitors registration end + Spaceplane building start: November 21st; Flights of vessels start + Spaceplane Building end: November 24th; Videos publishment + Flights of vessels end: November 25th and 26th; Final Judging of Spaceplanes, distances flown and other things: November 27th until November 30th (will be judged by me and 5 KSP YouTubers I decide to select). Good luck during building and flying and all the best, Admiral SLAMOVNIK989.
  3. Watch this, and good luck with your own.
  4. Recently found a post about the replica on the Soviet rocket Energia-Uragan. It was reliable enough and I decided to recreate it myself. The main problem for me is reusable fairing. After I asked the author he said this is part of one mod. As he said the mod is Bluedog Design Bureau. I installed it, but have not found this detail. Maybe someone knows the name should mod includes this detail? That mod is Near Future Launch Vehicle - link Thanks to @Dr.Wolfram Energia-Uragan replica ( original post
  5. I've been planning to establish a long-term colonization on Laythe for a while now, considering so far the only non-Kerbin planet I ever sent Kerbals to was Duna, with a very lackluster base. Because of it being long-term, I plan to have a space station orbiting Laythe with two landers on standby, which must be almost completely reusable and be able to ferry at minimum six Kerbals from the station to the base(s), with maximum efficiency. With those restrictions in mind, and considering that I plan to keep the space station at an altitude of 150-175km(to make the rendezvous easier for me), I managed to design a hefty lander packing 3.8 m/s of dV, space for seven Kerbals, and a jumbo docking port on the bottom, which also counts on being refueled when landing on Laythe by virtue of the base(s) being equipped with fuel refineries and rovers able to ferry the fuel: As you can see, the reason for the unusual placement of the docking port(below instead of on top) is in favour of a RealChute parachute, designed to work flawlessy(mostly) on Laythe - which is why the lander is not completely coated in 'chutes. Unfortunately, RealChute has a hardcoded limit of 10 uses per parachute part, after which it will no longer work; as it will have to be replaced by a new parachute part through KIS, this is why the lander is only 95% reusable - and not using parachutes at all is a terrible idea as the lander completely loses control when entering Laythe's atmosphere - being the very first craft I've seen that prefers to fly face-first when I intend it to fly butt-first, while it's normally the other way around. (Re-entry heating is disabled in my save file because I have barely mastered proper drag-friendly crafts, let alone drag-friendly heat-freindly crafts) Nevertheless, using HyperEdit, I did multiple simulation flights with Laythe and, despite those shortcomings, de-orbiting and landing in Laythe is something the lander can do(with some trouble regarding loss of control; it can end up flying sideways and therefore gliding far away from its intended destination). The true problem is taking off again and reaching orbit: It just doesn't have enough fuel. Sure, it can attain an apoapsis that's above the atmosphere(thanks to a planet pack, the atmo height is raised to 66km instead of 50km; pressure and grav are unchanged), but it will be left with just 900-800m/s of dV left, when over 1100m/s are needed to complete the circularization. And this is without accounting the fact that the lander would still need to rendezvous with the soon-to-be space station at 150-175km of altitude... Either the lander is fuel-inefficient, or I am doing a wrong ascent profile. And I did check a guide for ascent profiles, but when I tried that, it just resulted in the lander deciding to fly into the ground. (Considering that guide was aimed toward large Kerbin crafts, it's possible its advice just doesn't apply for this situation) Thus, I'm wondering if anyone is able to help me with either/both problems. I'm looking to try and optimize its fuel consumption as much as I can(the aerospikes are the most efficient engines available: the Terrier is too weak, and everything else is either too powerful/inefficient, or has a mismatching size) to be useful in case of an emergency, and find out a more efficient way to get the lander up into Laythe orbit. As well as possibly find out what's causing the lander to completely lose control when braking into Laythe, as that will definitely end up causing problems later on regarding landing precision and the time spent ferrying Kerbals and fuel. And yes, the Center of Mass is above the Center of Lift, which is above the Center of Thrust. And here is the lander's .craft file, in case you need it or just want it.
  6. So I built this: The "S-95 "Decent" Torodial Nuclear Interplanetary Transport": And I launched it: And tried to get out of Kerbin atmosphere: But it spun out of control: And I dunno what happened: Help me?
