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Found 1 result

  1. Alright, so here's something that's been annoying me for a while. I SUCK at making ships. Well, I'm okay at making ships. They fly and do their job, but they are ugly. That is, except for when I try making ships with the B9 Aerospace HX parts. Those are really useful for making relatively low-part count starcruisers (getting it the same size with stock parts takes a lot more parts) But then, I come across some EPIC looking ships that people have posted on the forums... BUT THEY NEVER PUT DOWNLOADS. Either they forget to, which happens often, OR they say no because "Oh, I'm not pleased entirely with it yet. I'll post it later." Well apparently these people are impossible to please. All I have to say is: COME ON MAN! Just look at these! (Note to the mod.'s: These are not mine. Please do not harangue me about it.) This one is my favorite: You see? These are all EPIC ships, yet they don't have any downloads. Either they just didn't put a link or they just don't feel like it. It's extremely annoying. Well, now I feel better now that I have ranted for a bit. But really, if any of you have any cool B9 HX designs, please post them! It doesn't matter to me if you do it here or on other posts, or your own. Just start putting up links so that we can all enjoy these masterpieces of Kerbal engineering!