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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, I'm setting up my RemoteTech relays in kerbostationary orbit. I do so by getting the sat up to approx 2866km, then burn to circularize until the orbital period as reported by Kerbal Engineer Redux is as close as I can get to 6 hours. Usually I'm not off by more than a few milliseconds (e.g. 5h 59m 59.995s or 6h 0m 0.005s). At the same time I try to get the eccentricity as close as possible to zero What I am currently observing in KSP 1.1.2, is that even with no time warping, the surface longitude reported by KER slowly drifts. If I time warp it becomes very visible. I'll get some screenshots when I get home tonight, but based on the above, is there anything obvious I'm missing? I understand that if the eccentricity is not zero there will be some oscillation in longitude, but what I see is a unidirectional drifting (I forget if west or east), it does not go back a forward. Could KER be wrong with either the orbital period or the longitude readouts? Or is there something else? Thanks for your input