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  1. so i installed RSSVE yesterday and i was following the instructions i installed Eve and scatterer but it seems scatterer is the only one working i made sure i was using the right version i installed the mods on several other websites but eve still doesn't show clouds or city lights ksp version 1.8.1
  2. This mod crashes my game, any help?
  3. Welcome guys! I would like to make own Kerbal Space Program mod, that would add some basic parts ( engines, tanks etc. ) How do I start with this all? Thanks for all help
  4. I've re-installed KSP via Steam (v. 1.9.0) as neither of the two dlcs were loading properly on start-up. The KSP log file is filled with errors, such as missing texture errors. I don't have any mods installed and I've tried to verify the integrity of the game files already multiple times without noticing any change. Furthermore, I can't place the KAL-1000 controller neither in the VAB, nor the SPH. Clicking it results in a click noise, but I can't get it out of the inventory. Is there any way of fixing this issue? I'd be fine with being able to make use of that KAL-1000 controller. This i
  5. So, everytime I start KSP (1.6.1, relatively heavily modded, about 12200 patches) it for one makes my PC run very slow (other programs take very long to respond) after the loading bar filled and secondly it glitches the audio coming from my PC. And it also freezes Windows in most cases between it finishing to fill the loading bar and arriving at the KSC (after loading a savefile). All of my mods were installed with CKAN, and if not, manually installed with the right version. Pictures of my GameData Folder can be found here. My PC specs are as follow: - CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core
  6. If I'm correct, this is the sound that plays during staging. Where can I find it in KSP's directory?
  7. KSP Version: (LinuxPlayer) en-us What Happens: Binding the "Throttle Cut-off" function to the Delete key triggers the "Switch Translation/Rotation" function when pressed (in addition to cutting off the throttle) even when "Switch Translation/Rotation" function has been mapped to "None". Mods / Add-Ons: There is only one mod folder in my install, and it contains only my custom flag image. Steps to Replicate: Go to the settings menu -> Input category -> Flight tab, ensure that "Switch Translation/Rotation" function is set to "none". Go t
  8. Where are the game files for music? How do I change them? Thank you!
  9. Hi, as stated in the title; I'm having an issue with vessels I ship from the space plane hangar. Every time I attach flaps that operate vertically (meaning they go up and down), they seem to always go down when I press the "S" key. Sounds like a non-issue, right? But everything else behaves as it should. Gimballed engines point upwards, any winglets I attach point upwards. I expect that wings and flaps will ALL be oriented the same if it's directly off the SPH's runway. It makes me unable to launch my craft. Any solutions? Is this a known bug?
  10. I recently purchased ksp hoping for "purchase, download, play" but I got "purchase, nothing" the link wont show up in my purchases and I am highly concerned. If anyone can help me retrive my $40 in the form of endless rockets, that would be great, thanks.
  11. I am having trouble with the pitch of my plane. The plane takes off perfectly however 3-4 seconds after launch the airplane tilts down. I have tried moving the COL behind the COM but that doesnt seem to help.
  12. So as i said in the title when i launch my game a title showes up and says ; Incompetible Mods Detected update your mods bla bla by DarkMultiPlayer~~~i dleated all my mods exept DMP but i still get this mesage and mod dosen't start i tried 64x and 32x launch opinions but same result please help asap. ( i tried updateing)
  13. Hello. I play Kerbal Space Program on Steam, and use Steam on an iMac. I run OS X Sierra. I cannot understand how to download spacecraft or mods. I would greatly appreciate anyone who would help me with this issue. Thanks! An Imperial-II class Star Destroyer
  14. Even though its for an older version, maybe someone knows a workaround (want to stay on 1.3.1 because of mods) When I enter the Astronaut Complex no crew is displayed and it shows 10 crew members of 12 assigned, even on a new game. KSP Version: (backdated from Steam), same on 32bit and 64bit version (Windows 10), clean install Steps to Replicate: (start new game) and enter astronaut complex Log shows these lines: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at CrewGenerator.GetRandomName (Gender g, System.Rando
  15. Here is The Crash Log Unity Player [version: Unity 5.4.0p4_b15b5ae035b7] mono.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module mono.dll at 0033:746c0e6a. Error occurred at 2018-02-17_161722. 82% memory in use. 16382 MB physical memory [2786 MB free]. 35442 MB paging file [16953 MB free]. 134217728 MB user address space [134202369 MB free]. Read from location 00000010 caused an access violation. Context: RDI: 0x00000000 RSI: 0x44193610 RAX: 0x00000000 RBX: 0x00000007 RCX: 0xe1960000 RDX: 0x00d6eb50 RIP: 0x746c0e6a RBP: 0x00d6ec50 S
  16. Hello everyone, I buyed this wonderful game yesterday and I installed it from steam. When I try to play, it opens a new window that become total black and in few minutes it starts the music in background with the game mouse pointer. Trying to click somewhere, it opened some windows as the forum and the KSP website but none appears in game. I found some topics in this forum that explains how to solve the fullscreen problem with Alt+Enter but nothing happens at the black screen. I also tried to downset the screen resolution to 1280x720 on windows as appears in config.cfg b
  17. So I just bought a pair of Logitech T16000Ms and I was excited to have one stick for pitch and roll and a second for translation but I can't seem to get axis from the second joystick to assign. It seems to be that the problem is related to the fact that both joysticks are identical and have the same name in windows. I confirmed this with another joystick I have in my collection. One that I don't really want to use. I'd prefer not buying another controller if I don't have to. What I'm really asking about is if this is a problem that can be solved with a work around or future update.
