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Found 8 results

  1. Telemachus is back in active development! We're looking for other developers and maintainers, let me know if you're interested! Once the Telemachus data link part is installed... can connect to a telemetry source using your web browser, to obtain several visualizations..... ...and then combine them to construct your own mission control. In the image below we have an example of such a setup: From left to right you have: Atmospheric density chart, KSP (obviously), Altitude chart, and a g-force chart on the tablet perched on the shelf. The following screen shots show more Telemachus features. Figure 1 - Send basic commands to your vessels Figure 2 - MechJeb2 integration Figure 3 - Kerbal Maps integration Download Telemachus from Curse or GitHub Want some more Telemachus fun? Try Houston! For Compliance of Add-on Rule 5 In case it wasn't obvious already, Telemachus sends telemetry data from KSP to a web browser. If you require precise information on the data exchanged and the protocols used, then please check out the API Documentation. Links Installation Instructions User Guide API Documentation Source Code Credits Licence (MIT)

    [v1.1.3] KSP-PAO

    Welcome to KSP-PAO, your space center's virtual Public Affairs Officer!! Introduction In real life the NASA PAO's (officers) do a lot! The one thing you might be most familiar with is their voice-over commentary during a launch or during mission operations. As a life long space nerd/geek/fan, I often have NASA TV on in the background, even while playing KSP. It was during recent ISS mission coverage that I got the idea for KSP PAO. Ever heard of the Telemachus mod for KSP? Well, it's an incredible mod that allows you to interact with KSP from a web browser or api. This has allowed many new UI's to be created, including ones that don't use browser. Some like Houston, allow multiple people to act as different members of the KSP flight control staff. Other mods allows for devices, such as the Raspberry Pi and Arduinos to communicate - which have spawned some pretty amazing hardware "simpits" or custom controllers! Why do I mention Telemachus? Well it's required for KSP-PAO to work. The first version of Telemachus that will work with KSP-PAO is right here ( While the mod is running in a browser window (Chrome only for now), you will occasionally here the PAO announce a mission update. What they say is entirely up to what you're doing at the moment and a little luck! Is Jeb on EVA? You might here the PAO give Jeb a shout out and update you on the Mission Elapsed Time. Have a lander in orbit around Duna? You may here the ship's current status and velocity.... and so it goes. To change how often you hear from the PAO, just select a time from the drop-up box. One of the other things that brings a level of fun and world-building to KSP are the various fictional companies that make up the KSP 'verse. So, I've decided I'd add "ad support" to KSP PAO. NOT REAL ADS, not paid for, in-game advertising, 100% completely for FUN ads from the KSP universe! What sort of parts is ROKEA hawking today? Any specials down at Jeb's this week? Ideally, I want these added and generated by the community and I can't wait to see what you all come up with. For now, the only way to see an "ad" is to click on the "Ad" button. Let me know what you think! Technical note, before all the, "Why Chrome only" questions. Right now Chrome is the browser with the best support for the HTML5 Web Speech API that I use to generate the text-to-speech for KSP PAO. As other browsers come along, I'll test and make sure they work. More info on the REAL NASA PAO!…/education/centers/pao_contact.html Video Demo: Requirements: Download and install Telemachus: Download and install Chrome: Download: Installing: Unzip the file under the Telemachus mod directory: \GameData\Telemachus\Plugins\PluginData\Telemachus\pao Using: Follow the normal procedure of adding a Telemachus antenna onto your craft. Once you launch your craft, you can enable the Telemachus interface. You can browse to () and you should see the Telemachus UI. If you can see Telemachus, then open KSP-PAO in Chrome using: http://localhost:8085/telemachus/pao/pao.html For best results, maximize the Chrome window. You should see the KSP-PAO and in about 10 seconds, you'll hear your first mission briefing! To change how often you hear a briefing, use the drop-up list 'Mission Update Setting' on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. On the toolbar you'll also find a timer showing when the next briefing will be. Next is the current mission's MET. Each of the following buttons will speak it's respective briefing, with the "Mission Report" being the most comprehensive. Note: To keep things interesting and not as repetitive as they could be... the mission report uses some randomness to vary what it reports back on. Sometimes you'll hear the full resource briefing and other times the science report. LICENSE: SOURCE: Known Issues: It only works in Chrome! When I resize the browser the screen looks horrible! I'll be working on the UI, though the voice briefings and reports have priority for now. There's no "mute" button? Good idea! Working on it...
  3. This is a continuation of the amazing mod Telemachus by tcannonfodder. View addon details & screenshots on the original forum post. Whats different from the original Telemachus? Updated for 1.4.1 Semi-usable camera system (Requires Raster Prop Monitor) Telemetry is added to all command pods and no longer requires a special Telemachus antenna Download License: MIT
  4. I have been working for the past couple of years on a project to create analog gauges that could display some of the game information. Finally, I also developed a program to display the ground tracks and flight profile. Both rely on the mod telemachus and its http server to get the necessary data. Here is the final result. I didn't spend much time on the board itself, as I wanted it to work properly first. The gauges display most ressources of the game (liquid fuel, oxidizer, monopropellant, etc...) and three other parameters: Gs, vertical speed and atmospheric density. I also used two 8 digits 7-segments display for altitude and speed since both these values can vary a lot in the game, it didn't seem appropiate to use the analogue gauges. I recuperated the screen from an old laptop to diplay ground tracks or flight profile. 1) Gauges The core of the gauges is a micro stepper motor X27-168. They are sold as automotive spare parts, mostly for US brands, and quite easy to find. There are quite a lot information about them, especially on Guy Carpenter blog The plastic support is 3D printed In order to control the motor, I am using an arduino Uno and the motor driver vid6606. Through my various trials these came to be the best solution. It gives smooth needle movement and is a very flexible solution to add/remove gauges. Each one of those can control 4 motors. The arduino itself is connected by USB to a raspberry pi that sends the http request and calculate the required position for each motor. I had initially tried to control all motors directly via the raspberry pi, but the result wasn't as good: when all values were updated simultaneously, some lag and stutter could appear on the gauges. 2) Ground tracks and flight profile I thought it could be cool to have be able to visualize the ground tracks of a vessel in orbit. Again this is using data pulled from telemachus. Some settings available: However, this is only good in orbit, so I was also inspired by the mod Houston and made a mode to display the flight profile when not in orbit: I initially wanted this to be also diplayed by the rapberry pi, but it wasn't as smooth as when using my laptop, so I finally gave up on that. It was the first time for me to code and I'm sure it could be made much lighter to work well with the rapberry pi though. I had a great time creating all this (more maybe than using it...), I hope you like it too. Let me know what you think!
  5. KONRAD is Yet Another Telemachus Frontend. It's a curses program, so each console is a character-cell display in an 80x24 terminal. (It's aimed at Linux, but ought to work on other OSes - no guarantees though.) It can be found here, on GitHub. It's designed to be useful for co-operative "mission control" streams like Real Space Program or Go For Launch. Here are screenshots of the current consoles, taken during an Atlas-Agena launch (in Realism Overhaul): Obviously you will need Telemachus in order to use this. You will also need Python and curses, and a terminal emulator. An adjunct to KONRAD is the JSON Booster file format, used for describing a space vehicle in sufficient detail for the Booster Dynamics console to give up-to-date delta-V readings. It's fairly simple (some examples are included in the repository), but does currently have to be created by hand. It's not too hard to do: just take your vehicle apart into stages, count up the propellants in each, empty them out, and read the dry weight and engine (vacuum) Isp. For parallel-staged designs a little more cleverness is required; the included MercuryAtlas example shows how to do it. Basically, you have to guess (or measure in simulations!) how much of your fuel will be left when you stage your boosters away, and that's how much you record as being in the core stage. If you try and use asparagus staging it'll just completely fail to work; it can currently only reliably cope with at most one 'horizontal' staging event per 'vertical' staging event. (I have some ideas for dealing with this, but won't bother unless it turns out people actually want to do that kind of thing.)
  6. I would love to see support for a multiplayer mission control style interface, where people online or on a local network could view your map and telemetry information, and would be able to plan maneuver nodes and send them to the pilot. This would allow for easier KSP Mission Control parties and I think would be a huge hit. I know some mods provide similar functionality, but they've been very difficult to get working, and seem hacky at best.
  7. Hey there! I'm Cannon, the developer of KSP: Houston, and I've been working on a fork of Telemachus that supports 1.1+ and adds various endpoints that I need to grow Houston. Unfortunately, the canonical version of Telemachus appears to be abandoned. Issues and pull requests aren't being responded to, and the original developer isn't responding to inquiries. I'd like to coordinate and consolidate new development on Telemachus into a new repository with active maintainers. This would make the mod better for everyone: right now the current canonical version of Telemachus is broken for 1.1+ and new features can't be added. On top of that, I'm having to package Houston 1.0 with my forked version of Telemachus, which will inevitably lead to confusion later down the line. The forked version is here: If someone could give me some guidance on the proper way to go about changing maintainers that would be awesome. Off the top of my head, I know the following things need to be changed: CKAN listing Curse listing The forum post for the mod Also: If you, or someone you know, has been working on Telemachus or is interested in helping it grow, let me know! I'm looking for active maintainers to help it grow! Thanks!
  8. Enma.Darei

    Looking for Orbital Map Mod

    I'm looking for a mod that uses Telemachus to display an orbital map like this on the web browser Something very similar to the orbital display you get with Raster Prop Monitor, but with the ability of displaying it on another device via web browser. I know that Primary Flight Display has an orbital map of sorts, but it's pretty small and on the corner. And KeRD's orbial map just plain doesn't work for me at all.