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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to say hi to the Kerbalmunnity, Kerbal Kommunity, Kerbunity...or however I should call it. I've been interested in KSP for more than a year but did not have a proper computer to play it on. I downloaded it on PS4 as soon as it released and played it more than all other games last year, including Dark Souls, which is saying something. Now that I have a PC capable of gaming and streaming I couldn't help but take the double dip. I'm loving the mods (and the lack of save file corruption from the PS4 version) and after a few months away from the game I'm back to playing regularly. My first adventure is checking out Cerillion...or more precisely trying to rescue Jeb, who wound up crashing on the new planet with no way back. I've been lurking for the past months but only now created an account, so I hope to get to know everyone soon. Thanks and cheers!
  2. Ok, so I'm entirely unsure if this is the appropriate place for this, but I'm unsure how to go about things when it comes to this. I finally decided to take the plunge and begin streaming. Mods, if this is the incorrect spot, feel free to move me. I've no idea if you'll find me entertaining! However, I'd love if people'd come check things out, give me suggestions, and generally just have a good time. I'm still unsure what kind of stream I want to do, so you can help me decide. C'mon and stop by!
  3. Ive been playing Kerbal for years and have always had an idea for a realtime challenge/mission on a communal scale via streaming. I dont know if it's been done before like this to essentialy have the viewers be a multi layered mission control. -Any mission in the solar system as long as planetary and lunar voyages are realtime, interplanetary voyages can use time lapse. -no quicksaving or reloading. -All mods are usable, mechjeb could really help in communal flight planning. -Teams can be formed for different mission stages. Total collaboration and coordinated voting for decision making. Out of stream module making by different teams, and submitted live. -A showcase of designs for a pre determined mission can be voted on before launch, either during the stream or before. -The host streamer can play as a pilot, be apart of a crew team, or maybe just as Gene. The host streamer can be changed for each event, allowing viewers to glimpse others creations, stations, bases, which can be used for the communal mission for refueling, crew transfer, survival ect. -More than one streaming community can take part as a competition, mock space race. -Looking for more ideas for incentive for mission completion and if something goes wrong, incentive for bringing back the Kerbal to Kerbin. Besides the fun roleplay value.. -Viewers can leave and come back as events might be ridiculously long. Mission and pre flight planning, design and decision voting, the actual journey.. The idea is to have hopes of something going wrong, anxiety filled moments, people working together. I currently dont have means to stream myself and would like to find people willing to do this. If this is something people want to try there needs to be a discussion about additional rules and ideas. I think it would be exciting to have the first 50 submitted craft designs to go through a layered vote, whittling down to top 25-top-10-3.. And seeing other peoples methods. I want arguments, stress, team work, drama, betrayal, friendship... maybe not betrayal but you get it. there will have to be patience involved.. I personally would like to see one launch lunar missions, at least to start, to avoid using timelapse at all. Im not sure if it should go deeper and use career mode, that might be too much could be interesting to have communal career modes competing with each other for an out of game point system?... Let me know if this is feasible. thanks!