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Found 5 results

  1. Could the controller support from the enhanced edition be ported to the desktop versions for use with controllers like the Steam Controller? This would make playing KSP on the couch easier for those of us who like PC couch gaming.
  2. I have been fiddling around with various different configurations and I cannot seem to get KSP to recognize any gyro inputs from my steam controller. Is the gyro supported at all for this game? If so, what broad settings are needed to get the game to accept its input?
  3. Ok, rewriting the entire thread, because things changed in the space of like 10 minutes. So, my Steam Controller has had a history of not working with KSP, but earlier on, I theorised that it might be the fact that the Steam Overlay wasn't working at all. I know that Fraps messes with the Steam Overlay in some games, so I closed that, restarted KSP and BOOM, the controller is recognised! However... It's not switching between the different modes, it's just stuck in menu mode the whole time. Does anyone have this issue?
  4. So, I bought the steam controller a few weeks ago, and I've been getting used to it with Rocket League. All is going well, but I would also like to be able to use the controller on KSP, as it does work not only as an actual gamepad, but as kb+m too. I'm aware there's already SC support, and when I turn on the controller, it notifies me in the top right on which mode I'm in (flight, menu, etc...), but it's just not working. Using the controller, it just uses what ever configuration I've set for my desktop controls. Has anyone had this issue? All I want to do is be able to fly planes and rockets with the controller, but I can't even get the game to recognise the analog stick as an input, rather, it just comes up as directional buttons (again, set by my desktop configuration). Does anyone have any clue what's causing this, or how to fix it? I can provide logs or w/e you need.
  5. I get the notification advising that the Steam Controller is now in Map mode, but it's actually still in flight mode. Menu mode, etc, seems to work, just not Map mode. Anyone else found this, and more importantly, anyone found a workaround? I tried configuring Steam to switch action set on pressing the Map button, but it's not offering me the switch action set command.