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Found 16 results

  1. More balanced parts, a more intuitive tech and contract progression, some useful probe/greenhouse/etc. parts and configs for RemoteTech and CustomBarnKit! Modding is a lot of work, if you are interested in the continued maintenance and development of the SETI mods, please consider supporting them via patreon. By accepting contributions (funds and code) via patreon and forum, I consider it to by my responsibility to not let the mod die because of my desinterest and thus to orderly hand it over before that happens. I also consider it to be my responsibility to not let the mod and thus the contributions be the object of trolls, who misuse permissive licensing to wreck the mod and it's intent of providing a balance and ground work other mods may rely upon, as is so often the case in other modding communities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETI MetaModPack (only available via CKAN) If you are looking for a more balanced, comfortable and more challenging gameplay without having to manually crawl through a hundred mods every time, this might be it. Simply install CKAN, only click on the "SETI-MetaModPack", then "ApplyChanges", leave the recommendations selected and select those suggestions you like as well. Done. Visual Mods are not included, since they tend to take some time to adjust to new ksp versions and even more time to work with ckan. Only RealPlume and Planetshine (not yet working with ksp 1.3) are in the pack. For more detailed information and recommendations for career settings, please go to the thread linked below called "SETI-UbM Career Challenge (setup takes 5-10min)". Mod Recommendations and Suggestions of the MetaModPack (Link to Textfile on Github) RCS Build Aid and AnomalySurvey contract pack are not officially available for ksp 1.3 and thus not installed via ckan recommendations. There is an unofficial RCS Build Aid for manual install available here: And Anomaly Survey contract pack works, except for the jool part, manually install an old version at your own discretion: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main SETI Balancing mods: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI Rebalance v1.3.0.2 (for KSP 1.3.x, use CKAN for a clean install) Rebalancing masses, funds, science (simple ones transmittable for 100%), reaction wheels and much more, for a much more coherent gameplay experience. If you delete/do not install the SETIrebalanceReactionWheels folder which comes with the download, you can opt-out from the reaction wheel rebalance/nerf. For specifically supported mods, consult the github link below. Strongly recommended: A tech tree which makes sense, probably every tech tree which is not stock... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI RebalanceMaterialsGoo v1.3.0.0 (Addon for SETIrebalance, use CKAN for a clean install) This is the SETI Rebalance MaterialsBay and MysteryGoo MM patch, so that those 2 experiments can not be collected anymore, which makes them much more balanced in terms of mass/science payout. Best used with SETIrebalance. Strongly recommended: SETI Rebalance above ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETI tech tree mods: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: Unmanned before Manned v1.3.0.2 (for KSP 1.3.x, use CKAN for a clean install) Adjusts part placement for Stock- and CommunityTechTree. CTT is recommended with UbM. Start with simple SRB rockets, have early access to rovers and planes and the Mk1 pod only at a 45 science node. General compatibility with all mods which work with stock, for specifically supported mods, consult the github link below. Strongly recommended: CommunityTechTree, TakeCommandContinued (kerbals can enter command seats from the VAB/SPH) and SETI Rebalance above (stock part balance is worse than the stock tech tree) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: UbM Challenge v1.3.0.0 (Addon for Unmanned Before Manned, use CKAN for a clean install) No reaction wheels until 90 science (use fins, control surfaces, gimbal and RCS instead). Fuel lines later as well. Required Mods: Unmanned before Manned above ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETI career mods: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI Contracts v1.3.0.0 (for KSP 1.2.x, use CKAN for a clean install) This is the independent contract campaign. Using a probes first tech tree is recommended, like the ones above. Dependencies/Recommendations/Suggestions (Link to Textfile on Github) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI CareerChallenge v1.3.0.0 (Recommended for career mode, use CKAN for a clean install) This small mod simply reduces science experiment rewards by 70% to balance out the contract science rewards compared to science mode. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETI part mods: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI ProbeParts v1.3.0.2 (for KSP 1.3.x, use CKAN for a clean install) Provides new stock parts (using stock models) for the 0.625m probe diameter. Includes mini H2/O2 fuel cell, RCS, solar panels, mini shielded docking port, new engine configs and inline probe cores. Strongly recommended: SETI Rebalance above and a tech tree which makes sense, probably every tech tree which is not stock... