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Found 51 results

  1. I have started to stream my miss adventures in a new series that will follow Captain KneeBall's space exploration company on Kerben. Each new discovery will involve death deifying advancements in the KneeBall space program. Already the price is almost unbearably high as we lost two brave Kerbalnauts in early flight tests. The loss of the first female Kerbal ever in the 2 day history of the KneeBall space program has shot venomous doubts into the minds of all Kerbals. KneeBall News has obtained these two amateur videos of the recent incidents that claimed the lives of Jebediah and Valentina Kerman, two valued and iconic faces in the KneeBall space industry. Jebediah kerman's Final moments Valentina Kerman's Final moments "Should we be risking our life for exploration of our unknown planet and star system?" "We have lived here for millions of years and never needed to explore anything why start now????" These questions are flooding the news stands as anticipation builds for the next mission at hand. Far from our safe and forgiving homes is a point that is slotted for exploration. Location DV9-C is an unknown area on the southern tip of our continent. It holds unknown horrors and the romantic allure for explorers like Bardock Kerman, who is slated for the upcoming mission. Bardock and his team will take off in the "First Bird 3.1", A robust science vessel created just for this mission! Things to expect and look forward to: No hitting replay No Quick Saves Live or Die by quick wits or intelligent design Stock game with only the SpaceX mod installed No Mechjeb Doing everything the hard way Entertainment I will post back here on any updates of KneeBall space industries progress. If you would like updates on when I go live in Kerbal space Program on Twitch please follow me on Twitter and follow me on Twitch
  2. Hi all! If you're interested in a complete fictionalized story concerning a Kerbal Space program check out and tell me what you think! Enjoy!
  3. There's quite a handful of deities in kerbal mythology. Many of them were emperors or dictators at one point that simply faded with the passage of time. Obviously the big ones stayed. Jool, Eve and Duna, lesser gods like Vall and Bop. Some others. Those last two weren't even mythological idols. Even Duna isn't really a god, is he? Something, something Roman general. There's one in particular... Eeloo. In the big black book it says he was born from the remains of Eve's failed creations, a husk of a soul with a broken skeleton. A keeper of order, the judge of where souls wander to in the afterlife. It says right here, III Iaelohn 5:49, "The sir who holds the souls neither pure 'r rotten, Iaelohn. Hail that Light, f'r his arms hold the balance of worlds! Hail that Light, f'r that Light holds the sky to the ground, the silver disk to the sky, and the minty dough hence from our mouths! Hail Iaelohn, for his contempt f'r life wilt bringeth the end of the world in many far years!" Taken out of context, it sounds really bad. Honestly, I'm not understating it when I say that virtually every other god threatened to destroy the world or the universe or some realm nobody could care less about. So, what's the point? Shouldn't we check the calendar? What is today's date? What year even is it?
  4. Project Odysseus- A short story

    So I wrote this story a while back, sort of based on my pondering about what a slowboat interstellar mission in the next 40-ish years. It's decent writing, and I spent a long time on it, so I would appreciate you reading it. It's pretty long, so I'm gonna put the majority in a spoiler, but here's the title and 'cover' un-spoilered. It's bursting with references, from Doctor Who to Avatar (the good one with bending, not Pocahontas with blue people) to Steins;Gate to all the little things that I'm not remembering. It's mostly names, but I have no clue as to all the crap I put in there. Cheers! Project Odysseus
  5. Kerbin Aerospace Research Agency

    In the years following a surge of violence all over the world, Kerbin elected to establish a non-military space program. Having the various branches of military bodies disband their own space programs, they concentrated the effort under a single roof made the Kerbin Aerospace Research Agency. Not all missions will succeed, not all will end in triumph. But through trial and tribulation, Kerbin will grow from a fledgling pool of little green men into a space-age species of science, exploration, and adventure. We follow KARA from its humble beginnings, with the first two series of rockets under their program: Rocket 1, Series 01, Variant Able (Mobile) Pictured; Dr. Leonid Kerman supervising in the foreground as tests on the platform were run, Dr. Henry Kerman in the background is also running through checklists. Also seen: A hangar crew wandering aimlessly, running the clock till their shifts end. Originally called the Mjolnir Rocket Artillery Platform (MRAP), this rocket was designed to be a light vehicle to follow a small squad of Kerbal through rough terrain and quickly fire from hillsides. The military spec of this rocket had moving fins and a heavy explosive warhead. With a range of 30 kilometers, it was a formidable, cheap weapon. Due to the military advances in rocket artillery, KARA was able to procure a number of them for their own program. While several were used as part of the Able series, some were also adapted to work as upper stages for future designs. Pictured: Able-1 in flight, heading north from the KSC for its first test flight.
  6. A signal in the Void

    The year is 256, Kerbin has been exhausted of Ore and Energy, and the people are looking forward to a major climatic catastrophe, a large asteroid hitting Kerbin, wiping out all it's life. Basic rules to this story: I have exactly one year of preparation time, after that, Kerbin will remain inaccessible until a large crew lander of at least 20 people landed at the KSC, with sufficient materials to construct new buildings(think creating a large launchpad factory in EP) Heavily Modded: KSPI-E Kethane Tarsier Extraplanetary Launchpads KIS and KAS A lot of other smaller additions Community will be able to influence the story: Suggestions and Builds are welcome. First part will be uploaded soon! EDIT: Early semester school stress tumbled me out a little, I will try to catch up on the weekend with a proper story and stuff like that.
  7. Mount Helena Space Agency

    MOUNT HELENA SPACE AGENCY The Kerbin of MHSA: Kerbin is dying. Perhaps it was the violent wars from long ago that did it. Perhaps it was the fact that Kerbals had riddled the planets crust with tunnels for their homes. Perhaps it just was always meant for this to happen. No matter what, the fact remained. Kerbin is dying. Now, the handful of nations that are left on the planet have all settled on a similar plan: find a new home for Kerbalkind among the stars. One of those nations is called the Republic of Mount Helena, and they are determined to make their mark on history once and for all by saving Kerbanity. In order to achieve this goal. the government has formed MHSA, the Mount Helena Space Agency. There is just one small problem. Even though Kerbin has had a long bloody history of wars, no one had ever thought about using space to actually orbit anything rather then just a dangerous region for ICBMs to fly through. It is truly an unknown frontier... and one that must be conquered sooner, rather then later. ~MHSA~ These posts will be written from the point of view of "Bruce Kerman", the Chief Engineer at MHSA, whose job is to build (in his opinion) the rediculous designs that MHSA's famed chief Rocket Scientist Wernher von Kerman. He firmly believes that MHSA is going to kill everyone in launching "expensive fireworks" that he feels wont save anyone. Regardless, he does his job at the best of his ability, feeling that even though they will all probably die in the process, the least he can do is make sure that the grim reaper is held at bay for as long as possible. MODS USED: Blue Dog Design Kerbal Construction Time TAC Life Outer Planets Mod All Near Future mods.
  8. Saelben's Space Program

