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Found 4 results

  1. The most noticeable one for me is that they are ssto's with at least a 60% payload fraction despite being tiny and not having enough dV to orbit IF they had a super efficient vacuum engine (remember that these things have a twr of like 1.5 asl.) So what we can conclude about cartoon rockets is that they have some sort of dual mode nuclear jet engine, so logically it would make sense to take a fairly horizontal ascent profile (which they don't do, likely due to the massive drag caused by their egg like shapes, which means they won't gain very much speed from the atmosphere.) So yes, the people in silly kids shows are currently colonizing other planets and teaching less intelligent species how to do science (so they don't pollute the planet's the kid show people are preparing to invade.)
  2. What things do you think are the most kerbalike? I’ll start the thread by listing some things. ( Please try to number them off, continuing on other people’s posts ) 1: Jumping off the VAB. 2: Jumping off the VAB, crushing another Kerbal. 3: Shooting missiles at the VAB. 4: Going to the Mun only using flea boosters. 5: Shooting kerbals at each other. 6: Shooting kerbals at anything. 7: Use a jet engine to make a kerbal hover. 8: Kamakazi the KSC ( kerbals love the K )
  3. I had a little adventure with my second ever Mun landing. I did a picture perfect suicide burn to 10 or 20 meters above the ground but then I totally failed to stick the landing—started sliding sideways, lost retrograde marker, and I'm too noob to know which keys were the ones I wanted to correct attitude. Reload, try again, same problem. Feathering the engine didn't seem to be working. So I went with short full-throttle blasts and touched down as easy as pie. In that moment I couldn't decide if that meant I was better or worse at the game than I thought. Then I tipped over because my 20 meter, 32 ton lander was on a 13 degree slope. Well, at least this explains why I was having such a problem. So on the next try, I land, and right as I start to tip I separate the rover attached to the nose, hoping that the ejection force will tip me back upright, and turn on the RCS that I had fortunately slapped on "just in case".* Success! Surely a landing can be no more Kerbal than this. Jeb, sitting back in LKO, suddenly felt intensely jealous and had no idea why. *"Just in case" of what? I actually have no idea.
  4. Hello Again. I ask a lot of questions, sorry. I haven't noticed the effects of the stupidity and courage ratings of my Kerbals. Are there any effects or is this just kind of a joke?