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: Porkjets PartOverhauls SETIconfig v0.9.2.0 (for KSP 1.3.x, use CKAN for a clean install) Configures and redistributes Porkjets PartOverhauls (CC-BY-NC-3.0), so that it fits into stock and VenStockRevamp without replacing parts. Some parts are now 1.875m sized, two engines augment the 0.625m collection, Boattail versions stay 1.25m sized. Strongly recommended: SETI Rebalance above and a tech tree which makes sense, probably every tech tree which is not stock... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI Greenhouse v1.2.2.0 (for KSP 1.2.x, works just fine with KSP 1.3.0 use CKAN for a clean install)) A diagram of the cycle for TAC Life Support can be found near the end of this post. With it you essentially need only 10% of the water and 20% of the food which is normally used by a kerbal. Required Mods: none ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETI config mods: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI RemoteTechConfig v1.3.0.0 (Addon for RemoteTech 1.8.2+, use CKAN for a clean install) This is a SETI config for RemoteTech, adding ground stations, changing the KSC range to cover the whole kerbol system (when not obstructed). Signal delay is set to false by default (can be changed in game) and some colors are tweaked. Required Mods: Remote Tech ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI ProbeControlEnabler v1.3.0.0 (Addon for RemoteTech 1.8.3+, use CKAN for a clean install) This is a SETI config for RemoteTech, allowing probe control (local control) without connection. Thus a connection is only required for science transmission. Unfortunately this may remove the built-in omni antenna from probes (but not from manned command pods). Required Mods: Remote Tech ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI CustomBarnKitConfig v0.9.1.0 !EXPERIMENTAL! (Addon for CustomBarnKit, use CKAN for a clean install) This is a SETI config for CustomBarnKit, Action Groups are available from the start, Kerbal hiring costs are fixed at 60k, etc. More facility levels are added, the restrictions and costs for upgrades are tweaked to provide a more sensible upgrade progression. Required Mods: CustomBarnKit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Licenses: All Rights Reserved, except for mod specific config files and the redistributed plugins, which follow the original licenses as stated in the download and their respective threads: The plugin ModuleManager by ialdabaoth and sarbian is distributed under CC share-alike license. The KSP-AVC mini-plugin is redistributed under the GNU General Public License. The CommunityTechTree by Nertea (Chris Adderley) is redistributed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license The SETI-Greenhouse configs are distributed under CC BY-NC-SA-3.0 license, except for mod and part names (ARR). The model and textures are public domain from zzz Porkjets PartOverhauls are configured and redistributed under CC-BY-NC-3.0 license The Mk1 Inline Cockpit from KSP 1.0 is redistributed, for which all rights are reserved by Squad Contributions: AutoPruner config by SwGustav, standard hiding of unused parts based on suggestion by Olympic1. Procedural Stack Decoupler Textures by SwGustav Hybrid Rocket Boosters based on concept by Lord Aurelius Lots of feedback from Svm420 Procedural Probe Core heavily based on config by SwGustav Part volume adjustments for KIS inventory by Enceos Real Fuel Stock Tank Prices for Real Fuels by karamazovnew, not included in SETI-Download, but works very well with it Hybrid Rocket Booster compatibility for RealFuels by Chonner Telemetry and Science Experiments by Lord Aurelius Various TechTree configs by theonegalen SETI-RemoteTechConfig based on ground station placement by reddit user texasyojimbo SETI-RemoteTechConfig color coding inspired by frango9000 SETI-Greenhouse config fixes by Lint
  2. Historical Progression Tech Tree This tech tree is designed to take you through the history of the human space program. I always felt like the stock tech tree was lacking and did not like the placement of the parts. There are other tech trees that utilize the stock tech tree and move parts around and that is what inspired me to create a new tech tree like this. The tree will start you with Unmanned parts before you progress to learning how to send Kerbals into Space safely. What I did with this tree is create a linear approach to Research. The entire tree is broken down into space associated disciplines so you are not required to research new fuel tanks before you get bigger and better engines. This allows the player to drive their research focus. If you as the player wants to get the next tier of electronics to support your craft, you have that option. TECH TREE BRANCHES ROCKETRY Rocket Engine Parts JET ENGINES Jet Engine Parts FUEL TANKS Rocket Fuel Tanks Liquid Fuel Tanks Advanced Fuel Tanks AERODYNAMICS