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Found 28 results

  1. So, I just finished watching the first episode of the new Star Trek series, Picard. I thought it was quite good - I was half expecting a lens-flare riddled explosion-fest like Discovery, but they seem to have mostly avoided that, perhaps because Patrick Stewart is on the team. I'd like to hear the first impressions of everyone else. Discuss away! (moderators, I haven't seen another thread like this but if one exists please do merge this into it )
  2. Skunk Works Presents: STAR TREK SHUTTLES. Boldy going........ Trek Shuttles
  3. STARDATE: Y4-D303-4H25M The third Dres Fleet has arrived and are now captured in Dres' sphere of influence. So far, our Dres colonization fleet - whether they're orbiting the planet or already landed - consist of: The U.S.S. Defiant (and it's crew). Though it has plenty of liquid fuel left for the return pod, it has run out of fuel for itself and very low on monopropellant. That can be fixed. 2 permanent self-sustaining bases Dresden Base is within 10 kilometers of the designated landing spot (Rosly's Whim) for incoming landers, chosen for its rich ore deposits Colorado Base is in orbit. I have ordered it to wait until the Dres Canyon is in daylight to land it. 1 ore-scanning satellite in polar orbit 1 Interplanetary Escape Pod The next crew will come in another one, but I already have one stationed in Dres orbit in case of emergencies 2 mini-buses DRES MINI-BUS 001 already within range of Rosly's Whim and Dresden Base DRES MINI-BUS 002 in orbit, as I have not yet decided where to put it 1 large fuel truck in spotting range of Rosly's Whim. 1 surface relay, planted on the opposite side of the planet from Rosly's Whim 1 three-man surface lander, equipped with science. 2 one-man surface landers. Though they have more Delta-V than the three-man lander, they still need refueling after each use - not to mention I can only take one person at a time in them. 1 Ore converter module. I shall dock it with the U.S.S. Defiant so that the station can produce its own fuel. 1 Ore Delivery probe. It shall land in Rosly's Whim and collect ore to bring back to the upgraded Defiant for conversion. I made sure it had PLENTY of Delta-V ready so that it won't need to refuel itself once it reaches the Defiant. * screenshot of our progress. My crew has been itching to get down to Dres' surface and explore, and I assure them they will get their chance. But first, I need to: Dock the ore converter with the Defiant. Land the delivery probe at Rosly's whim to collect ore and take it up. Take the three-man lander (myself, one engineer, one scientist) down to the surface after the ore collector's clear of Rosly's Whim I don't want any incidents involving two vehicles in the same spot. Return to the Defiant with a surface sample and scientific data for processing. Either inform Mission Control that's it's more efficient to send three people at a time or one. Mission Control tells me that there's a fourth fleet coming to Dres in about one Kerbal year, and it involves a self-refueling ore delivery module and the Defiant's replacement crew. From what I hear, this crew will start living permanently in Dresden Base while finding other potential landing sites. Personally, I hope Mission Control finally figures out how to build an SSTO to send here; that way, we can explore Dres as we would Kerbin on a plane without the hassle of using a legged lander. I also requested Dres gets an ultimate relay antenna stationed there, as we had an incident where we almost lost our first mini-bus due to a signal loss. To anyone who reads this entry, let it be known that we're paving the way to plant Kerbalkind's feet on other planets - starting with Dres.
  4. WarpCoreUnit1 A Star Trek Trek inspired warp core for Kerbal Space Program. Dependencies: Alcubierre Warp Drive (Stand-alone) By RoverDude. At my request, SpannerMonkey created this model for me based on a warpcore model I found on blendswap, and derived a config for it following the configs for Alcubierre Warp Drive (Stand-alone) By RoverDude. which is a dependency for this mod. He has given me permission to modify it as I see fit, and release it. I have heavily modified the config to: 1) The reactor uses Dilithium Crystal (of course) to create LqdDeuterium which the Warp engine runs on. 2) Provide it's own power (850 ec/s) and power storage (1000 ElectricCharge) 3) Provide a way to replenish the Dilithium Crystal from processing ore at a rate of 1 Dilithium Crystal per every 10 ore, every 10 sec. This warp core is a little cheaty compared to the other warp drives out there, mainly because of it's size... and yes, I know... no warp nacelles. I was fed up building warp capable ships and having to use enormous (but very awesome!) warp drives, I wanted something I could fit inside a large cargo bay, and well, here it is! *This Warp Core is a fully self contained warp drive, reactor and ore processor. In order to make use of the reactor and ore processing, first you must "Deploy the Converter" wait for it to be ready (it takes a little while), start the reactor, Initialize the Dilithium Chamber, and if you are converting ore into Dilithium Crystal, Start Crystal Extraction. The ore processing requires exactly 99% of the reactors power output, leaving you with a very small output of 8.5 ec/s to maintain minimal ship functions. Do not attempt to run the ore processor and the engine at the same time unless you have a rather large secondary power source. In order to create a "Warp Bubble", you must be a minimum of 90km above the surface... then buckle up and engage! Change log: This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Download links: Github SpaceDock Dropbox
  5. Coming soon from skunk works... USS Kerbin departs Alexandria Station.
  6. Well here it is.... The Uss Nimitz and Several variant DryDocks Nimitz and Drydock?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E
  7. According to me, this is the entire Mirror Mirror ethics or lack of it is more better than regular universe. For whole life i was honest aspie boy but maybe it's better to be like Lorca Mirror Maybe i try to be pilot, lie on medical, than lie all my career
  8. The Strike Fighter from Star Trek Strike Fighter
  9. The Runabout is ready for delivery. Class Runabout?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E Enjoy
  10. Welcome to Raptor Aerospace Industries. My name is Raptor22, President and CEO of Raptor Industries. Please, enjoy your stay. Here at Raptor Industries, we are dedicated to bringing you reliable aircraft, spacecraft, and other aerospace systems that will serve you throughout multiple missions. From cargo planes to faster-than-light starships, we will ensure that our systems are versatile and affordable. We are not to be confused with Raptor Aerospace Concepts and Solutions. If you mistakenly came here, go here: View our products on KerbalX: Visit Raptor Industries! While in the past, Raptor Industries (or, as it once was called, Raptor Aviation and Aerospace Technologies) mainly created aircraft, in recent times the company has shifted to creating ships for interstellar travel. Our Star Fleet division (inspired by but not affiliated with CBS’s Star Trek) specializes in creating the finest star ships, star bases, and shuttlecraft for the United Kerbin Defense Force, along with other contractors. In addition, we still serve the KAF (Kerbal Air Force), and have many military systems, alongside the civilian market. Our defense systems are among the best on Kerbin. As such, victory is almost always assured. We often incorporate military technology into civilian projects to provide the best safety systems that you can hope for. All modded aircraft will be incorporated with aviation lights for safety. If you have even more concerns, we may grant special requests to outfit certain civilian aircraft with electronic warfare jamming systems, flares, and chaff, to provide the utmost defense against enemy attacks. We will always do our best to provide as much information as we can about our systems. We shall ensure that each vessel in our catalog has the following statistics listed clearly: All action groups Resource values (i.e. maximum fuel load, electrical charge, etc.) Maximum Proven Altitude (unburden, or without a payload or weapons) Maximum Proven Airspeed (criteria for determining such shall be determined later) Maximum number of passengers and crew Other statistics, such as maximum payload, range, and endurance, are hard to obtain, and may vary from user to user as a result of different handling of the systems. While some may be aiming to squeeze every last drop out of a system, others may simply be aiming to get there quickly, regardless of fuel usage. We do not dictate how our customers operate our systems, but we will provide suggestions in order to make sure all of our customers are satisfied. Stock Market Modded Market If you wish to become one of our corporate partners, we shall be sure to include information about your company (profile) here. Here is a list of our Corporate partners: WaffleTech Military Technologies, Lead by Joseph Kerman. Visit them here: We thank all of our corporate partners for their support If you have any suggestions or complaints, please contact us at Please bear with the current lack of craft for the time being. I'm still making the first iteration of aircraft and designing their pages, so it will be a little empty for now. But please, stay tuned. I'll be uploading my craft very soon.
  11. My wife gave me a very nice Christmas present this year that I just received today: a VIP pass for a photo and autograph with Nichelle Nichols! This was at Wizard World in Cleveland. She was very friendly and gracious, and, if she saw anything wrong with my somewhat-hastily-thrown-together TOS uniform, she didn't let on. I'm sure she's already seen every variation under the sun...
