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Found 15 results

  1. 04/07/2016: Spacetackle's K.I.E Fighter mod. 1.1k Support for official 1.1 Release. Support for RasterPropMonitor 0.25 Support for Module Manager 2.6.22 Back on spacedock with even more features! 9 modular parts including two varieties of K.I.E fighter panels and two engines types. Mix and match any combination (fully compatible with stock) IVA - Fly the K.I.E Fighter and take over the galaxy in First person! (optional raster prop monitor & Asset props support coming in future update) Custom engine scream View your kebals inside the K.I.E cockpit from outside! Cockpit emissive lights ** Test - RasterPropMonitor & ModuleManager support. (This is NOT for an official release of these mods and is intended to help test for 1.1) CURRENT VERSION 1.1k DOWNLOAD: SPACEDOCK CURSE INSTALLATION: open the stKIEFighter1_1k ZIP file and copy the contents inside your GameData folder. LICENSE: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License COMPATIBILITY: Should be compatible with most mods. KNOWN ISSUES: - Some symmetry issues in VAB/SPH CHANGELOG: 1.1k Support for official release of KSP 1.1 Support for 1.1 Compatible versions of RasterPropMonitor 0.25 and ModuleManager 2.6.22 1.1j - minor fix: - adjusted pilot seat position. 1.1i Improved flight in atmosphere added support for ( 1.1 pre-release RasterPropMonitor and ModuleManger TEST builds) Improved view from cockpit Added new collision meshes other small tweaks 1.1h fixed EVA hatch error.
  2. Laser Mod OVERVIEW This add-on includes the following additional laser guns: - X-wing laser cannon - Tie fighter laser cannon - Orange laser cannon - White laser cannon - Blaster turret (red) - Phaser turret (green) - Vulcan laser turret (yellow) - Heavy laser cannon (green) - Ion cannon (blue) - Phaser Cannon (red) - Blaster Cannon (green) - plus more experimental lasers This parts add-on requires the BD Armory mod to function. Download the BD Armory mod here: .. Download the Star Wars Laser Add-on here: This mod add-on has now been tested in V1.3.1 - Jett
  3. I've been lurking silently around this forum for years, but I'm finally feeling bold enough to share some of my creations. It took a long time for my design skills to catch up to my ambitions, but I'm finally getting there. For the past year or so, I've been re-creating pure stock Star Wars Starfighters in as much painstaking working detail as I can, with emphasis on high visual accuracy and realistic(-ish) flight performance. I'll admit that sometimes I had to make use of egregious part clipping, sorta-sneaky wing panels, and shameless engine stacking... but I'm pretty sure people were allowed to do that a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. I'm on the run from The Empire (read: my responsibilities), so I'll be posting my Star Wars crafts in this thread just a couple at a time over the next week or two. Building them was a colossal time sink, but uploading and annotating them has proven to be another wormhole entirely. In the meantime, feel free to chime in with your own reproductions, tweaks, comments, and suggestions. Follow links within posts to KerbalX for craft downloads and details. *********************************************************************** EDIT: LIST OF SKUNKTWERKS CRAFT APPEARING IN THIS THREAD T-65 X-Wing (ATMO, SSTO) A/SF-01 B-Wing (Folded, Unfolded) TIE/LN Fighter (Solar, Simple) TIE/IN Interceptor (Solar, Simple, Royal Guard Solar, Royal Guard Simple) Podracers (Sebulba's, Teemto's, Anakin's) BTL Y-Wing ATMO Naboo N-1 RZ-1 A-Wing (ATMO, SSTO) Eta-2 Actis-class Interceptor Delta 7 Aethersprite-class Light Interceptor (ATMO, SSTO) Delta 7 Aethersprite SSTO+RCS with Syliure-31 Long-Range Hyperdrive Module Naboo Cruiser, aka J-type Diplomatic Barge (ATMO, SSTO) BTL Y-Wing SSTO Anakin's Podracer SSTO Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing (ATMO+VTOL, SSTO) Nantex-class Defense Fighter (ATMO+VTOL, SSTO) Defender-class Light Corvette VTOL T-65 X-Wing ATMO+VTOL Aurek-class Tactical Strikefighter (ATMO+VTOL, SSTO) GoatTwerks Variable-Geometry Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing Kylo Kerm-Ren's Upsilon-Class Command Shuttle (ATMO+VTOL) ... and more to come! *********************************************************************** Now let's get this nerd party started: SkunkTwerks proudly presents the classic T-65 X-Wing in two specialized versions! The T-65 X-Wing ATMO for atmospheric flight: I stacked Panthers on top of RAPIERS for these sci-fi engines, so if MORE POWER is what you crave, you can always hit the afterburners. Just remember, velocity can lead to Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly, which leads to anger, which leads to hate, which leads to shooting force lightning from your fingertips. In other words, it's totally worth it. Yes, those KX9 laser cannons work! They're about as accurate as Storm Troopers, but they do fire. You get four shots, so make 'em count. . The T-65 X-Wing SSTO for space and atmospheric flight. The SSTO stacks Whiplashes on top of RAPIERS, and the result is easily capable of LKO with several hundred dV's to spare. Hidden docking ports in the nose and the droid's head make orbital refueling possible, if you want to land it on the Death Star Mun. RCS not included, but feel free to add your own. More high-fidelity Star Wars Starfighters coming soon. Until then, may the forces of physics be with you. -SkunkTwerks
  4. The CR 90(a) Is now ready for all your defense needs. Check it out here Engineer Corporation CR 90 Corvette Skunk_Works. A Special thanks to our senior test pilot, Blackent1.
