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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome everyone! This thread is a continuation of @Endersmens Stargazing thread! This thread has been dedicated to stargazing and telescopes to those fellow stargazers among us. feel free to show people your telescopes, and so on (*feel free to do other stuff as well!*) I have a Celestron 6 inch telescope that is a bit expensive, but works great! (*sorry no other telescope details because I'm on holiday. Also I'm not able to take pics yet*) Edit: wait, I have a Celestron Nexstar 6SE Schmidt-Cassegrain
  2. I have my own orbital telescope fleet and i use it to discover distant planets and tell us what is further Eeloo's orbit. Our first hero is "Eclipse" telescope. It made a beutiful shot of distant nebula ET-12 Then we have our new hero called "Aleph" telescope. It dicovered 2 exoplanets recently- AT-1 Has dim but very wide rings. and AT-2 The closest planet to its parent star we've ever discovered. Both of exoplanets are very close to their parent star and as a result suffering from extreme surface temperatures. Next we
  3. Something has happened in my place of work, and I would probably get into trouble if I discussed it here. Unfortunately, I will be unable to deal with Cacteye or any other mod for the forseeable future. Please remember this is a community effort, and I want all of you to pitch in! Thanks for all of the help and support, and whoever wants to take the lead PM me, and I'll see if a moderator can transfer thread ownership. CactEye is a plugin and set of parts that allow for modular orbital telescopes. CactEye telescopes feature a fully-functional science system, and is upgra
  4. CactEye is a plugin and set of parts that allow for modular orbital telescopes. CactEye telescopes feature a fully-functional science system, and are upgradeable/serviceable (primarily through Kerbal Inventory System). Orbital telescopes also now become fundamental to discovering asteroids. CactEye Telescopes works best with Distant Object Enhancement by MOARdv. Due to badgering from the KSP community, I will no longer be maintaining this mod. I would like to remind players that most modders create content in their free time and without any compensation. Nagging somebody for updates
  5. I have an idea about integrating telescopes in ksp, to scout stars and other planets hundreds of light years away these planets not supposed to be an real physical bodies (you never can interact with them) just replicas of real star/planet systems, the purpose to be scouted by telescopes. by watching them u can get some info about them. some of them just space rocks others really interesting glass rain planets
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