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Found 8 results

  1. I'm not sure if I just suck at googling as of late..but if I'm the first so be it. I've been trying to figure out how to give suggestions to the mod community. I don't have many and I started this thread only thinking about one in particular. But if there isn't any other place, id like this to be a place where players can give their ideas, some may be extravagant, some small and practical. but I've always wondered how all these mods get created without some central brainstorming type area. I could plead to ksp devs themselves, but this seems more promising. If I'm in the wrong place, please kindly point me in the right direction and ill repost there, or a mod can just move there, thanks. Anyways lets get it started. Suggestion: (Asparagus style?) [3/4/6/8]Multipoint Struts Reason: structural integrity/rigidity Practicality: (-)part count, stockalike? Balancing: scale weight based on number of connection points (3 point= 1.5x weight, 4 point= 2x weight, etc, etc) Idea Summary: a few extra stock alike strut parts. placing large amounts of aerodynamic wings or engines in symmetry, requires many struts sometimes. this will help ease the part count, and prevent your wings from doing the "dragonfly wing effect" as id like to call it when trying to fly without ship rigidity. googling dragon fly slo mo videos will help you understand my analogy if you dont already. . Cheers!
  2. For a civilization, there isn't any visible signs of it on Kerbin except the two KSCs, the Island Airstrip, and the Ancient Ruins My suggestion: Add multiple [5? 10? 20?] Cities into the game, each with their own airport Possibly have contracts for ferrying passengers between cities? Airshows? There are really many possibilities
  3. Hello Kerbals, this thread links to many of the most common suggestions! Anyone playing KSP for long is bound to have one of those eureka moments, "Hey, this game would be even better if it had this feature!". I know I have, and that many of you have We all want KSP to be the best, and who knows, the next suggestion may be so good that Squad adds it to the game! However, many suggestions are pretty obvious, like suggesting multiplayer for a single player game, that they don't really need to be suggested. Many suggestions have been suggested before, KSP has been around for a while now so there's a pretty good chance that the idea has come up and is either already planned or already in the game or has been implemented by the talented KSP modders. People like new ideas, they like to mull over and discuss the unknown. A new, unique idea or an old idea from a new angle is much preferred to suggestions for more of something already in the game, such as more parts (we have loads of parts now), some things just get suggested too many times. And some suggestions just don't fit Squads vision for KSP, such as weapons and combat, while others are currently out of scope for the game, but luckily KSP's excellent modding community has you covered! So this thread exists as a repository for subjects that are so common that there's no need for yet another thread on it, before you post your suggestion take a look here, there may already be a thread covering it and you can join in the discussion, or it may be better as an addon request. Oh and if you forgot to check here and posted a common suggestion the helpful moderation team will be able to direct you to the main thread on the topic, or move your post for you Don't forget, if you see something that should (or shouldn't) be on here let me know Already Planned Delta V Display Multiplayer Common Suggestions. Aliens Axial Tilt Clouds Bug Fixes (These happen with every update) Career Improvements KSP 2.0 Lagrange Points Life Support Mod (insert name here) added to stock Multi-threaded Physics (Done, Unity5 and PhysX supports this) Music! New Parts New Planets N-Body Physics Realism (And Kerbalism) Science Improvements Steam Workshop Two Kerbal, 1.25 metre command pod UI Improvements Suggestions Implemented by Modders. Advanced Technology Autopilot Bug Fixes Clouds Combat and Weapons Improved Graphics Life Support Loading on Demand More Parts New Planets N-Body Physics (lagrange points) Procedural Wings Procedural Other Parts Realistic Fuel Realistic Overhaul Realistic Progression Real Sized Solar System Robotics Tech Tree Changes Two Kerbal 1.25 metre command pod Erm, No. Changing Game Engine (Unreal4 etc) Nightly Builds Old Already suggested thread, old WNTS thread.
  4. I myself am HORRIBLE at this game, I haven't even made it to the Mun! But, I honestly think that this is a amazing game so I have some suggestions, you can vote for which suggestion you like the most. 1-Detailing the planets more 2-Being able to create bases which you can walk into and decorate on other planets/moons AND being able to make launchpads on other planets (suggestion from panzer1b) 3-Expanding the campaign If you have more suggestions, please feel free to comment!
