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Found 7 results

  1. I'm working on a new fuselage mod that expands Mk2 with a new profile-- MK35! MK35 is a fuselage extension based around the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II's stealth profiles and bays. So far, I have a few models, shown below, and a basic fuselage shape, which is in Unity. What I'm looking for is someone else to help me with texturing and modeling. The models will likely need a major rework as they aren't really all that stealthy. This will be fixed in the future, and the Radar Cross Section will be dramatically lessened. Testers aren't needed yet, but any input is welcome! Thanks, and any help is appreciated!
  2. First things first, for the proper ambience: DOWNLOAD:
  3. Stealth Fighters

    I am wondering if there is a mod or something that can make your plane stealth, so that you cannot be detects on enemy radar from BDarmory. I have built a fighter that looks stealthy to me, using quiztechaeropack, BDarmory, and stock. I want to use stealth capability when attacking someone. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  4. Stealth Rover! Post compilation. Formatted and reposted for a new generation, these are the adventures of Stealth Rover! Probably the largest sneaky rover out. Open the spoilers for military mystery and supersize sneakiness. Each post is pretty short. Do it. You know you want to. Nothing to see here.... Introduction to Stealth Rover Arctic escape Capture Spaaace! The Chase Blog Special Return of Stealth Rover?? Stealth Rover and the Krystal Kerbs
  5. Chengdu J-20 Stealth Jet Fighter (I might add the download, but it requires that you also download my gamedata folder due to a modified B9 Aerospace pack which allows further manipulation of the procedural wings, and due to some mods not being compatible, I had to make sure they work.) I decided to build a modded version of my previous stealth fighter replica in stock, and it turned out great! here is the original.
  6. Show me what stealth aircraft you have built! These are mine! I want to see some more of these types of aircraft, and for a few reasons, listed below: 1. They are hard to build due to random angles and wings everywhere 2. They are very hard to get in the air, and to fly right! 3. They look awesome! Spectacular! SO LETS SEE EM!
  7. MBB LAMPYRIDAE CRAFT FILE: MBB Lampyridae: Changelog V2 -Created base cockit -uploaded craft to KerbalX -Aerodynamics worked out with SAS units (alot) -tested struts, and only uses absolutely needed ones -Supermaneuverability achieved -Worked on drag and top speed characteristics -smoothed out rear with solar panels V1 -Craft shape designed, and needs modifications Tell me what you guys think! Anything to improve on?