  7. Hello, I've been having issues with my large cargo SSTO. I can't seem to get it to orbit. I'm having both balance issues and issues actually establishing orbit. Although, it has come a long way since I started building it a few months ago, and it gets much closer to orbit than it used to, and it doesn't flip backwards immediately upon takeoff anymore, so that's cool. Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated! ^Pictures and craft file^
  8. Let's take a minute to remember the olden days, when jet engines were practically warp drives and the atmosphere was indiscriminate of a rocket's shape. Though years of updates have taken the game a long way, some still long to feel the hypersonic wind in our hair atop a pancake-shaped ssto dropship. Alas, atmospheric drag has made dropships like this infeasible... Until now. How? I've reapplied an old technique tor creating crazy dropships the game THINKS are streamlined, but arent. It just involves stacking fuel tanks on top of each other, like a rocket, and then offsetting them to the sides to create a sideways fuselage. Sadly, all parts have to be oriented into the airstream, meaning it's much harder to make something look aesthetically pleasing. Still i tried my best with these creations. Jerdon's Babbler - Proof of Concept Named after a species of bird that was rediscovered after being thought to have gone extinct. Fitting name. Despite its unaerodynamicness, it's a great SSTO, with 1400m/s of delta v in orbit. Swallow (African Variant) - Heavy Atmospheric Constructor Tested to lift up to 70 tons. Its built-in vernier engines also make grabing payloads easy. To dock with a new payload: 1- Press 1 to disable 6 of the ship's engines, making it easier to control your throttle. 2- Set the ship to point "radial out". This will make the ship always point upwards, making maneuvering much easier. 3- once you get close to your payload, try to keep your thrust just barely below hovering power, and use the vernier engines to maneuver onto the target. You'll bounce a little, but you should dock in no time. Download: (African Variant).craft?dl=0 Monarch Econ - Cheap, Fast, Fun Leisure Craft Designed for consumers who want to have fun. How to get to orbit: 1- Turn horizontal as soon as possible, then pull up to 25 degrees once you reach 500m/s. 2- Turn down to 10 degrees at 8km. Engines should switch over at 1650m/s or so. You should get to orbit with about 1000m/s of delta v. Turning back to horizontal is a tiny bit tricky. Here's a good way to do it: 1- Slow down as much as possible, then point upwards as much as you can. 2- If you can't get vertical, give it a little bit of gas. 3- Once you get vertical, just turn on "radial out" and you should be fine. Download: econ.craft?dl=0 Phoenix M2: Long Range Party Ship Comfortably gets 3 kerbals to orbit with almost 2800m/s of delta v. Flight instructions are the same as the Monarch. Just set your control point to be the top docking port. Download: m2.craft?dl=0 Monarch - Luxury Ion Skiff [Under Development] If you can afford the rediculous price of Xenon, this little ship is great for journeys to almost anywhere, with its near 4000m/s of delta v. Still needs some solar panel and aesthetics optimization. Swallow (European Variant) - Under Development Obviously all these designs were inspired by @Cupcake.... I hope i've made dropships worthy of his ingenuity. And yes, i'll post download links... eventually...
  9. Hi everyone, I have been playing KSP for quite a long time now, let's say that for my first Mun landing there was only one capsule available, no landing legs and trajectory was planned "start your de-orbiting burn when you see sun just touching the horizon" times. I was quite passionate about the game back then. Recently I had a relapse, and begun playing with SSTOs. And to be frank I'm clueless on the cargo placement in the cargo-bay / cargo-hold (using the larges fuselage). Some times it works, some times it does not: I want to place a satellite with a rocket propelled stage, consisting of probe body, some equipment, clamp-o-tron jr, TR-18D stack separator, one FL-T800 fuel tank and LV-909. I have made it all into one nit assembly part, and the problem begun. It just will not connect to the interior: to the clamp-o-trons, to the separators, when the part snaps in place, its rooted deep inside a fuel filled fuselage part - not even its bulkhead. I have tried re-rooting, moving (it unfortunately stayed rooted and it just was "floating" in the mid air, still being connected. As a last resort, I have tried to rebuild the entire stack in the cargo bay, but it ended up in with similar problems, the funniest one being the engine separating within the separator and leaving a gap in the satellite's placement vehicle. I have searched for some time on info pertaining to this exact problem, but unfortunately couldn't find it on forum / on Scott Manley's channel etc. I would be most grateful for any help on that matter.
