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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone. I'm currently working on a KSP external controller (Arduino + kRPC) as many others have before me. This time however, the project is a little bit different, as me and my counterpart would like to split things up in to CAPCOM and Mission Control, so that two people are required to play the game. This requires one person to control the vessel, and another to "control" the map view (having an overview of the situation and making maneuver nodes). However, as there is no way currently to externally have the map view, we've run in to a problem. We've tried a couple of things: 1. Stand Alone Map View (works no longer) 2. Dark Multiplayer (trying to trick the game in to letting us control the same vessel at the same time - no success) 3. Several Standalone Programs/Solutions like Kerminal (none will display visual orbital information or let us make maneuvers) Please note that beauty is not a concern here. 2D, 3D, 4D, whatever. As long as there is a map-view-like visual representation of the orbit, and the ability to create and preview maneuver nodes. So currently, as the developer side of this project, I'm at a standstill. I have considered going the full mile and making my own standalone application that will take kRPC orbital information and basically render a map view, sending back maneuver node information through kRPC. However, as you can imagine, this is quite the task. My question for you guys is simply: do you know of any programs/mods/applications that will allow me to do something like this, or relatively easily expand to be able to do something like this? Has anyone heard of any projects trying to achieve this? Any help and/or discussion would be much appreciated.