Fairings Advanced Wings Nose Cones Intakes ENGINEERING Adapters Decouplers Landing Gear Service Bays Fuel Ducts Docking Ports Rover Wheels FLIGHT CONTROL Probe Cores RCS MonoProp Tanks Winglets Reaction Wheels CREW SUPPORT Command Pods Cockpits Parachutes Heat Shields Life Support SCIENCE All Science Parts ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATIONS Power Generation Power Storage Antennas Heat Control TECH TREE TIERS The tiers are organized from left to right and are listed in numerical order. These are the tiers and the corresponding years that I have used for the placement of the parts. TIER 1: 1956 and Earlier This only includes the starting node with many more parts moved to the starting node than in Stock. There are also a node for Wings and Structural Pieces to remove them from the other nodes. TIER 2: 1957 - 1958 This was the era when we moved from Sounding Rockets to ICBM's and finally to our first satellites like Sputnik and Explorer 1. TIER 3: 1959 During this time, humans successfully flew by the Moon with the Luna program as well as developed the first techniques of returning capsules from space. TIER 4: 1960 - 1963 These years are when Manned spaceflight first happened. Yuri Gregarin became the first person in space and in orbit, with Vostok 1 and the US launched astronauts in the Mercury Program. The first unmanned missions to another planet took place with flybys of Venus. TIER 5: 1964 - 1966 This tier was when we progressed from single manned flights to multiple people in the same spacecraft. The duration of the flights in space increase from short times to up to two weeks. The techniques used to rendezvous and dock ships together were devloped during these years as well as the first landing on the Moon with Luna 9. TIER 6: 1967 - 1971 We landed men on the Moon! This was the ultimate goal of both the US and USSR and the technology developed for huge rockets to launch men to the Moon as well as other unmanned spacecraft to Mars and Venus. TIER 7: 1972 - 1979 This was the time when humans learned how to live in space. The Soviets launched their Salyut space station program and the United States did the same with Skylab. The first missions to the outer planets also took place with Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. Viking 1 also became the first successful landing on Mars. TIER 8: 1980 - 1993 The Space Shuttle Era where we concentrated on living in Low Earth Orbit. The Soviets launched the Mir space station which was the first modular space station. TIER 9: 1994 - 2005 Long-term space habitation and rovers on Mars was the major focus during this period. Pathfinder became the first rover on another planet, humans lived for more than a year on Mir, and the construction of the International Space Station began. TIER 10: 2006 - 2020 Back to the Moon or on to Mars? New technologies are being developed by many companies to provide the tools needed for humans to get back to the Moon and to also look to Mars as well. TIER 11: 2020 - 2050 Near future technologies. These are experimental things that are in development right now that may one day help us reach farther than we ever have before. TIER 12: 2050 and beyond These technologies have not been developed yet, or they are just on the drawing board. Things like Warp Drives and FTL travel and Nuclear Fusion will take us to the stars. REQUIRED MODS Module Manager HIGHLY SUGGESTED MODS Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes by @ev0 INSTALLATION Make sure you have Module Manager Installed Copy HPTechTree folder into your GameData folder MOD CONFLICTS There will only be mod conflicts with mods that are new tech trees or move parts around in a different organization. Community Tech Tree Engineering Tech Tree SETI Tech Tree Unmanned Before Manned RP-0 Open Tech Tree SUPPORTED PARTS MODS Every parts mod will be supported out of the box as the design of the tech tree utilizes the existing nodes from the stock tech tree. For the most part, you will not have many conflicts as the parts will appear where the mod creator wanted them to. They will not necessarily show up in the exact proper place. If you would like to add support for your mod, please contact me. If you have a request for a mod to be fully supported, please let me know. AntennaRange Airplane Plus Atomic Age Aviation Lights BD Armory Bluedog Design Bureau Buffalo Rover Coatl Aerospace Cormorant Aeronology Cryo Engine & Cryo Tanks CxAerospace DMagic Orbital Science FASA Fuel Tanks Plus Hab Tech Interstellar (through their side) KAS KAX Kerbal Atomics Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Kerbal Reusability Expansion Kerbalism KIS kOS KW Rocketry Lonesome Robots Gemini & Agena MechJeb Mk2 Expansion Modular Rocket Systems MOLE Near Future Packs Pathfinder Procedural Fairings Raidernicks Mods Cygnus & Antares Misc Parts Skylab US Probes US Rockets Real Chute Real Scale Boosters RemoteTech Sample Capsule Return SCANsat SETI Probe Parts Sounding Rockets SpaceY Expanded SpaceY Heavy Lifters SSTU Station Science Surface Experiment Package Tantares Tantares (old pack) Tantares Launch Vehicles Tantares Launch Vehicles (old pack) TAC Life Support Universal Storage USI Life Support Vens Stock Revamp Wild Blue Tools DOWNLOADS GITHUB: SPACEDOCK: Spacedock HPTechTree FUTURE PLANS I will be adding full integration of more mods. My plan is to continue to update the tree with new mods added. The order I will integrate the mods is determined by which I used in my own saves first. LICENSE CC-BY-NC-SA ( CHANGELOG