    Saelben's Space Program The Backstory Craft List Mission Log's Mod List As the mission progresses, data and activity will be added. Any suggestions are accepted. Thank you for joining me on this humble voyage. -SaelbenNoa
  9. World Without Rocket Fuel

    A world Without Rocket Fuel What Kerbin would be like if rocket fuel ran out. Chapter 1 "5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0! And we have lift off of the observational manned spacecraft!" Gene announced over the comlink. "Separation of stage 1 confirmed." he announced. "How you doing ol, Jeb?" "Just... Fine, Gene." Jebediah sputtered through the radio. Gene Relaxed back into his chair. It was going to be fine. "Separation of main booster confirmed!" Bill reported cheerfully. "Preparing for orbital insertion." Bob said. "And... we are orbital!" Jebediah cheered. The rest of the interns at mission control cheered as well. Gene just sat in his chair and smiled. Another successful launch.He thought. He got up and went with the mission monitors who were now clearing mission control. . ..... "Sir! Sir!" "What is it Jinn?" Gene Replied. "There's a huge crisis," Said Jinn pointing toward the island in the distance. "Come with me sir." ..... Gene and Jinn sped toward the Island Mining facility on the aircraft. "So what is this 'Crisis'" He asked Jinn. "You'll see." She replied. We have landed everyone. Everybody off! Valentina announced. As they got off Gene wondered about the crisis as they stepped into the HQ. Chapter 2. (coming tomorrow!)
  10. Hover around the globe

    Hello people of the world Turbofreak88884444 here with a challenge for you guys. and yes this is another circle around kerbin but with a few twist you can only use hovers as your mode of trasportation (im my defination of hovers is a mix of plane and rover) with that in mind lets continue, and before you get nit picky with me on how your going to propell yourselfs around the world on hovers I got that coverd in the rules below. Your mission: is to build and find the fastest and fuel efficnent route around kerbal weither it be by land or sea or the mix of both terrains. This is also a time attack run once you leave Ksp main facility your time starts. if time attack is not your fancy thats fine an alternate goal instead of a time attack run is to either carry passengers (or kerbals robots etc..) or Cargo with you untill you run out of gas... Example of a hover AKA a moded hovercraft--------\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/--------- ------------------------------------RULES--------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------Scoring System (TIME TRAIL ONLY)------------------------------------------------ + 00:00:20 seconds for fuel stops - 00:00:01 Seconds for craft weight - 00:00:10 seconds for overall top speed + 00:00:01 seconds for fuel capacity -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There will be alot of medals or rewards giving out in this challenge im currently making they will be down below. MODDED TIME TRAIL--------------------------------------------------------- STOCK TIME TRAIL----------------------------------------------------------- EXPLORATION TRAIL----------------------------------------------------------
  11. World War K A KSP Novel (By: DarkOwl57) 30 years after the Battle of Kerbin, tensions are again rising. Across the NSK, leaders spread rumor and propaganda of war and revolution, while to the East, the Eastern Empire fights among themselves for control. Now, the remains of the NSK must fight for everything, and leave nothing to chance. With all to play for and the stage set, this will be either Kerbin's finest hour.... Or it's final defeat. This is Table of Contents Chapter I: The Gathering Storm Chapter 1: Calling in the Cavalry Chapter 2: First of Many Chapter 3: Farewell Chapter 4: World Kouncil Chapter 5: The Accident Chapter 6: The Lambo Chapter 7: The Battle of Kursk Chapter 8: Aftermath Chapter 9: The Promise Chapter 10: In Veloxia Chapter 11: Heating Up Chapter 12: Kouncil Chapter 13: The Meaning of Sacrifice Chapter 14: Sorry Chapter 15: Goodbye Chapter 16: Lifesaver Chapter 17: Revenge Chapter 18: The Battle of Belfast Chapter 19: In the West Chapter 20: Ace Chapter 21: Closing In Chapter 22: The Big One Chapter 23: The End The Epilogues I: Consequences II: Back to Normal? III: To Duna! IV: On Duna V: So long, Farewell, and The End Conclusion I & A.N.: The Return; An introduction to The Final Stand, and the Authors Note
  12. The Story That Never Ends...

    Who wanna start?
  13. At first: Sorry for my bad english (..) Dear KSP Community, I'm new to KSP and making my steps in the Carrier Mode (Normal Difficulty, newest Steam version, no mods) There are a lot of Contracts where it is displayed, that you get as example 6 Science Points for completion. Why? Do i have to do something special to get these Contract Science Points? Do i have to complete these Contracts in the first attempt? (I use revert flight when i crash) Thanks for you help
  14. Hi! It's me, cratercracker! The guy who you probably heard of, but never really cared! So. So,so,so,so,so,so. Here is the thread, to tell your stories, about joining the forum and what you did here and what you are going to do here. I am going to start! So, I started my forum "career" is when I started my "The science behind the ..." threads. And oh, man. Those were the dark times of mine. Then I posted my "Beuty" post, it was noticed by the SQUAD. It was the breaking point for me. I started to post more things! I started drawing and THAT is what made me more or less popular! What about you?
  15. Okay everyone, so just to keep the "The Final Stand" (Yeah, bad grammar; sue me) hype train going, I'm uploading some of the ships that'll be used! It'll have descriptions, nationality's, and pilot scores, as well as some more info. (I'll maybe put a KerbalX link in; who knows). Without further ado, enjoy!
  16. Warbooster 40,000

