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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone, So I'm in orbit around Kerbin, setting a maneuver to do a fly-by of the Mun, which is set as my target. After deleting a few botched nodes I managed to set one that could work, with some adjustments. I clicked out of the node, and it disappeared. I tried setting another one, and found that I couldn't select any portion of my orbit, nor could I select the Mun to unset it as my target. I was able to select parts of my ship in staging mode (for example, I could run experiments, extend comm devices, etc.) It first happened last night. Of course, I assumed it was a RAM issue so I closed out, cleared the cache, and went to bed. This morning, nothing changed until I fully upgraded mission control, assuming my node-setting capabilities were limited. I was able to set nodes again, for a while. Then the same thing happened. Embracing uncertainty, I went ahead with my fly-by and collected science, and completed the contract. However, I found that after escaping the Mun's SOI, I can't even select any part of my ship! A true nightmare scenario when on a science binge. Luckily, this was fixed by exiting to the main menu and reloading, but the maneuver problem persists. It's not exactly a game-breaking thing, but a degree of certainty is always nice in a game with such a small margin for error. Plus, it's time-consuming enough without learning the math and doing your own calculations.
  2. Hey there! So I have recently came upon a bug, which is a kind of strange one. As you an see by the title, when selecting a target it will instantly unselect, but that isn't the strange part. The strange part is that not all crafts do this, some always do and some always don't. I thought it was a certain part at first but couldn't find one that was in common (except docking port). It's really weird because I have used these mods many other times and this is the first i've come across this issue. So I hope some of you smarties out there can find the fix to this, I would appreciate it a bunch! Thanks! Mod list: Edit: Found the issue, for some reason the Ven's Stock Revamp docking port is the cause to this strange bug... Ill have to find another docking port to use.
  3. Somehow, I can no longer see the position and range cue for my rendezvous target, even at close range. I have still been able to rendezvous by using the nav ball cues and the range tip in orbit view, but it is a little clumsy to go back and forth between the two views. I used to have the cue at ranges less than about 25k, and I don't know what happened to make it go away. I am using (Mac), with Kerbal Engineer, Precise Node, and Alarm Clock. My tracking station and launch pad are fully upgraded, and VAB and R&D are at Level 2. I'd like to get the rendezvous aiming cue back.
  4. Hello! Following tutorials and YouTube videos, I have succeeded in managing a number of rendezvous in orbit. (Yay!) I have watched my targeted item come into view and go out of view, and have approached withing a few meters. However, in all of these tutorials and videos that I see, the targeted object (in Staging) shows a yellow readout of its name and its distance. For example, see here at the time-tick 04:54 in this Scott Manley tutorial: But the objects that I target, and with which I rendezvous, do not show this yellow display! To check my distance while approaching, I keep having to switch to Orbit Map and mouse over the targeted object. I have indeed set the object as a target ("Set Target"). Any ideas? I am using version 1.x on Mac (Yosemite). Let me know if I can add any information. Thanks very much! Brooke
  5. Hey, so I posted a similar thread in the mods category, but I'm not sure that was actually the best place for it. I have a simple question here. I it possible, stock or with a mod, to target contract orbits? My vision isn't that great, so I've always relied on Kerbal Engineer to tell me when I have a launch window. Now that I've been running a career game, I'm starting to get orbit contracts, but I can't for the life of me seem to launch close enough to a node so I don't have to do a huge correction in orbit. Any ideas or suggestions?
  6. Hey all, just a quick question. Is there a mod that allows contract orbits to be targeted? I have such a hard time determining lauch windows and the like without a target. I couldn't find anything with a google search, but I thought I might be using the wrong keywords or something. Thanks!
  7. I'm doing a rescue mission without patched conics. I got my rescue ship within about 19 km of the stranded Kerbal, but I still couldn't target the stranded ship, even though I could see its pink "target" crosshair in the main map. How close do I have to get to target it so that I can enter target mode and complete the orbital rendez-vous? To be clear, I'm not asking for a tutorial on how to do an orbital rendez-vous; I've done countless rescues and docking operations in the past. But I've always had the benefit of patched conics, and this time I don't, so I can't click on the target or its orbit and enter target mode. (That is, the mode with the target in pink on the navball.) Thanks in advance.