  3. ETT is a pinwheel design that is grouped into branches of related engineering disciplines. Premise Do the Kerbals discover rocketry before winged flight? You decide. Both winged flight and rockets first options. I love to hear new ideas and don't be afraid to let me know if I have a part or two out of place. Listed on CKAN or Download at SpaceDock - May break saved games. Patreon Link or even better, contribute to the tech tree by adding a simple config of a/your part pack! New GitHub Repository for Contributors: Readme file has instructions. Scope A tech tree based on engineering/scientific principles... mostly, that is challenging to unlock yet fun to play through. Goals & Requirements 1. Branches of the tech tree based on engineering disciplines. 2. The Kerbals discover rocket powered flight before they figure out winged flight. (or vice-versa) 3. Unlocking the entire tech tree is not required but must involve flights to nearby planets. 4. Parts that generate science are spread throughout the disciplines and are not based on which branch you focus on (e.g. Flight, Liquid fueled, Solid, Exotic). 5. The player may unlock just the branches that they are interested in. Highly Recommended for FLIGHT FIRST option: Firespitter, SXT and/or KAX for propeller parts. Take Command to use the external command seat for barnstorming... I mean science. Highly Recommended for ROCKETS first: Interstellar KW Rocketry MRS SpaceY FASA Recommended for the tree overall: Kerbal Engineer or MechJeb for delta V calculations. DMagic Orbital Science to boost your science output. @Necro You can play this tree completely stock, but I believe it is the most fun with several part packs. The many nodes of the tree limits the amount of parts that show up in the editor which makes it easier to find the part you are looking for. Included: AIES by @carmics ALCOR by @alexustas AmpYear Power Manager by @JPLRepo Coatl Aerospace ProbesPlus by @akron CxAerospace by @cxg2827 DarkSideTechnology's Centrifuge by @Badsector DMagic Orbital Science by @DMagic DMagic's EVA struts and transfer pipes by @DMagic EVA Parachutes & Ejection Seats by @linuxgurugamer Extra-Planetary Launchpads @taniwha FASA by @frizzank Infernal Robotics by @sirkut KAS by @KospY Kerbal Atomics by @Nertea Kerbal Engineer by @cybutek Kerbal Planetary Base System by @Nils277 Kethane by @taniwha KIS (Kerbal Inventory System) by @KospY Konstruction by @RoverDude Launchers Pack by @Kartoffelkuchen KSP Interstellar Extended @FreeThinker Landertron by @XanderTek Lithobrake Exploration Technologies by@NecroBones MKS/OKS by @RoverDude ModPods by @TiktaalikDreaming MRS (Modular Rocket Systems) by@NecroBones Near Future: Electrical by @Nertea Near Future: Propulsion by @Nertea Near Future: Spacecraft by @Nertea Near Future Construction by @Nertea Procedural Fairings by @e-dog Rocket Factory by @RaendyLeBeau Rover Science Revisited by @theSpeare Real Chutes by @stupid_chris SETI Probe Parts by @Yemo Smart Parts by @Firov SpaceY Expansion by @NecroBones SpaceY Heavy Lifters by @NecroBones Station Parts Expansion by @Nertea Surface Experiment Pack by @AlbertKermin Surface Lights by @Why485 TAC Life Support by @TaranisElsu Tarsier Space Technology by @JPLRepo Universal Storage by @Paul Kingtiger USI Core by @RoverDude USI Sounding Rockets by @RoverDude USI Exploration Pack by @RoverDude USI Life Support by @RoverDude USI Survivability Pack @RoverDude Ven's Stock Part Revamp by @Ven Integrated But Untested for 1.3 Part Packs AntennaRange by @toadicus AoA Tech Aviation Parts by @martinezfg11 Aviation Cockpits by @Mallikas Aviation Lights by @BigNose Atomic Age by @Porkjet B9 by @bac9 Behemoth Aerospace Engineering by @greystork BDArmory by @BahamutoD Bluedog Design Bureau by @CobaltWolf Corvus by @Orionkermin Cryogenic Engines by @Nertea CryoTanks by @Nertea Deadly Reentry by @NathanKell Deep Freeze Continued by @JPLRepo FireSpitter by @Snjo Fuel Tanks Plus by @NecroBones HabTech by @benjee10 HoolganLab's Airships by @JewelShisen K2 Command Pod by @jfjohnny5 Karibou Rover by @RoverDude KAX - Kerbal Aircraft eXpansion by @keptin Kerbalism by @ShotgunNinja Kerbonov Pack by @Sam Hall KWRocketry by @Kickasskyle MechJeb (still needs a bit of MM work) @sarbian Mk2/Mk3 Expansion by @SuicidalInsanity Mk3 Hypersonic System by @nestor_d Mk3 mini expansion by @K.Yeon MOLE - Mark One Laboratory Extensions by @Angel-125 Monkey Business, Inc Parts by @blacsky33 Near Future: Solar by @Nertea OPT by @K.Yeon Procedural Parts by @OtherBarry Remote Tech RetroFuture Planes by @nli2work RLA Stockalike by @hoojiwana Rovers and Roadsters by @AlphaAsh ScanSat by @DMagic Solaris Hypernautics by @Carbonjvd Soviet Engines by @BobCat Stock Extension by @Lack Stock Launch Pad by @sciencepanda Stockalike Parts for Useful Esthetics by @TurboNisu Tantares LV by @Beale Taurus HCV by @bsquiklehausen I've made ETT compatible with the stock tech tree and @NerteaChris Adderley's CTT (click here) but it must be removed before starting an ETT campaign. All the nodes are included, but not all are used in the progression. Thanks to all those who have helped me get this far, @yongedevil, @troyfawkes, @NathanKell, @Artfact, @Bahamut, @inigma, @odya-kun, @SpaceNomad, @linuxgurugamer Keep the feedback coming. Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license. You are free to redistribute and modify the work so long as it is not used for commercial purposes.
