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Found 406 results

  1. Does anyone have a working version of KSC-Switcher that works on stock Kerbin with 1.3.1? I found a version that works for 1.2.2, and whilst it works in 1.3.1, there are no new KSC launch locations. I found another site that has a screenshot of them working on Kerbin, but the download link is broken. I also know Kerbin-side exist but I like how KSC-Switcher works, and the fact that it doesn't have any extra buildings, considerably more over Kerbin-side.
  2. Sorry for the gonzo marketing. Our newest off-road vehicle. This car can drive anywhere. Our test drivers have taken it up mountains, climbing 53 degree inclines. It's fast too, with a top speed of 324km/h (201MPH, 90m/s). Fueled up it has a weight just under 10k kg. It's powered by four J-20 turbojets. Electrical power is provided by two fuel cell arrays. Someone stole your favorite parking spot? No problem. Driving characteristics: adjusted for rough terrain. This means it won't corner like a sports car but it won't roll over either. It's great for jumping and has RCS on board for controlling flight. Not only that ... it's actually capable of flying! Just keep an eye on your fuel gauges. No monopropellant means no control. We are proud to say we haven't installed reaction wheels. Deserts or polar regions, the Mountain Ghost doesn't care. The passengers won't have to either, it has excellent climate control. The RCS balls on the corners have two purposes. They provide the attitude control but they also offer some protection to the car and occupants in case it rolls over. This is the trip to the carwash. Just remember to remove the koi from the backseat when you leave. The administrator will notice when one of them is missing. He talks to them every day. "Hello? Gene? It's Kelly. Kelly Kerman. You know, from hygiene management level two? Yes, the cleaning lady. Thank you, that's kind. What do you mean? Urrr ... no? Yes but ... Sorry but I need your help! Someone has parked a car on top of mine! Hello? Hello?" Stay tuned for more fantastic vehicles by Lowell. A 77 Industries brand. "Hello? Bob? Hi, remember me? Yes, from the party. No I'm not Brenda. It's Kelly. Yes I know my voice sounds the same. Well, you know ... I've got freckles down there, Brenda has not. Ohw you don't remember. What's Romulan Ale? Oh I see. Hey can you help me? I just wanna go home. I can't. Gene has parked his car on top of mine!" Download link.
  3. The Gilly Rover

    The Gilly Rover (It drives fine on other worlds as well.) This rover was built primarily for the most unlikely place in the system. Two ion engines facing upwards help to keep the wheels on the ground or reduce the time between jumps. You can accelerate it to speeds enough to leave the SOI of Gilly if you want to, just keep in mind the wheels don't like speeds above 28 m/s due to a bug/design choice. On other worlds this doesn't occur and speeds higher than 70 m/s are possible. It has a lot of control and propulsion options. RCS all around, reaction wheels etc. Science package too. The "ears" are detachable, they're xenon and RCS tanks with a higher flow priority. Action groups: 1 Toggles fuel cell arrays. 2 Toggles reaction wheels. 3 Cycles reaction wheel modes (very useful!) 4 Toggles downforce ion engines. 5 Toggles forward propulsion ion engine. Recommended Friction And Spring Settings For All Worlds World Front Spring Rear Spring Front Friction Rear Friction Moho 0.2 0.2 0.6 1.2 Eve 1.2 1.2 0.8 1.2 Gilly 0.05 0.05 0.1 0.3 Kerbin 1 1 0.8 1.2 Mun 0.5 0.5 0.8 1.2 Minmus 0.25 0.25 0.8 1.2 Duna 0.6 0.6 0.6 1.2 Ike 0.5 0.5 0.8 1.2 Dres 0.5 0.5 0.8 1.2 Laythe 0.8 0.8 0.8 1.2 Vall 0.6 0.6 0.8 1.2 Tylo 0.8 0.8 0.8 1.2 Bop 0.3 0.3 0.8 1.2 Pol 0.2 0.2 0.4 0.6 Eeloo 0.5 0.5 0.8 1.2 Download link
  4. Sundae Lifeboat

    Sundae Lifeboat Craft file on KerbalX A stock lifeboat that can deliver a crew of 11 Kerbals from a station in a low Kerbin or Mun orbit or from a Minmus surface base. Pretty stable during reentry. Can either land on a runway or splashdown. m wet = 10.550 t m dry = 8.385 t Δv vac = 379 m/s dimentions: 7.9 m × 5.0 m × 3.3 m crew: 11 Kerbals
  5. For me, personally, Motorized landing gear Scramjets A new R.A.P.I.E.R. - like engine The Stearwing D45 A realistic shuttle A new craft like Kerbal Y Or Kerbal Z SpaceX craft and parts, A stock Saturn V N1 Soyuz parts N-body physics Asteroids, parts, and Kerbals having gravity Being able to move entire things like planets or moons (Sometimes we want to push Gilly somewhere else), with other things with gravity, albeit not a lot. More radial engines More heatshields More parachutes Moar boosters! More capsules A built in DeltaV calculator How about you?
