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Found 38 results

  1. I've been given @N3h3mia's blessings to officially support his excellent collection of Science Mods for KSP 1.x as he is currently unable to find the time to continue these. Please raise bug reports for this build to myself and not to N3h3mia. Official Thread (out-of-date)- overview and tutorial videos Micha's Development Thread- continued revision history, source code, bug reports, feature requests, help and support, ... Download links Updated to 0.7b2 on 2017.07.28 GitHub SpaceDock CurseForge Overview This set of mods consists of 4 main components: Kemini - early-game orbital science experiments in the Mk1 pod requires ModuleManager KEES - later early-game orbital science experiments for basic orbital stations. requires KIS recommends K2 / Corvus or similar 2-Kerbal pods OMS/KLS - full-station experiments, requiring heavy lifters and significant station infrastructure. The basic premise is that experiments are run in "Labs". Labs, Lab Equipment, and Experiments are launched separately. Equipment must be installed into the correct lab, and Experiments can only be run on certain Equipment. KEES and Kemini are simpler variants with some/all of the equipment/labs pre-integrated. Once an Experiment has been installed, it can be "Run", which will take some time. The idea is not to time-warp to completion, but to run other missions in the meantime. When done, an Experiment can be "Finalized" and must then be returned to Kerbin. Quick Tutorials Kemini KEES OMS / KLS
  2. Building Haven

    Ladies and gents, allow me to present Haven Station! Click for larger image: Damn, I guess it's been a long time since I shared anything here. I used to be a much more active contributor but life happened and reddit seemed to be easier to access in my limited free time. I've been sharing craft and producing videos and imgur galleries very sporadically since then, but I'd like to start posting content a little more frequently if I can. Haven Station is an ongoing project. It's already been built in the VAB, and I've hyperedited it into space run simulations a few times to make sure the design is viable. So far I've only sent up a few pieces, but I'm trying to properly document each launch in a short YouTube video. Let me know what you think and how I could improve:
  3. I've recompiled and fixed up (so that it runs; not necessarily as designed) @N3h3mia's excellent collection of Science Mods for KSP 1.x as he is currently not able to update his mods. THIS IS NOW AN OFFICIAL BUILD Do NOT raise bug reports for this build directly to @N3h3mia, nor to his official threads! NB: This release is (probably) NOT backwards-compatible with existing saves! However, please DO test this out, and post any bugs and balance suggestions in this thread. I will collate (and possibly attempt to fix/implement any suggestions in this build) so that @N3h3mia can have a starting point for the official release of his mods for KSP 1.x. The build is available via Github. Link to Latest Version (KSP1.3) Link to last KSP1.2.x Version Resources @N3h3mia's Original Thread - contains original mod information, video tutorials, and more. Micha's Release Thread - contains current release information (duplicated here) Source Code on GitHub Version History
  4. I am designing my first Mun Lander. I am using Kerbal Engineer Redux and I've had a look at the dV chart. I've decided on a 3 stage 2 Kerbal mission. 1) The lifter - Carries the two other stages to LKO ~ 3500dv 2) The transfer / return stage - Carries 2 Kerbals Lander will be docked with this. ~1500 dv 3) The Lander - Carries 1 Kerbal - has a materials bay, goo, temp, barometer, and seismograph. 1400dV (600 dv land 600dv up and 200 spare for orbit maneuver and docking ) If I'm understanding this correctly then I need about 600dV to reach land on the Mun from LMO and presumably the same to get back up plus a safety margin for docking? And I use KER set to Mun to calculate my total dV?
  5. I'm closing down the project. If you are looking for the observation save, click underneath here: Hello all. This was a continuation of @DMSP's thread as the leader of the project since he has resigned due to personal issues. If you want to look back, here is the original forum thread: Everything in this thread will be preserved that is no longer in use under this spoiler here. Latest pictures of the stations: Art for the project: We have made a wiki as part of the program containing details are missions that took place in the past. Over time, this will be updated with more recent information: Scientia1423.
  6. My first Realism Overhaul station

    I launched my first RO/RSS station. (It was granted, monolithic, but still...) So yeah!
