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Found 2 results

  1. The Dunatian

    KSP Forum Stereotypes

    1. The experienced "noob" - Reputation: 4 - "How many asteroids can you capture in one mission? My personal best is 8." Response: 2. Mr. "forums more than he plays" - Reputation: 4,000 - "Fly to Eve? I'll have to try that after I finish posting on the forum." Response: 3. The "Beloved Moderator/Community Leader" - Reputation: 2,000 - "For this weeks challenge we will have a special badge as well as 50+ reputation for all participants." Response: 4. "That noob" - Reputation: 0 - "How do you complete the basic flight tutorial?" Response: 5. NASA employee - Reputation: 1,200 - "kc is the mass transfer coefficient [mol/(s. · m2)/(mol/m3)], or m/s." Response: 6. The "Supreme Moderator" - Reputation: Max - "Thread removed. Reason: NONE. Fear me!" Response: 7. The "breath-taking Artist" - Reputation: 350 - "I present my latest masterpiece, Frozen Duna." Response: 8. The "Epic Craft Builder" - Reputation: 600 - "This is my latest self-sustainable rover, the Cross-cut." Response: 9. "Mr. Excuses" - Reputation: 150 - "The docking port size was meant to be 1.25? It must have been my graphics that confused me." Response: 10. The "Mission Report Novelist" - Reputation: 8,000 - "The great beast raised its horribly ugly head and prepared to incinerate Obly Kerman." Response: 11. The "Normal player" - Reputation: 135 - "Today I spent my time making an SSTO that sort of works." Response: 12. "Refuses to be Stereotyped" - Reputation: 500 - "I refuse to be stereotyped." Response: 13. "Mr. Game Mod Developer" - Reputation: 5,000 - " *fanfare* Introducing the all new kerbal kuts mod!" Response: 14. The "Unknowing Rule Violator" - Reputation: 225 - "I broke one of the rules? Again?" (He should really read the list of forum rules) Response: 15. The "Stock Stickler" - Reputation: 450 - "I should use mods? Unthinkable!" Response: 16. The "Mod Maniac" - Reputation: 300 - "Here is my mod list. *scrolls for 10 minutes*" Response: 17. The "Squad Employee" - Reputation: 5,000 "We hope to begin working on re-inventing the rover wheel soon." Response: And one more: 18. The "Emoticon Addict" - Reputation: 45 - "" Response: Please note: These stereotypes are not meant to represent any particular user and are not to be taken seriously. Feel free to categorize yourself. What stereotypes have you seen? Thanks to the community for suggesting stereotypes 13-17.
  2. Wall Of Text. Sorry for the rant. This morning, I happened across the video below while surfing YouTube. The channel is Buzzfeed and the people on it are mostly from/on the west coast. The video is them reacting to people from other countries doing American accents. Yes, the foreign guys and gals (I can forgive them) are doing mostly stereotypical accents of Americans, but the problem I have lies with the people reacting. When the "reactors" start talking about how Midwest accents sound, they get it so wrong that it genuinely angers me. The accent they claim to be "Midwest" is actually (almost exclusively) only heard in northernmost Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin and even then, it's relatively rare. I'm also fairly certain Canadians would agree that the whole "about sounds like a-boot" thing is not very common and is mostly stereotypical. This helps confirm my assumption that (not all but many of) the Americans living on the east and west coasts have NO *expletive* CLUE about the states they call "flyovers". I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri which is arguably the start of the Midwest (i.e. "Gateway to the West" "The Gateway Arch") and I can confidently tell you without a shadow of a doubt that nobody in Missouri sounds like that unless they or their parents originated elsewhere. Last I checked, Nelly does not sound like he just walked off the set of Fargo (his mother used to live behind my grandma in Chadwyck Subdivision #namedrop). Furthermore, if I'm not mistaken*, the accent in areas such as Chicago and St. Louis are beginning to show similarities to a Northeastern dialect; a phenomenon referred to as the NCVS (Northern Cities Vowel Shift NCVS Examples St. Louis corridor). Moreover, many newscasters train themselves to speak with a "Midwest accent" do to the Midwest generally lacking an accent altogether (Quote: "General American" has often been considered to be the relatively unmarked speech of "the Midwest") A video of a bunch of bubble dwelling Hollywood types normally wouldn't turn me into such a whiny opinionated crybaby, but this video just got on my bad side for some reason. It's also worth mentioning that, generally speaking, I don't have a major issue with stereotypes for the most part. THE VIDEO: