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Found 2 results

  1. Spent about 8 hours building, got it to the sun using HyperEdit, no dl link as it is 1. extremly laggy, cant fly, cant turn, uses quite a bit of modded parts. I made this ship just for looks! I present you my take on Icarus II!
  2. Sunshine Rover What you will find in this mod package: 1. Sunshine car body 2. TR-2PL wheel - You can ignore this folder if you downloaded another rover project by me in the past What is TR-2PL wheel? TR-2PL is the modified version of TR-2L. Instead of sticking to the car body with surface attachment, now it is nodal stack (the green circle thing). So the car can travel much faster without worrying it falling apart. Can I use another wheel on the car body? Unless the wheel also has the green node, you can't attach another wheel to the car body. Will there be an IVA version coming out? Short answer is no. I can model exterior of a lot of cars (as long as I have time), but I am terrible at making interior. I know that this is a GTA V car. Will you make a real car in near future? Definitely. Maybe after a few more GTA V cars though because I don't want to get too serious with real cars at this stage. Download link Spacedock: Curseforge: License All Rights Reserved