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Found 1 result

  1. All credit goes to ClairaLyrae who created and managed all aspects of this mod and the credit for updating the mod to be compatible with KSP 0.21+ goes to stupid_chris. Extra credit to Taverius for his config breakinForce and breakingTorque values updates on the 0.2.4 update. Update April 20th 2016 Current version: v0.2.10.1 - SpaceDock | GitHub Changelog: v0.2.10.1 [FIX] Removed the config error preventing the 0.625m SAS unit to compile during part loading v0.2.10 [FEATURE] Added search tags to all parts [FEATURE] Removed CoM offster on LES and replaced for a thrust transform offset [BALANCE] Adjusted mass and capacity of the 2.5m thin RCS tank to align with stock changes v0.2.9 [FEATURE] Converted all textures to DDS for faster loading times and memory savings [FEATURE] Added new TechTree icons for the 1.25m ion engine and 2.5m nuclear engine [FEATURE] Assigned the name "Hayabusa" to the PB-ION2 and "Sisyphus" to the LV-NB [BALANCE] Adjusted the stats of the engines to reflect the ISP changes in 1.0 [FEATURE] Gave the escape tower the same flame effects as the stock one [BALANCE] Adjusted the max temperature value of all parts [BALANCE] adjusted the emissivity constant of the LV-NB [BALANCE] Adjusted entry cost and unit cost for parts to reflect 1.0 changes [BALANCE] MM patch for SAS parts is still present and has adjusted price for linearity [BALANCE] Redisposed all parts in the TechTree to make more sense [REMOVED] Removed the 1.25m Xenon tank (now stock) [FEATURE] Moved the stock 1.25m and radial Xenon tanks to the new ion TechTree node v0.2.8.1 [FIX] Fixed the typo in the ModuleManager patch for the Inline Advanced Stabilizer. v0.2.8 [FIX] Fixed the tech nodes of the 1.25m ion engine and xenon tank [FEATURE] Changed the category of each part to meet the new categories of 0.90 [FEATURE] Modified the old cupola to match the stats of the new one [BALANCE] Rebalanced all the reaction wheels part with stock progression [FEATURE] The stock Inline Reaction Wheel is resized to 1.25m again through ModuleManager to leave the spot to the KSPX one [BALANCE] MM modifications to all stock Reaction Wheels to even out a spot for each with stock balance [FEATURE] Changed config/folder names to be clearer v0.2.7 [BALANCE] Rebalanced the mass, cost, and entryCost of all parts to match Stock ReBalance standards [BALANCE] Rebalanced the reaction wheels torque to fit the StockReBalance schemes, (warning: they'll look grossely underpowered if not used paired with SRB) [BALANCE] Rebalanced the fuel/to mass ratio in the 1.25m Xenon tank as well as in the radial LF and LOX tanks [FEATURE] Added MonoPropellant to the old Cupola pod [BALANCE] Rebalanced the LV-NB to be 2.67 the LV-N to have same performance and nice fitting cost, mass, and thrust values [BALANCE] Dropped the Monopropellant amount in the 2.5m small tank to 250 v0.2.6.1 [FEATURE] Modified the ElectricCharge/XenonGas ratio of the ion engine to match the stock's v0.2.6 [FEATURE] Added a decoupler module to the LES. Staging will decouple the part and activate the engine [FEATURE] Added a CoM offset to the LES to thrust away from the ship. [FEATURE] Slightly increased the LES's amount of fuel [FEATURE] LES moved to Utility tab [FEATURE] Changed the 1.25m ion engine's thrust to match the new TWR of the stock one v0.2.5 [FEATURE] Added an alternator module to the nuclear engine, it will now produce electricity when running [FEATURE] Upped the thrust and amount of solid fuel for the escape tower by a little v0.2.4 [FEATURE] Assigned each part to a node of the tech tree and tweaked the prices to meet stock standards [FIX] Tweaked the SAS stats to have a more noticeable difference between each part for the tech tree [FIX] Fixed breakingForce and breakingTorque values for the large SAS module [FIX] Fixed breakingForce and breakingTorque values for the LV-NB [FIX] Fixed breakingForce and breakingTorque values for the FL-R1S Monopropellant tank [FIX] Fixed breakingForce and breakingTorque values for the Escape Tower [FIX] Fixed breakingForce and breakingTorque values for the PB-ION2 [ADDED] Updated the old cupola to 0.22 and made it available in the download for those who wish to, just merge it with the main KSPX folder if you want the pod. v0.2.3 [FIX] Updated the old ASAS and SAS part cfgs to match the new SAS system in 0.21 [REMOVED] Probodobodyne HECS (is now stock) [REMOVED] Rockomax 48-7S (is now stock) [REMOVED] FL-R10 RCS Fuel Tank (is now stock) [REMOVED] Stratus-V Cylindrified Monopropellant Tank (is now stock) [REMOVED] LV-1R Liquid Fuel Engine (is now stock) [REMOVED] FL-T100 Fuel Tank (is now stock) [REMOVED] TVR-200L Stack Bi-Adapter (is now stock) [REMOVED] TVR-400L Stack Quad-Adapter (is now stock) [REMOVED] TVR-300L Stack Tri-Adapter (is now stock) [REMOVED] FL-A10 Adapter (is now stock) [REMOVED] TVR-2160C Mk2 Stack Quad-Coupler (is now stock) [REMOVED] FL-A5 Adapter (is now stock) [REMOVED] Z-1K Rechargable Battery Bank (is now stock) [REMOVED] Z-200 Rechargable Battery Bank (is now stock) [REMOVED] PB-X50R Xenon Container (is now stock) v0.2.2 [FEATURE] Updated to the new folder structure to assure compatability in future versions of KSP [FIX] updated all config files [REMOVED] Atlas Engine (is now stock) [REMOVED] Remote Guidance Unit - large (is now stock) [REMOVED] Cupola (is now stock) [REMOVED] Remote Guidance Unit - small (is now stock) [REMOVED] Lander can (is now stock) License: Unless granted direct permission by ClairaLyrae (the original author of this mod) redistribution of this mod or parts contained in it is not allowed; this includes creating download mirrors. By downloading this mod you agree to this license. Installation instructions Extract the contents of the zip file to the GameData folder in your KSP installation. If you want to add the old KSPX cupola, merge the cupola KSPX folder with the main KSPX folder. Gallery GitHub repo for configs/issues