  6. I've been lurking silently around this forum for years, but I'm finally feeling bold enough to share some of my creations. It took a long time for my design skills to catch up to my ambitions, but I'm finally getting there. For the past year or so, I've been re-creating pure stock Star Wars Starfighters in as much painstaking working detail as I can, with emphasis on high visual accuracy and realistic(-ish) flight performance. I'll admit that sometimes I had to make use of egregious part clipping, sorta-sneaky wing panels, and shameless engine stacking... but I'm pretty sure people were allowed to do that a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. I'm on the run from The Empire (read: my responsibilities), so I'll be posting my Star Wars crafts in this thread just a couple at a time over the next week or two. Building them was a colossal time sink, but uploading and annotating them has proven to be another wormhole entirely. In the meantime, feel free to chime in with your own reproductions, tweaks, comments, and suggestions. Follow links within posts to KerbalX for craft downloads and details. *********************************************************************** EDIT: LIST OF SKUNKTWERKS CRAFT APPEARING IN THIS THREAD T-65 X-Wing (ATMO, SSTO) A/SF-01 B-Wing (Folded, Unfolded) TIE/LN Fighter (Solar, Simple) TIE/IN Interceptor (Solar, Simple, Royal Guard Solar, Royal Guard Simple) Podracers (Sebulba's, Teemto's, Anakin's) BTL Y-Wing ATMO Naboo N-1 RZ-1 A-Wing (ATMO, SSTO) Eta-2 Actis-class Interceptor Delta 7 Aethersprite-class Light Interceptor (ATMO, SSTO) Delta 7 Aethersprite SSTO+RCS with Syliure-31 Long-Range Hyperdrive Module Naboo Cruiser, aka J-type Diplomatic Barge (ATMO, SSTO) BTL Y-Wing SSTO Anakin's Podracer SSTO Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing (ATMO+VTOL, SSTO) Nantex-class Defense Fighter (ATMO+VTOL, SSTO) Defender-class Light Corvette VTOL ... and more to come! *********************************************************************** Now let's get this nerd party started: SkunkTwerks proudly presents the classic T-65 X-Wing in two specialized versions! The T-65 X-Wing ATMO for atmospheric flight: I stacked Panthers on top of RAPIERS for these sci-fi engines, so if MORE POWER is what you crave, you can always hit the afterburners. Just remember, velocity can lead to Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly, which leads to anger, which leads to hate, which leads to shooting force lightning from your fingertips. In other words, it's totally worth it. Yes, those KX9 laser cannons work! They're about as accurate as Storm Troopers, but they do fire. You get four shots, so make 'em count. . The T-65 X-Wing SSTO for space and atmospheric flight. The SSTO stacks Whiplashes on top of RAPIERS, and the result is easily capable of LKO with several hundred dV's to spare. Hidden docking ports in the nose and the droid's head make orbital refueling possible, if you want to land it on the Death Star Mun. RCS not included, but feel free to add your own. More high-fidelity Star Wars Starfighters coming soon. Until then, may the forces of physics be with you. -SkunkTwerks
  7. Formula 1 2017

    Amazingly Fast Thing On Wheels! With just two Juno's! Powerplant: 2 Juno’s. Tech: Boost Flaps, KERS, DRS. Top speed DRS disabled: 98 m/s (352 km/h). Top speed DRS enabled: 110 m/s (396 km/h). Performance (15% fuel); Max G in corners: 16.8. Max G during braking: 3.6. Max G during acceleration: 2.2. Fuel: 100 units. Battery: 400 units. Part count: 69. Mass (tanks full): 3.15t. Download link.
