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Found 5 results

  1. 2: Maiden Voyage of the TB Succubus mk 1 This has been altered to exist as a single thread. Click Here to be sent to main thread.
  2. Whenever my craft is on a suborbital trajectory out of atmosphere (landing on minus/Mun) and I physics warp my craft teleports across the planet in the direction its flying this isn't just my active craft orbiting crafts (polar orbiting probes) teleport too if anybody knows what mod is doing this/what the cause is please reply list of mods that possibly cause this: Hyper edit Mechjeb near future mods (probably not) airpark these aren't all the mods I haven't listed purely part mods if you need the full list/and extra info please tell me
  3. Got bored, so i decided to make the Blue Origin New Shepard rocket... And i think i did it well, this thing really is a joy to fly. both pieces regularly launch from KSC LC-1 nowadays, each carrying a crew of 3 paying kerbals on a suborbital hop that included up to 10 mins of pure weightlessness (That they don't get to experience because they are strapped to their seats ) Anyway, tell me what you think!
  4. Hi all I've been playing with 1.2 and the G-force option. It's fun once you turn the tolerance down enough that you have to start actually caring about it; the defaults are very forgiving. However, I'm pretty stuck on a contract to get two tourists to fall unconscious while sub-orbital. It doesn't accept them losing consciousness in a flight that then becomes sub-orbital, nor losing consciousness on re-entry. They must lose consciousness while sub-orbital. The problem is that KSP doesn't consider Gs from centrifugal (go away nit-pickers) force. I built a rocket-powered centrifuge that got the tourist module out on the end of a beam spinning so fast the navball was just flashing. Nope, they didn't care, and nor did the parts, even though they would've really been turned to a thin paste on the walls before the whole thing fell apart. So you have to use linear acceleration. But none of the reasonable-sized engines have the grunt; KSP doesn't have very high TWR short-burn engines so you have to fake it with under-fuelled big boosters. So you need lots of boosters and/or to launch a truly ridiculous engine with a teeny amount of fuel. At .5-g tolerance I could do it with 4 Hammer SRBs each fueled to 1/3 to optimise TWR, but launching that is a pain. Two S1 SRBs launching a 3rd fueled to ~20% did the job better. But it's an expensive pain relative to the utter pittance that tourism contracts pay - and "turn my brain to paste while in orbit" ones don't pay a useful amount more. If you start your blackout burn while still in high atmosphere you have to time it carefully so the lose consciousness after you reach 70k, since *being* unconscious or *regaining* consciousness when in space isn't good enough, you must *lose* consciousness in space. Right now a player on default G-force settings will have to launch a cluster of 8 part-fueled Hammer SRBs or something absurd, which means a pretty serious vessel just to get them up there. I really think this is a bug as it stands. Since rotational Gs don't count, either these missions should count losing consciousness in flight after sub-orbital, pay a LOT more, or just not be generated. Even if the tourists were made to have more easily squished little brains it'd still be too hard on default G tolerance. What I really want of course is rotational G to count so I can rocket-centrifuge their little brains to mush. But I'm pretty sure that's tricky for the physics system. Is it meant to be this tough and unrewarding, or is it just not quite baked yet? Screenshots: This finally worked: This ... I really wish this had. Or the version I originally did that launched into orbit, anyway. But no centrifugal G force = no kerbal paste at 200+ rpm: Ignition! It's not exploding, it's meant to look like that. Really. See the pretty green G meter? ... even though it's spinning so fast it's stretching out impossibly: Oh, also, thanks for the awesome Linux support and lack of DRM. I bought a second copy just because you guys rock and I've been playing since 0.8.x. The 1.2 update fixes the Intel graphics driver issues too
  5. Hi, im not sure if a core problem KSP had in earlier versions is still in 1.1.3. In earlier versions we couldn't separate one vessel from another on suborbital and go on ascending with one while the other slowly descended. There was a point (i think it was related to distance between them) where the non active vessel just vanished. Is it already solved?