  7. Hi there everyone! Raidernick, who is the maintainer of the KOSMOS SSPP mod, was kind enough to give me permission to join the Kosmos Team to help. I'm currently in the middle of rebalancing the SSPP parts for KSP 1.0.5-1.1.2. This will be release 0.16 when complete. To be clear, this pre-release should work with KSP 1.0.5 and is definitely intended to work with KSP 1.1.2, 1.1.1, and 1.1.0. You can find the dev branch of my fork at where I'm looking for people interested in testing the stock balance of some proposed changes. It feels right to me, but now I'm at the point I would like to see some people using Kosmos SSPP with stock to look at it and see if they're happy or not, before we proceed with another release. The direct link to the pre-release is at: The official released version (currently 0.15) of the KOSMOS SSPP mod is and will continue for the foreseeable future to be released at, but there is no new release thread in the forums as of now. Changes are: Added tags to parts for editor searching gave APAS-69 the size apasSize1 instead of size1, so it won't try to dock with the stock CoT removed animation from APAS-69. This results in the fins constantly being deployed ready to dock, and also in fixing the docking axis problem that has plagued the part since the mod was released. Hope to re-integrate this animation and add a soft-dock animation in the future, but at least now there is a working docking port Added a functional radiator to the TKS monopropellant tanks adjusted drag/strength values for parts to be inline with stock adjusted entryCosts, and techNodes to more closely match stock adjusted maxTemp, cost, mass to keep maxTemp about 200K above stock Brought monopropellant engines slightly closer in Isp to stock monopropellant engine Adjusted monopropellant quantities in tanks to match volume of tanks ***** THIS IS A MAJOR NERF OF MP CAPACITY Added MP tanks internally to FGB and TKS Command Section to attempt to claw back some capacity for TKS/VA and TKS-derived ships (MIR/Zarya analogues) Changed FGB's always-on-generator to a switchable monopropellant fuel cell Adjusted center of mass for VA Command Pod downward Please give me some feedback if you think the balance needs work, or if you think you can suggest a fix for the animations on the APAS-69. KOSMOS SSPP and KOSMOS URM and their derivatives remain the property of the KOSMOS Team, and are, as always, distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license. You are permitted to redistribute the parts in their original form, so long as this disclaimer is bundled with them. You may not modify Kosmos parts without verified permission from Kosmos Team, and you will not be permitted to sell Kosmos-derived work. For more information on this license, please visit this page: Thank you all in advance for the help. I'm looking forward to a bright future for Kosmos.
  8. Fuel Station

    Craft on KerbalX: Initially i built a simple refueling station at Minmus. But more and more options were added during constructing, and, as a result, i got this: It has almost everything, that can has craft: 20 crew, docking ports (every size), science modules, research lab, solar panels enough to power up lab at Eeloo, full set of ore scanners, mining equipment, antennas with a total rating 383G, and so on. And it can reach, land and take off from every planet (except of Eve, of course). Also station has a rover, docked to the bottom of the Ore Tank. Rover has it's own set of science modules, so you can explore nearby biomes. And, with 504 t of fuel and 180 t of ore, it still can be used as refueling station In VAB Station is loaded with 90 t of Ore. On low orbit it has dV about 50 m/s. Converting ore to fuel makes possibe landing on Minmus, refueling and departure to any place with dV 5254 m/s After landing you can explore nearby places using Rover: And, if you want, climb on the Mun's Arch Craft can complete each contract's condition for station, outpost, mining. "The outpost must be on motorised wheels" too, simply retract landing struts: And you can return about 600000 credits, if you land near KSC: That's all, sorry for short notes and not native English
  9. Good evening. I was looking over a contract for an orbital station being placed in a solar orbit. One of the requirements is 6000 units of liquid fuel aboard the station. My question is can you add on to a station once in orbit, and if so, how is this done? I know you can dock with a station and transfer fuel, or leave them connected, but what I am wanting to do is construct one in orbit, kind of like the ISS. Are the docking ports used for connecting pieces or can pieces be added with out "blocking" docking ports?
  10. What Do You Use Space Stations For?

    So, I've been playing KSP for almost a full year now and have always loved building space stations. When I first started the game, my first big goal wasn't actually to land on the Mun, but to build a giant space station. The first one I built had no particular purpose, I just made it to look cool and have something to brag about. It wasn't until much later that I actually started using them for a purpose. I placed a relatively small station out near Duna before I sent my first manned missions there. Its purpose was to be able to act as a lifeboat in case one of the missions went wrong. It had a decent amount of fuel onboard that would hopefully allow a stranded crew to be able to come home. The next time I built a station for a real purpose was when I started my first "science mode" save. After sending about 6 missions to the Mun to collect me some science, I decided it would just be easier to have a small SSTO lander attached to a large refueling hub in orbit around the Mun. I would periodically send missions out to the station to refuel the station itself (I hadn't unlocked ISRU yet), take home science, and transfer crew. I guess my whole reason for creating this post was to ask what other people use their space stations for and create a place for people to share any space station tips they have that could be of help to both newbie Kerbonauts, and veterans alike. ...psst... I love pictures, so by all means... post away. Cheers!
  11. Hey, This is my first post on this forum. I have been here for a while and I didn't really have any question until now, so I haven't made an account. I have many ideas for style of playing. Sometimes I like to play Realism Overhaul and some times stock and there are times when my game is really modded. This time, I am just too lazy to play early game. It would be so good if I could have a station in orbit around Kerbin and some satellites here and there. I was exploring this and other sites about KSP but I couldn't find any save file that meets my needs. There were some but they were either just from an old version or not really what I was looking for. And now what is my question? Is there any place where I can check out or even browse other people's saves? Maybe something like KerbalX. Or maybe some threads on this forum. Thank you guys in advance! Oh, I may have missed the forum section for this question. I am really sorry if I did.
  12. DrDevil having exploited an army of Kerbals and he made a copy of the International Space Station ISS. Sorry i'm French and i'm working on the reverse .. Thx for watching and please tell me what you think.
  13. [WIP] O'Neill Cylinder An O'Neill Cylinder using Kerbal Konstructs, More Coming Soon! Dev Album Planned Features: Functioning Artificial Gravety Artificial gravity for Kerbals Cityscape (roads, buildings and landing pads) 'Breathable' atmosphere with aerodynamics (may not be possible) Dedicated to the Memory of Physicist and Futurist, Gerard O'Neill (1927 - 1992) This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  14. It's time to fulfill my contract for a space station in orbit of Eve. 5000 units of ore, ISRU, 11 kerbals, antenna, docking port, generate power. On the minus side, the launch window is way off, so no help from Kerbin. On the plus side, the Gilly base has its OSE workshop running at full capacity, filled up on PartKits and Ore, I got one of 5-meter containers empty, and obviously launching *anything* from Gilly into Eve orbit is easy. Obvious problems: only 8 kerbals in base, so 8 tons per part max, preferably less because coordinating kerbals like that is hell. All tanks are manufactured empty, need to be filled afterwards. If a part uses exhaustible resource that can't be refilled, it can't be refilled (so, I can manufacture only useless empty SRBs). Only stock attachment modes (node/surface), no part offset, although arbitrary rotation. No clipping - things REALLY like to explode during KIS assembly when clipped. Really big, unwieldy parts can be moved through RCS and attached through docking ports if I can only fit them in the 5m container and remove them from it (the deciding factor is part volume... roughly 2 orange tanks will fit). I could trivially make a station that JUST fulfills the requirements, dump it into Eve orbit and be done with it, either terminating it or landing it and recycling back into PartKits. But I think I *could* do better... I just need an idea, *how*. My ultimate goal is conquest of Eve. Land kerbals, return from the surface, possibly building an outpost/base in between. An orbital station could be helpful in that, but I guess by the time I find out *how* it could be helpful by myself, it will be long in orbit. So... any good ideas, how I could make that station more than a stupid contract-filler?
  15. Until last night I'd assumed that, when two ships dock the Mission Elapsed Time would be equal to the MET of the ship that had been flying the longest. For example, when a landing craft leaves an orbital lab, the landers MET starts when you undock and (seems) to return to the Labs MET when it redocks. But then I noticed that my orbital labs had produced more science points than its MET x points per day. Which means it must have been orbiting longer than the MET suggests. Does anyone know how the game produces the elapses time for a space station made up of multiple parts, launched over a period of days? I know it's a very minor issue, but it's bugging the heck out of me!
