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Found 108 results

  1. Ok, I cant take this anymore, I wanted to build a shuttle, with mostly stock parts, but there is no Glass in the game, resulting in: I can not build this! Thats Why I wrote this, there arleady is a mod for it, but its Dead , And Glass panels are easy to make! Just grab a normal metallic Panel and make its transparency or the like 0.5, alteast more or less. I want a mod for this, but please it should get updated, Or more better, Stock Glass Panes! That would be good for a lot of players, including me. Thats it, I just had to say this, Share your opinions with me. -JordanLOL (a Space nerd)
  2. Pretty much this: I'm sure that I'm not the only one experiencing this, you can pretty much see this on every stream on twitch from time to time. I'm not the expert in Unity, but is there really no way this can be done? I highly doubt that.
  3. I would love to have the reflective stainless steel look of the SpaceX starship in the game. Implementing that would be quite easy, as the "textures unlimited" package shows, simply set all surfaces except windows to full reflection. It looks cool and would add a completely new look to parts without any additional design work. Here is a look at a plane of mine in stainless steel:
  4. I put it in here (instead of the general suggestions forum), because it is an expansion specific suggestion. I think it is not only useful, but absolutely necessary, to implement some kind of slider where you can adjust the time intervbals in which you get notification messages about new science points that are generated by your ground experiments. At the moment I have 3 ground experimental setups running on Mun (in order to fulfill a Goo Experiment Contract) and get spammed with messages informing me that the experiment added around 0.033 - 0.007 science points to my science point pool, especially when using time acceleration and IMHO this problem could get solved via 4 ways: Add in a global time interval slider (or buttons) where you can adjust the global time interval for messages by ground experiments (say 10 minutes to 24 hours) Add in a local time interval slider to each experiment control station, in order to adjust the time interval to all experiments controlled by this station Add in a point threshold, so that messages from ground experiments are either sent out when 10 minutes have passed, or when at least 1 full science point has been generated by the experiments ... whetever comes later (At least) Add in a "Delete all Messages"-Option to the Message box, so that you can clear the message box of all messages with one click and don't have (after an interval of time acceleration) to manually delete 100-200 messages one by one I for my part would definitely favor solution 1 ... but actually, the nature of the 4 solutions would also allow them, to be intermixed with each other
  5. So I was thinking about this today, partially because I had an abort situation earlier and I've been messing with the Robotics. Action Group delays to create sequences. I personally don't like spamming the Spacebar after an abort. Say a slider to add time to certain actions such as: Action Group Timer+0, Escape tower fires/ Capsule Decouples, AGT+5 Escape tower ejects, AGT+10 Drogue Chutes deploy, AGT+15 Main Chutes Deploy. Also with the new robotics, say you want to deploy a solar panel, however you have a delay between the hinge and piston deploying it, you would be able to bind it to a delay.
  6. after i see the cinematic trailer it was realy cool to see the new spacesutes, but after install the DLC i was disapointet becouse all kerbals had that orange elite spacesuit, so the blue non-elite spacesuite is missing here the cool trailer again: at this point i prefer to have a spacesuite for each proffession (pilot engeneer scientist tourist) a simple icon on the helmet to identify in eva will be nice, atm its needed a texture replacer mod, but at least a mod support for the coat hanger will be awsome
  7. Hi there, my suggestion is to add the module ProbeControlPoint to the MK2 Command Pod from Making History, but you get the MK3 pod that have one very late and its a 2.5m part, to have one earlier and smaler will be nice. for a 1m part i suggest a seperate "command" module that have 1 seat fits nicly underneath the MK1 pod only for the ProbeControlPoint, so we have a ProbeControlPoint for every size.
  8. In the current base game, a lot of the Contracts we see relate to testing out different parts. Yet, these parts are infallible no matter how much they are tested. I am proposing that all parts in Career mode exclusively be given a reliability rating, like 90, 80, or 70%. This value determines if a part is to fail, however, with increased testing and flight-proven success, that rating increases. What are your thoughts?
  9. We've all done it, we're loading up a vessel on the runway and we get called away so we leave the game. When we come back, our plane is either in the field off the runway, down near the end, or worse, in the water, sometimes with broken parts. So my suggestion, add a button that lets you deploy the brakes in the hanger, or change the default to brakes are deployed upon loading. And I know you can just undeploy the wheels in the hanger and the plane would sit still, but I've had stuff break a few times when making the plane stand up from the ground. Also, there's a chance the kraken could strike and make the plane bounce 25 feet into the air before falling on it's side and destroying a wing.
  10. Now, I know a lot of us (including me!) want to see a little more life on kerbin than just the space center. I think this could be achieved by introducing a new terrain scatter: a small neighbourhood, which would spawn on flat ground a bit like the trees but in clusters. I don't know if it'd be possible to make them light up at night? If they did, it'd make some pretty cool city lights from orbit.(perhaps toggle-able for potatoes like my laptop) I have seen the mod Kerbal Cities Pack before, and I think it's a good idea, but I think we need them more spread out, like the terrain scatters, which is what led me to this idea. Other possibilities for new terrain scatters would be farms and forests (basically a massive clump of the tree scatters) to make Kerbin seem like an actually populated planet rather than a space center and some trees. Ok, so I don't really know how this would all work, how hard it is to create terrain scatters or how laggy a terrain scatter as large as the neighbourhood scatter I'm suggesting would be, but that's my idea. Tell me what you guys think! (Also we'd probably need scatters to have colliders for this to work)
  11. There's a definite lack of Russian engines in KSP. Apart from the Kodiak and Cub there aren't really any. That's a shame because Russian engines are some the best looking and best performing of all. Here's a few I think would make great additions to KSP. 1. RD-170. This is the most powerful rocket engine in the world, and it baffles me how there isn't an equivalent to it in KSP. For thrust we could be looking at around 2300-2400 kN. Size would be 2.5m. 2. RD-180 This would be a varient of the RD-170. For thrust, it would be between 1300-1350 kN, this would give it enough thrust to lift an Atlas 5 replica. Size would be 1.875m, this would mean it either is exclusive to MH-owners or would need the introduction of a stock adapter. 3. RD-191 The third and single nozzle varient of the RD-170. It's thrust would be around 600-700 kN at a size of 1.25m. 4. RD-0120 This won't be a seperate engine but a varient of the Vector to give it some more visual variety. 5. NK-33 The engine that was supposed to launch cosmonauts to the moon. How this isn't in KSP yet astounds me. The thrust would be around 600-650 kN at a 1.25m size. (Yes, I know the picture is of the AJ26-58) 6. RD-58 This engine was made to be used on an upper stage of the N1 and evolved version were to be used on the Buran spacecraft. This would be a low-thrust, high efficiency upper stage engine. Around 50-75 kN thrust at a possible 0.625m size. 7. S5.92 This engine is currently used in the Fregat upper stage. It would function as a great, small upper stage engine. Thrust would be around 20-30 at a 0.625m size. 8. RD-0210 It's thrust would be around 200-250 kN at a 1.25m size.
  12. I’m not sure how this is handled on PC, but on PS4 (and presumably Xbox), trying to control slider values is difficult, at best. The most obvious concern is precisely adding/removing fuel from tanks. Not only matching liquid fuel and oxidizer, but precisely controlling them as needed. I’ve got in the habit of just fiddling until it “close enough”, but that isn’t really ideal. Today it’s an issue of fairing sides. I don’t want “5.15” sides (why is this not whole values anyway?). But in all of these sliders, you can’t even reliably force a max or min value. Clicking at the very ends don’t necessarily push the slider there, and dragging doesn’t guarantee it either (maybe positional polling on sliders is really, really slow?). You can hold L1 to gain finer control, but it really just slows down movement. I’ve cranked my cursor speed down to 20, and while the cursor itself moves more slowly, the accuracy of the value is no different. It would be nice if L1/R1 and maybe even L2/R2 were modifiers for values. While holding X on the slider, holding L1 and moving slows it down like it does today. Holding R1 and moving changes the value in whole number steps. L2 and move changes in 0.1 steps. R2 and move changes in 0.01 steps. Or something along those lines anyway. Lastly, tracking across the screen would be nice. Once you leave the confines of the slide area, even while holding X, control tracking ceases. For consoles, or controllers in general, this is poor UX. Once X is being held on the slider itself, horizontal tracking should continue across the screen.