    Y40305.D244.4:30:00 COMMENCE ARMOR STARTUP PROTOCOL... ACCESSING DISK:/C ACCESSED INSTALLING LATEST FIRMWARE ... ... ... ... ... COMPLETE COOLING CHAMBER... COMPLETE REMOVING NITROGEN... COMPLETE INSERTING NANO... COMPLETE INSERTING BLOOD... COMPLETE REMOVING NANO... COMPLETE OPERATION COMPLETE WAKING SKY SOLDIER.... ... ... ... Complete. I awake to the sound of machinery and heavy footsteps. I know not where i am or what i have been called for, only that my time has come again to kill and die in the name of Kermanity. I remember not my childhood, my friends, my family nor do i possess sentiment towards these things, for my heart has long been turned to stone by my rigorous training. I get up from my pod and move my body, and realize that my body is a hulking tower of plasteel and nanofibre. Yet gracefully do i move, towards the center of the room. I turn and scan the area to see naught but a heavy metal door of which i can hear muffled, mechanical voices behind. No doubt, they are those of Servitrons, here to collect me for my task. I face the door as it croaks open with a heavy grinding and a blinding light. I am approached by four Adeptus Rocketrius servitrons holding various construction implements in their claws. One of them stands front-and-center to me and pulls out a scroll, kneeling as it opens it. Corporal Bogbie Kerman, by order of Chapterhead Jebediah, you are hereby unfrozen and drafted into combat in the defense of Eve's southern poles as part of The Yottaton Offensive. In these battle(s), you will be given one (1) storm sepratronner, one (1) warbooster and one (1) flagsword. Your commanding officer shall be Sergeant Rothco. Your battle tactics and general information will be given to you at his quarters in munar orbit. Come with us. I follow the servitrons down a large series of hallways of permacrete and pipes. Through a large wooden double-door i enter an atrium fitted with a large aperture, evidently an airlock as indicated by a large transport ship on it's center. Looking outside the glass it is clear that i am standing on the surface of Duna, Kerbalkind's industrial powerhouse, extremely populated and developed. Despite that being so, Kerbalkind is still limited to Kebba and Duna alone - the other planets were found to harbor insidious lifeforms that sought the downfall of my race. Laythe, the Humans had attempted to colonize in their titanic interstellar ark, fleeing the destruction of their eternity-distant homeworld. The savage and brutal Mooks, mutated Kerbals that hold land on Eve's inhospitable landscape that attempt to kill anything in their sight. The Cores, an artificial threat created by members of Kerbalkind that did not care for the future have taken control of Eeloo, but they are mostly Humanity's problem. And on Bop, the deadly Deep Space Kraken waits to tear apart anything it sees. And beyond the Kerbol System comes a horror beyond description - an all-consuming hive of plantmatter known as the Oppressionids. The Yottaton Offensive is the single largest military campaign underway currently, and the oldest one ever to be recorded - lasting an astounding 4,301 years. My thoughts and reflections are cut short by the sound of the ship's door opening. Inside I lumber into, storing myself in a rack to prevent my immense body from rattling. The ship lifts off into the opened aperture lock and into the depths of space. Four minutes later, the ship is docked inside of a much larger one. I step into the hangar of it. Easily twice the size of the dunar hangar, easily thrice the capacity of the dunar hangar. In the hangar are dozens of other ships all containing Sky Soldiers like me, all headed into battle in the name of The Kraken-Emperor of Kerbalkind. We are funneled into a series of large dropships where we are fitted in to rows of racks for transport. Away this hulking ship flies towards Holy Kebba... A travel of 2 days is completed to the sight of my ship entering a titanic spaceport that seemed to be attached to the Mun itself by a massive tether. We exit the ship and walk down a bogglingly large corridor and into a titanic dome, lit by Kerbol's loving embrace and the stars that shine the heavens with their hearty, cold rays. Our briefing begins when at the center of this enormous world-dome we are greeted by a hulking beast easily twice the size of even Sky Soldiers. Greetings, men. I am sure you know what we are here for already, if not, allow me to give you a rundown. In exactly 5 days, you are all going to be released into the brutal Eveian wastelands to combat Mook warbully Kilrok and his heavy armored forces. This dome contains ancient technologies from ages long past, allowing for the production of holographic simulated combat. In the next five days, you will be subjected to this simulated combat to prepare you for your tasks. The first of these training simulations begins now. The sergeant stood there as an army of holographic Mooks appeared behind him. Into the air, the sergeant is lifted by a white hoverdisk. I ready my weapon. Y40305.D249.0:00:00 I awake to the sound of the alarm being raised. Me and my squadmates get out of our pods and enter our armor and collect our swords. We need no sergeant for this, we know wehere we are going and why we are going. Our drop-pods pummel through the emerald sunset and land over a strangely quiet plain near a shore of a craterlake. Me and my fellow Sky Soldiers emerge and walk towards our target 45 miles from here. Along our way we notice destroyed fortifications and machines. We collect all the ammunition we can find. When we reach our target, a large base of spikes and chains and iron plates, we were fully prepared. Our squads took strategic positions near rocky outcroppings and readied their weapons. Empirical bombers flew overhead and unloaded their payloads over the enemy's armor depot. Now was the time to act. My squad sprang out of cover and opened fire on the guards near the rear entrance to the base, tearing their flesh into thin strips of bacon that rapidly shriveled without their skin's protection from Eve's environment. We arranged ourselves into a bolt formation and pierced their walls, destroying anything and everything they could use to take cover. At this moment we were met by Kilrok himself, clad in a hulking suit of rustic technology that put even a Horrornought to shame. As per our usual tactics, we target it's remarkable thin ankles. Kilrok's mech fell without grace, just as the fight had began. I had the honor of cutting his skull with my flagsword. We routed the remaining Mooks out of the area and collected all the supplies we could, moving onward to our next target.
  17. The first of three installments of the Iron Horses series, and also my first story here anyway Enjoy, Kenji ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We wake up to the same sound every morning. Constant gunfire. The axis have pushed us back and we were the last ones, the last five left from our squad. We peer from the trenches to see the dust settle, the carnage that lay before me is nullifying. I couldn’t breath, freinds lay before me soaked in their own blood, I fell to the floor. Sarge pulled me up and we got back in the tank. We moved on as if nothing happened, it felt wrong, I stared at the floor in despair. “It’s not your fault” spoke a whisper, I look up to see Karl loading the next shell ready just in case, he repeated harsher this time, “It’s not your fault, look alive then” I started with a look of desperation at him, and simply said “How can I know on that we could have saved them?” He proceeded to ignore my question, maybe he thought it was rhetorical, but who cares anyway. He began to tell me a story about a mission in that he was the sole survivor due to a local taking him in and helping him recover, suddenly Ernst, The commander of the tank, turned and screamed “BRACE!” slamming the roof shut. It was then we were hit, a lone Panzer of in the distance had shot out the track, we fired back but to no success, we were out of Armour Penetration Rounds and only had High Explosive left, the second shell hit us and Ernst was flung from his seat into the tanks underlay, we were in grave danger. Our radio operator James was already on the lines calling for assistance, he flicked through the channels all to be dead, just plain silence. It all fell away in the blink of an eye. I knew, I knew what was to happen next, I was going to die here. I think we all knew it was our time. Time ceased as the third shot was fired, the tank was ablaze. Now I am the only one left, some time has passed but these scars may never heal. As I was dragged to the bomber I felt nothing, it was all a blur, where were they? Where was James? Where was Ernst and the other crew? The machinegun fire faded away and the humble whir of the bombers engines was all there was as I was flooded by medics and emergency personnel, I was loosing blood fast, as the plane dived to perform a landing I blacked out. We had landed in US soil and I was at last safe from harm, nothing could hide the nightmares I keep having as I see the massacre over and over, men cut down like butter to a hot knife, they fell to the MG fire of the Germans. I needed to go back. I needed to fight again. I was given the privilege much sooner than hoped and was back to the hangar within a week, as the new commander of my squadron I was the oldest and most experienced commander of the squad, and the only one to see combat. I felt a despair in my heart to see so many young men, I knew what lay ahead. We marched on and waited at the mouth of the Gulf and marched on to the desert, we were immediately met with enemy Panzer fire, we took cover to identify the primary targets, sure enough there it was! The prized Wüstenfuchs in his Tiger I tank, we crawled forwards slowly, a thunderous sound rang through the desert valley we had been spotted “M3 DOWN!” screamed Jacobs the Tiger had begun its assault, followed by its ensemble of Panzer VI’s. We fell like flies. We returned fire, “600 meters and counting commander!” I gave the order and we destroyed two of the six Panzer VI’s it was not met without consequence as the Tiger was beginning to flank the right as the other three Panzer VI’s flanked the right, the coms were wild, I begun to fade out and imagine back in France when I lost everyone “ORDERS COMMANDER!” exclaimed Jacobs, “Never back down advance and push forwards” I commanded the remaining tanks. We began our assault on the Tiger and managed to cripple its left track and before I could react the Tiger fired dead at the center of our right armour and dazed the crew, I couldn’t see anything just a blur of sand and steel, a sharp ringing in my ears, our gunner Reynolds was dead, I took his duty and unloaded a shell into a hull of a Panzer VI sending a flurry of shrapnel everywhere, we had the upper hand at last! I heard a ringing again getting louder and louder, the commander of the Churchill next to me screamed at me with the full force of his lungs “Stuka!” I look to the sky in horror, a haze of yellow and white screaming at me with the full power of its engine, they began their strafe of our light tanks, dropping bombs and firing their cannons, it looked grim. I saw the Tiger behind the rocks slipping away, “Load the damn gun Jacobs” and sure enough he loaded the cannon, I took a breath and time slowed, I squeezed the trigger releasing the shell full force into the ammo racks of the Tiger, it was no more. I had won. I clambered out of my tank and looked around, I was copied by the remaining tank crews. We rejoiced for now as we had won!
  18. This is a story about Skyla Kerman and her SkyTech Aerospace. I may include pictures and I am basing it off of my rockets and launches in these threads made by @TheEpicSquared and @Oliverm001x: Prologue Skyla Kerman was woken up by her alarm. She turned her radio on to listen to the news. She smiled when she heard her name: "Kerbal Payments founders including Skyla Kerman gain millions of funds after they sell off to kPort". She had received multiple calls from friends and relatives which wanted to congratulate her on her 'winnings'. A lot of them just wanted some of her money. She told them that she had other ideas for the money. She wasn't selfish, but she had plans. Big plans. She was a very intelligent young lady who originally came from a small town in the South of Gednalna. Her family then moved to Ligartabia and on to Kelpogart where she went to university and co-founded Kerbal Payments. Kerbal Payments took the internet by storm, and it grew exponentially. Then she started to think of what she could do with the money. She imagined a world with no climate change, and one where space can be accessed by all. The first company she started was Kerbol Energy, which made solar panels. She then made Keesla, which made solar powered cars which could run forever. However, she quickly got bored of this and sold 50% of the shares to others, gaining a few more millions of funds, enough to make her own space company. She contacted a few friends from the 'KPayments Mafia' and together they founded SkyTech Aerospace. They hired a team of engineers, with her friend Mike Kriffin as Lead Engineer. They started work on a fuel tank, engines and attitude control thrusters. Little did they know it, but they had begun a new age of spaceflight and civilisation itself.
  19. Kerbonuclear: a KSP story