  16. Universal Landing System Mk II I have developed a combination ship that incorporates everything I believe you need to have for an exploration flight system. The Universal Landing System Mk II is an interplanetary transfer vehicle that doubles as a refueling and science station capable of deploying a manned lander/rover combination craft with mining and fuel production capabilities. Two interplanetary shuttles are also included in the system for ferrying science and personnel back and forth to Kerbin. Steam Guide for the Universal Landing System Mk II Operational Test Flight to Minmus There are three ships included with this flight system. Universal Landing System Mk II Lander Only This is the Lander only launch system. A small interplanetary fuel tank and engine are also included in this configuration. Craft Details Class Lander Type VAB Mass 4,908.52t Cost 3,052,737.0 No. of Stages 7 Crew Capacity 3 Part Count 674 No. of Struts 200 Root Part SYdocking7m Built in KSP 1.2.1 Size 30.49 x 48.3 x 30.49 Universal Landing System Mk II Lander Only on KerbalX Universal Landing System Mk II Main Vehicle The Main Vehicle section of the Universal Lander System Mk II includes the Main Transfer Vehicle interplanetary engines, large fuel storage capacity, docking ports in multiple sizes, monopropellent fuel storage, communication relay antenna, lander with mining and fuel manufacture capability, science experiments, science storage,and a manned rover with full science package. Craft Details Class Lander Type VAB Mass 14,366.8t Cost 7,238,381.0 No. of Stages 7 Crew Capacity 3 Part Count 932 No. of Struts 192 Root Part SYtank10mL07500 Built in KSP 1.2.1 Size 32.67 x 61.82 x 32.61 Universal Landing System Mk II Main Vehicle and Lander on KerbalX Universal Landing System Mk II Station/Transfer Vehicle The Laboratory/Transfer section of the Universal Lander System Mk II includes an orbital research laboratory, orbital science experiments, fuel storage, interplanetary transfer engines, and two manned interplanetary shuttlecraft. Craft Details Class Station Type VAB Mass 3,099.7t Cost 1,854,876.0 No. of Stages 7 Crew Capacity 10 Part Count 284 No. of Struts 56 Root Part Large.Crewed.Lab Built in KSP 1.2.1 Size 32.54 x 47.59 x 32.54 Universal Landing System Mk II Station/Transfer Vehicle on KerbalX All three designs are available at KerbalX in a single hanger. Universal Landing System Mk II Hanger on KerbalX Mod Pack for Universal Landing System Mk II on KerbalX
  17. I've built a station around the Mun and I can't seem to transfer the fuel from one module to another. I do know how to transfer fuel (Alt + Right click) as i've done it before. It is a possible bug for ksp 1.2?
  18. So I was playing ksp the day it was updated to 1.2. What actually happened was I was in the middle of an Eloo mission, returning to the "mothership" in LEO with the lander from the surface, and upon entering physics range and getting close to the main craft, the main craft exploded and seemed to come off the rails in the most fantastic-ly horrible up-close way. (Edit-forgot about this part) The camera then broke away from the craft and began to move through the planet Eloo and came out the other side. I was forced to restart my computer. I had never experienced this before with my short list of mods that I would normally use in 1.1.3: KAC KAS KIS KER MJ2 Atmospheric Trajectories Distant Object Enhancement Lights Out Claw's Stock Bug Fixes Scatter CKAN When I restarted the game again (I have it on steam) the game restarted in version 1.2. I did not make a backup of my 1.1.3 main save. I ran the game and loaded the most recent save at the time, which was a quick save of when the landing craft touched down on Eloo's surface, but chose to just play around a bit with jets for a few days and not do/check on anything else while mods were getting updated. My memory is fuzzy on whether or not I remember seeing my one and only station in LKO (altitude at 240km, named SS2) at the time. 2 day ago from writhing this I went to the orbital map view in the tracking station and was unnerved to find my first station around Kerbin, SS2, gone. Luckily I don't think I had any kerbals on the station, or a ship docked to it, but it was large, and an important fuel depot that had actually did have 2 very small "tug" probes for moving around orange jumbo tanks for refueling. Here is a picture of it, it looks like a giant cross but in this photo has 2 large interplanetary ships connected to it in this instance; I don't have a better screen shot of just the station: Additional Details: Currently I am running only KAC, KAS, KIS, MJ2, and Atmos Traj. MJ2 is the only one not officially updated to 1.2 out of the mods I'm currently running. If there are any other craft missing in my file I'm unaware of them. I am certain beyond a reasonable doubt that the station is missing; in the tracking center it only lists 2 stations, both in Jool orbit, and not 3 anymore. I have had craft (that sadly had lots of crew) go missing way in the past in older versions, around 1.0 time. It's the reason most of my kerbals have died lol, first they were reported MIA, and then KIA upon reloading the game. I didn't see any labeled MIA in the space academy, so I've assumed I didn't have a kerbal chillin on the station This save has been around and was created soon after 1.0 was released Here is a copy of my quicksave where I just landed on Eloo, the last time I believe the station was still in existance: Here is a copy of my save when I noticed something was wrong: ss gone.sfs?dl=0 Here is a copy of my logs: If I can think of anything else I'll edit it in here My system specs: Windows 10 64bit KSP: Steam i5 4690k OC to 4.5Ghz 2x AMD HD6950's crossfired 8gh RAM 480gb SSD If you have any questions or need more information please let me know; thank you in advance for any assistance!
  19. An interesting contract came up with a Kerbol orbit between Duna and Kerbin. I thought, for a moment, and my brain said to me: "Hey. That means you could stop for gas on your way from Kerbin to anywhere beyond!" And so I moved the mouse over to click 'accept.' My finger had velocity when another part of my brain suddenly burst out of it's office screaming at the top of it's lungs, "STOP THE PRESSING!!!!!" There was a flurry of mental papers and commotion as the mouseclick was aborted, and I look at that part of my brain tensely, waiting for the explanation. It took a moment to gather itself and then added: "If you park that station in that orbit, you'll never know if it's ANYWHERE near where you're going to want it to be for those trips. Sure, you can maneuver to intercept but each orbit being more than a year, rendezvous maneuvers could take decades to complete unless you're carrying way more fuel than you need to complete the mission anyway. Even if you do find it useful for refueling, any mission with that kind of stop will DEFINITELY take decades to finish." I passed on the contract. But was that part of my brain correct?
  20. Does anyone have any tips for making a space station? I'm planning a Space Station called the "Mike's Plan to Kill Soviets With Missiles That Have Plutonium And Neutrons To create a Nuclear Reaction And Send It Into A Sub-Orbital Trajectory And Hit Soviet Kerbals That Also Have Some Missiles That They Might Shoot At Us And That's Why We Are Bombing Them With the Aforementioned Missile(s) We Talked About A Bunch Of Words Ago Do You Like This Joke?" Or (MPKSWMTHPANTCANRASIIASOTAHSKTAHSMTTMSAUATWWABTWTAM(S)WTAABOWADYLTJ?) For short! TLDR: Do you have any tips for killing the sovie- Making a space station? I don't think I have to say this but the soviets thing is a joke. Did anyone else get remind with Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs with the long text for the short version?
  21. Omega 7 Space Pack

    Sector 7 Space Laboratories Omega 7 Space Pack Omega 7 is a large refueling station and could be an interplanetary one but that has not yet been proven. The Station carries a large list of equipment for refueling most type craft and other uses. If you plan to keep the station in LKO you could decouple the Nuclear Engine Packages from it's docking ports, otherwise keep them for traveling to other places in the Solar System. SpaceTech is designed for refueling and is one of four support craft, I was arriving at the station with a nice amount of fuel and happy with it until I have time to design a larger refuel ship, preferably an SSTO with fuel containters, I've seen a few on the fourm and like them very much. Cyber Four is a small craft designed to travel long distances on low gravity surfaces. Omega Transit One is designed to shuttle personnel, mainly between other craft and stations. The Matador is an SSTO designed to achieve an orbit of low orbiting stations but there have only been very close attempts and none successful, I believe it is possible for a very skilled SSTO pilot. In this Space Pack I have launchers for each craft each capable of LKO and possibly to a near by planet, so far I have only traveled to the Mun and Minmus during testing. All four craft a capable of reentry at Kerbin and Landing at the Control Centers Runway. There is still lots to be explored and test to be made. In the future I plan to refuel Omega 7 completely and attempt a trip to Orbit Duna or Eve. Thanks for checking out the project and hope you like it! Photo Album Omega 7 Refuel Station without the Launcher Parts: 1085 Mass: 962.320t Height: 41.1m Width: 30.4m Length: 28.4m Omega 7 Refuel Station with Launcher Parts: 1447 Mass: 4,363.999t Height: 76.5m Width: 30.4m Length: 28.4m Pilots & Crew Capacity 61 1 each MK1 Lander Can 10 each PPD-12 Cupola Module 6 each Service Bay 1.25m 10 each PPD-10 Hitchhiker Storage Container 10 each Service Bay 2.5m 5 each Mobile Processing Lab MPL-LG-2 4 each ISRU Converter 30 each Fuel Cell Array 18 each Large Holding Tank 6 each Small Holding Tank 36 each PB-X750 Xenon Gas Tank 12 each FL-R1 RCS FUEL TANK 42 each Advanced Reaction Wheel Module, Large 6 each Rockomax HubMax Mulit-Point Connector 12 each Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank 6 each Kerbodyne S3-3600 Tank 6 each Kerbodyne S3-7200 