  13. KSP Wishlist (Parts only) These are all the parts that I would love to be added into KSP at one point or another. Yes, I know there are mods that add these, but I simply like it better when these things are Stock so that they won't break with updates, I never have to worry about managing my mods everytime and that I don't have to worry about mods becoming outdated or discontinued. Please leave feedback or your own suggestions on what things you'd like to see. Parts: *Requires Making History DLC Engines: Paid: · Merlin 1-D equivalent with Vacuum variant · BE-4 equivalent · Raptor equivalent · Rutherford equivalent with Vacuum variant (0.3125 meter size) · RL10 equivalent · RS-68 equivalent (Maybe the Mainsail could be altered to fit this role) · RD-170 equivalent with 4, 2 and 1 nozzle variants · GEM equivalent with editable nozzles (change angle) · RS-88/SuperDraco equivalent with Launch Escape Mode (Full thrust regardless of throttle) · Turboprops and helicopter rotors. Free: · Rework of the ‘Thumper’ to equivalate with AJ-60A with editable nozzle · Variant of the ‘Puff’ with an inline-mount and higher thrust · 1.875m SRB with segmented variants (You can choose how many segments you want it to have)* Command: Paid: · Dragon 2 capsule equivalent · CST-100 Starliner/Apollo equivalent (Basically a flatter version of the Mk1-3 Command Pod) · New Shepard crew capsule varient · Passenger plane cockpit · New 0.3125 meter Probodobodyne probes for very small probes and landers Free: · Mk1-3 Command Pod with Silver/Shiny metal variant · Mk3 and both Mk2 cockpits with heat shielded bottoms Fuel tanks: Paid: · New 0.3125 meter size tanks with White, Black, Silver and Orange variants. Also with RCS versions · New 2.5 meter Liquid Fuel tanks for planes Free: · New 2.5 and 3.75 meter tank variants in full White, full Black and Gray/Orange (plus a higher quality 3.75 meter standard variant and Orange variant) · New 1.25 meter tank variant in full Black · New 1.875 meter tank variant in full White and full Black* · 0.625 meter tank redesign and more length variants. In full White, full Black and Silver/Grey variants · New Mk2 and Mk3 tanks with heat shielded bottoms · Redesigned smaller RCS tanks to match the larger ones Command and Control: Paid: · Low profile RCS blocks like the ones used on Falcon 9 · Larger RCS blocks · Larger place-anywhere RCS thrusters Free: · Redesigned reaction wheels Structural: Paid: · Strut-like adapters between sizes · Structural tube adapters between sizes. i.e. hollow adapters · 0.3125 to 0.625 meter adapter Free: · Redesigned Girders and I-beams · Structural tube variant in Black, Orange and Grey-Orange · Struts that snap on both ends Coupling: Paid: · Multiple size docking port, can dock both normal and Jr. ports · Strut-like decouplers for 1.25, 2.5 and 3.75 meter sizes Free: · Redesigned, animated docking ports like the ones used on real-life spacecraft · 1.25 meter engine plate · New engine plate variant in Black Payload: Paid: · 1.25, 2.5 and 3.75 meter cargo bays Free: · Mk3 and Mk2 Cargo sections with heat shielded bottoms · Redesigned Payload Fairings: Slimmer design that’s hollow. Think of it as a Structural Tube with Fairing capability Aerodynamics: Paid: · Grid fins · Slanted nosecone in the style of the Atlas V SRB’s · Large FAT-465 Aeroplane Main Wing for large planes Free: · 1.875 meter nosecones* · Wing pieces with heat shielded bottoms Ground: Paid: · Landing legs in 3 variants. Falcon 9, New Shepard and New Glenn styles · Sideways retracting landing gear with shallower bays · Large, open structure wheels like the ones seen on that Batman-style Mars rover concept Free: · RoveMax Model S3; basically a larger S2 like the Mars 2020 Rover wheels. Thermal: Free: · Tiny Radiator Panel · Black variant of heat shields Electrical: Paid: · Electric Servos. Can be used in 3 separate way. 1: Can be setup to work as a fin, wing sections can be connected that will act as wings/fins. 2: Can be rotated on command using the UI or Custom Actions and 3: Can be set to continually rotate at a given speed. Come in a variety of sizes. These will consume Electricity based on the amount and speed of rotation. · Electric hinges: Can be opened and closed on command either with the UI or Custom Actions. Come in a variety of sizes · Medium deployable solar panels in the style of Orion, Dragon and Soyuz · Round, deployable solar panels in the style of Orion · Round solar panels in the style of CST-100 Starliner · Massive solar panels like on the ISS Free: · Redesign of RTG · Redesign of deployable solar panels · Option to limit Solar Panel rotational range, Communication: - Science: Paid: · Camera; Can be placed onto any craft. It will photograph whatever it is aimed at and can send those images to the Tracking Station Can be used while in orbit around a body to record it’s geography and create a map that can be used to find a suitable landing spot. It will only record a small section of the surface at any time, so making a complete map requires a polar orbit and time. Maps can be uploaded to the Tracking Station from the craft Utility: Paid: · New 2.5 meter Crew Cabin for planes · More powerful Launch Escape System in the style of SLS/Soyuz Free: · Smaller radial parachutes · Redesigned Mk16, Mk16-XL and Mk25 parachutes so they look better New Mechanics: · Fairings are now solid and stuff can be attached to them. · Fairings can now partially be deployed from any chosen point upward. Players can now choose what part of the fairing separates and what part stays. It is also possible to have the top portion of a fairing stay attached to the craft, see the Launch Escape system of the Soyuz for an example.
  14. Don't you think it would be cool if you could repair your space station in first person? I really want to see first person while EVA'd.
  15. Here's what's wrong with the Thud: Its Isp is good for atmospheric, trash for vacuum (so it's an atmospheric engine) It has higher drag than a radially-mounted hammer with an aerodynamic cap, so it causes a lot of drag in atmosphere It's 0.9t...but you need at least 2, so it's more like 1.8t with double the thrust. That's as heavy as a Poodle, and much heavier than 1.25m engine options. With the Making History DLC, it is massively outclassed by the Cub (especially for landers), an engine with 5x lower mass, but only 3x lower thrust, and +5/+5 Isp, with the only downside of only one axis of gimbal. While you effectively need 4x Cub minimum...that's still less mass than 1 Thud (of which you need 2). Because of 1, and being radially-mounted, one of its niches is to be an early TWR booster...but the Spark outclasses it at this, and 2 means that it's probably better on drag to have radially-mounted tanks with caps and clustered Sparks on the bottom than to use Thuds. It's obvious intended asthetics, and one niche where its radial mounting and gimbaling should make it great, is as a shuttle OMS. The terrible vacuum Isp holds it back, however, and this clashes with its other main use being atmospheric. That drag needs to be fixed. Beyond that, I don't think it needs touching (and shouldn't be buffed much overall lest it become OP) for atmospheric use, since nobody really asked for that to begin with and not everyone even plays Career. The Cub also makes more asthetic/historical sense anyways. As for vacuum, I think the obvious thing to fix would be the OMS use case, to make it actually do what it looks like it should do. The two problems here are its mass and vacuum Isp. I think both should be about in line with 2 Thuds being only a bit worse than a Terrier. It also should be slightly worse than the Skiff, as that engine's pretty good and there should be a slight penalty for radial-mounting. Thus, the stats change I recommend is: 0.9t, 275/305s Isp -> 0.6t, 270/325s Isp.
  16. Hi, we all know music is one of the worst features of the game. In fact, many players (including me sometimes) play without any music neither sound. But more flavor would be added to the game if each celestial body had its own music,..
  17. Hi! I've been on this forum for a long time, and I've recently found it annoying how whenever I type in : ) (I've put a space in there so it doesn't change), it automatically changes to . This is really annoying, as some times I just wanna express with the text, and not with the forum emojis. Maybe an option could be implemented like 'Automatically turn text to emojis' enable/disable or on/off. Have a happy holidays, TCIS : )
  18. I had an idea and want to suggest it: a DLC similar to Making History, but instead of the past of spaceflight, the future of spaceflight. It would have parts themed after upcoming rockets in the future, and would add parts that also are in use today, such as proper landing legs for rockets.
  19. In my Kerbal Space Program game on Xbox, I am having an awesome time! But there is one big issue. After that I had played for a while, and made and saved a lot of ships, I went into the VAB and built a ship. I saved it and then launched it, and it got my payload into orbit. I wanted to make a few changes to the design and do a new mission with the old ship, but when I went to open the ship, it stopped loading the ships. I could not move down or up or press on any ship, so I exited out of the menu. I tried again and it did't work. I frustratingly rebuilt the old ship completely. There is no way I can delete old ships to get it to load faster because I can't do anything in the menu. I was wondering if there is a way to fix this, and if not, I would like to suggest that it would be patched. Also, there should be a way to select multiple quicksaves at a time and delete them all at once. It is quite frustrating to delete one, and it reloads, and delete another one, and it reloads. I love this game and if this was patched it would be even better.
