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Found 3 results

  1. are there good base mods other than mks hope to colonize every body
  2. Does Principia mod mechanics work with the mechjeb transfer planner - autopilot? And can I get tylo on a crash course?
  3. Sharkman Briton


    So I was wondering what were everyone's thoughts on Spore? For me my favorite stage is the Space Stage, but it's a love hate thing, I love it because 'explore da milky way! Aliens!' and all that but I hate the 'most alien races are zealots or warriors and hate you as soon as you say hello and they always demand that you give them money, and getting money is really tedious' part... The Cell Stage is fun though, and with the Civilization Stage there's nothing more fun than killing those stupid religious nations that attack your cities' happiness! Though I don't like the Tribal Stage and Creature Stage... What's everyone's thoughts on the game?