    This is my first post on the fan works section so this may be unprofessional or whatever, i encourage anyone to give their opinions on this series (if it becomes a series.) I dont really feel like taking screenshots so sorry, but that my change. Phase 1: Chapter 1: Element B-238 Karl sat lying in wait in the shadows, watching the "Konstruction workers" drill at the new site. He new what they were doing, he picked up the energy signatures, the comms chatter. What he didn't know was what was giving off the energy and why they needed it. Suddenly he heard shouting, and someone pointed in his direction. "Dammit," he whispered Alex sat at his desk, going through papers."My desk at THE octogon," He thought. Finally here. No more bullies, no more inefficient school system, no more slow processing times. At only 14, he was truly a prodigy. He would have gone to prison for doing what he did, but the government saw promise in him and put him in charge of the whole worlds communication. Even though we was a stereotypical mad scientist, he would keep the information secret.. "They made me do it," he told the police. "I'm sick of people believing strength matters anymore. I have created strength out of Science!." He looked down at his hand, a perfect combination of metal and organics. as always his photo receptors analyzed everything around him. The floor was made of marble with a fibrous covering. His hand was comprised of simple organic tissue and a special alloy he designed himself. Again he asked himself "Why would you not fully transform yourself, it would be logical." He replied "Fear is a powerful motivator, I look like something out of a sci-fi movie. Those bullies still knew I was me, but much stronger, the fear in their eys was beautiful." He was interrupted by his phone ringing. as soon as he picked it up he heard a familiar voice frantically saying "The return drone is headed back, be prepared to receive it and contain a volatile substance, I found it." He hung up. Alex quickly activated his sub dermal comms device and said "Call a meeting." we need everyone. Every leader in the government sat around the table, in the center of the table there was a hunk of what looked like a shiny rock in a heavily insulated chamber. Werhner said "I definitely see its potential for power generation." Weapons expert Carol said, "Krussia may have found a way to release all its energy at once, making a bomb." Alex said "Those would be the only concerning reasons i could think of with the information we have at the moment. Commander Reyes said " I suggest we get Karl back as soon as possible. He was a good soldier, but i think the Krussians and their unorthodox ways of torture may break him." The Supreme Kerbal asked, "is there any way his equipment could tie him to our country?." "No," replied covert ops leader Blake. "What about this.... rock. What is it?" the Supreme Kerbal asked, pointing to the box in the middle of the table. "That," Werhner said heroically, "is a new element." Gasps and wows could be heard from everyone else. "The drone was captured in Blue Bay, so we have designated it Blutonium 238. Tests will be continuing.
  20. Kerbalkind would go interstellar soon, the preparations were made - crew trained, target acquired, calculations made, spacecraft built. The only things left to were get the warp drive in orbit and then bring the crew up... The warp drive sat on the launchpad. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... IGNITION! The engine clusters lit up with a roar and the colossal spacecraft rose slowly from the launchpad on a pillar of dazzling blue fire, building speed as it gained altitude. BLAM! Something caused a booster to snap off and hit the lower stage, setting off a chain reaction that destabilized the warp drive. All the brave (and not so brave) kerbals on Kerbin perished, so did the Munans. Kod had mercy on the Minmians, however, sparing us and our tiny, self-sustaining base. Due to our self-sustaining nature and Minmus's low gravity, we were the main supply line of water and metals to the Munar kolony, mining it from the rich, icy surface, but then our families, friends, history, and potential all vanished in an instant. That was several centuries ago. We survived and slowly grew on the little blue snowball, but scans of Kerbin from an old satellite that survived the blast indicate that the radiation levels have dropped to the point where some areas of the planet could be considered safe, if not habitable again. We must rediscover old technologies and rebuild our once-great civilization. It won't be easy, but then again, nothing is easy here. Your mission - Part 1 - Build a fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base on Minmus and populate it with kerbals. The more the better. I'd have at least 60, but it's up to you. After part 2, you cannot get more, so make sure you have enough to last. You cannot have kerbals just standing around, they have to be in a crew container. Remember, even though you can make breathable air, solar radiation is still a threat Part 2 - Destroy the space center, save for the VAB and SPH. You can still design craft, just not launch them. They must be built on Minmus Part 3 - Re-kolonize Kerbin and build a fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base on Kerbin where the large impact krater is (It's to the west of the desert near the equator. You can't miss it. There are complicated reasons for the base being here, but I'll boil it down to resources and environmental hazard reasons. The warp drive was nuclear. That was the logical-sounding reason. The real reason is that it's pretty but nobody ever goes there for some reason) and populate it with some kerbals from the Minmus base using only craft built on Minmus. Part 4 - Build a fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base at the North or South Pole and populate it with kerbals. The crew and parts for this base can be built at the Krater Base or the Minmus Base. Part 5 - Rebuild the Astronaut Complex and Runway/Launchpad at the KSC. The population on Kerbin is increasing somewhat-rapidly now. Only crew-carrying craft can be built, and they must be destroyed once the crew are where they need to be (the crew are being born, not transported, so the craft don't "exist", but there's no population growth mechanic in KSP, so they have to get there somehow). I won't put restrictions on the number of kerbals that can be made, but keep it at a sane level. I don't want to see a kolony of 15 kerbals suddenly become 1,500 in a day or two. The crew must be inside a crew container, not just standing around. Remember, even though Kerbin is "safe", maybe even "habitable", it is still dangerous Part 6 - Return the population on Minmus to the original amount. The base cannot support more crew than there were when you left. Part 7 - Build a third base on Kerbin anywhere but near the KSC or a pre-existing base. I won't place any restrictions on this, but keep in mind that you're trying to spread out and the land near the KSC is still uninhabitable and will be for a while. The parts for this base must come from a pre-existing base but the crew can come from anywhere Part 8 - Send a drone over to the KSC and mine some ore from there. Bring that ore back to a base for study Part 9 - Build a fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base near the KSC. The craft for this base must come from a pre-existing base but the crew can come from anywhere Part 10 - Fully rebuild the KSC Part 11 - Bring the Minmians home. Part 12 - Set up a communications network around Kerbin Part 13 - Put a satellite in a polar orbit around the Mun to search for survivors. You find nothing (or do you?) Part 14 - Outlaw all uses of radioactive material in or related to space travel Part 15 - Immediately ignore Part 14 and place a fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base on Laythe with at least one RTG and/or nuclear generator Rules - All mods are allowed except cheaty mods like HyperEdit. No cheats menu. Please leave links to screenshots of all steps in the comments A fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base is a base that is capable of building and fueling spacecraft with the Extraplanetary Launchpads mod. This includes mining ore and refining it into various fuels and then storing them, mining metal ore and refining it into rocket parts and storing them, building spacecraft with the Extraplanetary Launchpads mod. Off-planet craft building mods can be used alongside or instead of Extraplanetary Launchpads. This includes KIS/KAS and Ground Construction. Vessel Mover can be used to spawn and/or deliver crew at bases and move modules around if they touch down in the wrong place or you just want to re-arrange the base. It cannot be used to transport base modules, even if they have crew in them. Extraplanetary Launchpads mod -
  21. Jeb Space program