  12. Does he was good or arogant idiot? He was my favorite character from Universum of Star Trek
  13. If Star Trek was real who would opted to serve on steerfleet if United Federation of Planets distribute all necessary things to good life if: We've eliminated hunger, want, the need for possessions I guess most of Starfleet would be 50 % Aspies 50 % ADHD folks
  14. Does anybody on the forum play Star Trek Online? I've got it on the xbox
  15. USS Excelsior Link to album: Download link:
  16. Hello all. Ever since the announcement that the math behind a warp drive is semi-plausible, And NASA's own (very optimistic) concept released, I've wanted to essentially reinvent the ship (or perhaps the concept of the series) In a more realistic fashion. The concepts in the show redone in a way that could be done now or in the near future. (Obviously the ability to create a space-warp is assumed) Perhaps without fundamentally changing the ship too much, but that's not set in stone. Wanting to incorporate things like a warp ring, a centrifuge for 'gravity' and semi long-term habitation A semi sustaining ship. likely incorporating a greenhouse. Mostly Self-sustaining and ISRU is assumed. Capacity to land on planets (Without fancy beaming). This would likely require one or multiple SSTO's attached. A primary drive capable of significant deltaV changes (likely using some form of nuclear rocket, or perhaps a EM drive variant. A large scientific capacity. This ship would likely be designed for a fraction of the Enterprise's crew in the show. Otherwise all these things would grow exponentially rather quickly. Now i realize there are concepts here that are not totally set in stone. Such as the warp drive and EM drive. I want to use this as a project to get myself back into 3D modeling and perhaps programming. Eventually I'd like to make a parts pack but that's not set in stone. Not yet at least. I'm curious as to peoples thoughts on this. While i have had a interest in science and science fiction and the universe as a whole my whole life most of my knowledge is limited to documentaries wiki and KSP. Go easy on me.
  17. Waiting on Procedural Parts and Wings to catch up to KSP 1.2. I was encouraged to make additional and preferably older Trek ships. On my way to finding and settling on the Excelsior Class known for USS Enterprise B, I stumbled on this one. I figured it would be a breeze since this, the Nebula class, is very similar to the Galaxy Class. I also went ahead and did this because ships in this class tend to do patrol and courier missions, and sensor sweeps, and the tail-mount up top seems to generally hold the scanner parts! Deciding this a very worthy ship to be Kerbalized, and to serve in KerbNet I ensured that there is some cargo space. Since the tail-mount is different per ship in the Nebula Class, I made it to be swappable via senior Clamp-O-Tron for whatever other purpose or specifics you have. Specs and tips: Carries 49 kerbals but there's plenty room to add more crew cabins. (The part count is nearly 200 so there already isn't more of them.) Saucer section is Procedural Parts with 18m diameter and Kerbal Hacks: Procedural Parts Textures. Elliptical caps inside the nacelle fronts are Procedural Parts Extended. Neck is a stock Structural Pylon. Tail mount is B9 Procedural Wings Modified. Most other body parts include Mk2 Stockalike Extension. The visible Mk2 engines are Ion drives from the aforementioned mod, purely for aesthetics. The warp drive is GN Drive from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It provides its own RCS translation power but not rotation power. It might not show up in Staging. Tweakscale. Nacelle lights are Surface Mounted Lights for Self illumination. Right-click a GN Drive and turn on Trans-AM to use warp/kraken/whatever speed. Do not use in atmosphere with this ship. The tail might burst or disorient the ship. This drains the engines and ends itself then. If you only have one drive (lose one by damage?), you may lose this option and a portion of your agility. The fuel is locked inside the Mk2 tails on the saucer to not get wasted by the RCS. On spawn at runway, press 3 and kill throttle. Then you can safely detach clamps. The real ship does not have visible impulse engines so there's no "T1" or "NF" stuff here. Action groups: Toggle Ion and Warp Drives. - Make positive gravioli. Toggle Antigravity. Downloads: KerbalX
  18. Waiting on Procedural Parts and Wings to catch up to KSP 1.2. An incredibly faithful and highly functional replica for you to download and drive. Room for 49, excellent bridge view and it has room for a small 2.5m craft! If anyone asks, I'll post additional editions without the warp drive, without the lights, or just the hull. It just came to me and I recreated this awesome ship. Due to the nature of the GN Drive that makes it all work, only two of the pure drive can fully function in a given ship. It is self-powering and near-perpetual. There's the lesser GN Drive Tau part which has high demand for electric charge and has its realistic ups and downs, and any number can be safely installed but those are not important for this post. This also enables you to easily and comfortably land and take off at your favorite impossible planet. Full Gallery: Specs and tips: Carries 49 kerbals but there's plenty room to add more crew cabins. (The part count is nearly 190 so there already aren't more of them.) Saucer section is Procedural Parts with 18m diameter and Kerbal Hacks: Procedural Parts Textures. Neck is a stock Structural Pylon. Abort action group will activate its decoupler function and the saucer's engines. Unfortunately, since the root part is in the secondary hull, the neck remains with the saucer. Trying to change the root part and fix that has caused my game to crash every