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Found 2 results

  1. Taurus & Amarok Mod Pack Download: SpaceDock Source: Manual: Assembly Guide Taurus Launch Systems The Taurus Launcher series provide an early to mid-career set of lifters that enable you to launch payloads in LKO and beyond without too much assembly, whilst making an effort to look a bit more like a real rocket. They are based on bits and pieces from Lionhead's ESA Launchers, Socke 1.875 HGR extension, some texturing ideas from Benjee and a lot of creativity and testing. The included guide gives some examples of various configurations ranging from 1 ton to 12 ton LKO. Support for CTT is included. Parts Taurus Launcher Family Amarok Space Systems The Amarok Space Systems are a series of space craft that help you through your career in a fashionable and recoverable way. I never quite understood how the Navy was supposed to find grey capsules at sea, therefor these craft follow a pain job similar to that of Copenhagen Suborbitales ( Based on some texturing ideas from Martinezfg11 and modeling ideas from the Phoenix capsule from MoviesColin IVA snippets from Tokamak and Fuji parts from Beale. As well as the Circular Panels from Yogui, and FusTek doors, docking ports and some decal. The lunar module is quite in alpha yet and must be considered a prototype. All capsules come with pretty IVAs (hence Kottabos click-bait) but the Mk2 capsule is having difficulties on KSP 1.3.1 it does show properly on 1.3.0. Parts Requires ASET Props by Alexustas (bundled in download) and Module Manager Plays well with - CTT, Kerbalism, TAC, Taurus, StockeAA, HGR, Tantares, BDD, Kerbal Engineer License CC-BY-NC-SA Pictures or it didn't happen
  2. R&S Capsuledyne is proud to present their first project: A 3.75-m stockalike command module system: the Taurus High Capacity Vehicle The Parts: Features -Seats up to 7 kerbals (3 pilots and 4 passengers). -Ideal for station transport, deep space exploration, command module operations, and more! -Featuring incredibly safe totally awesome-looking retractable built in launch escape system! -Fully modeled interior with support for both Stock and RasterPropMonitor -Includes separate stock thermodynamics compatible heatshield part Features -Operates like stock science bay, but requires more Kerbals, power, and transmits data more efficiently -Two unpressurized cargo bays for storing science instruments, RCS, solar panels, KAS parts, Kerbals, and more Features -Carries up to 8 unwilling participants into space -Allows you to ruin your reputation in one fell swoop Installation Instructions -Merge the GameData folder from the download with the GameData folder in your KSP install -To remove the LES, copy the file inside the "alternateConfig" folder to Gamedata/R&SCapsuledyne/Parts/TaurusHCV and replace the file with the same name Download Links Please delete any previous installation before installing version 1.5+! Special thanks to @Deimos Rast for the 1.2 compatibility patch! Download the fixed, rebalanced, and better than ever Taurus HCV here! LEGACY DOWNLOAD LINKS Media Parts Inspirational images Launch escape system demo video Credits Version 1.5.3 Created by R&S Capsuledyne: jnrobinson and bsquiklehausen -Animation Modules plugin created by BahamutoD -Also thanks to those of you who helped me blunder my way through unity over on the part modeling forum. Related projects Orion-like service module pack by blackheart612: Aerojet Kerbodyne RSS configs/rescaling done by RedAV8R: RedAV8R Realism Packs for RSS Taurus HCV uses the animations modules plugin by BahamutoD: Animation Modules BahamutoD also has some awesome large rocket parts: Constellation Essentials TopHatDragon has created a TACLS ModuleManager script to add life support resources to the various crewed parts: @PART[TaurusHCV]:HAS[!MODULE[LifeSupportModule]] { RESOURCE { name = Food amount = 4.97 maxAmount = 4.97 } RESOURCE { name = Water amount = 9.45 maxAmount = 9.45 } RESOURCE { name = Oxygen amount = 1598 maxAmount = 1598 } RESOURCE { name = CarbonDioxide amount = 0 maxAmount = 1374.38 } RESOURCE { name = Waste amount = 0 maxAmount = 3.57 } RESOURCE { name = WasteWater amount = 0 maxAmount = 10.43 } } @PART[TaurusScienceBay]:HAS[!MODULE[LifeSupportModule]] { RESOURCE { name = Food amount = 2.13 maxAmount = 2.13 } RESOURCE { name = Water amount = 4.05 maxAmount = 4.05 } RESOURCE { name = Oxygen amount = 684.6 maxAmount = 684.6 } RESOURCE { name = CarbonDioxide amount = 0 maxAmount = 589.02 } RESOURCE { name = Waste amount = 0 maxAmount = 1.53 } RESOURCE { name = WasteWater amount = 0 maxAmount = 4.47 } } Changelog DeimosRast Compatibility Patch -Brought mod back from the dead -More detailed changelog exists on page 29 of thread, but trust me, it's all good stuff v 1.5.3 (7/1/15) -Changed researchTime and researchMultiplier in the Science Bay to integer values v 1.5.2 (6/28/15) -Adjusted thrust and ISP values of engines to match changes in 1.0.3 -Adjusted science production values to be more similar to stock -Adjusted heatshield config to match changes in 1.0.3 v 1.5.1 (5/25/15) -Fixed thrust and Isp values of both engines -Capsule and heatshield aerodynamics adjusted so they no longer tumble on reentry -Science bay should now properly shield parts inside cargo bays -Updated included bdanimationmodules.dll -Taurus escape engines can no longer be turned off (sorry, had to do