  4. So, I come here again seeking answers to what I would assume is a simple question. I am streaming a heavily Modded series, I do posses the means to add them to the Extended CTT, but my question is. Does Procedural Dynamics or B9 Procedural Wings exists in the standard Tech Tree in Career. I would assume not since I have not seen them, but I can be blind at times. If they are added to a Vanilla Tech Node, or a CTT node do they cost money based on size of the wing? Similar to how TweakScale has a price point that is adjusted based on scale? I do understand how to add the wings to the CTT but not sure about the Vanilla if they even could be, next and final question. If they do not have a scaling price metric based on shape and size of wing. Any idea how to put one in to make it not feel 'cheaty' yet fair? Thanks to any insight or answers from any and all that can give me a hand. Necro
  5. Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes v0.8.0 (June 6, 2017) In order to fix some "anomalous" in-game issues with hidden tech nodes when outside of the R&D center, this mod has changed from a "visual" mod to an "active" mod. It now automatically creates a new tech tree file from your MM tech tree file, and tells the game to use this new file. It creates this new file each time you start a new game or resume an old saved game, so please add new part mods at any time without any worry! However because of the new mod behavior, there may be new bugs. Please let me know if you find any! Who this mod is for: This mod is for people who use large modded tech trees, such as the awesome Community Tech Tree mod by Nertea, but don't have enough part mods installed to fill up all of the new tech tree nodes and hate the empty tech nodes. What it does: Main feature: This mod hides any empty tech tree nodes, and connects the resultant "hanging" tech tree lines to unhidden nodes in a logical sense. Additional features: Adds option to hide unresearched nodes, similar to Fog of Tech. Disabled by default. Adds options to change the zoom settings, so you can fit your large, modded tech tree onto your screen all at once. Default minimum zoom is changed from 60% to 35%. What it does not do: This plugin does not change the position of any tech nodes or the number of science points required to unlock them. However, you can change any values using Module Manager to suit your play style, or similarly even add new tech nodes of your own (with the appropriate Parents assigned!!). Examples (click either picture to enter album): Some Recommended Tech Trees: The Community Tech Tree or any number or awesome tech trees, such as Historical Progression Tech Tree *Engineering Tech Tree (<- see notes below) *Notes on ETT support: Download: SpaceDock Dropbox Source (Dropbox) Download instructions: Download the mod folder from the SpaceDock or Dropbox link and place the GameData folder in your KSP directory. Changelog: Bug reports: Please report if: 1) A tech line intersects/crosses a tech node 2) A tech node requires more than three nodes to unlock ("all" or "any") 3) You see something weird with the new zoom options or Fog of Tech-like options 4) Problems with new "active" mod behavior Future Features: 1) Might try to figure out how make make tech lines curve at places other than midway between two tech nodes 2) Add option to add science points from hidden nodes to their children License
  6. Historical Progression Tree - Work in Progress Historical Progression Tree - Work in Progress A work in progress to create a historically accurate tech tree mostly for non-stockalike part packs. Starting with the USA (FASA) and moving on to the USSR rocket history. USA to the right and USSR to the left. As the tree grows it will include more countries and programs such as China, India, NASA SLS, ESA and SpaceX to name a few. The tree is laid out with the years in the vertical axis and the rockets in the horizontal axis. Each new configuration of rocket is vertically in-line with the previous version. So Atlas starts with Atlas-Mercury, then Atlas-Agena, then Atlas-Centaur. And will eventually lead to the modern version, the Atlas V. The vertical axis, years, starts with Goddard in 1929 up to 1956, just before the first orbital satellite Sputnik in 1957. The tree increment 1 year at a time until 1967 and Apollo 11. Then it increments in steps of 5 years (so that it will fit the area of the tech tree map in KSP. Most of the stock parts have been removed from the tree. Just required parts like struts, fuel lines, docking ports, aero surfaces, and utility parts. These can be used for custom payload creation of satellites, landers, and rovers. I am waffling on Procedural Parts, but it will, most likely, go in there too. While not the focus of this tree, important aircraft will be included also. Just for fun, I am including conceptual craft nodes too. Required: Historical Progression Tree [WIP, not ready for a campaign game yet] by @Probus YongeTech Tech Trees Plugin by @yongedevil FASA's Launch Clamps by @frizzank Highly Recommended: FASA by @frizzank Contract Pack: Historic Missions by @Whitecat106 Taerobee by @Beale and... that's as far as I've gotten. GitHub: Also, if you like podcasts: Space Rocket History The plan is to next work on Raidernick's parts from Historical Rockets, Probes and Stations. The plan has changed as Raidernick is updating his parts. So Tantares and BDB are next. BTW, If you notice any errors, please let me know and I will fix them ASAP. LICENSE: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3
  7. So I started a thread over in the Add-On Discussion forum and I am realizing that it might have been better to ask here if I want some responses from actual plugin developers, so here is the short version: Idea: A mod that creates a UI window with the tech tree in it similar to how it appears in the R&D building, but you are able to move parts around between different nodes, you can then save the layout and it will generate a MM patch file that will change the techRequired for the parts to the nodes you put them in, or just a log file that you could use to make a MM patch. For a more detailed description and reason why i think this is such a good idea please check out the thread linked above. The Question: Just how feasible is this? Would this be something that would be fairly easy to get working or would this be quite difficult? I have zero C# experience and my C++ experience is limited to two classes in high school almost 9 years ago, so while I have a high level conceptual idea of how it would work I don't actually know how to go about doing it. If someone thinks this is just a swell idea and wants to try writing it themselves then by all means please do!!
  8. I think that in the career tech tree, unmanned probes should come BEFORE manned crafts and parts. It makes no sense to send kerbals up before satellites. (That is, if you can get "Stayputnik" not to stay-put :P) It would be way more realistic and easier starting, since you don't have enough money to keep hiring and killing more kerbals. -Thanks for reading
  9. So... bit of an unusual suggestion, this, but I guess it fits the scope of the forum anyway. Basically, this is another attempt to address the tech tree. I'll explain it as simple as possible: Have the same parts be unlockable in several different nodes. Design the tech tree accordingly. This would allow the tech tree to have many more distinct "branches", to allow for a variety of different ways to progress through the tree. It would begin with multiple starting nodes, all containing roughly the same parts. An SRB, some simple tail fins, some form of manned or unmanned command module, a simple Science experiment, and the usual struts and girders. Parachute optional. From there on, different paths of progress would be laid out for the player. Stronger SRBs for more oomph, or liquid fuel engines for more precision? Manned or unmanned flight? Recovering your craft or sending it into the wide, wild yonder? Airplanes or rockets? Interplanetary flight, or LKO space stations? Advanced vacuum engines or powerful lifter engines? Unlocking a part in one node would subsequently lower the cost of other nodes containing the same part, to the points of nodes being unlocked for free if every part in them is unlocked through other means. This way, you might accidentally unlock unmanned launch technology while working on a manned space program, or rudimentary aircraft while unlocking advanced rover parts, but that's just engineering in a nutshell. Sooner or later, you'll find yourself with the parts and tools required to do something completely different from what you intended. Several of the branches would eventually merge in certain aspects. For instance, no matter whether you picked unmanned or manned exploration initially, you would progress through the same nodes for fuel tanks, engines, stabilizer fins, decouplers and suchlike. Propulsion technology doesn't depend as much on payload, the lower stages would have to be pretty similar no matter where there are Kerbals on board or not. What originally gave me this idea was playing through Career mode and realizing that I had to unlock three or four different nodes before I could build a working 2.5 m lifter. You get the fuel tanks in one node, the engines in another, adapters in a third and decouplers in a fourth. What if there was a node that had all the parts you needed for a rudimentary 2.5 m rocket, but which didn't offer any variety with regards to engines nor fuel tanks? With a "tech web", this would be the case. You could rush to build a basic 2.5 m booster stage, or unlock a variety of engines, fuel tanks, adapters and decouplers node-by-node and eventually combine them into a more capable booster. Likewise, you could concentrate on aircraft if you so wished, without swimming through an ocean of rocket parts to get there. Or vice versa. Using a "tech web" instead of a tech tree would make the research and parts unlocking aspect of the game a lot more flexible, and cater to a variety of different playstyles from the beginning. The initial node would be rather costly, say, 100 Science points, to encourage players to pick and stick with a specialization rather than spending all their points unlocking rudimentary parts for every purpose. Players would, of course, start with 100 Science points to unlock their first node, but have to earn their Science after that. That being said, since the initial nodes would all contain mostly the same parts, starting anew in a different branch would be dramatically less expensive after a while. What do you think? Is this a thing in some mod tech trees already? I kind of suspect it is, but if so, I'd like to see it spread further. Laying down several paths of progression would do a lot to allow different playstyles with the same tech tree, without overwhelming the player with choices. I think it's an idea worth looking into, at least.
  10. I am relatively new to ksp but have already achieved a lot. at the moment I want to build a space station. However, I am playing on science and don't want to waste what precious little Science I have on tech not necessary for it. So please tell me what tech will I need to make a space station
  11. I'm going to preface this with the fact that I have zero experience in C# and my C++ experience was like two high school courses going on 9 years ago, so while I have a general idea of how this might work I have no idea how feasible it is. The problem: I run with a very large number of part mods, and I like playing realistic-ish progression career games. The problem is none of the maintained tech tree mods satisfy my particular needs as far as part progression go, I like the CTT but the way most parts are organized doesn't quite fit my needs, plus I always have quite a few mods that lack support and need to be patched into the tree, this is an incredibly frustrating and time consuming process and is one of the longest parts of me building out an install. The solution?: So while sitting at my desk staring at the tech tree in the R&D building thinking of ways to make this easier this is what I came up with. mod has it's own UI window and it loads all the data on the techtree, it would need to be visually structured similarly to the tech tree in the R&D building where you could see all the nodes, prerequisites etc. (it actually doesn't necessarily need it's own ui window, it could be done from the actual tech tree itself but I feel like for the functionality planned that would be harder to do than giving it it's own window) able to see what parts are currently in each node and their description and stats, if we can have images of them just like in the R&D building that would be super friggin awesome. Now here is the nifty bit You are able to grab a part and move it to a new node in the tech tree have some "node" that contains parts that don't have a specified tech node or whose tech node is not present in the tree currently A "save" button that either writes out a MM patch file that would reassign the parts to the nodes you have them in or just some log file that gives the part names and the node they are in that you could use to quickly write a MM patch file. This seems like it would be an incredibly useful quality of life tool not just for users like me with massive part lists but also modders that want to support multiple tech trees and modders that want to make tech trees. Obviously this wouldn't be a simple save your config and everything works perfectly situation, I think of it as more along the lines of something like ubio's welding tool, it gets things situated but the end user will still likely have to go in and tinker with the config manually before everything works "flawlessly", but it will still be way way way faster than arranging things manually. So my questions to the modding community is how feasible does this sound? I would love to try my hand at it myself but as I said I will basically be starting from square zero with C#, while I have a general high level understanding of the coding process I have forgotten a lot of stuff and the most complex thing I ever wrote was a game of snake and a small 3D solar system you could move a camera around in, and that was 9 years ago, so it will likely take me a long while to even get started on it. So if any one else wants to try their hand at it then please by all means do so!!! I could also see this being an external tool, like it doesn't actually have to be run in KSP, as long as it loads all the pertinent information you would need like MM patches and such, I don't know if that would make it easier or harder though.
