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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys, I've set my custom EVA visor texture, but I also want it to be applied when I'm in IVA mode. How can I do it? Game version - 1.8.1
  2. I've been using texture replacer and I want to use it for the suits but not for the ground. How would I disable it so it shows the stock 1.8.1 textures?
  3. Kolonization Class Suits Redux A set of suit textures for TextureReplacer to distinguish each class in stock and USI's Modular Kolonization System. Does not require USI's MKS but highly recommended for the additional classes. Works in 1.5.x and 1.6.x. If you want something compatible with 1.4, have a look at the original USI Kolonization Class Suits. Special thanks go to the following modders: GergroxMun for his Multicolor Suit Pack which forms the basis for this suit set. Scart91 for his original class suit set and icons. fast de la speed for his original USI Kolonization Class Suits which includes the icons for the MKS classes. A few icons are switched, many colours changed and a couple of new/modified icons when compared to fast de la speed's suit set. The icons were also moved from the convenient centre location as I am unable to find a viable way to place them there with the new half-helmet texture wrap used in KSP 1.5. Dependencies: TextureReplacer Download on Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2035/[TextureReplacer] USI Kolonization Class Suits Redux License: CC BY-SA 4.0 Closer Suit Images: Now with veteran suits for each class. Based on GregroxMun's orange suits with coloured helmets, now with a veteran stripe, for easy identification from the back. Jeb assures us the stripe is not just orange duct tape.
  4. Hello, I have a problem, I've installed texture replacer for ksp 1.5.1 and I don't have reflections. I would like to have the same reflections as texture replacer replaced for ksp 1.3.1. Can you help me ?
  5. Nestled between the gorgeous Flame Nebula and the intimidating Horsehead, is the home planet of the Kerbals. They are a peace loving people, and having just become a space-faring civilization, little do they know that roughly 1200 light years from their beautiful planet Kerbin, lies the home planet of the war mongering species of Man, called Earth. At such a relatively close distance, it’s only a matter of time until the two civilizations come into contact with each other. Can the peace loving Kerbals hold their own when the corporate might of Mankind come knocking with their galactic-class mining ships? The Kerbals have, at least, 1200 years to prepare for that eventuality. For now however, they are happy to look up at the night sky and wonder, “Where the kell did Jebediah hide the Horse’s body?" DOWNLOAD You MUST download TextureReplacer Replaced, if you haven’t already. Download the skybox from SpaceDock or CurseForge. Unpack the ZIP archive and place the GameData folder into your KSP install directory, replacing the original. TECHNICAL INFO The skybox was captured using SpaceEngine 0.9.8. Later, I used 'real' images of the individual objects, from various sources (see full list below), to add more detail. How did I choose which objects to make visible and which ones to ignore? I increased SpaceEngine’s magnitude limit to the 8th (from the default of 7th) and exported the skybox at 4096px resolution. I kept the objects which were visible in the exported images. For example, even though the Eagle nebula is ~3300 ly away, it wasn’t showing inside SpaceEngine, whereas the Lagoon nebula which is farther away at ~5200 ly was visible; probably because the Lagoon is nearly 4 times larger than the Eagle. How ‘realistic’ IS this skybox? The locations of the stars, nebulae and galaxies in the sky are precisely where they should be, at least according to SpaceEngine, but I have taken some artistic liberty with their sizes. For example, the Flame nebula should appear a lot larger, and the Great Carina nebula, a lot smaller, in the sky. My priority was to create something dynamic and intriguing without making it too overwhelming or too unrealistic. As such, I wouldn’t claim the skybox to be a very ‘realistic’ depiction of the sky from that location in space. Not to mention, many of the nebulae and galaxies shouldn’t even be visible. However, I have reduced the brightness of such objects to make them hard to spot. CREDITS and SOURCES There are lots! Please expand the section below to see the full list of credits and sources. All other objects, except the ones exclusively mentioned below, are sourced directly from Space Engine v0.9.8. LICENSE This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license. Expand the section below, for the details. Closing Notes - Since this is my first attempt at a 'mod' I would love to receive your feedback, even if you hated it! I have more such skyboxes planned for KSP and will update this thread when I am ready to release each of them. Thanks!
  6. Hello forum people (I'm Running out of intros!) I have a question about texture replacer/ texture replacer replaced, and the usi class suit pack. texture replacer replaced seems to not know that i installed it. I also installed the old texture replacer, but that didnt work either. I'm thinking maybe its outdated (the USI class suit is version 1.2.2, and I have an install for version 1.3) Thank you!
  7. JEBEDIAH KERMAN PRESENTS: OLD KERBIN REIVSITED Hi. You know the old map of the planet Kerbin, kerbals home? The map in version 0.15 to 0.17? Umm ... I "converted" it to the current version of that map, so i have done the following things to the original: *Added actual Kerbin's features *Removed old features(replaced with the actual ones) *correct(almost) water color *4k texture. Here are some pics: http://imgur.com/a/08JtK Here's the download: Download from GitHub Have fun! Opinions?
  8. If it is at all possible, could someone this into a kerbal suit skin for me?
  9. I've been asking myself a very certain question numerable times that it's not even funny anymore. "How to do we make Kerbals look more awesome". Then it hit me, well I think the more appropriate phrase would be - It Lithobreaked itself into my brain. As all of you people know that the majority of life's numerous problems can be solved with one easy solution, and that solution is just slapping a pair of eyebrows on said problems and calling it a day. [bad example commin' up nice & toasty] [Didn't have time to cook up a proper texture, so I just slathered a Female Kerb's texture on Jeb's face]
  10. Can someone provide me a realistic starmap of the stars visable from Earth (120km x 120km) orbit for the games skybox? This is something I would like to add for my Real Space Program project. Also second request, can someone make a "Buster" model that ragdolls? Make him probe controlled essentially, but with unlimited power? Can someone make this a thing?
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