  8. This is mostly based off of another F-35B I put together about 8 months ago, but it required extensive use of vessel switching to manually control the VTOL engine. Plus, it was rather difficult to fly. Comparison album: Now, it requires minimal effort to engage and disengage the VTOL system. In fact, here's the proper procedure: Engaging VTOL: 1. Press Action Group 4 Disengaging VTOL: 1. Press Action Group 2 ... That's it. Really. I mean, when switching back to CTOL you might want to have some spare altitude/velocity, but of course that's only a suggestion. Schematic View album: KerbalX Download Link: The download link has much more documentation on additional features and helpful tips for operation, check it out! ______________________________ Hey guys, this is my first actual post here on the forums! Any suggestions on anything, really, will be greatly appreciated!
  9. The LCA project (Full name Lateral cargo arrangement). V1.2 1. Added five-segment SSRB 2. Added details of "Energia", based on the eponymous rocket, with these details you can reproduce in KSP a number of rockets associated with this space system. Energia save blocks tutorial in "GIF" files. Also alternative parts for mk3 "KURAN" by @DECQ are transferred here. WARNING!!! SSME is taken from Squad, but it gives more balance on this do not use the original KS25 !!! Questions and requests are welcome. DOWNLOAD: project I recommend installing already ready ships, so it will be easier to deal with add-on.
  10. Stock DC-3 Airliner

    To start off, I would like to credit MajorJim as the original creator of the bearing. Klond and Azimech for developing the modification that uses RCS Balls. Big thanks again to Azimech for showing ways of optimizing the bearing to make it even better and even more reliable. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ With that out the way, Here's the actual post. I apologize for not existing for so long, there's no reason for it, I was just too lazy to post again. I've made many planes (mostly with spinny propeller things) so today, the one I've picked out for today is... The DC-3 Dakota (AKA, the C-47 Skytrain) The DC-3 was an airliner developed in the 1930s and was developed from the earlier DC-2. The DC-3 turned out to be one of the most successful aircraft in the world. What makes it unique compared to most aircraft designed before WWII, the DC-3 is still in (limited) use. During WWII, the DC-3 was converted into a military transport called the C-47. It was considered one of the best transports during the war. The replica I've created is down below. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Instructions and Download 1: As soon as the crafts spawns in, turn on the brake. 2: Decouple the propellers and turn on SAS afterward. 3: Switch to one of the propellers using the [ ] keys. 4: If the propeller selected is on the left, hold down ALT and E until the roll indicator in the bottom left has reached completely to the right. 5: If the propeller selected is on the right, hold down ALT and Q until the roll indicator in the bottom left has reached completely to the left. 6: Switch back to the main craft, and turn off the brakes as soon as the propellers are both spinning 7: If done correctly, the plane should start to move. On takeoff, the plane should take off on it's own if left alone with SAS on. 8: Have a nice flight. Try avoiding excess manouevers. Download (HERE) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for reading! Sorry I've been away for a while. However, as a sorry gift for keeping you guys waiting, I have a bonus craft down below. Enjoy!
  11. 2-6-2T Features: Two cylinders (single acting), Crossheads, Offset crankshaft for a better power stroke, Wheel configuration: 2-6-2. Two leading wheels, six driven wheels, two trailing wheels. Coupling on front and rear, Eight blowers, slightly offset from each other to reduce the hammering effect of the thrust on the pistons, valves, conrods and crankshaft, Valve cooling system, Smoke generator (blocked jet engine pointing up), Firebox with pseudo fire effect using Z-fighting (action group 0 toggles it), Runs on rails. Doesn't run without. Max safe speed: 10.5 m/s. My first "steam" locomotive. There's obviously room for improvement. Too many parts? You can reduce the length of the track, it's 0.5km. Instructions: just hit stage, throttle at 50%. Then gently throttle up as it increases speed to reduce risk of overheating the valves. Note: there's no reverse (yet). Craft file.
  12. Electric Propeller Stops Running

    I have a working stock propeller (following Squiddy's tutorial). It works properly and will fly, but when I switch from the propeller to the plane, the propeller's trim (alt+e) lock gets reset and it slows down. I have to keep switching back from the plane to the propeller to spin it up again. Does anyone know how to keep the propeller spinning when I switch vessels (keep trim lock on)? Sorry for the possibly confusing description of the problem, please ask if I need to clarify something.
  13. This will be a collection of all the stock airplanes and rockets I build. I hope you have as much flying them as I had making them! F-89 Scorpion Avro Arrow CF-105 V-1/Fi-103 I-16 Rata Il-28 Beagle To do list: Il-28, V-1 CIM-10 Bomarc, I-16, Yak-15, Mig-15
  14. THE SOVIET N1 LUNAR LANDER AND LK LUNAR MODULE 1762 parts 1,400 tons 30,000kN thrust (first stage) (Quick pics below, and a spoiler with almost the full album, for all pictures, refer to link above, or KerbalX page) Changelog: After release I made a second modification due to a few comments, they are: -Modified first stage to remove a large amount of drag. -Added RCS to the orbital module. -Fairings are now clamshell instead of confetti.
