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Found 2 results

  1. Ravien’s Critical Temperature Gauge version A plugin showing a temperature gauge and which part is going to blow up first. Localization: English, Spanish, Russian Known issues: A few second hang-up can occur at the first appearance of the settings window since the mod still uses the old GUI system. Available via CKAN. Download from GitHub: Download from Spacedock: temperature gauge Source: Dependencies: Module Manager Originally created by @Ravien. Continued by me since version Original forum thread by Ravien. License: GNU GPL v3. Version history:
  2. 1.1 Extreme Thermal Testing!

    For the past month or so, I've been doing crazy thermal extremis testing in 1.1! I built a little testbed of a z200, two little solar panels, an OKTO core, a nuclear engine, and an NCS adapter with only 8 units LF in it, then attached various cooling structures to it, saved those as new craft, and launched them to orbit on a modified aero-equis to test how well they can radiate the heat produced. Methodology was to turn on infinite fuel, burn to an internal temp 1100 in the probe core, record burn time by comparing MET to MET at start of burn, then cut throttle to see if it can coast cool before the core hits 1200 and explodes. Most burns were angled to escape Kerbin retrograde, so as to delay NaN-spam from hitting a solar escape. A few actually reversed solar orbit and hit escape anyway, and were turned around to re-capture and restore performance. Tested where a pair each of Structural Wing Type Ds, wing strakes, gigantor solar arrays, Large, Small, and Edge static radiator panels, a pair of Small thermal control systems, and single front-mounted Medium and Large thermal control systems. On to the results! Keep in mind these are tests of a tiny, mostly-engine ship with a tank perpetually almost out of fuel, and thus a terrible heat sink. As such, the given times are to be regarded as impossibly extreme lower bounds. Also, to explain the odd numbers to any flux-accountants, the active radiators would steal internal flux from the engine. It was indeed producing 7471.27kW for all tests, though. Has anyone done similar tests using drills/refineries as heat sources?