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Found 4 results

  1. so my first mission in creative was a partal succes it made it to orbit but had to much momentum and is drifting off to space it has a ion engine to slow down any ideas on what to do?
  2. Welcome to the Kerbal Rescue Challenge! I have a savegame available here with one Kerbal stranded on every planet and moon. Your mission is to rescue as many of them as possible to get a score of up to 14 points (1 per Kerbal). They must be landed safely at Kerbin to count! Many of them have the ship they landed nearby (usually a 3-4 part small lander, generally out of fuel, probably useless except for the Moho ion ship), which you may leave behind or try to use in some way. These do not count against your number of launches. Some rescues will be very easy, some will be VERY difficult, getting the last few points will be very challenging. I'm pretty sure nobody will get a 14 kerbal score on a single launch. Score will be the number of Kerbals you are able to rescue, and in the event of a tie (quite likely as max score is 14) the winner will be the player that used the fewest launches to complete the mission. Time will not be scored, either in game time or IRL time, so post your results as soon as you have rescued a few, and I will update your score as it improves. Please post which Kerbals you have rescued, and how many launches so far. Just for fun, I actually flew the mission to strand all the Kerbals in a single launch (see spoiler tag below) Mods are allowed, but will be noted next to your score. All scores will be on the same board, with a special note for stock entries. To qualify as a stock entry, only informational and visual mods are permitted. KIS in particular would be a fun mod to tackle this with, and a cool way to use existing lander parts to help. No HyperEdit or debug menu etc is permitted. Feel free to use ISRU, bases, refueling ships, whatever you like, just track total number of launches. Scoreboard: 1) 2) 3) 4) I'll be posting my rescues soon, and there will be a badge for competing, and a special badge for saving all 14 Kerbals.
  3. Basically, I'll put it in Lamen's terms. I didn't kill my relative velocity and as I was doing my retrograde suicide burn...lets just say I forgot to thrust and kill said veolcity resulting in Leatrid Kerman (I think thats what she's called) being stuck on the Mun, with a Mk1 Lander Can with SAS. I launched, did a successful transfer burn...quick saving along the way of course. Forgot about relative velocity and basically landing stage went boom. Pics will be included of where I landed (front and backshot only I'm afraid) There are the screenshots for the Landing (ignore the North West Airfield Gmod Screenshot) Hope you can fix my problem KSP Community -awfulcraftdesigns signing out! Mission Update: I sent the exact same craft, succesful transfer burn again...this time I kept an eye on my Relative Velocity and landed in roughly the same area as my first stranded Lander Can but I forgot to put a probe on it resulting in the crew hatch not being empty and basically now I've got two kerbals stuck on the Mun and now I need to work out a way to rescue them both with enough fuel for the return journey. Help plz! Mission Update 2: So I reloaded so that only Leatrid would be on the Mun this time, resulting in me now needing a spacecraft worthy to carry a Mk_2 Lander Can. I've updated my Screenshot Library to show you my Landing Stage and Transfer Stage...the resulting effect being I can't find a suitable ascent stage. So help would be nice...I'll provide images so one second... This is the zoomed out shot of the rescue ship so far...if it helps anyone I've also provided an engineer report...I'm running no mods resulting in this being all stock.
  4. The Challenge: There are 30 Kerbals stranded on Dres. You are to bring them home safely. Options & General Limitations: SSTO: Multi-Stage: You may only bring one rocket. No docking. You may not refuel. Limitations: Requirements: Difficulty: Easy: Medium: Hard: A save game will be provided for each difficulty level to make sure the Kerbals are in the same spot for each person. Submission: Leaderboard: