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Found 4 results

  1. This mod have moved to the released section of the forums Ever wished the stock MultiModeEngine could handle more than 2 modes for engines? GTI Multi Mode Engine does exactly this. The purpose is to introduce an alternative way to switch engine configuration (propellants and other properties). The key source of inspiration comes from InterstellarFuelSwitch by FreeThinker. I find that supplementing it by versatile engines is a great asset. I've added simple intake switching, so intake atm is more attractive, and the days of adding two intake modules to an intake can be over. Pictures Features: GTI MultiModeEngine: Multiengine switch (conceptually what InterstellarFuelSwitch does, just for engines) Select which engine ID to affect Availability (Flight, Editor) Propellants, Ratios, IgnoreForISP, DrawGauge Custom naming of Engine configuration Set Engine Type [LiquidFuel, Nuclear, SolidBooster, Turbine, MonoProp, ScramJet, Electric, Generic, Piston] Thrust Heat production Curves: atmosphereCurve, velCurve, atmCurve Technology needed can be defined (currently not working) Engine Exhaust Effect switches when engine is switched UI Override of individual engine Activate, Shutdown and KSPFields in the right click menu UI_CHOOSEOPTION for switching between engine configurations Next/Previous Action Possibility of 8 Individual actions for engine, i.e. first 8 configurations can be accessed directly through actions (custom button defined in VAB or through AGX) Multi Mode Intakes: Switch intake resources on the fly current resource will be reset to zero (intended) Other setting will remain unchanged for now. Only one intake should be present in any one part. Only the first one is changed. How: (There are no parts added with GTI Utilities, this is intended for use in other mods) List of Atmosphere Curve in the Kerbol system. Very nice when deciding on form of the curves for the engines. Download: Download from GitHub (including the source code) Dependencies: Module Manager by sarbian which is under a "CC share-alike license" Changelog: Credits and sources of code inspiration: kerbokatz - Afterburner mod FreeThinker - Interstellar Fuel Switch blowfish - advice on UI_ functions Crzyrndm - advice on ConfigNode coding NathanKell - for coding advise in the forums sarbian - Module Manager & advice Licence:
  2. Does anybody know how the "MultiModeEngine" module handles the engine switch on code level? What makes the "MultiModeEngine" tick? I have for long tried to make a more generel engine switching mod, but I keep bumping up against animations/effects disappearing or going crazy.... I've tried two approaches; what I think is stock alike (i.e. having multiple engines, and switching between them by shutting them down and changing the the "Fields" not to be shown). shadowing what is done in fuel switching (IFS and FS), by changing the settings of a single engine. In both cases effect are a >>#¤%&/<< ...... I works the best with a single set of effects for all engine configurations, but I would really like it to work more generally than that. I was somewhat lucky in version 1.1.2, with getting it work, while 1.1.3 killed it for some reason.... Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I'm working on a mod for engines. One basic function is supposed to be switching the propellant on an engine, like fuelswitch does for fueltanks. It is supposed to function as an alternative to the engine switch like on rapiers. I aim at integrating against tech level, and maybe inflight upgrading by EVA or something. Now, my current issue is, I cannot get the propellant switch to work. I can change the name of the propellant, but that does not change the propellant. A copy of the full C# module in it's current state can be obtained here. I think I need to change the ".id" of the propellant to get the game to recognise the change. If this is what I need to do, then I do not know how to obtain the resource ID's other than through the error logs in KSP. I've tried "PartResourceLibrary.GetDefinition(string)" but I get an error I simply cannot figure out how to fix. --> "An object reference is required for the non-static field, method, or property 'PartResourceLibrary.GetDefinition(string)'." I reality I would really like to be able to delete the old propellants and replace them by new ones. Can anyone help?
  4. Some stock spaceplanes use the Panther, but none have it in wet mode by default or an action to toggle it. An auto-switch function for the afterburner would be convenient to have, the auto-switch will activate the afterburner if the throttle is max, and deactivate the afterburner if throttle was decreased. The auto-switch can also be disabled.