Tank 24 each Kerbodyne S3-14400 Tank 54 each S1 SRB KD25k "Kickback" Solid Fuel Booster Operations: Omega 7 Refuel Station At the launch pad engage RCS & SAS, RCS is not necessary until the gravity turn but any loss of propellant is only going to help with weight loss. The first stage will be when the lower boosters have completed their burn. Second stage should immediately follow dropping inner Mammoth engines and their empty tanks. The upper boosters have been causing damage to the lower remaining Mammoth Engines so please keep the extra weight unless you modify the Launcher for better performance. The last staging will be done during the gravity turn, dropping the remaining Launcher. I have been doing my gravity turn at 20,000m very much like you would for an SSTO but much slower. Every Orbit I have done had been completed using the Dawn Engines and the Block Thrusters. If you can make a better gravity turn you may not even need to use this method, but if you do, holding the H key can give you a pain in the finger, I found some weight to put on it. After acheiving Orbit I launched SpaceTech to began adding fuel to Omega 7 to correct it's Orbit. SpaceTech, Cyber Four, The Matador & Omega Transit One will all be very similar to these flight directions: At the launch pad engage RCS & SAS, gravity turn at 20,000m very slowly to a 45 Degree then soon after make your first stage dropping of the side fuel tanks and engines. Complete your gravity turn and head for the stars! Craft Files can be found here Omega 7 Refuel Station SpaceTech Cyber Four Omega Transit One The Matador Craft Files with Launchers SpaceTech WL Cyber Four WL Omega Transit One WL The Matador WL Other Links on the Omgea 7 Project, these links contain more information The Original Post The Project Revisited
  22. HELLO ALL This "1 Station 1 Rocket" Idea is essentially the concept of using 1 booster stage that you may not recover by going into the VAB or SPH again. LEADERBOARD: to put a space station into an orbit of any altitude. Station MUST be 3 modules or more, each module must (tbd) contain it's own probe, batteries, it's own way to generate power and must be 1.25m and be a fair size, just... Honor code people, no cheeky .625m Oscar B sized modules. STEPS: - Build a booster stage to get the payload to a point where it can use it's onboard engines to boost it to orbit - Build a fuel truck to refuel the rocket after landing the booster - Build a crane to put the module on the rocket Put the module on the booster however necessary - Pack enough fuel in the modules to assemble a space station using only one rocket ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HARD MODE: 1 Moon base 1 Rocket STEPS: - Same thing as station except put it on the moon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCORING: I will keep a leaderboard of the scores, essentially you will be rated as to the mass of the station and rocket (KGs) minus the cost in funds (station and rocket), just so we have a cheap but large space station. (If you have a better idea plz comment)
  23. The issue I am having is with the docking ports. I brought up a small tug to use to place future modules and re-arrange them. After bringing up a module, I went to undock the tug, and the option was there, but it didn't seem to actually undock. I tried again and theoption simply isn't there. I've tried controlling from both vehicles, manned and unmanned and even remade the tug entirely and added it to the station, but the same thing happened. The only part mods I'm using are KIS/KAS(but none of those parts are aboard) and NF Solar.
  24. So while in orbit around kerbin, I have this station I'm working on. It's really long, so this might be the cause of the problem, also the center of mass isn't directly in the center of the station. But what is happening is the station rotates in orbit, even after I use time warp to stop it. I don't have it moving, so I don't know why this is happening. What can I do?
  25. Hello, There is a mod called stockalike station parts, and it seems it has gone dead. Can anyone update this for 1.1/1.1.2? Or tell me how to update it? I am using 1.1 because it has more mods available right now. This is one of my favorite mods and would love to see it come back. Sadly the user that made it hasn't been active in over 5 months. Help?