  5. I have a whole big thing I wrote but lost to a cookie bug, so I'll summarize: Suggestion #1: Please rework the contract weighting algorithm to be a matrix of contract types on one axis, and contract locations on the other with the weighting in the cells (not simply contract types as I believe it is now). It would make the game a lot more enjoyably playable if I could keep cancelling "build a station orbiting the Sun" contracts and have fewer of them show up, but still get the same number of "build a station orbiting the Mun" contracts (I also like shuttling passengers back and forth to Kerbin orbit and the Mun, even though they pay less than, say, Duna passenger missions, and I don't like that where I send my passengers at best totally random, and at worst determined semi-randomly by my reputation requiring that I sacrifice reputation to get contract locations I want). Suggestion #1.5: An alternative to #1, or perhaps in addition to it, would be giving players the ability to write their own contracts, but then have a random chance (depending on reputation and/or number of successfully completed missions there already) that a company will offer to fund the job. Either way both ideas #1 and #1.5 are so players aren't railroaded into doing missions they don't necessarily want (in particular because of where they are) or else forced to lose reputation by cancelling contracts left-and-right until the random generator happens upon the rare one they actually want. I love contracts, and I do like some randomness, but I still want a little more input into the contract selection/generation process than I'm currently allowed, and I think changing the weighting type-list into a weighted type-location-matrix would be a huge improvement to me and other players. Suggestion #2: Please add more filters to the Tracking Station, specifically celestial body filters (I assume this would be relatively easy to implement since most of the code presumably already exists for filtering and adding new filters, the new celestial body ones though would just use a "getSOI()" method instead of a "getVesselType()" method to make their selections). I love the filters that are already there, I think their functionality and what they do is absolutely perfect, I just want the additional ability to filter out missions I have idling on/around, say for example, the Mun so they're not cluttering up my Vessel list when I'm in the middle of doing a bunch of maneuvering for a colonization flotilla during Jool-orbit insertion. Thank you Squad and Devs for all your awesome work to make Kerbal, quite possibly my favorite game, a reality and your continued dedication, effort, and community engagement. I think these suggestions would hopefully be easy to implement, and that they would definitely have a large and positive impact on the player experience. Keep up the phenomenal work and I'll keep my fingers crossed that these suggestions are both easy enough to make and good enough for players that I might see them in a future version.
  6. Ok. If this turns out to be useless I'll delete. I'll be erasing the already fixed bugs from the list (Feel free to add more). Edit: I've only found about about the Bug Reporter now, didn't know I do anything there but to see which bugs have already been addressed. So I'll be reporting these bugs from the list there as well. -Unable to target a survey/observation mission marker from the Map View mode. When I click over the marker a small blank window pops up (also dropping my frames down to somewhat close to 5FPS until I close the window). This same window should have a button called "Activate Navigation" so I could see the survey place from the NavBall -Cannot change Damper and Spring values of landing gears like in the PC version - It doesn't show up when I open the landing gear settings window in the editor (Bug?) -When I build crafts with the landing gears connected to an aerodynamic part or a girder strut and try launching it, as soon as the game loads on the runway the landing gear wheels are kind of stuck into the ground and start jumping in place (the wheel stress bar also keeps jumping as if it was hitting the ground constantly). The same thing happens when these same wheel get in contact with the terrain (I tried dropping the craft from a small height with the Launch Stability Enhancer, but as soon as the wheels touch the ground this glitch happens) -Cannot see the "Gear blocked Yes/No" indicator when opening the context menu on the landing gears. -Sometimes I cannot close a opened context menu nor can open others, forcing me to reload the game. This happened yesterday, I opened the context menu from the air intake from my craft and couldn't close it by pressing B, nor could I open other's parts context menus. -FPS drop with Dynawing Final Approach Scenario and Dynawing Reentry Scenario (Seriously needs a fix on these FPS drops - I've bought KSP on console because my PC wouldn't run it very well. And then I have FPS drops (Noticeable Drops!) on the Xbox as well...). -Tutorial mission popup's always take me off the craft controls. This is a problem in tutorials which involves orbiting maneuvers. As I'm trying to cut throttle to stop a burn the bloody menu pops up, forcing me to have to switch back to ship controls first so I can then cut the burn (it normally makes my burns go past the line, forcing me to burn retrograde (or the opposite) to fix it). -Crafts falling into the ground and exploding when loading a quicksave on the runway -Unable to switch steerable landing gear control to trigger button. I wish you could set the steer axis to the trigger as you can do with Yaw controls when activating Advanced Flight Mode (<Modifier> + <Y>)
  7. Welcome to Galactic`s Suggestion Thread! welcome to my suggestion thread, here i make all of my suggestions and wait for you guys to comment and think on how good (or bad) it is! thank you for coming and taking a look at these suggestions, because I cant make and perfect them all by my own! Current Suggestions: N/A Warning: This Thread is for the suggestions made by me for KSP. If you put in a suggestion of your own, then remove that suggestion and make your own thread for it...
  8. I would like to suggest that Squad take a genuine look at the efficacy and practicality, both on their end as programmers and our end as users, of integrating voice activation in the future. I know that's by no means easy. Limitations are obvious, not the least of which being how many languages are enough. Thoughts?