  18. KSP Version: (WindowsPlayer x64) What Happens: I start loading KSP, and go watch a 30 or so minute video while waiting for it to load. Mods / Add-Ons: none, fresh install on a new hard drive. Steam client install, but I will be adding "For science, and Kerbal Engineer Redux" soon. I miss those Steps to Replicate: I guess, get a new hard drive that has never had KSP installed, and put on windows 7 ultimate. Get steam, get KSP through steam. Result: Game works fine after it loads, and I've had no crashes in the 10 or so hours I've played since getting a new hard
  19. The Support forum is a place where users can help one another solve problems they are having with Kerbal Space Program. The first step will always be to check if your problem is already in the Known Issues Thread. If a workaround is known it will be posted there, and if there is no work-around rest assured we will work to release a patch as soon as possible. If your issue is not yet known we ask you to post a new thread to ask other users for help. To do that effectively you should start out your help request by posting a new thread with the most information possible about your issue,
  20. KSC SUPPORT STAFF Hey Guys/Gals/Kerbal-kind! I was searching for a mod that would allow you to have technicans and scientists on the ground for role playing purposes. Lets face it, Astronauts don't drive the fuel trucks and astronauts are not soldiers in the the war games. So here is a mod that will allow you to have those guys in the game. Since I could not find something like this, I decided to try to make it on my own. This is my first mod, so please be kind and I hop I do not disappoint. This mod does require Texture Replacer Replaced to w
  21. Hi, So I've been fighting with KSP for a while, as gradually more and more glitches have piled up. The game is at the point of being fairly unplayable now, with most recent glitches including; rover wheels not interacting with the ground or not turning at all, landers failing to extend their legs when asked, and parts in the VAB/SPH failing to attach to one another as intended... These problems are limiting what I can make to the extent that I basically can't do anything fun on KSP anymore - is there any way I can fix them? I'm running KSP on a 2012 Macbook Pro, running Sierra
  22. Hey guys! I'm currently an Aerospace Engineering major studying at the Uni, who also likes to stream in my free time. I just want to say I'm really looking forward to getting to know the community, and I hope that I will be able to get to the Mun in no time If you would like to help support my stream, please check me out next time I'm on! (Probably like 1.5 hours from now). I can't wait #SPREADTHEBREAD https://www.twitch.tv/wholewheatpete
  23. Hi! Im having a serious problem where I was installing mods (BDarmory,FASA,Etc.) And Suddenly, I came across a problem. When I launched the game, and went eva, my kerbal dissapears, into oblivion! Same Thing with decoupling stages, or clamps. I tried deleting all mods and reinnstalling ksp, but then, all there was in the Squad Folder, Was the squadcore. Help! (Version 1.3.0)
  24. Hi, I attempted to use RO so I downgraded to KSP 1.2 and that was all fun and games but today I tried to switch back to 1.3 it doesn't work and stays on 1.2, but when I uninstall the game and reinstall it goes back to 1.2. If anyone knows how to fix this please help me. Im running Windows 10
  25. I am using KSP 1.3 with the RemoteTech 1.3 support, I have added it with CKAN as I have done with most of the mods seeing as I am using 100+ so it easier to keep track of them. I am seeking to add support for the HG-5B antenna to Remote Tech, which it seems to be lacking said support as shown in the photo below. it is the same as it says in its description as the HG-5 Antenna, but it just lacks the unfolding animation. I am trying to make a sleek Satellite and I would like to add the stats for the Hg-5 to it <image below> This should be as simple and copying and
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