    To the mun with bill "Alpha.. I see the surface" "Copy that Phoenix, wait for the signal " "Now, Phoenix start your thruster to lower your vertical speed!' "On It!" A couple of seconds later "Phoenix, stop the thrusters and wait until you touchdown the surface, Over" "Copy that Alpha" After a hell of waiting Jeb felt the vessel touchdown and said one of his historic words "Alpha.... The phoenix Has Landed" The MCR erupted in cheers and cries as they heard Jeb's Words but quickly return as they need to monitor their screens and look for signals that represents danger "Okay Jeb.. We need you to do an EVA and look for any damages to the vessel " "On it Alpha" As Jeb goes out of the lander.. He looked to the sky and felt small. He went down the ladder and before touching the ground looked for any damages to the vessel. "Alpha, there's no sign of any damage to the vessel" "Copy, Jeb.... Wernher wants you to feel the surface... For Science, Of course" "Copy, Alpha... The Ground is very dusty... Like sand in a beach or ash in a volcanic eruption" "Copy Jeb.... Ok, your the first kerbonaut on the Mun... do you want to say anything?" "I do Alpha..... This is one small for-" The radio static but fix immediately "-Kerbals, One giant leap. For Kerbalkind As he said it, Kerbals watching the landing, erupted in cheers! The geeks saying that the mun landing was fake!! And the Kussians admitting there defeat in the space race!
  22. Finale Discussion Thread

    Alrighty, so this is just going to be the impromptu thread for all things involving my upcoming story. I'll probably add some more stuff later on, but for now I just need a nap... So here's some info. After the Battle of Kerbin, Jeb left Kerbin and is now living on [REDACTED]. On a routine cargo delivery, the delivery person runs into a local gang, stuff happens, Jeb is discovered, blah blah blah, Kerbals find a new planet, new planet wants land, new planet declares war on entire solar system, so on so on. Here you can ask any question (As long as it involves this or any previous story), and if you know the answers to someone else's question, feel free to answer! (I normally take a 2-day sabbatical from the forums every weekend). So relax! Chill out here, plop down in that beach chair there, grab a smoothie and let the fun begin!
  23. KSP story I did for english