  12. Hi Everyone Although this is my first post I've been playing Kerbal for quite a while and have been following the forum ... just not posted. I wanted to add my 2 pennies worth to what i'd like to see and what i think will help the game. I play with the stock game in career mode and Kerbal engineer ... delta v?! To begin with there are some great challenges, like launches, landing, docking etc but as you progress and start building large structures and resource mining, doing harder things ... these initial challenges become more of a chore and a grind. What i think would work is a new layer to the tech tree to improve the game for seasoned players but allow the game to still be great for the new players. The new layer might also be unavailable in sandbox mode due to the fact some of the new science will bypass key things you should learn such as docking. So my ideas are: Automation: Probe Cores that actually can do simple things for themselves such as docking, landing 3D Manufacturing: An upgrade to ISRU. You can build a simple VAB etc 'off Kerbin' 3D Printing: An upgrade to ISRU. You can build simple parts, possibly restricted the fuel tanks and engines. HUD upgrade: Delta V in game plus easier access to altitude etc Recycling: Recover debris turn them back into ORE which can then be used by ISRU Thanks for reading!
  13. Hi Folks, I've been thinking about changing the tech tree so that probes feature more at the start, as apposed to crewed flight first. I've looked at a few mods, but I'm thinking it might just be more simple to just adjust somethings myself by editing the parts. My only concern is that this might break the contract system in career mode and I'll be stuck, credit-less! Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks
  14. hi all hope you are doing great! just wanted to suggest a little bit of a functionality addition to the R&D facility. wouldn't it be nice to have a Search button to find out where that nifty part you need to develop is sitting at? is this doable in any way or too much hassle?
  15. Greetings, Why cant we have a program like Tree Loader or even a better graphics program (inside KSP) to move parts to different nodes, add nodes; etc?? I dont even care if we get a third party program to do it but we need one. Seems as though it would be written as a patch program to catch the part moves in the tech tree (by graphically moving parts). Everytime we get an updated MOD either the CFG file needs to be written or each part moved by cheating F12 (I think I cant even remember); this is way to archaic; I apologize but the Community Tech Tree is not an answer and I think it is even disbanded because they are trying to get SetiTree or EngrTree or some other 'certified' tree to get modders to patch to them; this is rediculous and show no concern for the player and how a player would want their parts to be placed depending on how they play the career game. The trees are fine but we dont need modders to patch to them; I have to go in and change every CFG file back to STOCK so I can move them where I want later; I have to change CFG files twice now; or figure out how to get rid of patches, and even then figure out as some of the MODS are softcoded to other TREES and not patched; I dont feel there is any consistency with the Tech Tree. The patch thing may be okay even though that is hard for me to figure out how to use and I am a good programmer, and I cant get Techmanager to work I dont know if it works with 1.05+; I tried some version once and it failed. The problem then is at game start is having parts not available because they depend on a Tech Tree not everyone wants to use; if modders would stick to plopping their parts to the STOCK Tech Tree, and KSP had a graphical implementation of part moving and part availability if no node exists, as in TreeLoader/Editer (NOT TED), it would make Tech Tree building so much easier (and even possible); I dont even have a clue as to how they are making Tech Trees now with XLS (?) and then even adding them to KSP; yet. Please Make A Graphical Tech Tree Editor In KSP ! Commander Zeta
  16. Hi all, I'm looking for a menu of mods that might rekindle my interest in career mode. In the past, I've used MKS/OKS, ScanSat, RemoteTech, Kerbal Construction Time, Severed Solo's Kerbin Space Station contract pack, "Better than Starting Manned," and a little of KSP-Interstellar. All fun mods, but I'd like a new experience, with a new tech tree and a focus on space stations and bases. I'm using Windows 7, so RAM is a limitation, though I've had success with the OpenGL workaround in the past. I always use KER, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Docking Port Alignment Indicator, PreciseNode, and Final Frontier. Anyway, I'm thinking something like the following modlist: Probus's Engineering Tech Tree Severed Solo's Kerbin Space Station Contract pack DMagic's Orbital Science Nertea's Stockalike Space Station Parts Something to spice up the middle-to-late game: KSPI-Extended? Outer Planets Mod? New Horizons? Kerbal Galaxy 2? Any advice or suggestions? Thanks in advance!