  10. Why a Shuttle?

    Hey guys! So I've been wondering recently, what is the purpose of a shuttle, such as the stock Dynawing? I can't see that that particular rig affords any advantage over a standard rocket, except the recoverable aspect I guess. And also for the Dynawing in particular, why does it have those useless tanks I-beamed into the cargo bay? Probably stupid questions all, but I really cant figure it out.
  11. If you know where to find a mod that does this please post the link below
  12. Hello, I come to you all with a dilemma. I have been playing this game for a long time, but I'm having an issue. Prior to the 1.0 update, I had little problem with SSTOs, however, after the changes, I have not had much success. I was able to make a small one-man SSTO work, however, it is not of much use to me as it cannot dock, only has enough fuel for reentry after establishing orbit, and cannot carry any cargo. The main craft I have been working on, however, I cannot get to successfully establish orbit, much less rendezvous with either my station or my refueling station. I have shaved off much of the profile, reduced drag by eliminating excess external components, and played with how much fuel I load, but to no avail. If anyone has any ideas for how I can improve the craft, and hopefully make it work well, it would be greatly appreciated. Images Below
  13. Hi, Alpha Gametauri here. Thought about starting a discussion talking about each others Shuttle's, how to improve them, combination of each others ideas, etc. Nothing specific. I was going to upload my Space Shuttle, but i lost it going back to 1.2.2, (reason being there is a Interstellar mod i miss having and trying to find again.) Let's just say my Shuttle handles like a Drunk Rhino on Landing, come down even a tinsy bit too fast and it shatters. She is a little hard on launch, and i probably have enough fuel left over after i dump the ET for a one-way trip to Duna or Eve. I do have a Shuttle Test Bed file, a Shuttle i use for test upgrade/improvising design and see how it flies. I have tried designing an SSTO, all of them fly wonderfully, except i have little fuel left when in orbit, and if i carry too much, i max at 48-52,000M. Can't wait to see what ya'll have to say.
  14. My original plan was to create a cargo SSTO that could carry 4 large Mk2 bays worth of cargo, land at Mün, and return to Kerbin. This turned out to be a much bigger challenge than I though it would be! As the plane got bigger, it needed more engines, more fuel, then it couldn't land anymore, so needed more engines, more fuel, etc. So I tried going simpler with only 2 large Mk2 bays. Still took quite a bit of trial and error, but I finally did it. As a craft, it's a delicate balance of size, mass, fuel, cargo, and power. 76 tons, 3.5k - 4k ∆v after reaching LKO. How did I do?
  15. SSTO to Eeloo

    Here's my SSTO to Eeloo with some passengers. I hope you guys enjoy. For mission planning and getting that K-E-K-K-J transfer, I used Flyby Finder and followed @PLAD's posts about Eeloo and Jool (without Mun assist or Jool aerobrake). For Kerbin ejection burns I used Precomputed Low-TWR Interplanetary Transfer Burns by @Red Iron Crown. Thank you both!
  16. What seemed straightforward to me when I was using a rocket was to give each module RCS thrusters, a bit of mono (or more), a probe core and MechJeb, as I detached each module I'd fly them close and then have Jeb dock them. Worked fine. However I'm now trying to use an OPT spaceplane, and when I try to take off with three modules in the bays bound for the station, I start the spaceplane engines and the throttle goes instantly to zero; engines on but zero thrust and the throttle won't respond to any command. If I take the HECS/OKTO units off all of the modules, the spaceplane now starts and takes off normally. I'm assuming for some reason with the probe cores in place (one of which has a Terrier for later Kerbin return), it's getting confused as to which vehicle is the master and which ones are just being carried. What's the best way to do this? TIA
  17. SSTO Question

    I was wondering if i could do a SSTO to laythe while refueling in the middle of the mission. like, i would have a tanker ship orbiting dres.
  18. The SSTO Base Challenge: The SSTO base challenge is a challenge in which you will need to make a manned MK3 plane SSTO, and have a 2.5m permanent land base as cargo; And return the SSTO back to Kerbin safely! The ship can cost up to 150,000 (including base) , and the base has to be over 5 tonnes. The SSTO can only have RAPIERS or Nuke engines (or any for Eve); you are allowed to drop fuel tanks in cargo bay. The Base has to have at least 1 antenna, 2 docking ports and 3 solar panels. This is a fun challenge. You are allowed to use mods such as KWRocketry, TweakScale, and KER. Easy: 4 kerbals to Duna. Medium: 5 kerbals to Laythe. Hard: 7 kerbals to Dres. IMPOSSIBLE: 15 kerbals to Eve. EXTRA: Land the SSTO at runway Badge:
  19. Stumbled about this on NSFF and since it sounds cool i just drop it here:;topic=43344.0;attach=1438419;sess=0 Basicly it is a combination of a termal nuclear rocket feeding linear aerospike nozzels sitting on the turbine-fans of a turbojet-engine... or something like that XD Have fun with it ;-) PS: i want it for KSP!!! PPS: the guy who designed it was senior engineer for the Raptor engine...