    so I had to do something for English, and I was thinking of Kerbal at the time, so I decided "hey! lets do a Kerbal story! and the rest is in here Kerbal Space Program Kerbal space program is copyright of SQUAD 2016, this is meant for forum use as fan work, not to be used to make funds From Fleas to massive SRBs By Andy Kerman As Jeb woke up, he wondered where he was. It definitely wasn’t home base, it was just dark, darkity darkity dark dark, and cold, coldity coldity cold cold. But that was it, except for a chair he was sitting in, and a table. Suddenly, a door opened, and suddenly a booming voice said “Jebediah Kerman, you said you saw something on your flight?” At the same time in Kermanton, Bill was getting ready for a normal day at work, it wouldn’t be anything like yesterday, when three kerbals in a rocket car pulled into his garage, one of them had a moustache, and sounded like he was from Kermany, another was saying “Wernher! I told you not to jump off one of the hills! Now the wheels are broken!” apparently, the one with the moustache was named Wernher, and someone in the back was muttering “not like the wheels worked anyways, c’mon SQUAD! How hard is it to program wheels!’ Well Bill, not one to have such weird customers, asked how he could help them. “how can you help us? Well for one, you could tell Wernher to STOP JUMPING OFF HILLS AT 300 M/S!” said the second person “Ve couldn’t haff gone at 300 m/s! zat is ze zound barrier!” said Wernher “I recorded 128.3 m/s at the tip of the hill, 171.7 m/s slower than the sound barrier.” “thank you Bob, that added so much” “just saying” said Bob “wait, wouldn’t that make you over the speed limit?” said Bill “nien, ve haff a permit to test, but of course, Linus had to get ze hilliest road in all of Kermanton!” “Hey! The rest were residential! And as Walt says, we need all the PR we can get!” said Linus “ja, but we won’t need PR if we can’t get any testing done!” “well you would have made it, but your wheels have too little spring setting, it’s like hitting the road with your wheels like steel bars, won’t move, just crash.” “I told you! We didn’t need solid titanium!” said Bob “ja, but ve might want to lower ze thrust limiter” said Wernher “no actually, it you raise the spring setting, you can raise the thrust limiter, have you ever heard of sepatrons?” said Bill “no, wait” said Linus “yeah! No” “no” said Bob “nien” said Wernher “so you built a rocket car, but don’t know about sepatrons?’ Bill said “what are they? Wheel physics?” said Bob “no, in fact they break wheels, and practically everything else” said Bill “you sound like an infomercial guy!” laughed Linus, but stopped after everyone looked at him funny “I have four sepatrons around here somewhere, they can raise the top speed buy 100 m/s, some racing rocket teams use them for an extra burst of speed, but they might be stopped from doing that soon” said Bill “the sepatron gives off a tremendous amount of thrust, but only for a short amount of time, because they are SRBs” “like the Flea?” said Linus “those death bringers? No, more like the twitch LFO” said Bill “oh so that size, what weight?” questioned Bob “0.05 full, 0.01 empty” said Bill “vell, ve need speed, because ve are starting a space program!” said Wernher “wow, are you going to beat the kommies?” said Bill “not without an engineer we aren’t, you want to join the KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM?” said Linus “how do you know I’m a good engineer?” Bill said “you fixed wheels! Not even SQUAD did that!” said Bob “what’s a SQUAD?” said Linus “nothing!” said Bob Val got into the plane, a K-22 BarnBreaker. It was a good plane, not as good as the planes in the KAF, but still good, and it served her well over the years, from almost falling from 300om in Dreston, to doing a quadruple loop de loop in three seconds, but today, something felt different, nobody came to tell her when to make her entrance to the show, no Steve, no Mitgun, no Joger, nobody. But she still waited, and then she saw someone, he had a suit and tie, not good “Valentina Kerman?” “Yes?” “The show, its over” “No its not! It won’t start for another four hours!” “No, no, not that way, its closed down, for good, nobody wants to see air shows anymore, it slowly happened for four years, then the president’s daughter lost interest, so we lost funding.” “That’s fine, I’ll just join another air show.” “No Val, there all closed down, there’s none left, I’ve checked your records, the only thing you can join is the KAF, but that’s, unlikely” “Yeah…unlikely” As Gene Kerman sat down in the chair, he looked at the astronauts he’d hired, well not him specifically, just they were hired. As he looked over the reports for one last time, he found something “hey! Get Wernher in here!” As everyone in the space program met in the front of the astronaut complex, they were telling how they got their jobs at the space program. “I got here because I saw it three days ago and they told me I needed to be put in a high containment environment until the space program got something useful done” said Jeb “I got here because I fixed rover wheels!” said Bill, during the awes of his colleagues “I got here because I bribed Linus not to!” said Bob “hello everybody helloes!” a loud voice said over the speakerphones “I know that we all are happy and ready to start working at the Kerbal Space Program, but first, let’s meet the people who will leading us to the stars! Me! Gene Kerman! Head of Mission Control! Wernher Von Kerman! Head Rocket Designer! Linus Kerman! Some science dude we had to mention! Mortimer Kerman! An Evil Moneygrubbing Capitalist! Walt Kerman! Head of the most toxic environment on Kerbin! PR! And this guy who runs ground controls! I think he’s named Gus!” The crowd cheered as the work on the space program was to begin. Val was at the unemployed kerbals office, trying to get a new job, all she could say she could do was fly a plane, can withstand 7.01 Gees, and has a working knowledge of Aero and Astrodynamics, not much to go on “next!” said the Kerbal at the desk “Name?” “Valentina Kerman” “give me your Resume” as Val gave the lady her resume, and watched as her eyes grew bigger and bigger, she waited for the lady to tell her what her job options were “go and sit over there, but don’t get comfortable” “Why?” “You’ll see” “So how’s production going?” said Bill “Pretty good, ja, but if ve vant to launch a probe by ze end of ze year, ve need to go faster” said Wernher “Well there are two problems we know of, one is that nobody wants to join because they all think that the rocket will suddenly turn on and make them blow up, but no matter how much we tell them that won’t happen because we don’t fuel up the rockets until they get to the pad, they don’t listen, and the second problem is that the people who did join, have no idea what they are doing…” said Bob “so apparently your head of hiring people?” said Bill “Well nobody who could hire people wanted to join, apparently nobody wants to spend time on a program that won’t go anywhere” said Bob “But rockets! Boom! Gees! Who wouldn’t want that!?!?” said Jeb “apparently 45% of the Kerbal Population” said Bob “well to speed up, you can make the parts here, you won’t have to wait for the parts, and it will be cheaper!” said Bill “Ve tried zat already, ze employees just kept ztealing ze parts!” said Wernher “Well, you could multi buy them so you don’t have to wait as long to make more rockets” said Bill “we could do that, but we don’t have enough funds, only 25000” said Bob “well, you could hold the companies’ hostage and force them to give you the parts!” said Bill Sarcastically “Hmmm” said Jeb “NO!” screamed Bob As Bill, Bob, and Wernher were arguing how to speed up production, Jeb ran off, and hopped into a capsule and SRB rolling off to the pad “Wait! Jeb!!” yelled Bob “Don’t worry, I attached parachutes to all the capsules” said Bill “all right” said Bob “but how will we launch it?” “SPACEBAR!” yelled Jeb “spacebar?” questioned Bill “SPACEBARRRRR!” yelled Jeb again “what does he mean by spacebar?” asked Bill “wait…let me see the capsule” as Bill got into the capsule, he noticed that the controls were only a keyboard “who made the controls a keyboard?!?!?!?!?” “zat is ze cheapest zing zat ve could buy for ze controls, zey work incredibly vell” said Wernher “and Mort zais zat ve can only buy zings under 2000 funds” “that’s right! And it seems you are wasting 1200 funds already!” said Mort from behind them “well, you could accept contracts to get more money from the launches” said Bill “WAIT JEB! WE NEED TO ACCEPT CONTRACTS!’’ yelled Mort “Rocket first! Contracts second!” screamed Jeb “it will let us make more rockets!” Mort said “fine, but you have only five minutes!” “accept ‘launch first vessel?’” said Mort “and ‘gather scientific data from Kerbin’” said Linus, who suddenly appeared to watch the launch “okay Jeb! You can launch now! But remember to get the mystery goo!” said Mort “it tastes purple…” said Jeb “good enough” said Mort “okay Jeb! Now LAUNCH!!!!” said Bill as the rocket soared through the air like a bat flying off Moho “Valentina Kerman. Please Report to room 13A” said a voice over the loudspeaker As Val walked over to room 13A, she saw that there was nobody in the rooms surrounding it, and as she reached room 13A, she opened the door, and saw a Kerbal in a white vest “Hello, I’m Gene Kerman, Head of Mission Control at the Kerbal Space Center” “and what do you want me for?” “for a Kerbonaut” The total funds made from the mission: 12000 The total science from the mission: 60.4 The total Reputation: 25 It was a perfect launch, the rocket performed admirably, and Jeb Completed over 20 Kerbin’s Worlds Firsts records, giving them tons of more funds and science, for a total of 100.4 Science and 40000 funds, and made a new argument for the three kerbonaut for who was to be the first Kerbal in space, and nobody was backing down “I should go because I have the most experience!” said Jeb “you just pressed spacebar! The SRB did all the work! I should go because I will bring back all the science! Giving us more things to do!” said Bob “I should go because I can fix things incase things go wrong!” said Bill “I should go” said a voice from behind them “No you shouldn’t! we don’t know you!” said Jeb “I should go!” said the voice again “Kerbonaut, I would like you to meet the newest kerbonaut, Valentina Kerman” said Gene “Hello” said Bill and Bob “I’m still going first!” said Jeb “Val used to be an air show pilot. And Jeb, you won’t like the next part, she can withstand 0.01 more gees then you, so she will be the first in space” said Gene “NOOOOOOO!!!!!” said Bill, Jeb, and Bob “but she doesn’t know anything about rockets!” said Bill “and I designed the rocket so I should fly it!” said Bob “and I want to go first!” said Jeb “Bill, Bob, Jeb, this will be a very dangerous mission, and high gee, so I want the person who knows about aerodynamics, astrodynamics, and can withstand a high gee environment, none of you have all of that, and Jeb, if she dies, it means that you can go on more trips because we will know more.” “that makes me feel better” said Val “me too!” said Jeb The Launcher I is a magnificent piece of artwork, it was taller than mission control, and had more thrust too. It had the room to bring a Kerbal to orbit, and back, and today, it is going to do just that, , it will fly up to 100000 meters, burn at apoapsis, and fly around the globe a few times, but the problem was, that the life support was too little to stay up until the landing site was in Kerbal territory, so they were hoping the planet rotates enough to make it back to Kerbal territory, but that is hard knowing that your landing site is on the other half of the world, and you know nothing about the upper atmosphere…. As Val walked out to the pad, completely oblivious to the fact that she might not make it back to the space center, she thought about how the rocket would perform, not where she would land, she thought about how re-entry would go, not where she would reenter from, she thought how great the science would be, not who would get the science, she thought all of these things, in the five-minute ride to the Launchpad, and she didn’t know, the Kommunists were watching right now. “okay Val, T- 30 seconds” said Gene “Capcom go” “solar panels go” “decouplers go” “engine go” “science go” “rocket go” “pilot?” “pilot?” “pilot go” “Gene, we are go for launch” As the clock wound down, the tension in the room wound up, from T- 15:00, to now, T- 15 “T- 15, 14, 13,12,11, 10,9,8,7,6, main engine start,4,3,2,1, liftoff!” The rocket soared though the sky, flying like a Keagle, soaring higher than ever before, not coming down until the main stage burnt out “1000 meters” “10,000 meters” “20,000 meters, begin gravity turn” “apoapsis 100,000 meters, MECO, FSD, SSB, 5,4,3,2,1 MECO, FSD, SSB” As the rocket soared through the night sky, kerbol shining bright, everyone forgot about the pain and long nights it took to get here, now, all they thought about was how beautiful it was, and the science points, the KWFRKS person was in shock with his mouth wide open, everyone was happy, and the rocket was only halfway done, right now, it was only a suborbital hop, now, it was time for orbit! “Val, Prep the SSMEs” “20 seconds to apoapsis” “SSMEBS” “periapsis -20,000 meters” “periapsis 0” “periapsis 40,000 meters” “periapsis 70,000 meters, throttle down” “equal orbit!” The room burst into cheers, everyone was happy, the KWFRKS guy still with his mouth hanging open, everyone was high fiving, but that was only half the trip, there is still the fact about returning, nobody knew what was up there, so they could only guess, the most popular ideas were there was a big space kraken up there that you had to battle to get back down, you could just jump down and nothing would happen, or reentry heating. Everyone was hoping for a reentry heating “okay Val, we don’t know a thing on where you will land, so make sure that you use your recovery beacon when you land” “if you land” “hey! Don’t say that! You might jinx it!” “I work at the KWFRKS, the odds of landing are 100:1, I don’t know what you speak of this lying thing” “are you a robot?” “PROGRAM DETECTED! SHUTTING DOWN!” And the KWFRKS person shut down, and that ended the reign of the KWFRKS person watching the KSC, but now, they would have to be visited by the KWFRKS person traveling salesman, and nobody wanted that, so much that they forgot about the reentry, but they couldn’t do anything about that since the plasma blackout Val was plummeting at over 1000 M/S, at over 30,000 meters, the ablator was falling down to unreasonable levels, she only had five minutes of t left, and the temperature in the capsule was rising fast, she was almost out of the reentry heating area, almost into the shock region, according to Linus’ calculations, the capsule should slowly cool down when she reaches 10,000 meters, but she was only at 20,000 meters, so 10,000 meters to go, with only three minutes of ablator left “hey Jeb! C’mon! the capsule should