this to fix a bug with the effects not showing properly) -Thrust of Taurus engines can now be adjusted through tweakables v 1.5.01 (4/28/15) Hotfix: -Removed Baha's landing gear which I accidentally packaged earlier -Added thermalMassModifier = 0.001 to Heatshield v 1.5.0 (4/27/15) -Added new part: a 3.75 m nuclear engine with four gimballing bells and fairing -Added new part: a 3.75 m ore tank for stock ISRU system -Added internal view for Science Lab -Updated parts config files to include information for stock aerodynamics and heating -Rebalances for the Quadroodle and fuel tank to fit stock closer -Updated science bay to include new lab mechanics and new aero support -Updated heat shield for stock ablator and aero - now matches stock 3.75m shield -Removed TACLS from Taurus Config to allow for other LS mods to be used -Fixed Quadroodle collision mesh bugs -Added launch surface FX to Quadroodle v 1.4.0 (12/15/14) -Added new part: a 3.75 m reaction wheel unit with a 2.5 m battery inside -Modified some textures to get ever closer to that stock look -Modified LES to allow for shutting down of escape engines if accidentally fired -Fixed a typo on the heatshield texture. TIL 'Capsuledyne" has two 'e's -Cleaned up Unity materials used, may cause performance gains, may not, who knows -Introduced KNOWN BUG: the engine sinks through the launchpad, even though it has a proper (functional) collider (let us know if you can help!) -Just don't use the Quadroodle as a launch engine - it's not good at that anyway v 1.3.0 (10/7/14) -Added new part: a 3.75 m orbital engine with fairing -Added new part: a 3.75 m 8-Kerbal hitchhiker with interior -Added new part: a 3.75 m extra thin fuel tank perfect for large service modules -Modified all textures for every part -Modified ALL textures for every part (too much work for a single changelog line!) -Moved parts around the tech tree to spread everything out for career mode, parts now distributed across several nodes in the last tier -Changed part costs and entry costs for several parts. Should be reasonable in-line now -Actually balanced LES thrust much more -Converted SolidFuel LES boosters to MonoPropellant so you don't have to lug SolidFuel through the solar system. We can pretend the LES is now an abort program that can't be stopped, it that makes you happy. -Removed alternateConfig as ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads should now be compatible -Changed name of Science Processing Bay to allow FAR/NEAR compatibility -Updated Science Bay to use new stock animation module, removed Firespitter.dll from download as it is no longer needed -Removed many bump maps as new alpha-channel speculars made them too much overhead for a small gain -Removed specific specular maps, replaced by alpha-channel speculars -Converted textures to .mbms. We're sorry, but it reduces aliasing from far away. v 1.2.1 (7/22/14) -Updated firespitter.dll to 0.24 compatible version -Added R&S Capsuledyne as an in game Agency v 1.2 (7/17/14) -Added new part: a 3.75 m combination science lab and storage bay (with doors!) -Added new part: a 3.75 m slim stack separator (dual-sided decoupler) -Modified textures on heatshield fairing -Balanced cost values for new parts -NOTE: Science bay requires firespitter.dll to use doors in VAB v 1.1.1 (7/8/14) -HOTFIX: Fixed compatibility issues with RPM .17 -Continuing to modify engine thrust transform placement in an attempt to fix phantom torque issues v 1.1 (6/9/14) -Added heatshield, fully DRE and FAR compatible, with fairing -LES thrust is now centered, will no longer create sideways torque -Removed useless/ugly structural members from interior -Added specular effects to windows in exterior view -Slightly modified interior textures -Slightly modified exterior textures -Laid foundation for light-up windows (coming soon) -Updated to latest version of the AnimationModules plugin v 1.0.1 (4/20/14) -Hotfix: moved the ModuleManager config file out of the folder to prevent issues where ModuleManager would try to load the RPM internal but fail if RPM wasn't installed. You now have to manually add the patch file if you want the RPM props v 1.0 (4/20/14) -Added interiors -Added flag decal -Added RPM support for interiors v 0.6 (4/15/14) -Updated external textures to be more stock-y -Fixed LES pieces disappearing when zoomed in too far -Boosted capacity to 7 in preparation for upcoming IVAs -Increased dry mass to 7.5 units (tons? metric tons? slug?) -Increased thrust of LES motors to compensate for increased weight -Move capsule into the proper spot in the career tree -Took steps to alleviate FAR-based asymmetric drag issue, which occurs because FAR includes the collision mesh for the ladder and the hatch in its aerodynamic calculations; Ferram has informed me this will likely be fixed in an upcoming version of FAR -Attempted to fix Kerbals flying of ladders/doing a 360-no-scope when exiting the hatch -Changed license to be more lenient v 0.5.2 (4/7/14) -Included modified part file without engine config for those who were having compatibility issues (possibly with extraplanetary launchpads) v0.5.1 (4/4/14) -Actually included the 1k textures. Whoops v0.5 (4/4/14) -Initial release. Official R&S Support will return... someday. Please do not distribute without asking permission first. Also, if you charge someone for this download, you're a butt. License: Distributed under BY-SA 3.0