  20. Pytheas Class Explorer This is a fully function SSTO capable of a vertical take off and landing, and weighs a total of 558.445 tons. This is by far my largest successful SSTO, let alone VTOL Album Download
  21. My first proper SSTO

  22. SEAPLANE TO ORBIT - THE 1.3.X PARTY THREAD This challenge is a revised and updated version (with permission) of @Mikki's Seaplane to Orbit 1.05 challenge. UPDATES ****CHALLENGE CREATED 03.07.2017**** RULES - PLEASE READ THESE BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE CHALLENGE The Seaplane to Orbit challenge is inclusive and I'm usually willing to have rules stretched to the nth degree, so get creative and join the party board or gatecrash: 1. Stock and Modded are permitted (Modded is defined as using modded engines, lifting parts, fuel tanks etc). 2. The craft may not lose any parts in flight (unless the award category allows it) 3. The craft run must start from water, reach orbit (PE > 70km) and land intact on water or land. It is accepted that you load your craft on the runway. 4. You may not cheat in any way - Test my leniency sure, but no classic cheating please. 5. All missions require either an album showing each stage of the flight, or a video showing all stages of the flight. 6. Once you have completed a mission, please post your proof in this thread for my review including a breakdown of your score and some basic information about your craft including mods used. AWARDS - IF YOU DO SOMETHING WORTHY I WILL ADD A NEW AWARD CATEGORY AT MY DISCRETION Use modded parts - Nonconformist Use stock only parts - Purist Decouple landing gear after launch from runway - Footloose Submerge and become an submarine - Crashdive Park your seaplane in the KSC Pool - Poolguest - blame @WhiteKnuckle Transfer from water to land after orbit - Beached Use only Liquid fuel (Rocket) engines - Sponsored by Kerbodyne Use only SRB's - Light that candle Have an Engineer inspect your vessel by swimming - Wet Have an Engineer inspect your vessel by foot - Booty Smallest seaplane by weight - Minimalist Largest seaplane by weight - Maximalist Visit another bodies orbit - Traveler PARTYBOARD MK1 SEAPLANES MK2 SEAPLANES MK3 SEAPLANES GATECRASHERS Get your badge here
  23. KCS Saber SSTO

    Download Craft File This thing's designed to take 10 kerbals to LKO and back. All stock parts. No LV-N's or Rapiers, because I haven't unlocked those parts yet. The first picture is an earlier version than the following pictures. It never made it to space because it would start to tumble uncontrollably at 20kM. I fixed the problem by shortening the overall length of the plane and adding extra reaction wheels. The Final verion with some alterations. The performance has improved significantly. I shifted some things around to make it less nose heavy, increased the battery capacity, and exchanged the twin swivel engines for a vector engine. Download Craft File
  24. For the first time ever, I took an SSTO to mine for ore on Minmus. I had to refuel once in LKO and once on the surface of Minmus. I then flew to the North Pole to mine. Once full of ore, I flew back to Kerbin, and somehow landed on the runway too. Mods: -tweakscale -mj -p-tanks -mk2 expansion Enjoy.
  25. As one can tell, Matt Lowne did a video showcasing a Laythe SSTO with 4025 m/s dV in LKO. So my challenge will be, can you do better? Could you make the most out of as little dV as possible? Here are the rules: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) No dirty cheating alpacas (no debug menu) 2) You must have either a video or a full album of the mission 3) KER must be installed 4) No mods (besides KER) 5) You must show the Resource Tab always if you make a video 6) You must bring at least 10 passengers with 2 pilots to Laythe and back 7) Finally, you have to have clear knowledge of gravity assists ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leaderboard: 1st place: @herbal space program, 3390 m/s (Yay, you get your first badge) 2nd place: @Matt Lowne, 4025 m/s 3rd place: @Firemetal, 6250 m/s ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So build away, intrepid builders. May the Best SSTO win! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh yeah, anyone who at least beat Matt's score gets a badge (WIP).