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Found 1 result

  1. Here is my first mod! All comments are welcome KTT - Kergarins Techtree Working beta version for KSP 1.1.2 Whats different? Using this techtree you will start with some parts to gain science Points from the launchpad and runway. You can then decide if you want to unlock rocket- or plane-parts first. In Addition, you will get early access to probes and rovers, while you still can decide to research manned flight. While basic parts need less science points, highend parts need some more, to have higher long term motivation. Unlike the stock-tree, some highend parts need 2 researched parent nodes to be unlocked! Please notice: This tree is meant for advanced players. It has been tested to work with low science rewards down to "hard" career settings, but inexperienced players might get stuck if they research nodes that cant be combined usefull. Dependencies: -you need ModuleManager-2.6.24 to be installed Install: -simply copy the unzipped "KTT" folder into your KSP "GameData" folder. Beta Version! Any suggestions are welcome. Please report if i have missed a part! Missing features in beta Version: -Node desciptions -Adaption of unlock costs Download: