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Found 2 results

  1. im crashing whenever trying to launch a ship at ANY size i even tried just command pod CRASHED D: and im fully up to date on drivers and all hardware so i cannot write this on my computer so no screenshot sorry tell me how to fix if you can please
  2. StupidAndy

    Strange mod ideas...

    so I have had a few suggestions for mods in my 8 months of KSP, some I never shared with you because I've already debunked them and found them A) stupid B) hard to make but this will be my thread for stupid ideas for mods, REALLY STUPID IDEAS for mods, and if anyone wishes to add to this thread of stupid mods, just pile it all on! we can take hundreds of septillions of ideas of mods! so this is my list so far minor mods: a news bar at the bottom, like you see in sim city, or other stuff, that tells you what's going on in the world, and it gives you some depth of world, and another part I had is that it can show what happens inside of your space program, so it can be '100,000 fund satellite crashes into VAB' or some stuff like that, and this is where I go stupider, plus, you can have it so it takes some of your reputation or gives you some on random occasions due to the interest of the populace! medium mods: none yet major mods: A complete overhaul of the career mode, with new rep, funds giveaway, Kerbal government, and basically just part of it is KCT... yeah, I'm not thinking right now, but when I do, I'll add on to this list of add ons (see what I did there?) feel free to add on to this list of, I wont make that awful joke again...