  15. Until now i was posting the mission reports in the challenge's thread, but since the posted imgur albums are not showing in the forums at the moment, i think grouping all of them in the same mission report thread will make them easier to fix once embeded albums work again, and also the reports are going to be better organized. Challenge Link: It's a really fun and interesting challenge, i recommend it to everyone. But be warned, as the missions advance so does the difficulty Mission 1b - Do you even lift? Status: Completed Mission 2b - Can you hear me? Status: Completed Mission 3 - Can you see me? Status: Completed Mission 4 - Can you rescue me? Status: Completed Missions 5 to 8 - Can you build me? Status: Completed Mission 9 - Can you land me? Status: Completed Mission 10 - Duna mission 1 - Can you visit me? Status: Completed
  16. Stock submarine

    Hello! I just made a little submarine and wanted to share the pictures with you! If you are interested in building one, it's using a J-33 Turbofan engine for propulsion and ore tanks and service bays as ballast.
  17. Disclaimer: I was originally going to call this project an "ISS Replica". I had already built Zarya, Node 1 Unity, and the first two PMA's... and then I discovered the following thread. After seeing what those guys did, I decided to call this an "ISS Approximation". If you're at all interested in a stock version of the ISS, I encourage you to check out what they built. It's pretty amazing! My first attempt Stock ISS was built back in v0.23.5, and back then the high part count made the game lag very badly. I knew that part count would not be as big an issue this time. However, due to my lack of time (and skill), I had planned to leave out certain elements such as robot arms, CETA cart, stowage platforms, etc. But I am building in docking ports to possibly add some elements later. Also, this project will be launched with non-IRL rockets, and assembled with a purpose built Tug. Space Shuttle not modeled, sorry EJ My goal was to find some balance between appearance & functionality. For example, I won't have a working Canadarm, but Zvezda is able to perform orbital reboosts (although it's not needed in KSP). EVA's will only be possible from IRL airlocks, all other hatches are covered / blocked. Crewmembers are transferred to station and returned to Kerbin via a functional Soyuz, however it only has two seats instead of three. I'm streaming the fabrication & assembly sessions on Twitch, but I don't feel the need to document this project with YouTube videos... that's what this thread is for. And frankly, I have no experience making videos. ISS Approximation, KSP v1.3.0, sandbox stock parts, no mods Station will be assembled to it's config as of JUN 2017, according to the historical timeline... mostly. Relocation of some elements will be skipped, i.e. P6 Truss. Future station configurations will be addressed as necessary, i.e. deorbiting Pirs, adding IDA-3 & Russian modules. Reference Sources: ====================== Stream 01, 16 AUG 2017 Module Name, Part Count, Mass (dry) Launch 01, Zarya FGB, 36, 7.9t Launch 02, Node 1 Unity, 10, 3t - PMA 1, 6, 1.4t - PMA 2, 6, 1.4t Launch 03, Zvezda Service Module, 34, 11.9t Launch 04, Soyuz/Progress, 19, 4.4t Total: Parts = 111, Mass = 30t My first ISS build (KSP v0.23.5) contained several reaction wheels. It was fairly stable in orbit when other ships docked to it, also when the whole station rotated (in any axis) using SAS. This time, not so much. So someone in my stream suggested autostruting, and it seemed to work. I've never used autostruts since they were added to the game. If I built something that needed struts, I did it the old fashioned way. Having not used it before, I figured it would be best to autostrut to the center of mass of the completed station... which roughly would be Node 1 Unity. Well, Node 1 was not the first station module launched IRL, nor in this project. And apparently when assembling a station in orbit, the first module launched becomes the root part. So I started over by deleting what I had already assembled in orbit (the first 4 launches). Then I went to the spaceplane hanger where my assembled mockup is. Then I rerooted the assembled mockup to Node 1, then cheated it back into orbit. Sorry, I didn't feel like doing those launches & dockings again. ====================== Stream 02, 23 AUG 2017 Launch 05, Z1 Truss, 29, 1.6t - PMA 3, 6, 1.4t Launch 06, Destiny Lab, 12, 6.5t Total: Parts = 158, Mass = 39.5t ====================== Stream 03, 27 AUG 2017 Launch 07, Quest Airlock, 15, 2.2t - Pirs Docking Compartment, 9, 1.6t Total: Parts = 182, Mass = 43.3t