time. On separation the saucer's root part becomes the pylon or another awkward part. Most other body parts include Mk2 Stockalike Extension. The visible Mk2 engines are Ion drives from the aforementioned mod, purely for aesthetics. The warp drive is GN Drive from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It provides its own RCS translation power but not rotation power. It might not show up in Staging. Tweakscale. Cosmetic D-NF edition requires Near Future: Electrical, Propulsion and conditionally, the Infinite Electricity cheat. D-T1 edition sacrifices all Near Future parts for less mod dependency. Contains eight stock RTGs in each major section for 12 EC/s total power generation. It's named T1 for the T1 Toroidal Aerospike engines. Nacelle lights are Surface Mounted Stockalike Lights. Right-click a GN Drive and turn on Trans-AM to use kraken speed. This drains the engines and ends itself then. If you only have one drive (lose one by damage?), you may lose this option and a portion of your agility. The fuel is locked inside the Mk2 tails on the saucer to not get wasted by the RCS. In D-T1, also check the flat white disk between the convex surfaces as to not waste the LFO in that. In D-NF, this disk is a structural element, not a tank. Considering Kerbals now pass out from excessive Gee in KSP 1.2, and this ship uses acceleration, its crew in this situation will be in for many great times. Action groups: Toggle Ion and GN Drives. Toggle Impulse drives. I advise you only use those (especially the LFO in the D-T1 edition) on saucer separation or you might waste the fuel. Toggle Antigravity. [Abort] Activate impulse drive and separate the ship. Launch sequence: Press X, 1, 3, Spacebar. Downloads: Moddier, cheatier "D-NF" edition (Now on KerbalX) Less moddy, less cheaty "D-T1" edition (Now on KerbalX)
  19. "These are the Voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: To explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life, and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no Little Green Man has gone before" As you may know, today is the 50th anniversary of the first airing of Star Trek. As a tribute, I made my very own, however slapped together, Starship Kenterprise! For warp, just use hyperedit! Live long and Prosper!
  20. The Star Fleet Mini Collection Sector 7 Space Laboratories These craft have been very challenging for such small craft, each have their unique launcher and difficult but yet fun challenging ways of control. Please note, none have a nav ball that is reading correctly, some if not all have opposite controls much like a real aircraft, down is up and up is down. The launchers are not my best work but they can get you off to a really good orbit for space travel and the two space craft pack a punch, I don't know for sure but these could be the smallest Interplanetary craft built in KSP. I had know idea that these craft were going to travel the distance they are going. None have been in any orbit other than Kerbin and I am not sure if they can achieve any other Mun or Planet's orbit, mainly because of the difficulties with the navigation ball because of the way the craft was built. All require much patience. Photo Album The Mini Enterprise AC-1 Parts: 46 Mass: 1.704t Height: 1.8m Width: 2.1m Length: 4.0m The Mini Enterprise AC-2 Parts: 78 Mass: 2.774t Height: 14.8m Width: 2.9m Length: 2.3m The Mini Enterprise Parts: 176 Mass: 315.108t Height: 41.6m Width: 11.2m Length: 11.2m The Mini Enterprise I. C. E. Parts: 75 Mass: 39.060t Height: 20.4m Width: 4.0m Length: 5.9m Flight Operations The Mini Enterprise AC-1 launches in a very unique way, from a cart. Launch with full throttle and decouple at near 40 m/s tapping the W key and your off. The Mini Enterprise AC-2 launches in it's unique way by engaging the Juno Engines and waiting about 7 or so seconds for them to build thrust and then release and your in flight. The Mini Enterprise launches with full throttle & SAS, use RCS to stop the gravity turn, you might want to slow the engines down for better control during the gravity turn but no necessary. The Mini Enterprise I. C. E. launches the same way as The Mini Enterprise with full throttle & SAS, slow the engines down for better control during the gravity turn and enjoy the solar system.
  21. Hi everybody, Just want to ask if there are tips, techniques and/or tricks in creating spaceships like those from the Halo game and Star Trek? Regards and thanks
  22. I think he was the best written and the most smartest character in entire star trek series, yes he was also most annoying character, aside Wesley Crusher of of course But i wonder why Q not intervened when Jean-Luc Piccard nephew died in the fire (In Star Trek: The Next Generation motion picture) he might save they boy, and would be also nice cameo appearance of Q in the movie
  23. Let me tell you guys a bit of a story... I was watching Star Trek and thought to myself: "Wow! the Enterprise sure looks build-able in KSP! I should try to make it sometime." And after that event, I spent months trying to create the perfect USS Enterprise replica! (by spend months, I meant stalling and forgetting for months) and here it is! in all it's very bad quality! as you can probably tell, I used some mods and because my memory is bad, I can't remember which ones, I'll do some digging to find out and after that i'll add a download link. Please tell me what you think! I appreciate all feedback!
  24. How do you think Star Trek technology compares to our technology? Warp Drive > Alcubierre drive (Video) Communicator > Smartphone Laser weapons > Navy LWS Tricorder > MRI/Whatever comes out of the Google XPrixe competition Computer assistant > Siri/Cortina Hull plates > Transparent Aluminum/ModuMetal/Carbon Nanotubes & Graphene. Do you know of any others?