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Found 1 result

  1. I've run into a strange issue, and I have not seen any threads that seem to match this symptom. I build a station using tanker ships I've been using for quite a while. Everything looks fine. Very recently (in the last week?) my stations start shedding parts. I'm not talking about falling apart due to the kraken. Example: two fuel tankers, docked to a central core, one other ship docked with some kerbals inside. One kerbal goes EVA to attach some struts, or something similar. Everything seems fine at that point. I have the kerbal board the ship. Everything seems fine so far. No shaking, vibration etc. Go to transfer some fuel, and I can't. I look carefully, and the tanker I just got done adding struts to, to make it stronger and more kraken-proof, has separated (gently) at a point farther from the core, than the most recent strut attachment, and the back half of that ship is now just drifting away. It isn't at a stack separator, or decoupler, it is at the junction between two tanks, connected in the VAB, with auto-strut, and ridged attachment turned on. I've even tried reinforcing some of those joins in the VAB, with multiple struts, and it still happens. It is as if you used a glue to join them together, and the glue loses it's adhesive properties in the cold of space. Has anyone else seen this? Is this something that is a known bug (that I was not able to find) and maybe has been patched in 1.4.5? (I'm running 1.4.4.)