be landing soon!” screamed Bill “I’m not coming” said Jeb “are you still mad because you weren’t selected to be the first in space?” said Bob “No…maybe…yes…” said Jeb “C’mon, were all going to have a chance to go to space, Gene said it himself, and after the contracts started piling in after we reached orbit, were going to have a lot more than the ability to go to orbit!” said Bill “yeah! And the governmental support has reached a new high, we finally beat the Kommies at something, we’ve never done that before!” Said Bob “shouldn’t you be off playing with the fabric of existence?” said Jeb “nah, that got boring and weird when that monolith started ticking and saying ‘the end is near, please leave this planet!’” said Bob “well, with or without you, were going!” said Bob “fine, go, I might catch up” said Jeb “have you ever wondered if there was another planet just like ours, but there was warful exploration of space for friendly rivalry?” said Gene “nien...vy? did zomewone tell you zat I am an alien? Because zit zis a lie?” said Wernher “what? Do they have beards and call themselves us but with an added b sound?” Said Gene “hey vook! It zis ze capsule!” said Wernher As Gene and Wernher were asking each other about aliens, Val was plummeting to the ocean at over 500 M/S, and the Mk16 needed 200 M/S or less to safely deploy “she’s running out of space!” said Bill Luckily, Jeb was walking out of the building at that very moment, and heard it, and since he’s the fastest runner, he ran as fast as he could to the mission control Past the hallways, past Linus ‘testing’ putting some green goo in his eye, past Wernher fighting off a squid, past Walt writing a speech on Val’s crashing, and finally made it to the mission control, just in time “let me speak to Val” said Jeb “ok” said the Mission controller “hey? Do you want to jump off mount Kernot later?” said RMC#2 “ok” said RMC#1 “do you say anything but ok?” said RMC#2 “all right” said RMC#1 “ok” said RMC#2 “Val? Can you hear me?” said Jeb “yes?” said Val “okay Val, you don’t have enough space to slow down, but if you yaw up, you can slow down just enough to safely deploy the MK16” said Jeb “it did it! Its slowing down!” said Val “how did you know it was going to work?” “I jump off mount Kernot all the time with those random mission controller guys, and it slows me down just enough to crash safely” said Jeb “a good idea made from a bad reason” said Val After Val’s almost failed mission, Wernher and his crew discovered Drogue chutes for some reason, the only thing he said was ‘never fight a kraken’, not much to speculate on. The adjustments were made, and the flights were flown, Jeb flew the first payload on the rocket into space, and Bob flew for over 3 days straight, it looked like the Kerbals were ahead of the Kommies in more than just Ball Game, but that was not the case, for the kommies had something special planned Wernher was running down the hall as fast as he could, there was a beep, an unknown beep, nobody in the tracking station could understand what it was, so they all ran around screaming, but Wernher was smarter than that, he didn’t run around screaming, he ran to the administration building, since he wasn’t a man of international politics, but Walt was. “Valt! Ve need help in ze tracking ztation! Zere vas an unvrecognized beep!” “communists! They must’ve tracked me!” “vat?” “KOMMIES!!!!! There’s no such thing as communists!” “vokay, I’ll ask Gene” “Gene! Zere vas an unrecognized beep on ze tracking station!” “when was it discovered?” “vast night! Valt zinks it zis a kommies satellite!” “continue to track it for a few days” After five days, the truth became clear, the kommies had put a satellite in permanent orbit of Kerbin, this was a huge blow, because the Kerbals have been waiting for the right amount of funds to launch a satellite in orbit of Kerbin to map Kerbin, but this was just a small satellite, just a ball, a stolen stayputnik strapped to a few SRBs, this was unfair, so now, Bill, Bob, and Linus all were working for 75 hours straight to build a satellite in permanent polar orbit of Kerbin “Kartemis I ready for launch” “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,4 ,3 ,2 ,1 0, LIFTOFF!!” “polar orbit, how did we solve the DV issue?” “hail the asparagus gods” As Kartemis I went into orbit, the final launch of the Unnamed Spacecraft was about to launch, it would be carrying Bill, the only one of the original four not having gone to space yet, to a higher orbit to see how high they can put the Apoapsis with the current setup, this would be the last of these missions, next, they would have a much bigger mission, one that would dwarf all they did so far, but all the info they gave out Is “the KSS [RETRACTED] will fly to orbit and the Mun!” “USP Final Countdown” “DA DA DA DA, DA DA DA DA DA” “JEB! STOP THAT! Or we might get sued!” “Fine Mort” “How ya doing Bill” “Go for Launch!” The Billmobile was specially made just for Bill, made by him for him, and by him, Bill spent days working on it with the ground crew, working long nights, and long days, he started on it as soon as he joined, this was his masterpiece, nothing was going to take it away from him, he WAS going to fly it “T-10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, liftoff!” “apoapsis rising” “TWR rising” “Cleared the VAB” “we are rising” The rocket flew for kilometers for an extraordinarily long time, the first stage flying all the way to 50,000m, but it had to end, and Bill had a surprise waiting in S2 “5 seconds to MECO” “prep SSSRBs” “SSSRBs?” “just press the big red button…” “MECO” “SSMES” “Launch the SSSRBs!” “Pressing the big red button!” When that button was pressed, Bill took an extraordinarily large amount of force, for what that button pressing did, was activate the second stage solid rocket boosters, but the amount of force was too much, and something had to go, and it wasn’t the SRBs, it was the capsule. “CAPSULE REACHING G LIMIT!!!!” “DETACH!!! DETACH!!! ABORT ABORT ABO- “ But it took too long for the message to get to Bill, and the capsule, crunched. “Bill Kerman Did what was best for us Kerbals, flying high over the world, and taking just plain stupid risks, like adding SRBs to the second stage, it wasn’t Bill’s fault that the capsule didn’t hold the force, it wasn’t anyone’s fault, but what we shall do, is set forth what we will follow with, we won’t have a stoppage in space travel to “find out what went wrong” we know what went wrong, and we will fix it, for we must set a pace on which we will follow, and I believe, I know what we shall do, for we, shall do what the Koviet Union shan’t do, we will put a Kerbal on the Mun, and bring him back before the end of this 400 day year” said the President _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 12 pages, technically 13, but I didn't want to waste an entire page just for a few paragraphs 3985 words 17732 characters without spaces 21518 with spaces corbel is font i should get an A, though all my English teachers grade unfairly
  24. pole of story

    a pole about career mode
  25. Make a story or caption My first time drawing kerbals on a tablet . It took a lot of effort to not draw eyelids. What do you think led up to this picture? What's going on? I've been having a huge urge to write a KSP fanfic, but I don't know about what. I want to make a (fairly) depressing story, but I don't want to seem edgy. I drew a picture but I still have no ideas. Feel free to post your own pictures and stories. I would love to hear what you've come up with!