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Found 1 result

  1. Flare Replacer is a mod to replace the stock sun flare without using Scatterer. Currently there are 15 different flares to choose from. These sun flares are ported over from Galileo's Sun Flares. All flares are 4k (stock's are 1k if you are wondering). I think I covered most niches when it comes to sun flares. There are some basic, no-nonsense flares for those who like realism, and there are some flares that JJ Abrams would be proud of, and a few in between. Here are some screenshots Aichmiros Avrams Classico Fusion Grande Megalo Mellontikos Omorfia Lampros Grat Foveros Zesto Epos Fotia Enkavma Just a cool screenshot Screenshots are also available in the each zip file, so you can easily see what each looks like without having to come back to the forums over and over. How to change the color Open the FlareReplacer cfg and find the parameter %sunLensFlareColor = 1,1,1,1 The color is in decimals, or float value. Replace the value 1,1,1,1 with any of the recommended values below: The higher the value, the more saturated the color. 1 should be the minimum, and there is no maximum, these are just the values I prefer. R,G,B,A 1,1,1,1 = White 4,1,1,1 = Red 1,4,1,1 = Green 1,1,4,1 = Blue 4,3,1,1 = Yellow 4,1,4,1 = Purple 4,2,3,1 = Pink 4,2,1,1 = Orange 1,4,4,1 = Blue-Green Using a value less than 1 causes some odd looking sun flares. You can come up with whatever color you can think of, these are just examples and probably the most popular. Here are some screenshots of the colors in action To add compatibility with other planet packs *NOTE: ALL planet packs have a star named "Sun" as the center of the system, or should. They may be renamed once kopernicus loads but they are still technically "Sun". That being said, you can leave the first Kopernicus node alone. To add a star from a planet pack to this mod, copy the entire body node in the FlareReplacer cfg. and paste it directly below the first one. All you have to do is change the name of the body name in @Body[] as shown below. You can add as many of these as you like to cover as many stars as you have in your planet pack. This will allow you to define a color for each individual star. Feel free to include your new cfg in your planet packs and add this mod as a recommendation! It should look like this: @Kopernicus:FINAL:NEEDS[FlareReplacer] { @Body[starNameGoesHere] { %ScaledVersion { %Light { %sunLensFlareColor = 1,1,1,1 %sunFlare = FlareReplacer/FlareReplacer.unity3d:sun_flare } } } @Body[anotherStarNameGoesHere] { %ScaledVersion { %Light { %sunLensFlareColor = 1,1,1,1 %sunFlare = FlareReplacer/FlareReplacer.unity3d:sun_flare } } } } @Scatterer_config:Final:NEEDS[!FlareReplacer] { @fullLensFlareReplacement = True } Be sure to include this ^^^ at the bottom of your cfg. This enables the Scatterer sun flares again if FlareReplacer is uninstalled. @Scatterer_atmosphere:FINAL:NEEDS[FlareReplacer] { @Atmo,* { @m_mieG = 0.2 } } ^^^ You may also want to add this bit of code so that the sun flares are not super over-exposed when you are inside an atmosphere. v1.0.3 Change Log Update for 1.4.2 To install: Drop the FlareReplacer Folder into your GameData folder Install the latest Kopernicus ( DOWNLOAD Unfortunately, there are too many files to have on CKAN. I don't feel comfortable flooding CKAN with all of them. CC BY-NC-ND