  18. The Mustang is a new Mk1 sized Turboprop fighter from KAe systems, it is being built to enter the Stock Turboprop DogFight challenge and may be selected by entities to fulfil the role of Airborne Combat Patrol and Homeland Defense. Mustang Prototype Download The Mustang prototype has been under development for quite a while. There were several technical challenges to be overcome. Today we are unveiling the prototype for review. This version is a test-bed for new technologies and will be worked on to increase speed, range and include armaments. It has a top speed currently of 60.5ms in level flight (don't be fooled by the navball, the wings are pitched so even though the nose is slightly down, the wings are level and maintaining altitude). It is as efficient as could be built although it is currently under-powered for military purposes. It uses two twin Juno KAe Mercator engines in a push/pull configuration. It is envisaged the production version will be equipped with the tri Juno Brigand engine. A lot of effort was put into making this aircraft AI controllable for the Stock Turboprop DogFight challenge, so it could not be finicky, or need special tricks to fly. As such it is remarkable easy to fly for a pilot, just stage (space), engage SAS (t), and full throttle (z). Pull up at about 40ms and it should lift smoothly off the tarmac, you don't even have to worry about tail prop strike. Landing is as straightforward as any other aircraft, though landing pitch of more than 10' may cause damage. Stall speed is below 30ms. Mustang Prototype - Top Speed You can eke slightly more speed out of it by deploying the rear blades. Mustang Prototype Development
  19. The McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle A fighter jet for the history books The F-15 Eagle began as a design concept in the early 1960s for an extremely agile next-generation fighter. It would be extremely maneuverable, have advanced avionics, as well as a dangerous combination of range, speed, and weaponry. Export Models F-15s serve in the air forces of the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Japan, and now, Kerbin's. It features high-powered engines, avionics packages, range-extending drop tanks, and a suite of missiles. The common export variety features the same loadout as F-15 Eagles in Operation Desert Storm. It is packed with two drop tanks, six AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles and two AIM-7 Sparrow missiles, as well as two LANTIRN pods, one for navigation and one for targeting. Make your trade deals now!
  20. Welcome To The Andetch X-Series Jool Mission (Stock) Classified Information Follows; Pilots! Kerbin Needs You! Mission to Jool using Andetch X-Series deployment probe. (40 points total available) Primary Objective; Set up a system wide comms-net. (Total of 10 points available, scored on coverage and innovative ideas. Points awarded by forum comunnity) Secondary Objective; Visit as many of the system's celestial objects as possible, parking probes into the orbit. (Total of 10 points available, 2 per object - Jool Orbit does not score points) Tertiary Objective; Land on as many of the system's celestial objects as possible. (Total of 10 points available, 2 per landing) Bonus Objective - Jool Dive, because every kerbal wants to know whether there really is marshmallow inside! (5 points) Post your submission as directed! (5 points) I know there are 101 missions to Jool, what with it being like a mini solar system right on the outskirts of Kerbol. This mission is my theoretical mission to start colonizing Jool; ultimately this will be a career mode launch. Establishing a network is my logical first step before sending crew/tourists. (I have played out the majority of this mission to test capabilities of the craft). Points available are listed with the objectives. To get started download the craft from Kerbal-X here! (No accounted needed to download, but you should get an account - it is an awesome resource!) Use the Andetch X-Series, some minor tweaking allowed to correct any design flaws that you may uncover. Quick saves are probably needed - We trust you will not cheat! Adding more probes is not allowed! Take an image of the map screen with network showing. Take images of the vessel showing the celestial object you are orbiting in the background and then a map view screenshot to show the orbit. Take an image of the vessel landed on the celestial object. Take an image of the vessel deep within Jool's atmosphere. Put all the images in an album (imgur is what I use) and post like this; (One image full sized as a cover image - not including the album - for your submission is fine, we just do not want the post getting too long with loads of images!)