  20. Considering creating a new KSP channel and would like suggestions for a first mission Thanks!
  21. I'm sure this has been said quite a few times, but I just wanted to share some features I think would greatly improve fairings and their use-cases in the game. I've listed all the changes I'd like for them to make. 1. The most obvious one. Reduce the size of the part and make it look better. Right now it just looks ugly and out of place on pretty much every rocket. A much better look would be something like a decoupler only taller and without the markings. Another feature would be to make it hollow, like the structural tubes. That way there's way more flexibility with them. 2. Change the colours of the variants. I find that the variants look quite ugly because of the very repetitive and textureless surface. 3. Make fairings be solid so other parts can be attached to them. This would add a toggle in the VAB/SPH that would make the fairing solid. You can then attach the parts you like. If you then make it see-through again the attached parts become part of the fairing itself and will remain with it even after being deployed. 4. This is the most complicated one. Make it so fairings can be split up into multiple parts than can be deployed seperatly or not at all. This would work while making the fairing. An extra option would make the rest of what's build independent from the bottom of the fairing. Each section can then be staged seperatly or be disabled from staging. To visualize this just think of the fairing seperation on an Atlas V, where the top part of the fairing deployes while the bottom half stays attached. This feature would vastly improve the usability of fairings to beyond just protection from the air and streamlining. Thoughts or suggestion?
  22. Hello, I haven't been playing ksp for long, but I've noticed a distinct lack of any cameras in the game (I mean as parts, obviously there is "the camera"). This seems a little strange, seeing as space travel in real life often involves cameras in some form. Whether on rovers, attached to rockets or in telescopes, they're everywhere, but the only "camera" in ksp is a huge infrared telescope. As well as adding realism, cameras could be used as a science tool, and potentially even be used to boost popularity and funds like photos do in actual space programs. Maybe camera views could be switched between by using "C" to change which camera you're seeing through, and "photos" from the cameras could be saved like screenshots. Here are a few ideas for different camera types, any of which I think would be a great addition to the game: A rocket-side camera- Maybe a gopro sized thing which you could stick on the side of rockets to film as they launch A moveable mastcam or camera system- Would be great for rovers, like the ones on opportunity or curiosity A tiny, hull-mounted camera for probes or rovers- like the navigation cameras on on Curiosity, could maybe make lower quality photos A large fixed camera- maybe for higher quality photos A space telescope part- yes, there's the SENTINEL, but it would be nice if there was something else, maybe to look at stars or very distant planets and take photos, like the Hubble space telescope.
  23. It annoys that a "simple" part upgrade needs a part config that refers to a model which refers to a texture to have an icon inside R&D for a tech unlock (like a Module)...
  24. it would be nice if the DLC Actually added the Descent module from the Soyuz because am annoyed that there is no soyuz style descent module
  25. Hello fellow kerbals. Let's talk about science mode ! I - The Issue I might be some kind of a masochistic player but I can't help to think that even with a 10 % science rewards settings, unlocking the tech tree feels wrong. In my experience, for a 10 % setting, it's : 1) Unnecessarily grindy at the very beginning 2) Somewhat normal around moon and minmus if you travel a bit through biomes with like 2 moon missions and 2 minmus missions 3) Still way to fast to unlock once you can get into other planets orbits 4) Rendered completely pointless by science lab, which stays OP even at 10 %. I mean, even if I just put science stations here and there and don't speed up time directly, any trip to Jool while they are running in the background will speed up that time anyway and grind hard. I won't say much about career mode as I feel it's quite the same issue, science and money feeling like two separates things even with strategies running, plus I tend to prefer science mode at the moment. My computer lags with too much pieces, so I actually build low-price rockets anyway :$ II - The Idea As I came across a simple achievement mod found on CKAN (this one, here) I thought "hey, it would be pretty cool if instead of science, tech tree was unlocked through objectives / missions / achievements of some kind !" It could look like this for instance : Launch a Vessel --> Land a Vessel / Splash-land a Vessel --> Get Over Kerbin Atmosphere --> Land at North / South Pole --> Get to Orbit --> SOI Moon or Minmus --> Orbit M or Mm --> SOI Sun --> Land M or Mm --> SOI Duna or Eve --> etc... That would require some kind of thinking as for the order, but it would be fun to play in my opinion. Plus, as tech tree columns grow in size, your possibilities tends to inscrease as well : orbiting Duna or Jool makes little difference, so the same mission in multiple planets could fill up tech branches (same for Moon or Minmus actually). As science parts would be rendered useless, some missions could call for them, i.e. "do an atmospheric scan landed of EVE" or something. What do you think, is that cool and doable as a mod ? (Or does it exist already, making me look very dumb ?) I know that one could challenge himself and not rely on a game mechanic, but I feel like a progressive mode like science is pointless if you have to moderate yourself playing it. I mean, you might as well go for the sandbox mode if you have to make your own challenges anyway. It would also be newbie-freindly I think, as it would give the player objectives that are assured to be doable, which is very good for motivation and understanding (i.e. seeing Minmus before Moon or at the same level could bring some kind of questions, leading to an illumination when player understands why / do the mission).