  5. I have a question concerning skunk works creations, perhaps you as a community can help. Replication of star wars vehicles, I have painstakingly recreated star wars models, but I am wondering where the copy write laws apply? This is our next planned release. The SWTOR line. Ideas?
  6. High over Kerbin...
  7. The Build a YT1300 Version 2 Is Now Available. Have fun! Skunk Works Team Bravo
  8. Skunk works
  9. This is the Discussion Thread for the Skunk Works Release. Now Available This set is a set of Several ships, all are completely flyable and break all the laws of physics. there are the following craft in this file. A wing, B wing, Y Wing, X wing, X34 Land Speeder, Tie Fighter, and a YT 1300 Millennium Falcon. Follow the instructions. and have fun. Leave questions and comments here. Download WARS Set 1
  10. This is the post area for all Skunk_Works related questions. The X34 Land speeder is out. This model cheats the laws of physics, but is very fun and the fastest rover available. NOW RELEASED The Xwing (T65b) The Ywing The A wing The B wing The Standard Tie Fighter Coming Soon And a Build a YT 1300 toy box. Stay tuned, I will check here from time to time. Download link WARS
  11. Everyone remember their geometry lessons? There will be a quiz. “Big Six, flying top cover.” “Little One, starting my attack run.” Both X-wings: can takeoff and land with “repulsorlift” engines. contain a VTOL-oriented probe core for easier hovering. can toggle S-foils between cruise and attack position. Attack mode is more stable during forward flight in atmosphere, but cruise mode is required during takeoff and landing. mount an “astromech” parachute which is mostly decorative. It may assist a repulsorlift landing, but it will not ensure a safe unpowered landing. Mods EditorExtension and HangarGrid were used during construction of both craft, but the results are pure stock. I tweaked the thermo-RCS hinge of @Majorjim! (et al) into a ball-and-socket arrangement by angling the thermometers, which resists longitudinal compression of the axle. Little One moves its two double-wings by deploying flaps against one RCS ball per axle. The RCS is sandwiched between two flaps. This is a bit flappy since they don’t lock into position. Big Six moves its four wings by deploying airbrakes which are sandwiched between pairs of RCS per axle. The wings rotate between two docking positions so the flight engines work in either position. Upper wings dock against the fore end of the machinery bay, lower wings dock against the aft end. Each wing docking will set throttle to zero, so the pilot must mash the full-throttle control until all four have docked. Thanks to research by @Servo, we know the ports must move at least 1.3m before they’ll dock again. That distance (1.3m) is one factor in our geometry problem. Another is the max distance between the axle and the dockingport inside our machinery space, which is 2.5m. Since the radius of the moving dockingport doesn’t change, that makes an isosceles triangle with base 1.3m and height 2.5m. Question: What is the angle of axle rotation? Due to the 4D Tetris of the machinery and the space requirements of the moving bits, they don’t quite fit inside a Mk3 cargo bay. The aft fairing makes the machinery bay a cyllinder 3m long and 3m in diameter with 113 parts inside. Little One Operation Engage SAS. Throttle full. Stage to engage repulsorlift Retract landing legs once airborne Stage again to engage forward thrusters and unlock the S-foils Avoid the Dreis maneuver Action Groups Toggle Repulsorlift Toggle Forward Thrusters Toggle S-foils KerbalX link Mass 7.73t Cost 126,205.0 Part Count 135 Built in KSP 1.2.2 Size 9.14 x 2.34 x 6.71 Big Six Operation Engage SAS. Throttle full. Stage to engage repulsorlift. Retract landing legs once airborne Stage to ignite forward thrusters Press 3 to toggle S-foils SPAM Z until all four wings redock because each one sets the throttle to zero Don’t switch off the targeting computer Action Groups Toggle Repulsorlift Toggle Forward Thrusters Toggle S-foils Toggle afterburners KerbalX link Mass 25.22t Cost 352,354.0 Part Count 191 Built in KSP 1.2.2 Size 15.1 x 4.85 x 13.98 Tiny Two Tiny Two answers the question, can the X-wing design be scaled down even further? What began as an April Fool's lark has (by request) been added to the Squadron, since it is a more-or-less flyable craft. Trench runs with this are very tricky. Operation Engage SAS. Throttle full. Stage to engage repulsorlift Stage again to engage forward thrusters Stay on target! Action Groups Toggle Repulsorlift Toggle Forward Thrusters Toggle S-foils KerbalX link Mass 2.83t Cost 43,520.0 Part Count 42 Built in KSP 1.2.2 Size 3.94 x 1.66 x 2.95 Apologies for the obnoxious number of animated GIFs, but the motion is the notion of these craft. Youtube will be added after I find suitable trenches to fly.
  12. I'm having trouble deciding what to do next, so I'll let the many people who downloaded the mod(and maybe a few others decide)! BD Addon Mod Link If you have any other suggestions, post them below and I will judge on how many likes each one has.
  13. Just a little BD addon with red, green, blue, and orange lasers from Star Wars, using tibanna gas. ===SpaceDock Download=== ===Alternative Curse Download==== To-Do list: You guys can decide here P.S. I would give anyone partial credit and put their video soon for the mod if they make a modlight about this P.P.S. This was originally posted by KSP Bros AE and I sharing an account, but now this is my seperate account since he took the old one. BD also deserves credit for the models*. Thanks @BahamutoD! More credit: @SpannerMonkey(smce) for part help an fixing and @Wraith977 for part help *For now....
  14. Y'know what, I spent a couple hours trying to get a Mk2 SSTO working and just haven’t been able to do it for the life of me. I spent 15 mins on this just on a whim and this goes into orbit on the second try. WTH. Anyway. Pure Stock SSTO X-Wing for your entertainment. Edit: forgot to link craft file
  15. Sector 7 Space Laboratories Aeronautics Division - Strike Force Strike Force is designed for quick response to Air to Ground Attacks with Max Speeds near 900m/s and Banking Speeds around 450m/s. Craft Assembly: Nose Cone Type-A, Mk2 to 1.25m Adaptor Long, Mk2 Inline Cockpit, Mk2 Rocket Fuel Fuselage Short, Mk2 Bicoupler, Whiplash Engine, R.A.P.I.E.R Engine, Pre-Cooler, Cone Intakes, Mk1 Liquid Fuel Fuselage, Big-S Delta Wing, Tail Connector A, A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S., Fuel Cell Missle Assembly: Oscar B Fuel Tanks, J-20 Juno Engine, Sepratron I Engine, Octagonal Strut, Cubic Octagonal Strut, Basic Fin Engineer's Report Parts - 276 Mass - 100.3t Size Height - 6.6m Width - 16.0m Length - 21.2m Flight Operations: Engage SAS, throttle up to full then press spacebar Between 80m/s - 90m/s hold flaps (S-Key) to lift and don't let go until the craft lifts. Weaponry Operations: Firing sequence, Press Spacebar once and the J-20 Juno will ignite, Press Spacebar again and the Missle will decouple and the Sepratron I's will ignite. This process is repeated for each Missle Launch. Landing Operations: Speeds under 100m/s closer to 50m/s, not an easy task because handling speed under 100m/s is difficult and speeds over 70m/s the craft becomes unstable on it's landing gear. Flight Controls 1-Whiplash Engines 2-Rapier Engines Craft File Strike Force