  21. I KNOW ABOUT KOPERNICUS! THOSE WHO POINT IT OUT SHALL FACE THE UNDYING FURY OF MY NEIGHBOR'S CAT! *Ahem* Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about this undying question, recommendation, or whatever you want to call it - Planet Eight. It's been quite a while since we've gotten a new world to explore in stock KSP, and I'm starting to wonder if we ever will again. I just want a new, fun destination to go to, explore, and build bases on. Maybe a Kerbin-like world in the outer solar system littered with mountains and valleys and kraters filled with water, and even the beginnings of surface life! Not quite like Laythe or Eve, but something more friendly. Of course, being in the outer solar system would mean the planet doesn't get a whole lot of light, so maybe it could have a highly eccentric orbit (tidal heating) around Eeloo or another completely-new world. Maybe the life isn't entirely new, but it's just recovering after a massive object collided with it millions of years ago, ripping a long gash in the surface and carrying some particularly resilient microbes to Kerbin and Duna? Perhaps the origin of the Kraken? I'm going a little too deep in speculation, but we're lacking this kind of world in stock KSP, and I personally think it would make a pretty nice addition to the game
  22. The Rhino Mk1 Features 2 fully clipped hatch seats, 4 fully functional exhausts, Non functional smoke launchers, and some headlights. Working ramp for "easy" access for up to 14 troupers. for the craft file. Now, I'm off to invade the Mun!
  23. Since KerbalEdu is mostly dead, why not bring in some features from it? More people play the actual game than KerbalEdu, and from what i've learned, people learned a lot more with stock KSP than Edu. For those of you who don't know, KerbalEdu has a bunch of features optimized for education, which include: 1. Some built-in Kerbal Engineer. 2. Parts that show the effects of lift, mass, drag, etc. using arrows and circles. 3. Some other things I guess. While not absolutely necessary, they are some nice features to have in stock. Take Hyperedit, for example. KSP basically took some of it's futures and put it in stock. I don't see why they wouldn't do the same with flight engineer.
  24. Welcome to the Official Release thread for Before Kerbin. Before Kerbin is based on the Stock solar system, but 2 billion years ago in the past. This mod will replace your solar system, I advise beginning a new save. Overview: This mod aims to add a completely new adventure as you begin on Eve (which has Kerbin's properties for ease) and explore and uncover the secrets of the old stock planets. There is lore for you to uncover on the detailed planetary surfaces. This mod adds highly detailed, 4k planets, each come with their own EVE and Scatterer configurations. Every single planet and moon has been adjusted and changed, meaning yes - you can visit "Dres"! All planets have been tested and I have made sure both rockets and spaceplanes can function on them all. System Requirements: 5GB of RAM KSP 64 bit Donations are never asked for, but always appreciated! Help buy me a pizza if you enjoy the mod FAQ: Will this planet mod add any new stars? No. This is the Kerbol system 2 billion years ago. Adding a new star means you will need modded parts to get there, which I generally disagree with. It also means separating planets and sentencing them to "will not be visited". I want to make sure all planets are easily reachable but also require a challenge once there. Is this planet mod compatible with present day mods like OPM? Yep! Even the visual mods will work together (they didn't with my previous planet mod), meaning you can install nearly any planet mod except those that also replace the home planet. How much RAM do I need for this mod? 5GB at maximum texture quality. Backup download for if SpaceDock can't cooperate! This mod follows the CC-BY-NC-ND licence. Thank you for downloading! Note: AFTER KERBIN is in development, where Kerbol is entering its final stages of its life and begins billowing up as a giant. It will be the sequel to this series of planet mods (Before Kerbin, Stock, After Kerbin).
  25. Hello! As a new kerbal engineer with less than 100 hours played, it's a great honour to me to present you the first VTOL supersonic plane I've made that I think may be worth it. Inspired in the new-gen USA VTOL multirol plane F-35, the Diana MkII features two J-404 "Panther" Afterburning Turbofan for horizontal movement, as well as two T-1 Toroidal Aerospike "Dart" Liquid Fuel Engines to achieve the vertical take-off and landing. Some Vernor Engines have been installed to improve stabillity during the vertical take off and landing phase and counteract the variety in the mass center due to the fuel consumption. Featuring a great maneuverability as well as a very good speed, flying the Diana Mk II is a very fun experience you won't regret it. But be aware, the fuel consuption of the T-1 Engines is so large that it will deplete all your fuel in a blink of an eye if you are not careful. The plane is 100% stock! The action groups are configured as follow: AG1- On/Off J-404 Engine AG2- Dry mode/Wet mode J-404 Engine AG3- On/Off T-1 Engine AG4- None AG5- Deploy/Retract airbrakes I really hope you enjoy and love this little aircraft as much as I have creating it! Be absolutelly free to comment what you think about it, and what you think would be good to add/remove. Post your modifications in this very post if you want, and we will discuss it! See you in the skies! DOWNLOAD LINK: