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Found 1 result

  1. I've tried my hand at building a few stations in KSP and each time after using up the stored fuel (usually orbital tugs), I'll send up a fuel resupply ship to refuel. But every time after I transfer the fuel from the resupply ship to the station, I realize that if I left the resupply ship there I'll have added to the total fuel storage capability. Bonus points if my resupply ship has two docking ports and then I can chain them. Obviously I'm not suggesting I'm smarter than NASA (relevant XKCD!), but after spending all that money manufacturing and hurling that Progress or Cygnus into orbit (not including Dragon because they need it's return-to-earth payload ability), why not treat them as new station modules that happen to bring food/water as well? You could double station capacity with a year's worth or resupply vessels. Trash disposal doesn't require a pressurized and armored ship; you could just load a plastic bag with a firecracker (or real-life equivalent of a Seperatron) to de-orbit. Additional power shouldn't be a problem; they all bring their own Solar panels already. Or do I have this wrong and there have been stations made up of successive visiting vessels?